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  1. LexieBlom

    Wings of Azrael

    Wings of Azrael imp Wet/Bottle - Florals, my old enemy. We meet again. A twinge of myrrh in there as well. This smells like walking through the perfume isle at a Macys. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Now I smell like walking through the perfume isle at Macys. I washed it off before we hit the 30 minute mark. It's times like this that I regret vowing to try every imp that makes its way to me, because just reading the notes I knew it wouldn't work. But, a promise is a promise.
  2. LexieBlom


    Wolfsbane imp Wet/Bottle - Very woody, very soft. Cedar? Vetiver? Maybe even a little minty. Mossy, and a little more yellow than green. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - The exact same creamy, woody, herbal goodness as in the imp. This doesn't morph at all on skin. It's just lovely. Definitely gonna need a bottle.
  3. LexieBlom


    Villain imp Wet/Bottle - Ooooo, lavender and citrus. Not very "villain" though, I'd expect something darker with that title. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - the same lavender and a drop of citrus, slightly powdery/borderline soapy. Dry/Skin(30 minutes) - lavender soap. I had such high hopes for this one in the bottle, too.
  4. LexieBlom

    Dragon's Bone

    Dragon's Bone imp Wet/Bottle - Sandalwood, dragons blood and blondwood stick out. Dry, sweet, slightly floral. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Sandalwood is the star of the show here, followed by dragons blood. Blondwood has all but died out. The floral, however, is rising very quickly and very sharply. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - Floral notes do here what they always do for me - turn everything to soap. This is sandalwood scented soap. This is the first Dragons Blood blend i've not liked, and that's disappointing.
  5. LexieBlom

    Bon Vivant

    Bon Vivant imp Wet/Bottle - Okay, so this is supposed to be champagne but all I get is Sprite, with maybe a hint of booze if i sniff suuuper deeply. Very fizzy, but not much strawberry. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Still getting a lot of Sprite, with a little white wine. Almost like the "wine" you'd drink when you're 17 and don't like wine so you mix it with soda. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - Sprite, man. This is Sprite. I'm mostly amazed how they captured this scent so perfectly, mainly the carbonation. It may not have been the elegant champagne they were going for, but impressive none the less. Sadly, not something I would wear.
  6. LexieBlom

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    The Bow and Crown of Conquest imp Wet/Bottle - Vanilla, musk, leather and a hint of sage. Calming, soothing, smooth. This is really, really nice. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Carnation, vanilla, sage and leather stand out the most. It's most likely just the carnation, but this smells like a less sexed-up Sacred Whore of Babylon (one of my BPAL all-time favorites!) All through drydown, this smells the exact same and doesn't morph much. I'm definitely going to need a bottle!
  7. LexieBlom

    Godfather Death

    Godfather Death imp Wet/Bottle - Kind of dark, musty and resinous. It's hard to detect certain notes exactly. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - This smells like mildewy, moldy roses. Another one I had to wash off before it dried fully -- it was turning my stomach. This blend is wrong, just wrong.
  8. LexieBlom

    Jazz Funeral

    Jazz Funeral imp Wet/Bottle - WOAH very floral. Nothing "funeral" about this, just straight potpourri. I was really hoping for more dirt and moss. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Floral, slightly soapy. No trace of dirt or moss, the only two reasons I bought this imp. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - Dollar store soap You were supposed to be the chosen one...
  9. LexieBlom


    Blood imp Wet/Bottle - Dragons blood, myrrh and clove, with just a little sweetness from the cherry. Very...Red? It doesn't smell anything like real blood. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Dragons Blood and myrrh. Very resiny, thick and slightly sweet. No hint of cherry, thank goodness! Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - The same beautiful, thick resin goodness it was during the drydown. Still no cherry, bless the stars. No clove either, really, which i slightly disappointing. Overall, I like this. If a bottle happens upon me, I'll love and cherish, but until then I'm happy with just having an imp.
  10. LexieBlom

    Eat Me

    Eat Me imp Wet/Bottle - Smells like cake, as promised. Almost like a baby Cake Smash, buttery and a little fruity. Slightly powdery? Possibly just part of the notes that make it cakey, but i digress. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Still smells like cake, but my skin tends to amp the buttery smells. It's borderline buttered popcorn on me, but I know that's just my skin. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - A sweet, cake foody scent. Exactly as was expected. I still don't get any currant, however. It's nice, but foodie scents still aren't really for me.
  11. LexieBlom

    The Red Queen

    The Red Queen imp Wet/Bottle - Cherry flavored cough syrup. That's about it, none of the promised woods or even currant. Just artificial, sickly sweet cherry. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Still that same cherry cough syrup. This actually brought back some really unpleasant memories about being sick as a kid, and I had to wash it off before the 30 minute drydown. It was making me physically ill. This is definitely a no-go.
  12. LexieBlom


    Iago imp Wet/Bottle - Black musk and vetiver, some of my favorite notes. A hint of leather, also a favorite note of mine. I think we'll get along just fine. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Dry, sexy and dark -- exactly what I expected. Slightly sharp, which I don't usually like, but this really works. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - A little sweetness here and there, but still as dark and commanding as before. I'm torn, guys. I absolutely love this and want to rub it all over my body, but I also think this would be so well suited for my DOM due to how strong, dominating, commanding and dark it is. I'll let him try and see if he likes it as much as I do.
  13. LexieBlom


    Burial imp Wet/Bottle - WHFOO that juniper! Can't really smell much else, honestly. Just juniper, juniper and more juniper. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - More juniper, and...wait, is that Rose?...Oh, no. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - Dollar store rose scented soap and juniper potpourri. DAMN YOU, ROSE...Well, even without the rose, this probably wasn't a winner for me, but you know...Rose.
  14. LexieBlom


    Odin imp Wet/Bottle - VERY light and sweet, not at all what I was expecting. Slightly musky and herbal as well, but that was to be expected. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Powerfully herbal, and a little powdery. Normally, I like that combination, but right now it's just not doing it for me. I was really hoping for more elm bark. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - It smells like babypowder and oregano on my skin. Sadly, this won't be a keeper. I had such high hopes, too...
  15. LexieBlom

    Dragon's Hide

    Dragon's Hide imp Wet/Bottle - Dragon's Blood and smoke. Maybe a hint of leather. Less sharp than any other dragon's blood notes I've tried. Wet/Skin (5 minutes) - Leather that's been brushed with dragon's blood. Dragonborn after a battle! Dark, warm, smokey but progressively getting sharper. Dry/Skin (30 minutes) - Leather, smoke and dragons blood (in that order of prominence.) This is a warriors scent if there was one! I feel like this layered with Fighter would make the ultimate battletorn scent! Leather, drenched in fresh dragons blood and smoke from the battle plus the steelused to pierce the dragons heart? Yes, please!