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  1. MoonRayne


    Love. Many summers ago Lush had a soap called Gratuitous Violets. It was the prefect sweet, heady floral scent. Faith comes close to that. It's pretty and comforting... Not at all soapy or powdery after 2 hours.
  2. MoonRayne

    Marshmallow Snow

    Not what I was expecting. So glad I didn't blind bottle this. It's lovely, but not something I will wear a lot. I was hoping for a pillowy marshmallow base note. This is a slushy pine tree. The pine tree disappears on dry down and then I'm left with the snow note. The slushy snow is reminiscent of the snow note in Snow White minus the florals.
  3. MoonRayne

    Rosewater & Myrrh

    Myrrrrrrrhhh. Mostly resinous that smells a little like soda. The rose is there, but it is faint. This isn't a big rose with thick velvet petals. This is a spritz of rose essence. Sweet and uplifting.
  4. MoonRayne

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    I was a bit nervous after reading the reviews that mention a perfume-y scent because I can't wear certain musks and such scents. Luckily, I don't get 'perfume' at all. The marshmallow and pistachio cream blend to a sweet cream nutty scent and there is just an extra layer that keeps it from going gourmand or overly sweet. The dead leaves aren't obvious, but they ground the scent. Definitely need a bottle upgrade. This is my third dead leaves scent and I'm impressed with how different they all are. The note seems to balance all the other elements.
  5. MoonRayne

    A Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider

    Yep, what everyone else says. Dryer sheets plus apple. On me this is mostly dryer sheets. The apple fades pretty quickly. It is pleasant, but I don't need more than a decant.
  6. MoonRayne

    Dead Leaves, White Champa, and Palo Santo

    Wet: I get hit with the dead leaves note followed by palo santo then the white champa. I amp the palo santo Dry: Once this blends it is palo santo heavy, but I get a hint of sweet incense from the white champa and the deadleaves stays close to the skin. This is almost straight burning palo santo sticks, but the champa and deadleaves keeps it grounded. A perfect meditation scent. I've been waiting for a good palo santo blend and this is DIVINE. I will need a backup or three.
  7. MoonRayne

    La Calavera Catrina

    First 15 minutes, screaming dead leaves. Once this settles down it is late summer florals hung up to dry, and I mean late. These are the flowers you collect before the first frost, when all the veg in the garden has been harvested and you want to hang on to summer for a little longer. The rose is there but it is a light tea rose subdued by the mums.
  8. MoonRayne


    I dabbed a drop of Hope on each wrist and went for a walk. The fruit trees are all in bloom and walking down the street I couldn't tell the difference between Hope wafting around me and passing by a blossoming tree. Hope is exactly like a late afternoon walk when Spring is in full bloom, gorgeous. That being said this is not an overpowering floral. The linden is soft and clean without going powdery. All the other notes blend so well I can't pick them out. Dry down the linden amps on me without going powder. I think the beeswax helps ground it.