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  1. liebchen

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    it really is ♥️
  2. liebchen

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    i’ve never smelt said papier, but i would suggest psalm 82:2-4. it’s an unimpable LE but has been in the catalogue for a while. it is sooooooo benzoiny, one of my favourite BPALs in general. the vanilla “husk” lends a quality that could be interpreted as sort of papery or incensey.
  3. liebchen

    Life, the Sculptor, Moulds Unceasingly

    this is the first oil i’ve tried out of the parcel i received today, and it surely still has mailbox shock though they’ve all been sitting inside for 10 hours. it’s so far not quite what i was expecting, especially in the bottle. it didn’t click until a few minutes into drydown, but what it smelt like for the first bit and also in the bottle, is...super fresh frosted pfeffernüsse. this is a really lovely potent scent memory related to my childhood! (and despite the association, definitely not gourmand.) it’s got that aforementioned mildly licoricey tinge; the sweetness i can correlate to the airy crunchy powder sugar glaze; and there’s the comfy sensation of biting into a soft little mound of a spice cookie, which really does have a meditative edge. as it’s dried down now, it is prominently white sandalwood—reminiscent of white rider, as anticipated. if it stays like this forever, i’ll be pleased, but i have a feeling it’s going to age incredibly. curious to see if/when/how the mitti and tulsi might make themselves more distinguishable.
  4. liebchen

    Chattering Teeth

    love! dries down to a slightly fruity (rather than floral) (but it’s not a “fruity” perfume) and more delectable little sister is watching you. there must be aldehydes in this which are contributing to the electric, airy feel.
  5. liebchen


    i got an imp of this with an order. from the notes, i would think i would like it. i have tried it a couple of times and just can't let it drydown and morph; maybe it would improve then. but it smells WAY way too much like amarige givenchy, which is a perfume that my mum used to wear (WAY way too much of) when i was a child, and i have never been able to stand the smell. so...big nope to this.