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  1. chaychay7


    In the vial: Like the best part of a pumpkin pie -- the filling! Wet on skin: A buttery pumpkin and lovely spices. I was looking at reviews of other BPAL scents with pumpkin and some described it as buttery, which sounded odd at the time, but I totally get it now -- this really is buttery!! Drydown: Remains fairly stable for awhile, with an indescribably warm quality to it, and some sweetness that isn't overwhelming. hen it becomes a buttery, lightly spiced and sweetened baked good with the tiniest bit of pumpkin. Longevity: Almost 12 hours as of this review. Sillage: Could smell from almost an inch away from my wrist. Verdict & Final Thoughts: I think this is lovely! I kinda wish I got some more peach, but I also have an imp of Al-Shairan, so I'll just have to layer those and see where it goes. Otherwise, I'd FS this!! It also makes me excited for other pumpkin blends!!
  2. chaychay7


    In the vial: Honestly, I get straight up sarsaparilla, which - while tasty - I can never properly adjust to the smell of it. Wet on skin: Still sarsaparilla. Drydown: Only a vaguely carbonated, even more vaguely warm scent, that remains as sarsaparilla. I smell like one of those wagon style stands you see at the fair that offer different types of soda, but minus all of the stand-related and dust-type elements. Which would, honestly, make me more likely to wear this. In the later hours, it becomes vaguely incensey and sweeter. Maybe this fair has somebody selling incense next to the sarsaparilla stand. Longevity: Applied at about 4PM, could still pick up on it by 12:30PM the next day. Bonus Thoughts: My dad smelled this and says that it smells like, and I quote, "sweet and flowery cat shit". Sillage: This was almost o v e r w h e l m i n g l y strong at first, but the sillage throughout this trek through the fair with a cup of sassafrassy effervescence was ultimately a tame one. Verdict & Final Thoughts: Honestly? I don't hate this, I just already have a weird relationship with the smell of sarsaparilla, so smelling like the stuff probably isn't going to work out; the smell isn't even bad, it just has this pop of something that always throws me off, regardless of whether it's in soda or perfume form. On me, this would be nice if there's some sort of wood-and-dust blend to layer this with, or a smoke-heavy one. Maybe aged Kathmandu will calm the fuck down to the point where I find it wearable. But until then, I'm not FSing on, or even keeping, Kathmandu.
  3. chaychay7


    In the vial: Bright, strong citrus with a bit of tea. Wet on skin: Strong, in your face citrus tea!! Not sour -- more bitter, astringent, but still present and unafraid to mention it. I'm only familiar with yuzu, but it gives off that vibe regardless of my unfamiliarity with kaki and mikan. Drydown: Remains strong in citrus for a good 15 minutes to half hour, but it dies down to give room for the tea. Then the cherry blossom comes in. I'll admit that I haven't been into indies for long, and actually have a good bit of commercial scents, including B&BWs Japanese Cherry Blossom. This isn't as sweet, or as creamy, as that -- it's a bit more bitter, but still distinctly a distinctly cherry blossom forward scent with a bit of tea, from what I can tell. Longevity: When I first got a sample of this, it only lasted about... 3 hours before fading into nothingness. That was back in March -- this has a much better longevity in warmer months, as I'm 12 hours in and still able to pick up on it. Sillage: At its strongest, I can pick up on it while messing with my hair and the like. By way of actively sniffing, I can have my nose about an inch away and smell it just fine. Verdict & Final Thoughts: While I was sad about the initial longevity earlier this year, this longer span has made me elated, and I happily say that I will FS in the future!! It seems perfect for a job setting, or just for when I need that boost -- gives a pep in my step while being inoffensive, pleasant, and (in my eyes) interesting.
  4. chaychay7

    Huesos De Santo

    Version: 2018 Version Source: Ajevie decant bought from a destash --- In the vial: Definitely indulgent! Strong, custard-y scent. Can smell it the moment it's opened, from a good foot away. Wet on skin: Immediately buttery and sweet, not dissimilar to pound cake! I think I get a faint floral, too. Overall smells like how flan tastes, if that makes sense. Drydown: After 30-ish minutes, it becomes very... horchata-like. My dad is in the same camp, it's horchata with a bit of something else. It isn't bad at all! In fact, it makes for a very cozy, still yummy scent. Longevity: Applied at 3:30 PM, could still get traces at 1:45 AM (I'll admit it, I'm a mess) Sillage: At it's strongest, I could catch whiffs while going about my day. Also didn't have to get up close and personal to my wrist to smell; only needed about an inch, maybe two inches of clearance to smell my wrist. Verdict & Final Thoughts: Would FS! Unfortunately, I've determined that between this and another scent with an orange note, I think my wrist refuses to let me recognize BPAL's orange. Will have to invest into a single note from another brand to enjoy Huesos de Santo as it's meant to be, but smelling like horchata is still a plenty welcome outcome.