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    Too Many To Name! But shortlist: Egyptology (especially the ancient language); dogs; shamanism; history, especially UK and US history; biochemistry; natural history; animals of all kinds.
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    Favorite notes: red musk, Dragon's blood, amber, honey, myrrh, frankincense, sage; rose, violet, ylang ylang, carnation, honeysuckle, fig Please also have a look at my wishlist, which includes my ranked haveslist, at http://www.bpal.org/index.php?s=&showtopic=127&view=findpost&p=502991


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  1. SultryWolf

    BPAL I Have vII

    Apologies for the wall o' text - maybe I'll make it more reader friendly someday; but for now, see also my ScentBase Ranking system: 1 don't like; 2 like; 3 love Ranked 3 #20 Love Oil, Abhiskara, Aeval, Ahathoor, Annabel Lee, Anne Bonny, Antonio the Carny Talker, Anubis, Arkham (original LE), Arkham Revisited, Arkham (GC version), The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil , Asp Viper, Asphodel, Athens, Aureus, Beaver Moon (2007), Bien Loin D’Ici, Black Lily, Black Moon, Black Bear Moon, Black Butterfly Moon, The Black Temple Burlesque Troop, Blood, Blood Countess, Blood Moon (2008), Blood Phoenix, The Bloody Sword, The Brides of Dracula, Brood XIX, Carfax Abbey, Cerberus, Chiroptera, Chuparosa, The Clod and the Pebble, Corazon, Coyote, Crib Girls, Dance of Death, Dark Delicacies, The Darkling Thrush, Daya, Dead Dreams of Days Forsaken, Delphi, Despair, Dia, Djinn, Doc Buzzard, Dragon Moon (2006), Dragon Moon (2012), Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Bone, Dragon’s Heart, Dragon’s Milk, Dragon’s Reverie, Eclipse, Elixir VII:Bitch, Elixer X:Grr, Embalming Fluid, Enraged Oranguatn Musk, Event Horizon, Fenris Wolf, Feu Follet Resurrected, Fire Phoenix, Florence, Giant Vulva, Glasya Resurrected, Glitter Resurrected, Golden Priapus, Golgothan Myrrh SN, Green Tree Viper, Habu, Haloes, Harikata, Haunted, Hecate, Hemlock Honey, Herodotus’ Phoenix, Hesiod’s Phoenix, Hetiarae, Ho Ho Ho, Hod Resurrected, Honey Mone, Hope and Fear Set Free, Horn of Amalthea, Hungry Ghost Moon, Hymn, Iambe, Incantation, The Infernal Lover, Jacob’s Ladder (multiple years), Jezebel, Kabuki, Khajuraho (multiple years), Khandita, Khephra, King Cobra, Kitsune-Tsuki, Kostnice, The Lady of Shalott, Lady Luck Blues, The Last Rose of Summer, Lear, Leather Phoenix, Leo (2007), Libra (2007), The Lion, The Living Flame, Luperci (2007), Lust, Lyonesse, Malice, Man with Phallus Head, Masabakes, The Masque (Maelstrom), Melisandre the Puppet Mistress, Mercurian Phoenix, Meskhenet the Vulture Maiden, Michtecacihuatl, Midnight on the Midway, Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller, Monarch, Mourning Cloak, Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale, Murder of Crows, Namaste, The Night-Raven, Nightmare, Nonae Caprotina, Now Winters Nights Enlarge, Nyx, O, Odin, Olibanum SN, Papow, Panther Moon, Peacock Queen (2007), Peony Moon, The Perfumed Garden (2006 and 2007), Pink Moon (2005), Pink Moon (2007), Pink Moon (2012), The Pit and the Pendulum (DD), Pliny’s Phoenix, The Premature Burial (Maelstrom), The Premature Burial (DD), Ra, Rapture, The Raven, Raven Moon (2009), Red Moon (2013), The Red Queen, Resurrection of the Flesh, Rome, Rose Moon, Rose Red (2007), Rosy Maple, Saint Foutin de Varailles, The Salon: Lady Lilith, Sampaguita, Scherezade, The School-House, Schwartzer Mond (2006), Schwartzer Mond (2008), Le Serpent Qui Danse, Siberian Musk SN, Silentium Amoris Resurrected, Skuld, Sleipnir, Smut (2006 and 2007), Snake Charmer, Snake Charmer Resurrected, Snake Oil, The Snow Maiden, Sol Invictus, The Sportive Sun, Sri Lanka, Stardust (2006), Sunbird, Svadhinaopakita,Symmakhia, Tabella, Tabula Smaragdina, Temple Viper, Tenochtitlan, Thaleia, Thirteen Oct.2006, To Helen, Tum, Two Five and Seven, Typhon Resurrected (2006), Umbra, Urd, Uruk, Vasakasajja, Veil, Victorian Rose Milk v1, VILF, Virahotkantiat, Vixen, Werepuppy, Western Diamondback, WILF, Winter Holiday Stress Relief Elixir, Wolf Moon (2004), Wolf Moon (2007), Wolf’s Heart, Womb Furie Ranked 2 A Countenance Forboding Evil, Agape, All Saints (2006), The Antikythera Mechanism, Aries (2007), Banded Sea Snake, Belladonna, Black Annis, Black Lace (2007), Black Phoenix, Blood Moon (2005), Chintamani-Dhupa, Cinnamon Sugar Cookies and Eggnog, Coral Snake, Dragon’s Claw, Dragon’s Hide, Dragon’s Tears, Fascinum, Frederic, The Ghost, Gomorrah, Graveyard Dirt (2008), Jolly Roger, Kanishta, Lilith vs.the Giant Crab, Lucy Westenra, Lycaon, Manila, Mata Hari, Mr. Ibis, Night’s Pavilion (2006), Nuclear Winter, The Oblation, Ode on Melancholy, Pirate Moon, Port Royal, Queen Gertrude, Red Lantern (2007), Rogue, Ruddy Daggerwing, Salamander, The Sea Foams Blood, Sugar Moon, Worm Moon, Yuki-Onna Resurrected, Zombi Ranked 1 #Occupy WallStreet, Absinthe, Aizen-Myoo, Al Azif, Bastet, Black Opal, Boomslang, Brisingamen, Cottonmouth, Death Adder, The Deep Ones, Devil’s Night (2005), Dragon’s Eye (allergic), Eat Me, Grog, House of Mirrors, Intergalactic, Jailbait, Kalhantarika, Lolita, Loup Garou, Miskatonic University (GC version), Old Scratch, The Phantom Calliope, Proshitapathika, Rosalind, Santo Domingo, Saturnalia, Saw-Scaled Viper, Shub-Niggurath (APIA version), Silk Road, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Vechernyaya (allergic) Not Yet Ranked!! #20 Love Oi, 51, Aelopile, Alecto, Alice, All Night Long, Allison Gross, Amiable and Lovely Creatures, Amsterdam, Anactoria (2010), Antony, Aperotos Eros, Arachne, Arcana, Ariadne Brunnell, Atlas, The Atrocious Attic, Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo, Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand, Ave Maria Grata Plena, Badger, Baghdad, Baobhan Sith, Baron Samedi, Bathsheba, Bayou, Beanman and Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina, Beatrice, La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Belle Epoque, Belle Vinu, Bengal, Bensiabel, Bess, Bewitched, Les Bijoux, Bitter Moon, Black Cat, Black Forest, Black Heart, Black Hellebore, Black Pearl, Black Rose, Bliss, Block Buster, Blood Amber, Blood Kiss, Blood Pearl, Blood Rose, Bloodlust, Blue Fire (2008), Blue Moon (2007), Blue Moon: Beth’s (2009), Blue Moon: Brian’s (2009), Blue Morpho, Bluebeard, Bon Vivant, Boo Bam, The Bow and Crown of Conquest, Brahmin, Brimstone, Brown Jenkin, Bruised Violet Compound, Budding Moon, But Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light, Butterflies and Plovers, Cairo, Calico Jack, Candy Phoenix, Carnal, The Caterpillar, Cathedral, Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors (MCCLXXXII, CCCVII, DCV), Chaos Theory IV: The Edge of Chaos (MXXXII), Cheshire Cat, The Chilling Cellar, Chimera, The Churchyard, Cicuta, Clarimonde, Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Those Condemned to Death, Clio, The Coiled Serpent, Come to Me, Copper Phoenix, Cordelia, Countess Dolingen of Gratz, Cristina, Croquet, Crossroads, Crow Moon, Cthulhu, Dana O’Shee, Danse Macabre, Darkness, Death on a Pale Horse, Debauchery, Ded Moroz, Deep in Earth, Defututa, Delirium, Delousing Powder, Depraved, Desdemona, Desire, Destroying Angel, Devil’s Claw, Diable en Boite, Dirty, The Dodo, The Dormouse, Dove’s Heart, Dream Formula I: Oneiroi, Dream Formula II: Baku, Dream Formula III: Temple of Dreams, Dream Formula IV: Nanshe, Dream Formula V: Somnus, Dreamland, E Pluribus Unum, Eanach Dhuin, Earth Phoenix, Economic Recovery, Ecstatic Revelry, Elixir V: Moxie, Endymion, Envy, Eos, Erato, Eshe A Vision of Life-in-Death, Ether, Euphrosyne, Eve, Ezekiel’s Phoenix, Fallen, A Farewell to False Love, Faunalia, Faustus, The Festival of Anuket, Fire for Thy Stepmother’s Daughters, Fire of Love, Fire Pig, Fizzy Jack O’Lantern, The Flower Song, Les Fleurs du Mal, Flower Moon (2009), Follow Me Boy, Forbidden Fruit, The Forbidding Foyer, French Love, The Fruit of Paradise (2007), Fruitcake (2007), Galvanic Goggles, Gaueko, The Ghastly Garden, Ghost House, Giant Squid, The Gibbous Moon, The Girl, Glasgow, Gluttony, The Goblin Rider, Goblin, Gold Phoenix, Golden Wave (2008), Goliath Birdwing, Goneril, GOP, Grandmother of Ghosts, Great Grey Witch, Greed, Green Party, Gypsy, Hairy Toad Lily, Hamadryad, The Hanging Gardens, Harlot, Has No Hanna, Havana, He Too With Death Shall Dwell, Helena, Hell’s Belle, Hellfire, Hemlock, Herbert West, Hermia, Herr Drosselmeyer (2006), The Hesperides, High John the Conqueror, Highwayman, Hollywood Babylon, Horn of Plenty, Horreur Sympatique, House of Night, How Doth the Little Crocodile, A Howl in the Darkness, Hurricane, Hymn to Proserpine, Imp, In Winter in My Room, Inez, Inferno, Les Infortunes de la Vertu, Interfector, Intrigue, Io, Iron Phoenix, Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream, Ivanushka, Jabberwocky, Jester, Jezirat Al Tennyn, Jingo-Kogo v6, Juke Joint, Julia Stone, Juliet, Jupiterian Phoenix, Katharina, Kathmandu, Kelly Pool, Kill-Devil, Kindly Moon, The King of Hearts, Kuang Shi, Kumiho, Kyoto, Labores Solis, Ladon, Laudanum, Lead Phoenix, Leanan Sidhe, Libertine, Ligur, Lilith and the Jarocho, Lilium Inter Spinas, Litha, The Little Sparrow, Longing, Loralei, Lord Ruthven, Lotus SN, Love Me, Love’s Philosophy, Love’s Torments, Love-Lies-Bleeding, Luna, Lunar Eclipse (2008), Lunar Phoenix, Lune Noir (2008), Luperci (2008), Machu Picchu, Mad Hatter, Madame Tracy, Madonna, Magdalene, Maiden, Malediction, Manhattan, Mania, Marae, Marie, Martian Phoenix, Mary Read, Masquerade, Medea, Metal Phoenix, Mi-GoBrain Cannister, Midnight Kiss, Midnight Mass (2006), The Miller’s Daughter, Minotaur, Mircalla Countess Karnstein, Mischief, Misericordia, Mlle. Lilith Fortune Teller, Moai, Moana, Morgause, Moscow, Muse, The Music of Erich Zahn, Nefertiti, Nephilim, Nes Gadol Haya Sham, Niflheim, Night Gaunt, Night Thoughts, Noche Buena, Nocnitsa, Nuit, Nyarlathotep, Oblivion, Oborot, Ochosi, Old Man Ackerman’s Instructional Toys, Ololkun, On Darkness (2009), Ophelia, Ops, Ophui, Osun, Othello, Ouija, The Oval Portrait, Ovid’s Phoenix, Oya, Ozymandias, Pain, Pannychis, Paper Kite, Parentalia, Parlement of Foules (2006), The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, Peitho, Penis Admiration, Penitenece, Penny Dreadful, Penthus, Perle Von Mauren, Pet Magah Bird, La Petit Mort, Phantom, Phantom Queen, The Phantom Wooer, Philologus, Phobus, The Phoenix, The Phoenix at Dawn, The Phoenix at Dusk, The Phoenix at Midday, The Phoenix at Midnight, The Phoenix in Autumn, The Phoenis in Spring, The Phoenix in Summer, The Phoenix in Winter, Phoenix Steamworks, Pink Mood, Poisson d’Avril, Polyhymnia, Pontarlier, Port-au-Prince, Prague, The Presence of Love, Psyche, Purple Spotted Swallowtail, Pussy, Queen, Queen Mab, The Queen of Hearts, Queen of Sheba, Quick Grope Under the Mistletoe, Quicksilver Phoenix, R.M. Renfield, Rage, The Ragged Wood, Rakshasa, Rangoon Riptide (2008), The Rat Speakers, Ravenous, Red Devil, Red Moon (2007), Regan, Reindeer Poop, The Robotic Scarab, Rocking-Horse Fly, The Rose, Rose Cross, Roux-Ga-Roux, Sachs, Sacred Whore of Babylon, Salome, Sanctus, Sarah, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening, Saturninan Phoenix, Screeching Parrot (2008), Séance, The Season of Ghosts, Sed Non Satiata, Seraglio, Seraphim, Serpent’s Kiss, Set v3, Shadow Witch Orchid, The Shadowy and the Sublime, Shanghai, Shango, Sheol, Shoggoth, Shroud, Silenti, Silver Phoenix, Sin, Siren, Sloth, Smoky Moon: Tristesses de la Lune (2009), Solar Phoenix, Spellbound, Squirting Cucumber, Staged Moon Landing, Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener, Strangler Fig, Succubus, Sudha Segara, The Sugared She-Goat Chocolaier: Milk Chocolate Coconut Cardamom Rum and Ginger Truffle, Sundew, Suspiro, Swank, Sweet Life, Szepasszony, Tacitus’ Phoenix, Tamora, Tanin’iver, Tattered Lace, Te Po, Terpsichore, Tezcatlipoca, Thalassa the Galapagos Mermaid, The Twisted Oak Tree, Theotokos, Thousands of Lights, Three Brides, Three Gorgons, Tiki King, Tiki Queen, Tin Phoenix, Tisiphone, Titania, Titus Andronicus, Tombeur, Transeo, Tupapau, Tushnamatay, Twenty-One, The Unicorn, Upa Upa, Urania, Utrennyaya, Vampire Tarot: The Magician, La Vita Nuova, Van Van, Velvet, Velvet Bandito, Velvet Clown,Velvet Cthulhu, Velvet Dogs Playing Poker, Velvet Nudie, Velvet Panther, Velvet Pink Kitty, Velvet Tiger,Velvet Tiki, Velvet Unicorn, Venice, Venusian Phoenix, Verdandi, Versailles, Vespillo, Vicomte de Valmont, Victorian Garden, Villain, Viola, Violens, Voodoo, Voodoo Lily, Wanda, Wanton, Water of Notre Dame, Water Phoenix, When the Winter Chyrsanthemums Go, Whip, White Moon, Whoso List to Hunt, Wicked, Wilde, Wilhelmina Murray, Windward Passage, Wings of Azrael, The Witching Time of Night, Wolfsbane, A Wonderful Light, Wood Phoenix, Wrath, Ü, Yellow Jessamine Honey, Yerevan, Yggdrasil, Zorya
  2. SultryWolf

    Pliny's Phoenix

    I tried to talk myself out of a bottle by comparing it to other similar scents, but there's nothing truly the same! It's a simple blend but so beautiful. Neither none dominates; rather they meld into a warm, comforting, and uplifting whole
  3. SultryWolf

    Hesiod's Phoenix

    Occasionally, a BPAL brings me to tears because it touches me that deeply; this is one such. It's warm but not foody, resiny but not heady ... just, just so lovely. I apologise if this review is not helpful, but I cannot form the words to express.
  4. SultryWolf

    Art Swap #4 Questions List

    As of 06 Feb: What is your favorite fairy tale, persona, or motif? What imagery does the story/person/thing evoke for you? Do you like or hate how it was handled by a movie or show? How about illustrations and pictures on the subject? Any you are particularly in love with? How are you with ethically sourced (read: found in the woods on the ground, on the beach, etc.) formerly living bits? Examples: feathers, butterfly wings, fossilized teeth/bone, clean-but-not fossilized bone. Would you rather have half of something that was super fabulous in conception, but ultimately too much to pull off completely in the time frame(although still fully functional? Is there something specifically in fairytales you do NOT want to see? And would you be limited to the idea of 'fairytales' or would you be happy with crossing over into 'origin stories' or 'mythology'? If you've mentioned that purple is a favorite color, which shades do you prefer? If in your questionnaire you talked about different styles or listed a number of favorite stories, now that we've been talking about the subject, has anything sort of popped into your head as a "you know I REALLY wish my artist would do something with X story/theme/subject/style." ? How do you feeel about nudity? How do you feel about more practical crafty kinds of things, rather than more traditional "art"? Like would you be ok with a decorated box or bag, or something like that? Would you like a retold fairy tale (in poem or story form) written by your artist as part of your swap? How do you feel about receiving a recipe of some sort based off your faerie tale of choice? Or say a meal plan you could do for a day or like a dinner party or something? How do you feel about anime in general? What kind of bodyshapes appeal to you in pin up art, male and female? How do you feel about excerpts in your art? Are words okay, or would you rather leave language to the imagination? What is your favorite grimms tale? New As of 10 Feb: Would you mind getting extra non fairytale goodies along with the required item? Like teas, bacon caramels, soap? Would you enjoy a wearable item? something hand knit by chance? New As of 11 Feb: What kinds of things do you like to eat? If you were my patron, is there are particular animal (or animals, or animal tale) from a faerie tale/myth/modern tale/legend that you love or emphasize with? New As of 12 Feb: Do you have a particular house color palette? New As of 13 Feb: If you were my patron, what would you be hoping for in miniature?
  5. SultryWolf

    Layering over Tiger Balm

    This is a very interesting thread! I'm wondering if something with dragon's blood would be nice, kind of like a Chinese shop?
  6. SultryWolf


    WILF ... because vampires aren’t the only supernatural beings worthy of our amorous attentions. Warm fur coupled with red and black musk, vanilla bean, patchouli, champaca flower, juniper berry, chocolate peppermint, frangipani, browned sandalwood, ferntop ash resin, and massoia bark. Love and gratitude to Stephen Huang for the inspiration and for blessing us with his adorable, whimsical artwork! Oh, this is wonderful! It's going to age magnificently, and I've already ordered a back-up bottle. It's indeed warm and furry, rich and cozy. The resins shine at first, reminding one a bit of Snake Oil, but as soon as that thought has formed, the other notes begin to appear. It's almost as if, as I inhale slowly, I find each note in turn. No one note, though, dominates: it's a comfortable blend, neither too sweet nor too resiny For such a rich scent, the throw is light - of course, I haven't slathered as I intend to do when wearing it for-reals, and not just testing.
  7. SultryWolf

    Huacas, Part II

    Silk scarf: Used as a base cloth for power circle arrangements, often in group journeying. Having one's huacas at hand during journeying offers protection as well as focusing power and capturing new energies gained during the journey. Spiny Dogfish Spine, what I often call my most prized possession: It's a bit of an odd story, and I don't yet understand the full significance of this object to me, I only feel it's strength. The spiny dogfish is a type of shark which has a defensive spike on each dorsal fin. In college biology, the dogfish was one of our dissection projects. Each of us had our own dogfish - I named mine Odo - which we kept in a bucket. Dissection and review took place at school and at home, so our buckets travelled back and forth with us. I felt an immediate connection with Odo that went beyond my usual careful, respectful approach to dissection. I don't remember how long it was - four weeks? six? - but eventually the time came that the project was over, and it was time to . . . discard our dogfish. I was devastated. It was so hard to give him up - I had always felt a bit guilty in the past with dissections, that after the great help the animals had given us in furthering our education, they were just incinerated like garbage - but I'd never felt such an internal resistance. My teacher said I could keep him but, really, how could I? Where? How? So, I settled for keeping his defensive spine. Even that was a hard decision, because it felt like mutilation - even in the dissection, everything was kept with the body - but I asked for permission and did a little ritual of apology and thanks. See next post for my Prayer Box.
  8. Forumname::LJ Name::Twitter Name Comments SultryWolf::semaht::semaht I'm pretty much never on Twitter, but friends me if you like! misti::misti_k::misti_k CourtCat::courtcat79::CourtCat ellebelle::sophiawestern:: "I generally only add people who update regularly and substantively." kitrona::kitrona::kitrona Please comment or message that you are from BPAL.org/SwitchWitch teanicole::teanicole:: Coldfire::ladyColdfire::MMG_Coldie Comment if you are a SW if you add me. bubblefish::irrsinn:: molls::mollypunkin::eskimokissz:: Facebook: eskimokissz For FB, let me know you're a BPAL/SW
  9. SultryWolf

    WeenieSW2010 Questions Answers!

    As of 23 September Garlic? Yeah, I love the stuff. Had garlic wine (like a light white with a garlic finish) and chocolate-covered garlic (wonderful contrast!) at Gilroy ... on my honeymoon almost 22 years ago! As long as there's enough for both of us, so that Hubs isn't horrified by my stenchy proximity (it's never bothered me in him, oddly), I say bring it, bring it on. Zombies? Not a huge fan. Do you have a deviantart print wishlist or favourites list? I do not. I think I have a DA account, but I don’t really spend any time there. Is there anything from Blooddrop that you want to try? GC? Halloween update? I haven’tried Blooddrop. What kind of shoes do you need/want? What size shoes do you wear? Would you mind gently used shoes? Nine, nine and a half, ten (Women’s US sizes) - depends on the shoe/style. I think that’s a UK 40 and a men’s 8. I’m not really looking for anything in particular now. Just got a couple pair of dressy flats, because I just cannot wear heels. Do you like paper dolls (new or vintage) or coloring in books? Sure! Especially coloring or other activity books. Do you like weird scary things as traditionally girly fashion items like heels and handbags? Absolutely, and probably better than the girly counterpart! NYCC Atmosphere sprays? The British Blondes sounds lovely. Handpainted item? Lately I have been wanting to get bowls to have around for all the little stuff that otherwise accumulates. It just classes things right up. So I would choose a handpainted bowl, with a naturey design, perhaps some little birds. Do you collect stones/rocks? I'm talking like "semi" precious stones, ie moonstone, bloodstone, quartz ect. Indeed! Especially smaller ones that can go in my huacas bag. I'm not in need of anything in particular; the stone will tell you if it's looking for me! What's your favorite Halloween Music? I like spooky, novelty ... anything really. I have an iPod Halloween playlist; iPod still in the car so I will have to come back and edit with how many songs are on it, and I'll post a list to my blog for everyone's edification. It's made up of songs that are either specific to the holiday (Halloween Spooks by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross) or fit the mood (Murder in the Graveyard by Screaming Lord Sutch). I wouldn't mind having new tracks for it! As of 20 September Who likes hair toys, and if so what kind? Love, love, love them all: scrunchies, clips, pins, decorative accents. Does any art we may send need to be child safe, either in the actually safe sense or the non X rated sense? Nope, dangerous and dirty is fine! In the knitted/crocheted things area, would you want wrist warmers, 1/2 gloves, a neck warmer(the kind that pretty much just goes around your neck and maybe fastens instead of being long and loose like a scarf), slippers, or hats? Yes. How do you feel about altered/recycled/upcycled items of clothing or accessories? Love them. A lot. Conjure Oils? I have never tried them! Should I? I'll bet my Witch could pick something, based on my favorite notes. What is your favourite habitat and climate to live in? How about to visit? (ie. forest, canyons, mountains, by the beach; temperate, tropical...) If it were up to me, I'd like it 40-60F most of the time, with frequent precipiation. Love mountain forests - I think the most achingly beautiful place I have visited is Big Sur, California. But for travel I'm a lot less picky about climate, because of the fun of experiencing a new/different place. How do people feel about edible arrangements? www.ediblearrangements.com I've never had one, but could be interested. Seems like there's a lot of melon, though, which I won't eat. Anyone need address/phone type books? Don't need one - I've got a BPAL-folks one going and there's room in it yet! Do you read/like fantasy? What kind of books or authors do you love? Which one would you like to read? Would you like gifts related to it? I do enjoy fantasy. There are some ideas at my Amazon wishlist. I like Urban Fantasy (I've been reading Ilona Andrews) and Companion Animal Fantasy (most recently, Jane Lindskold), also tales of good dragons. And I've got lots more Obernewtyn Chronicles to go, if that counts as fantasy. Soaps has been pretty well answered, I think; contact me, Witchee, if you need more info in that area! Likewise pens/office supply. Not a yarnie. Lipbalms: flavor preferences? tube/squeazything type or lip pots? Love 'em. Probably like sticks best, then squeezy, then pots. Any flavor, except for flavors I've already mentioned not liking! Does anyone do altered books? Would you be interested in old books to alter? Any type or title in particular? I like the idea of altered books but haven’t really gotten into it. I’m kind of squeamish about messing with books so, even though I like the concept, I’m not sure how well I’d deal in reality. Did someone ask about incense yet? Would you like some? Something to store or burn it in? What scents? What form?I’ve got a charcoal burner and some very nice resins, along with a few sticks here and there, but I really don’t burn very often. Any oddball free things you collect or would want saved for you? I wish I could think of something! Arcana Halloween update? Haven’t looked. How many bottles of BPAL do you have? 150-200, somewhere in there. I think. Is there any exercise program that you're interesting in learning? Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Belly Dancing, Zumba ect? Or if you do any of these (or anything else sport related) are there any things you need/want? Candles, music, mats, water bottles ect? Not looking at anything new in terms of exercise. I could use a pair of cycling gloves (palm 3.5 inches, so probably a medium?) Anyone else into Emily Autumn? Sounds familiar, but I don’t remember her music, and haven’t got anything in my iTunes. I’m willing to give anything a fair listen! Do you like Girl Scout cookies? What kind? My favorite are the shortbread because you can dress them up or down, and the regular peanut butter sandwich ones, whatever they’re called. What's your take on homemade apple butter? Want some? Yum! As of 16 September Inquisition? Not tempted. Scarf: a skinny one, or a wide one? A short one, that when wrapped once around your neck will just tuck under your jacket, or a long one, at least to your waist? I love them all but I don’t have any skinny or long. To your tase, my Witch. Rectangular shawl or triangular shawl? Shawl good too! How do you feel about recipes? What kind of a cook/baker are you? Are you happiest calling for delivery or microwaving a lean cuisine? Or will Food Network be asking you to host their new program? If I send you something home made would you like the reciepe for it? If you are someone who doesn't want baked goods sent, would you like a collection of some of my favorite recipes? How about home made mixes or kits? Kind of like the cookie in a jar thing, where you would need to add the perishable ingredients? I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but I do love to eat, and so have been making myself cook more often lately. Asian foods are my favorite, so I’ve been exploring things in that area. I’ve got most of the basic equipment, and I’m learning about ingredients and how to put things together without a million ingredients, a million hours of work, and dirtying a million dishes! If there’s a book or a set of recipes that you think I should have, please do send them along! I have already pre-ordered the Just Bento book. I’m not too squeamish about substituting things, either, so don’t worry too much about the meat/onions issues for me. I mean, you can acknowledge that you didn’t just forget about them , but I don’t feel strange working around them in a recipe! I do that a lot, actually. I’m not much for sweets, so I’m not so interested in baking. I have a bread maker, but can’t eat all that carbo the way I used to; still, I use it on occasion. Mixes or kits are great. Science Tarot I have been following this for a while, but haven’t ordered it and probably won’t for a while, since I’m still focused on making my own deck. But I do want it, and it would make a great gift for me, if you’d like to send it. Are there any particular movies, tv shows or cd’s that you’ve been meaning to buy for years but just never got round to getting? Would you mind a gently used dvd/cd if your witch had it or could get it?? See my Amazon wishlist (linked in my SW Help post, if the questionnaire link isn’t working) for such items, and yes, used is absolutely fine. Possets Update I have a few Possets items, but I haven’t become a huge fan. I love, love, love the concept of the cat rescue scents, but they are mostly not my style. Okay – just took a gander. Dark, Ghost, and Spirit sound lovely. Would you like a custom/altered toy either from a seller or from your witch (like My Little Pony, or a Barbie or any particular toy that can be changed?) Customized toys are great. Hubs and I have always been fascinated by the long-standing tradition of customizing Action Figures, really impressed by the time and effort and skill put into them! I could go for just about anything!
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    Scent Recommendations By Hair Color?

    Khajurajo has always evoked for me rich thick brunette hair.
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    A Bit of an FIL Rant

    A bit more detail arising from a 16June2010 post in GUSP, which began I'll link the email here, if I can find it; I tend to delete stuff from him unopened, unless it has Cute Dog in subject line. That strategy even failed me once. FIL's politics are those of the far-right extremist*, while S. is liberal. (I'm fairly moderate, since you wonder!) FIL forwards these kinds of things all the time, to everyone whether they have specifically asked to be left off the list or not. When called on it, he becomes defensive. Any attempt to have a rational discussion is labelled a personal attack. I’m trying to describe this all as clinically as possible, and I pride myself on being a diplomatic person, but I am genuinesly amazed at what a horrible "debate" skills FIL has. The first time that S. broke all contact with his father – six or seven years ago, maybe? – he was eventually persuaded to “make peace for the sake of the rest of the family”. My FIL did not make any concessions; he was asked to not bring up politics at family functions, but has done so (at a much lower frequency than before, at least). So, Hubs pretty much feels like he gave up his own principles, and was pressured to do so. Furthermore, he is hurt than no one in the family, including me, spoke up in alliance with him. He felt, and feels, disrespected both in his father's actions and words and in the lack of visible support from the rest of the family. Now, for myself, while I hold strong beliefs and opinions, I prefer not to debate them. I’m not really interested in converting anyone else to my position. I don’t mind learning new facts about the other position, or even a well-reasoned explanation of why one might hold it, and I’ll do the same. I’m even open to changing my mind. But I don’t enjoy the types of politico-philosophical arguments that some do, where the only goal seems to be . . . I don’t even know what the goal is. Thus, I remain quiet, as I did when discussions turned political at the dinner table. In my mind, I wasn't failing to support S., I was merely maintaining my own right not to be baited. He sees it a bit differently. Hubs feels strongly that, in instances where the other party is Just Plain Wrong, we all have a responsibility to speak out against it, no matter how difficult it may be to do. I am starting to see his point on that . . . I’m still not comfortable doing it, but I do take Truth and Justice pretty seriously, and so I have resolved to do better. Whatever that might mean. I'm not looking forward to confronation with my FIL. He and I have a very good relationship. There's even a slim chance that he'll listen to me, whether it would result in any lasting change or not. And of course that lends a whiff of guilt to my . . . cowardice about not wanting to get involved. *I hate "labelling" groups, even - or especially - for the reason that I do not agree with their politics. Don't these groups, no matter how extreme, have the right to their positions? I believe that they do; but there is a difference with holding different beliefs, based on the same empirical facts, and groups that spread lies as the only apparent support for their beliefs. Sadly, such groups do exist, and my FIL, God help us, proudly allies himself with them. In any case, I won't use loaded terminology like "Right-Wing-Nut".
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    Womb Furie

    Oh, you want more detail than that, eh? If you love honey, and BPAL honeys are delightful on you, you'll love this. The Snake Oil is like a fine mahogany steed on which the honey rides: you notice it, to be sure, admire it, but Honey draws your attention back. I expected it to be strong - high waftage - but, while a little bit goes a long way, it sticks pretty close to the skin.
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    Villainess Smack! Ideas

    Pomegranate Fig + Incense + Coconut Milk - got. Lovely, but not perfect; incense too sweet - try Red Woods? Vanilla Bean + Red Woods - got. Marvelous! Vanilla Bean + Red Woods + Honey Nut Sugared Roses + Lei Flowers - didn't get before Lei Flowers was discontinued. ah, well. Sugared Roses + Coconut Milk - got. Wonderful!
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    Prayer Box

    Prayer box: The box itself is carved with Inuit traditional whale designs. I got it in Alaska but it was made in Canada. A prayer box is used for continuous transmission of positive energies. A slip of paper with a name is put into the box with the two engraved quartz stones. I've got some other stuff in there now, but it's the quartz stones that do the work. Inside of the box: The quartz stones, and a bit of bone: I no longer remember where I got the bone. The stones are carved (by me) on both sides with power symbols which serve, when regularly charged, to focus the owner's intent. The other side of the stones:
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    Huacas, Part I

    Huacas is the term for one's collection of sacred objects in the shamanic tradition of Ecuador. They are used in journeying (meditation), for intent rituals, or for divination. They live together in a bag to absorb eachother's power and so that their power needs to be recharged less often. Because I mention my huacas every once in a while on the Forum, I thought some of you might be interested in a little more detail. So, here's some pictures! The bag: The contents: Everything's in little pouches mostly to protect them from crashing into each other and chipping/breaking. The two vials contain tailtip hair from my dogs. They're not labelled and I no longer remember which is which, but it shouldn't matter. Stones: These are all gifts or foundlings. Stones may be arranged or held for journeying or divination. Some shaman use stones for healing, but I have not explored that. The geode is for placing other things on - candle, stones, a bit of herb. The bit of petrified wood should by rights be with the other stones but ended up in this picture instead. Sea Turtle and Dolphin fetishes: I got these when I went through Dolphin/Whale Reiki Master training. See Part IIfor more pictures and stories!