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    favorite blends: creepy, TKO, spooky, creepy, U, Banshee beat, pomona, wulric the wolfman, tombstone, burlesque temple troupe favorite notes: foody and gourmand, leather, woodsy notes, vanilla, patchouli, apple, herbal, coconut, snow, lavender, smoke, tobaccco

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  1. doublehelix

    Smutty Goblin Hair Gloss

    I get lots of musk from this, covered in sugar foodie goodness. It smells really seductive and yummy.
  2. doublehelix

    Theme in Yellow

    This smells of buttery, spicy, warm pumpkin and spices!
  3. Well, Fred and George must smell only of mischief; opened candy wrappers, butterbeer, and a hint of parchment as the marauders map has once again been managed. I imagine Luna would smell of fairy dust, cinnamon, books, and feet, since her shoes are always being taken This thread seems awesome and I look forward to reading others comments!
  4. doublehelix

    Haunted Bonbon

    Wet, this is pure chocolate, the same note that's in Desire. The comparisons to boomslang, I definitely get! Drying, the amber and musk meddle with th chocolate, and it softens up. It's definitely light as it dries.
  5. doublehelix

    Desire Bonbon

    Wet, this is pure, delicious Belgian chocolate. On the drydown, it's so beautiful, I get notes of Apple, musk, and a bit of patch. This is a grown up, evening chocolate scent. Dry it's still quite similiar, the Apple note is one of the strongest notes I smell, and it's still lovely.
  6. doublehelix

    The White Witch

    Wet, this is very strong musk. In the background there is a bit of pomegranate fizz. On the drydown, it's quite lovely, as the notes begin to mingle together and the vanilla rose and patchouli make an appearance. This actually kind of reminds me a bit of Blood popsicle once dry, with that fizzy pomegranate fruit.
  7. doublehelix

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    BAM! Right off the bat, this is stinky, strong pine, like pinesol for the outhouse. As it dries down, it becomes more smokey, and there are notes of delicious fig! The dirt comes out to play too, meddling with the strong leaf and tree notes. Still quite strong for me once dried, and as others mentioned, smells of men's cologne...
  8. doublehelix

    Autumn Cider

    Wet: this is fizzy orange and lemon drink! Very sweet, and delicious. On the drydown, the citrus notes melt down a bit, and I get more sugary goodness, but I don't smell anything like butterscotch. I don't find this spicy, at all, until it dries. Then it smells like hot apple cider lingering in the background, a bit more faint.
  9. doublehelix


    In then bottle! It smells straight of rum, and reminds me of my beloved Jolly Roger. Wet, it is an interesting mingle between the patchouli and rum, as it continues to try it reminds me of all sorts licorice (you know the ones with the strange coloured middles that have their own distinct flavor?). This is definitely very masculine, but paired with a dark, work leather jacket this would be so beautiful. My husband denies smelling any sweet licorice on me, but stares he his bad will identifying smells. Oooh, as it continues to dry, the sweet licorice leads into a more of a sweet, woodsy patchouli, and the worn leather comes out a bit more. This is definitely sexy, and depending on your personality and style I would say it can be worn unisex.
  10. doublehelix

    Café Mille et une Nuits

    In the bottle, this stinks of cough syrup. Wet, it's dark, smokey and spicy. I don't get any foody notes until the drydown, and then it becomes much warmer, and softer, like rich black coffee smothered in spices. I have to say this one surprised me on the drydown, as it changes almost entirely. I agree I would wear this when going out for a cuppa, to lounge around with some friends.
  11. doublehelix

    Blood Popsicle

    This is very interesting. When first applied, i can understand the grandma comparison, and my husband said it smelled of baby powder.i can best describe this when dry as metallic red. It has a sharp, bubbly, note when sniffed, like if you out your face into a glass of carbonated soda water. I Can't quite describe this red smell, not quite berries or citrus, it's very different. This is one of the most unique scents I've tried, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. I can definitely see this being more of a evening/night scent.
  12. doublehelix

    Hearts for Ghost Friends

    When the update was released, I loved the story behind this scent, but didn't think the notes would work on me. I was frimped this by a lovely gal, and my goodness, what an unexpected love! It's delicate, feminine, and floral, and softens up so nicely after the drydown. The musk is the main note on me, followed by a collection of milky white flowers. This reminds me of a Lush bathbomb, actually. It's beautiful!
  13. doublehelix

    Appropriate Scents for Teens?

    I have to agree with Morocco and Dorian! I would also recommend Bon vivant (strawberry) and tombstone (delicious, sounds strange but it kind of smells of root beer to me).
  14. doublehelix

    Awabi Divers

    Wet, HELLO patchouli! Definitely very strong on that note. On the drydown, it softens up quite a bit, more vanilla and woody. This doesn't smell as sweet as banshee beat, but I can see the comparison! It is quite beautiful dry, once you get past the initial wet stage.
  15. doublehelix


    Wet, I smell musky, piney leather. Definitely a sexy unisex scent. It is quite spicy wet, which I notice only as it dries down more soft. Dry, I get much more vanilla, and it smells more gentle.