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  1. asterope

    Palo Santo and Patchouli

    Oh my lawd. I am smitten. This smells very similar to house of unquenchable fire atmosphere spray from awhile back. It's clean, resin-y and the patchouli is not the root dirty kind. I am not huge on HG but will be using this as a body spray. Insta bottle.
  2. asterope

    Batty Snake Oil

    The leather is stronggggg. I swiped just my arm and ended up scrubbing and having to wash my sweatshirt. It's a black leaning leather with a chemical undertone (my skin doesn't play well with leather so ymmv). The snake oil I do smell in there is beautiful, but, alas, the leather wins out. Not reminiscent of snakes kiss for me which I was hoping for.
  3. asterope


    Wow. I just got my decants yesterday and all have been fantastic but this one..this one may need to be a few bottle back up. No sandalwood thus far that I'm really getting, just a very pale love child of pediophobia and cognac stained sheet. It is gorgeous and will be hunted down in the future. Would pair well with hag grey hair gloss as I feel the same melancholy grey vibes.
  4. asterope

    Dragon's Milk Hair Gloss

    I can't add much more, and completely agree with Poenari. This NEEDS to come back, tons of people contacted me for decants. I am such a fool for swapping off so much of this. I layer it with my perfume, and a dragons blood candle/lotion thingy. I am teh dragon. Decent longevity and great power. Will definitely get another bottle if it ever comes back, (along with some more Tombstone HG).
  5. asterope

    Cacao-Dusted Sugar Skulls Bath Oil

    I ordered a decant on a whim. Cacao and I are friends, vry vry good friends But I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it is. For me, in the bottle it is cacao dominate with some Sugar Skull vibes goin on underneath. Best part is? IT STAYS THE SAME BUT GETS STRONGER. This revived some love for my bath oils (they had been taking a back seat to some new lotions and such). On my skin, it is a bit foodie with no powdery dry down. Love.
  6. asterope

    Cranberry Cookie Bark Bath Oil

    Mmm, this is delicioussss. I also, get no candy cane in here. Instead, a beautiful white chocolate mingled with berry. It is so nice to know that not all berries go rancid on me. I was expecting it to be a little tart with cranberry but only just so. I smell like cookies, and that's exactly what I wanna smell like.
  7. asterope

    Candlelight Atmosphere Spray

    =/ Guise. I have noticed my nose goes against what most people say. It was terribly overpowering and I kept smelling something sharp mixed with honey. I have to agree with Balame.
  8. asterope

    Sugar Plum and Vanilla Bean Atmosphere Spray

    Blasphemy. Many of you may say this after I write this post. My first bpal love was Sugar Plum Fairy...As time went on and skin chemistry changed (and of course, my nose) I found myself a little nauseated by the smell. But I pushed through, saying I loved it once maybe I just needed a refresher. This is in the same vein, but for me it was powdery plum and vanilla. I love plum, I love vanilla. I fucking HATE powder. I ended up having to wash our sheets. I just couldn't get past that powdery plum vibe. I let it sit for about 2 hours when enough was enough.
  9. Open daily. Lessons in cunning, derision, and scorn: vetiver smoke and acerbic incense. WOW. I am terrible at reviewing, but this scent needed some props. I was frimped a sample with a swap, and instantly ordered a bottle. Normally I can get by on a decant, but no. This baby needed to be big bottle and nooobody is touching it... This smells *exactly* like fresh burning nag champa incense, with smoldering smoke..Which some may say "Hey, I can just burn incense", but for those of us with asshole cats, or little kids who like to play with things they shouldn't be (DEVIN MOMMY IS TALKING TO YOU) it is amazinnnnng to have it in spray form. I have been spraying this non-stop and the hubs even adores it. 10 out of 10 and all that jazz.
  10. asterope

    Fae Forest Atmosphere Spray

    I do agree with the above poster, say this smells like Christmas/Yule. Beautiful pine, with snow dollops on the branches not quite weighing them down. Some surprising strong flowers that manage to bloom, just wonderful. Really need to order a bottle. Feel like I'm in WoW or Skyrim.
  11. asterope

    Boo Bath Oil

    I love Boo!. No really, I LOVE BOO. First time around I got this and it turned so rancid on my skin. I was devastated.. Found some more later down the line, after my skin chemistry decided to stop being such a dick. and OMG. It is such a beautiful sweet simple scent. If you like vanilla, you need some Boo in your life. Great staying power with this.
  12. asterope

    Marshmallow Pumpkin Bath Oil

    I am the pumpkin pie. *fin* Pumpkin pie with marshymallows ontop. Great staying power!
  13. asterope

    Goblin of Yuletide Yet To Come Atmospheric Spray

    This..reminds me of Sunday morning and being (forcibly) dragged to church in winter. The wood reminds me of the pews, there is some cologne aspect to this which I always picture my father (perhaps the moss? he's an avid outdoors man and smells of the woods), the resin-y incense burning in front and even a slight slush smell that everybody dragged in on their shoes. I make it sound not so great, but I assure you it is perfect. Enjoying it for my festive yule tide feelings lately. Average staying power.
  14. asterope

    Ghoul-Haunted Woodland of Weir Atmosphere Spray

    Would love to see this come back in some form. I have been spraying what little I have all over my clothes. Dark forest, with little itty bitty flowers blooming, vines twirling and curling up trees, and rays of golden sunshine forcing their way into said forest. Average lasting power.
  15. asterope

    Aphrodite Kypria Atmosphere Spray

    Surprise hit for me.. and okay I am going to sound crazy but this morning I woke up and was like "wtf? I didn't wear the girl or black opal.." Yes, this starts off with cinnamon/ cassia with a hint of muskiness. But (hours) after drydown, I detect the sweet creamy vanilla that I smell in the above mentioned perfumes. Faint, but she's there. Getting as much of this one as possible <3 Great staying power.