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    I am an artist/jeweler/silversmith who is obsessed with perfume oils and handcrafted bath & body items. Other than that I adore animals, music, reading, painting, collecting, the metaphysical, stones, and nature. I have a daughter who is seven that I named after my love for the Moon♥ Our other family members have either whiskers or fins!!! That is a small glimpse into my world :)
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  1. EnchantedMoon

    Goatweed Leafwing

    The butterflies have just amazed me Each one so unique and beautiful. This one definitely does not disappoint. I do detect orange in this, but not a very powerful in your face orange. It is enveloped by a brown fuzziness which I suspect is the brown sandalwood. All of the notes make this blend very comforting. It is a bit sweet, fuzzy brown, with a twist of orange. The longer it is on your skin and matures the softer it becomes which I really enjoy. Beautiful!
  2. EnchantedMoon

    Question Mark

    This is a beautiful blend. The sweetness of the orange and vanilla mixes amazingly with the spicy Ceylon cinnamon. The tobacco and the myrrh also add depth to this. This is very different from anything I own and I realized the longer I wore it, the more I liked....LOVED it. After a few hours the orange pretty much fades leaving only a faint hint behind. The cinnamon is not overwhelming (which was something I was concerned about) In the end it is a skin hugging sweet and spicy scent. I really like this and feel it is quite fitting for the upcoming fall season. Gorgeous!
  3. EnchantedMoon

    Dragon's Milk

    I this blend! I also love how it is referred to as fae nectar. It is so fitting and creates an awesome vision in my head! I adore dragon's blood, vanilla, and honey as notes in perfume so this is a big winner for me. The dragon's blood can definitely be detected in this blend. To me it has an incense type of scent. Not a dry incense, but a sweet resinous one. The dragon's blood is sweetened with the almost medicinal sweetness of the honey and the tasty sweetness of vanilla. These all combine beautifully to create a truly unique experience.
  4. EnchantedMoon

    Blood Kiss

    Blood Kiss is one of the first bottles that I ever purchased years ago. It was love at first sniff. Today I received a new bottle and it occurred to me that I have never reviewed this scent and it truly deserves a shout out! Blood Kiss is a dangerous yet, harmonious scent. It is sexy and danger in a bottle. The cherry in this blend does not have an artificial smell to me. I think it blends beautifully with the vanilla, honey, and spicy clove. It is definitely a sexy and yummy kiss The darkness of the vetiver, poppy, red wine, and feral musk make this sexy dangerous! It changes the blend from sweet yumminess and adds sex on top. Vampires always come to mind when I think of this blend. Not Nosferatu vampire, but a sexy blood sucker that you want to bite you and then turn around and give you a deep Blood Kiss
  5. EnchantedMoon

    Eastern Comma

    Wow, I have had good experiences with all of the Metamorphosis bottles I purchased. This is just.....hoard worthy. I love how the notes in these beautiful blends match the appearance of the butterflies. This butterfly is orange with contrasting brown on it's beautiful wings. This perfume oil is very much orange and brown. It is a comforting scent, that at the same time is bright and uplifting. The orange in this blend is a true orange, no artificial crap smell here. It is bright, but not overwhelming. The tobacco absolute and the hay soften the brightness of the orange, but not enough to make it disappear. The tobacco reminds me very much of the tobacco in the French Tobacco Single Note that I adore. It has a sweet brown scent. Combined with the sweet hay it hugs your skin and envelopes you in a warm calmness. I really find this perfume oil comforting and therapeutic. 5 stars!
  6. EnchantedMoon

    Wild Indigo Duskywing

    In my opinion this is sexy and sultry in a bottle. I too get the smoky, spicy, and sweetness from this blend. Fortunately, I did not detect any sour notes. The notes in this beautiful oil all work together in complete harmony and create a recipe for sexy! This has great throw and lasting power as well. I am so glad I bought a bottle of this. I bet it will also age into something even more beautiful
  7. EnchantedMoon

    Yucca Giant-Skipper

    This is perfection. Especially if you are a patchouli and vanilla lover like myself If you do not like patchouli you may still love this. I know sometimes patchouli can be all up in your face which some people do not love. This is more subtle, but still has amazing throw. The subtleness may come from the sweetness of the vanilla in the blend, taming the patchouli. The Oudh might contribute to that as well. I always seem to get a sweet and woodsy type of smell from Oudh. I think the beautiful woods of Pepperwood and the Copaiba Balsam mix in beautifully as does the hay type of scent that I pick up from the champaca flower. I knew from the notes in this perfume oil that I would adore it. I suspected it would have a woodsy, sweet scent. It is beautiful, just like a Yucca Giant-Skipper!!!
  8. EnchantedMoon


    I purchased this based off of an awesome review that I read from a recently purchased bottle. I am so glad that I cam across the review because it was right on and I am so happy I now own a bottle of Nosferatu This is very true to it's original description. I think I would prefer to wear this in the autumn, although I have no problem wearing it anytime during the year ----> It is that good! It definitely has an herbal scent to it. I imagine walking through the woods in the autumn where the winds begin to blow just a little cooler. Where the stems of wild herbs are still green, but the leaves are starting to dry and wither away. While underfoot, damp soil with gritty particles of limestone crush against the earth with each step causing magical earthy fumes to dance with the wind. Somewhere in the midst of all of this earthy, herbal magic you must be on a journey to an old hidden wine cellar. Maybe a dark wine cellar. One wear a vampire might lurk. One with cold walls and cold floors. One where the aging wine isn't just of rotting red fruit that is aging beautifully, but maybe a little coppery tinge of blood in the mix. This is beautiful. It is earthy, cool, dark, and red tinged. Love <3
  9. EnchantedMoon


    To me this perfume oil is very true to it's description. It has that sweet resinous scent of Amber mixed with something a bit dark and a little smoky, I assume that is the black musk. It is absolutely beautiful and haunting in the best of ways It seems to have great staying power on my skin. I definitely rank this among my favorites
  10. EnchantedMoon

    Little Pythia

    I really love this blend. It is a soft scent on me, with all of the notes detectable. In the bottle it is ultra soft. I can barely smell anything. I know that bpal perfumes definitely smell different on then in the bottle so time to dive in Wet, a sweet and soft floral incense! It smells wonderful! Dry, I definitely can smell the vanilla frankincense with a hint of a rose incense, and a sweetness in the background which I assume is the red licorice!! Divine, I love this!!!
  11. EnchantedMoon

    Lilith's Bubblegum and Roses

    This is something very different than I normally wear. I knew this going in. I enjoy different though, and I am not let down with this purchase. This is a very sweet and youthful perfume, with a fun vibe. In the bottle it is bright pink, girlie bubblegum! If you give it a real good, deep sniff, you can smell the rose hiding behind a big pink bubble! Wet...Sticky, sweet, pink, sugary bubblegum with just a hint of red rose. Dry, Exactly as the name refers, Bubblegum and Roses! So glad I bought this. This is great for days when I just want to be a girl. My 6 year old daughter loves it too. I figured this would be a fragrance we could giggle about and share♥
  12. EnchantedMoon

    Tarantula Fascinator

    Oh wow, this scent is gorgeous! In the bottle, I definitely get that Boomslang vibe from this beauty. It is chocolate rich with a subtle woodsy vibe. Wet, the plum emerges! Plum, chocolate, and hazelnut. Dry, the plum is prominent on me. The chocolate stays in the background, but definitely still there. The hazelnut keeps it warm, and the sandalwood softens it. I. LOVE. THIS. PERFUME. OIL.
  13. EnchantedMoon

    Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies Hair Gloss

    Wow, wow, WOW!!!! This is an absolute favorite of mine. On first sniff I get the honey. The honey seems familiar to me like possibly the honey that sings in O. The ambrette seed and warm musk complete this to perfection. Back up needed for sure!
  14. EnchantedMoon

    Lithe and Lascivious Regret Bath Oil

    Oh, wow! This bath oil is amazing. Opening the lid I smell the berries right away. It is a juicy, lucious dark berry blend with beautiful myrrh in the background. This is a huge winner for me!
  15. EnchantedMoon

    In the Darkness They Murmured and Mingled Candle

    This candle is wonderful! I smelled the candle as soon as I opened my box from the post and knew I was going to be very happy with the "Our Lady of Pain" items I ordered. The candle has wonderful throw. In fact before using it I had it sitting on my ottoman last night with my other post goodies before putting them away. I kept smelling something wonderful and I finally realized it was the candle! I put the candle in my bedroom, which takes up a full sized, finished basement and as soon as I hit the bottom stair I can smell the candle. The scent fills my entire room. It isn't overwhelming at all though, just a gorgeous sultry, lush scent. I wish, wish, WISH this was offered in a perfume. It is a gorgeous scent. I mostly smell the black plum and black currant whirling around in beautiful Labdanum. The violet and champaca add that soft yet dustiness that rounds out this scent to perfection. The candle burns great and very clean. I like the simplicity of the frosted glass and beautiful label as well. Overall very happy with this purchase and LOVE this candle