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  1. greedygirl

    Tricksy Hair Gloss

    I too get more honey than the other components and that is okay because this honey likes me . The patch is not overpowering and the oudh ads nice depth. The scent lingers in my hair until I shampoo it out The only problem I have with this hair gloss is I keep confusing it (the bottle) with Boo. Boo I generously spray. Tricksy does not require a liberal spray so every once in a while Tricksy greets every one before I do .
  2. greedygirl

    Black Vanilla and Cardamom Hair Gloss

    I love this Hair Gloss. When I spray this on my hair I get smoky vanilla lightly spiced . But A high end vanilla like the vanilla in my all time favorite vanilla fragrance. (Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain of which I have a small decant) The tobacco & oud lend depth to the overall scent. I would adore a perfume oil in this particular blend but I need more of this hair gloss for sure
  3. greedygirl

    Tombstone Hair Gloss

    A celebration of one of the first commercially produced perfumes of America’s Old West. A rugged, warm blend of vanilla, balsam and sassafras layered over Virginia cedar. Received my Tombstone Hair Gloss yesterday and it surpasses all my expectations. I could literally bathe in this blend at first spritz it is a little strong but within minutes it becomes just as its description- "A rugged, warm blend of vanilla, balsam and sassafras layered over Virginia cedar" I can not describe it any better than that. I would just die for a Tombstone Home & Linen Spray.
  4. greedygirl

    Boo Bath Oil

    I'm so glad i got a tester of the perfume oil awhile back. I just did not think this would work on me , but after testing the perfume oil I had an inkling that this just may be awesome stuff and it is .Mostly spun sugar and cream & a tich of outdoorsy cotton...... like sheets dried on a line outside and how fresh they smell....but not at all dryer sheet . I used to wear a perfume called Hard Candy and this smells a lot like that perfume only better . I wish I would have known how great Boo is last year (2012) when I could of bought it from the Lab. I did not make that mistake this year with Boo Bath Oil. One bottle will not be enough.
  5. greedygirl

    Shiny Furball Hair Gloss

    I love Shiny Furball ! I fully expected this to fail because lavender & coconut sometimes hate my skin but not in this critter . It's TKO type lavender with yummy vanilla & honeyed coconut that smells good on me. (coconut notes sometimes go rancid on my skin-Goblin I'm looking at you) Not this time. The cedar fir balsam & juniper berry are behaving also and by behaving I mean this adds up to nothing but awesome. I should just take my wallet & throw it at the Trading Post , this update is killing me. (And by killing me I mean making me smell better than ever before)
  6. greedygirl


    Banned in Boston ? Description-Obscene, lewd, lascivious, and decidedly objectionable. A filthy, post-coitus scent: sweaty and sweet, laced with laudanum, splashed with booze, and stained by tobacco. Description does not specify leather but I swear I smell it on the dry down. One of my favorite scents.....
  7. greedygirl

    House of Unquenchable Fire Atmosphere Spray

    Gorgeous stuff this. Just perfect.
  8. greedygirl

    In His Hands All Thy Cruelties Thrive

    This one scared me not because it doesn't smell exceptional but the imagery that came to mind as I smelled it. A dark haired man with dark eyes , he's smoking & the smoke is curling around him and you know he's trouble but your totally drawn to him and keep walking closer till your so close you can smell his cologne & the cigarette scent mixing with the warmth from his body . Your mind is telling you to run but a physical chemistry is drawing you closer..but you know he's full of dark deeds & evil intentions fear is sharp in your heart but you are powerless to move away and not sure you would if you could it was very real to me as I smelled this and I am still a little disturbed by it all. won't be wearing this around bedtime ....
  9. greedygirl


    ... Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water. In the imp coconut slightly sour wet-more of the same, as it dries on my skin it goes thru abit of a stale stage not horribly wrong but a smell like the husks of the coconut after a couple of day's on a counter. At this stage I am ready to scrub .. After about 30 min. its a pleasant light coconut , I like this stage . Not a love but maybe good for summer.
  10. greedygirl

    The Perilous Parlor

    Perilous Parlor 2012 - In the bottle very much pear ....not fresh pear but a candied pear. As it dries on the skin the vanilla comes forward and the pear retreats & becomes more like fresh pear but not quite . It makes me think of some lovely poached pears, cooked with real vanilla bean. Foody but not cloying . Quite nice... I am very pleased I bought a 5 ml.
  11. greedygirl

    TKO Massage Oil

    OMG I love this massage oil. I have not used the perfume oil but got in my mind that I had to have some TKO massage oil after reading the reviews . This scent is sooo relaxing with its lavender followed by sweet marshmallow. It's like xanax in a bottle but without the side effects but may be just as addicting. Ever since it arrived yesterday I keep rubbing it on my arms so I can smell it. I have been really ill lately and have some stressful situations I can not get a handle on and TKO has me in such a relaxed state......totally chilled out . Can not wait to actually get a TKO massage. Thank you thank you for making this stuff..... I really must get some of the TKO oil too. Next order it shall be mine.
  12. greedygirl

    Boomslang v2

    Boomslang V2. I have not tested the released version. NO preconceived notions. The closest I've been to these notes is Bliss & Womb Furie . WHich smell prettty awesome . Decided to by it untested. Origin- Lab Etsy site In the bottle- milk chocolate ...a bit boozy & something nutty but kind of toasty nutty. Scared about that. Afraid that nutty note might actually morph into stinky dog feet territory. PLEASE NO! Wet- milk chocolate reminds of the chocolate in Bliss. Spices showing up . Boozy still but less. Still has that nutty note I am worried about. ( please oh please go away ) or at least DON"T go any worse on me. Nutty note getting stronger as it dries. BUT the yummy spicy smell is getting stronger too. Dry-Yummmm I must be smelling Snake Oil . Sooo goood. The nut notes of doom are a distant memory . I don't smell the chocolate any more . Just the Deliciously sexy Snake Oil. So glad this turned out well. Its a keeper. :love!:
  13. greedygirl

    Wings of Azrael

    Wings of Azrael In the imp- smells very sharp & floral Wet- sharp violet and lily of the valley and very green ...not to my taste at this point. Contemplating scrubbing it off but decide to ride it out to see what develops Drydown - Oh! Fairly quickly -something remarkable is starting to develop...a soft woodsy-ness creeping into the mix blunting the floral sharpness, becoming more complex and warm. Hmm.... can not stop sniffing my wrist at this point Maybe I do like this after all. In fact I may have to have a FB very soon. Edited to add- Much as I enjoyed the middle phase of Wings of Azrael the final dry down was too powdery floral and had a spicy note that was a bit off (almost foody) so no to a big bottle..