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  1. vanilla323

    Beaver Moon 2019

    It’s a delicious coffee cheesecake on me, but I agree the cheesecake is humble and not too in your face. I don’t get much chocolate thankfully, I wanted the coffee and cheesecake more. It’s a light chocolate to just add richness and and a little sweetness. Had pretty good throw and staying power too. I love Beaver Moon scents!
  2. vanilla323

    Cutie Dragon

    This was delicious lemon buttercream when I first applied it. As it dried down the lemon faded and the honey came out more. Then it was honey buttercream! Such a lovely transition, such a yummy scent! So glad I found a sweet fairy to snag me one!
  3. vanilla323

    Butter Rum Cookie

    Delicious buttery cookie with sweet rum! Not boozy at all. Maple syrupy a little, but in a good way! I don’t get any orange but that’s ok. But I do get some of the pecan which is lovely. Yum! 😋 I really like cookie scents!!
  4. vanilla323

    Lick It Softly

    My favorite Lick It so far! Sweet vanilla mint and good throw! It’s not too minty and no toothpaste. Perfect peppermint! 😋
  5. vanilla323

    A Little More Tea

    I love this little scent. I wore it after I had my son so it has wonderful memories attached to it. It’s a little perfect cookie scent with some tea to make it more soothing. So sweet.
  6. vanilla323

    Senator Barrial

    This was a very light chocolate scent on me. My skin seemed to eat it up instantly. So sad
  7. vanilla323

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    This was all sweet yummy strawberry! I knew it would be after reading reviews. I don’t get much gingerbread at all, but it’s still a glorious strawberry scent. Maybe with time the gingerbread will appear but I love the strawberry note til then It’s got good throw and staying power too!
  8. vanilla323

    Pumpkin Brownies

    This was mostly sweet pumpkin with a hint of chocolate in the drydown. Nice. Sadly the throw and staying power were so weak though I had to sell it.
  9. vanilla323

    Sugar Cookies in a Snowdrift

    This started off as a cool almost mint sugar cookie scent at first. But sadly after some aging it’s turned all ozone with a slight whiff of cookies in the background. Ozone and I don’t mix well.
  10. vanilla323

    Pumpkin Doob

    This is delicious pumpkin with a slight hint of Doob! I wanted more Doob though lol
  11. vanilla323

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    I love FOODIE scents!!! They are my jam! I want to talk about all the Cookie scents BPAL has done! Sugar Cookie is my all time favorite and I’ve tried all other cookie scents I believe!! What’s your favorite cookie scent??? I want to know....
  12. vanilla323

    Hooligan Witches

    This is so yummy and so cute! The popcorn note is light. It’s more a pumpkin creamy scent for me. The fried ice cream is there too and vanilla heavy. It’s a fun foodie scent that I’m happy to have. I have Brunch Witches too so I like having both.
  13. vanilla323

    Apple Butter Rum

    This sadly had such low throw and staying power I could barely smell it. What I could get was light Apple Butter and vanilla. It was yummy but so light. I didn’t detect any rum oddly.
  14. vanilla323

    Pumpkin Rice Pudding

    This is delicious! It starts as a yummy pumpkin pie scent but then dries down to that sweet sugary pudding. It is very rich and I love it! The Pudding note is so good in this!!! Total win! It had decent throw and staying power too! Perfect for fall!
  15. vanilla323

    Full Moon Flakes

    I got mine too. The box came covered in stamps as well. The scent to me was yummy Rice Krispy treats! Very marshmallowy and barely any chocolate which I was fine with. It had decent throw but not sure the staying power since I had to take a shower. This took forever to get so I’m grateful to have it now in my hands.