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  1. vanilla323

    The Pancake Bell

    Delicious maple syrup with a glob of honey. Little nutty on the dry down. I don’t get gingerbread really. But it’s yummy! Smells like breakfast morning. Cool label too because PANCAKES! 😋
  2. vanilla323

    Rite of Passage

    This was more like a vanilla latte on me with a little of pumpkin spice not pumpkin. As it dried down the espresso note came out and lingered. It had decent throw but not very long staying power. Cute label.
  3. vanilla323


    This was just like the description pumpkin spices and red musk, sadly the red musk went powdery on me and not in a good way. It smothered any foodie pumpkin that I wanted. Sadly sold off my bottle.
  4. vanilla323

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    Took a chance on this because dead Leaves scents haven’t worked for me in the past but I’m so glad I did. This is mostly delicious pistachio cream and marshmallow on me. I barely get leaves. It may be a tiny bit of warmth being added but not hard spice, or rotten leaves. It’s so comforting too. I find I’m sniffing myself all day when I need to relax. Not the biggest throw but definitely stayed on the skin a long time! So good! 😋
  5. vanilla323


    This is amazing! It’s a delicious spicy chai! I get marshmallow too and it’s so good! The notes work well together. I don’t get much honey and that’s ok. Not much stick either but the toasty smoky note just rounds it all out! 😋
  6. vanilla323

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    I completely agree with frizzlechicken this is all gummy bears and not much else! On the dry down I get a faint bit of vanilla cake. Kinda disappointed I wanted all the other notes and hoped the gummy bear would be the lightest lol 😝
  7. vanilla323

    Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines

    I love this scent! It turned me onto Lavender scents in general. That said this is a delicious buttery Madeleine cookie with white chocolate balancing the lavender and cookie. It’s hard to describe but it’s just lovely. I feel like Marie Antoinette would wear it or eat the cookies at least! Beth I need this recipe lol 😋
  8. vanilla323

    Ghost Milk

    I adore this scent! The name means a lot to me and reminds me of my son. And the scent is a cozy marshmallow, white chocolate, with a little something more. Not sure what but it’s comforting. Reminds me of Stekkjarstaur a little too.
  9. vanilla323

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    This is delicious funnel cake but no powdered sugar. I agree it has a bit of a maple syrup vibe too. Super sweet and yummy. I also get whiffs of Creme Brulee as mentioned above in the throw. Very carnival sweet and fun. Hilarious sticker and label too.😝
  10. vanilla323

    Pink Lovebird

    Pink is a sweet cardamom Cotton Candy. I don’t get much confetti cake but it is there very light to keep the cardamom from getting to spicy. It reminds me a little of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar but more BPAL like.
  11. vanilla323

    Green Lovebird

    Green is a strong sweet vanilla mint at first! But as it calms down a soft sweet pistachio emerges and it’s lovely. Lower throw but lasted a while. Super sweet and different take on mint. Not harsh at all. 
  12. vanilla323

    Gingerbread & Peppermint Candies

    When you first apply it the peppermint is loud and strong! Love that, but then it faded away and what was left over was a perfect gingerbread scent not too spicy just warm and gingery. The label is very cute! Only negative for my life is my hubby doesn’t like the strong peppermint. So I may let it go.
  13. vanilla323

    Egg Nog Cheesecake

    This is sooooo delicious and 2 of my favorite scents from BPAL! It could be my signature scent. It’s a creamy cheesecake with just a hint of spice that’s just right! So good! I’ve wanted this scent forever! So glad BPAL finally made it!
  14. vanilla323

    Candy Corn-Colored Pumpkin Floss

    This was mostly candyfloss on me. I didn’t get much orange or lemon at all. I did get a hint of candy corn but sadly the throw and staying power are pretty weak so that was all fleeting. Cute Halloween label though.
  15. vanilla323

    Big Bertha's Big Molasses Muffins

    This was a spicy muffin scent when I first got it. But as it’s aged it’s now a spicy molasses scent and that’s all. It’s almost a molasses single note. Decent staying power but not super special.