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  1. vanilla323

    New Year’s Kitty Tea Party

    I wish I got as much baked goods as the others. I get strawberry and rhubarb jam which is a tart fun scent but it’s not what I was hoping for. If any of the baked goodies came through I’d be happy. It also had low throw and staying power so that’s a bummer too. Cute label though 🐱🐱
  2. vanilla323

    Carved Wooden Soda Shop

    Root bear float in a wooden cup lol 😝 Medium throw and staying power. Tested from a gifted decant.
  3. vanilla323

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Hazelnut Cream

    Starts off with a gorgeous bitter dark chocolate, not too bitter though it is still sweet and mouth watering. Then the whiskey note comes out after dry down it’s like one of those chocolates with a little booze added. It’s grown up chocolate. The hazelnut cream keeps it all grounded and decadent. It’s got great throw at first but relaxes quickly, and medium staying power on me. 🍫🥃🌰
  4. vanilla323


    Can’t believe I forgot to review this one. It’s a delicious corn cereal scent but not at all too corny. Like Pops cereal. It’s got sweetness and not too much peony for me. I don’t do florals usually and this is lovely. The label is pretty too which is a bonus. Medium throw and wear length. 🌽
  5. vanilla323

    Owl Moon

    This reminds me soooo much of Womb Furie! It’s a sexy honey and patchouli right off the bat. I like this patchouli because it’s tough and present. The honey is not floral it’s the same one in Womb Furie. It’s sweet, foodie and sexy. My mom loved this one too and may have ended up with my bottle! Great throw and wear length too! Bonus! 😏
  6. vanilla323

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    This is one of the best pumpkin pie scents EVER! I thought the chocolate would take over but it does not! It’s a delicious pumpkin pie and chocolate dessert. Super balanced and rich! Definitely a favorite! Foodies will not be disappointed! 😋🎃🥧🍫
  7. vanilla323

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    Wow thought I reviewed this but I guess not. It’s a very soft calm patchouli smell. It does not have the kick of usual BPAL patchouli scents. So if things like Banshee Beat we’re too strong on you try this one. Soft easy to wear patchouli and a bit of vanilla something. Definitely not strong enough for me though.
  8. vanilla323

    Pomegranate Tiramisu

    I agree with artisjok that this was one of the faintest scents ever! Such a bummer because I was so excited for this one. But it’s just a faint sweetness on me. I don’t even get pomegranate. Sad. 😿
  9. vanilla323


    This starts with strong fizzy champagne but as it dries down you get the pumpkin cheesecake on the skin. The champagne hangs in a cloud above and the cheesecake stays on the skin below. So fun! I’m a sucker for a cheesecake scent and happy to have this one. 🎃
  10. vanilla323

    Scheiterhaufen Vom Boskop Apfel

    This is a light lovely cinnamon apple cream on me. So pretty. Love the foodie label too. Pics of food are my fav. Wish it was stronger but still good. Medium throw and staying power. 💗
  11. vanilla323

    Two Frames

    This was a very soft cupcake scent on me with a nice dose of lavender. Sadly I’m kinda over lavender for now so I’m letting this go. If the cupcakes were the dominant note I’d hold on to it. Perfect sleep scent for lavender lovers. Lower throw and staying power. 🌿
  12. vanilla323

    Kon Kurabe Tama No Ase

    Wow I get cinnamon and clove with vanilla custard and it’s sexy and delicious. I don’t get the Pistashio or Marzipan nutty notes but hoping they’ll come out more later on. Regardless I love the scent either way. Great throw and staying power too. 💗
  13. vanilla323

    White Chocolate and Fruity Puff-Style Cereal

    This is exactly as I thought it would be a fruity Trix cereal milk. But the white chocolate makes the milk sweeter not creamier. The way I like it! The fruit is not strong it’s exactly like smelling a box of Trix cereal. I love it. Good throw and wear length too! 😋
  14. vanilla323

    The Great Virgo Baking Show

    This smells like a big bowl of sweet honeyed cream with a sprinkle of sugared pralines on top. So yummy 😋! Medium throw and staying power.
  15. vanilla323

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    This was the softest scented hair gloss I’ve ever tried. It was a sweet candy cane scent but such low throw I could barely smell it.