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  1. vanilla323

    Sugar Cookies and a Popcorn Garland

    I remember when I first received this the sugar cookie note was stronger (yum) but as it’s aged the popcorn has come out stronger and the cookie note has faded some. Wish the cookie stayed. I’ve also realized I’m not as into popcorn smells as I think I am. If it’s a main note it’s too much. The throw and staying power are medium on me. 🍿🍿🍿
  2. vanilla323

    Pumpkin Rum Cake

    I was so excited for this and was really hoping to get CAKE! Sadly I mostly get butter!! 🧈 Weird thing is when I smell it from the bottle it’s all butter but very lightly I smell spice cake. I was hoping that spice cake would get stronger on my skin but sadly it didn’t. The butter isn’t bad at all but it was a bummer the rum cake never came out fully. It had medium throw and staying power. 🎃 Halloween Butter!
  3. vanilla323

    Secret Donuts

    Delicious maple comes out strongest but the chocolate is there and so is the glaze! It’s just like opening a box of fresh donuts! Mouthwatering good 😋 Definitely the goofiest and most delicious of my Liliths 🍩 These are also some of my family’s favorite donuts so that was a plus too 💖
  4. vanilla323


    Caramel popcorn mainly on me. There may be a slight hint of cola in the dry down and on the skin. This is a fun cute scent but had lower throw so I let it go. 🍿
  5. vanilla323

    Final Girl

    Vanilla marshmallow starts strong and in the dry down I get the currants to help with the sweetness. This is very well blended and does morph a little while wearing. It’s super fun and I love the name. I couldn’t stop sniffing it. Medium throw and staying power. 🔪💖
  6. vanilla323

    Easter Egging

    Delicious white chocolate with a light sandalwood spice. It smells like Easter and I feel the pastel. How do they do that?! I don’t get much rose thankfully. It’s so good! Blended so nicely. My favorite of the Liliths I got!
  7. vanilla323

    Seven Word Story: Sloth

    Delicious banana at first but it burns away fast and your left with Vetiver heavy chocolate. Wish the banana hung around more.
  8. vanilla323

    Peach Milk

    Ok so Peach Milk has the same milk that’s in Snake Milk. Sadly it didn’t work for me in SM. But if you loved the milk in SM you NEED this!!!! Luckily this is better but not sure it’s a total love because the peach is a little musky on me too. 🍑 Sadly BPAL peach does this to me. I was hoping for a foodier scent but to me it isn’t that foodie more like a peach drink with burnt milk.
  9. vanilla323

    Lavender Buttercream

    Lavender Buttercream is a perfect buttercream scent with a light bit of lavender that starts off strong at first but fades away lovely. The buttercream lingers and isn’t too sweet. I bet people will love this as a sleep scent! 😊
  10. vanilla323

    Mousetrap Nougat Bar

    I was so excited for this one and don’t get me wrong it’s the perfect nougat scent but the throw and staying power are sooooo low it breaks my heart. I even held on to it to see if aging would help but alas no. 🥺
  11. vanilla323

    Candy Corn Snake Oil

    This one was light on the candy corn sadly and mostly light Snake Oil. I wanted more corniness lol 😝 The candy corn note is awesome just wish it was stronger. Let this one go, but sad about it because it had such a cute happy snake on it! 🐍
  12. vanilla323

    Mega-Sized Chocolate Bar

    Sexy and strong BPAL chocolate over the perfect amount of snake oil. This is one of the best BPAL chocolate scents ever! I love it! Great throw and staying power! It’s super sexy and powerful but so fun at the same time! 🐍💕🍫
  13. vanilla323

    Zoe and the Goat

    Sweet delicious patchouli with a good amount of honey dumped on top. Not a dirty patchouli at all. Low throw and staying power are a bummer, but the label is adorable 😊
  14. vanilla323

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    Cough syrup and snake oil. Yucky for me. Barely any throw or staying power. Cute label though lol 😝
  15. vanilla323

    Butterscotch Latte

    Perfect butterscotch over light espresso. Very yummy! Very strong! Simple but perfect! 🥰