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  1. vanilla323

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Absolutely!!! I really want a non fruit Sufganiyot! Like vanilla custard, cinnamon, or chocolate! Or hey Cinnamon Roll Sufganiyot, why not?! 😜
  2. vanilla323

    Rhubarb Custard Muffins

    Ok so it’s official I don’t like rhubarb. It reminds me of a cleaner (the pink stuff) and it’s just too tart. I really wanted TONS of custard or muffin but don’t really get any. It’s all about the rhubarb. 😝
  3. vanilla323

    White Chocolate and Taro Cream

    This is definitely delicious white chocolate with a sweet cream note that comes out after. It’s so hard to describe it but it adds some dimension to the white chocolate scent. Maybe ube like if I had to guess. 😋 Throw and staying power on the lower side.
  4. vanilla323

    Maple Pie

    I really like this one! The molasses is there but it’s sweet and yummy. I get maple syrup on the skin but it’s the good real kind. Also some lovely brown sugar in the dry down. It’s so good. I kept getting whiffs of it all day and loved that! My mom liked it too. 😋
  5. vanilla323

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    I’m bumping this thread because I’m looking for new Cinnabon, Cinnamon Roll, or Bun scents! I posted a few years back looking but wanted to hear your new recs…😋
  6. vanilla323

    Kentucky Bourbon Fruitcake

    This one is red fruits mostly cherry on top of yellow cake with a little bourbon spice hitting in the dry down. I really like it and it’s really unique. It smells a little different every time I wear it not sure if it’s the perfume or my skin but it’s always good. Kentucky has a place in my heart too so that’s a bonus 😉
  7. vanilla323

    Vintage Witch Blow Mold

    This one was a white chocolate dream. The green tea did lean a little tangy but it balanced so nice with the white chocolate. The amber was there too but light and just kinda helped hold it all together. I hesitated at first on this one but so glad I went for it. Love green tea lattes and this fits that in a lovely scent form. 🫖
  8. vanilla323

    Chestnut Vulva

    This was an almost burnt nutty vibe at first but then the vanilla and cardamom come forward. A little perfumey but still nice. I think chestnut is a non sweet nut for me. It was cozy but just not sweet and foodie enough for me. I wanted more caramel and vanilla I think.
  9. vanilla323

    Melon Cream Cake

    This one was yummy. My son said it smelled like watermelon. I got a nice melon scent reminiscent of Cucumber Melon from BBW but way more grown up and complex. I really like it. Medium throw and staying power. Very comforting. 😋
  10. vanilla323

    Pistachio Ambrosia

    This reminds me of my mom’s pistachio pudding she made when I was young. It’s mostly pineapple and marshmallow for me with that nutty soft pistachio in the background. Fun scent and I love the memory it brings up. 😋
  11. vanilla323

    Banana Gingerbread

    All banana in the bottle! Like whoa! That candy runts scent to the max! On the skin though the banana disappears quite a bit and what’s leftover is gingerbread, like a very faint spiced ginger cookie.
  12. vanilla323

    Sugar Cookies and Bourbon

    This is absolutely amazing! It’s that classic BPAL sugar cookie note but not as buttery more sweet and lightly spiced. I don’t get definitive bourbon at all. No boozy notes here. It’s just a vibe, a cozy cookie Christmas vibe. I love it. As a big fan of Sugar Cookie the original this is an incredible variant of it! Hurry and grab this! It’s a winner! Great throw and staying power too! Cheers 🥃🥃
  13. vanilla323

    Coffee Cream Pie

    Definitely lots of coffee in the bottle. But on the skin it kinda disappears and what’s left is a very dark chocolate pudding. Very rich dark and bitter. Not sugar sweet at all but dark and delicious. Lower throw and staying power. ☕️
  14. vanilla323

    Vintage Mrs. Clause Blow Mold

    This reminds me of a grown up strawberry shortcake kind of scent. It’s very pretty and the strawberry note is sweet but not too juicy so it plays nice with the pudding aspect. Not much amber but that’s probably what’s making it seem more grown and lovely. Lower throw and staying power. 🍓
  15. vanilla323

    The Other Hot Chocolate

    I’ve wanted to try this one for years but always over looked it since it wasn’t LE. But finally I set my sights on it and was lucky to swap for it. It’s a perfect chocolate scent. Surprisingly it’s not powder chocolate on me it’s more like hersheys syrup with a little sweet marshmallow in the background. It’s a great chocolate smell and happy to have this in my collection. I also love the label it’s so cute. I love a label with food on it. It’s got decent throw and staying power too. 🍫