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  1. ltrittipoe

    Gingerbread and More Ginger

    I love the ginger scents Beth creates, from cakey/cookie ginger like Shub to the fresh ginger that is so prominent in Mother Ginger. This is like a combination of those - it’s definitely ginger cookies, those super thin crispy spiced ones, but there is that fresh ginger bite here too. That almost lemony note that shows up sometimes with fresh ginger is here too. It’s every ginger, all mixed up and bottled - and I love it!
  2. ltrittipoe

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    I have absolutely loved all of the Sufganiyot scents, and I love all of the blueberry scents, so I was super excited to try this one - and it’s delicious and amazing and fun. And it lasts - I put it on at bedtime and could still smell a tiny bit of blueberry the next morning. Love!
  3. ltrittipoe

    Hearthflame and Incense

    Crackling almond wood and the deep sweet smoke of burgundy pitch, Austrian amber resin, black copal, and frankincense. This is just beautiful. It starts off very green and pine-y (burgundy pitch = spruce) and then as it starts to dry down and melt into my skin, hints of smokiness come out and I start to get whiffs of woodsmoke and incense. Not sweet incense, pure and resin-y, with just a hint of smoke. You know how when you burn pure resin incense you smell the resin more than the smoke? This is absolutely that, and the little bit of smoke I get fades throughout the dry down. It’s a very clean, cool, resinous incense, and it makes me think of a tiny church in the middle of a pine forest in the dead of winter.
  4. ltrittipoe

    Full Moon Flakes

    Count Chocula! I loved Count Chocula when I was a kid, and this smells exactly like I remember - and exactly as I had hoped. Chocolate toasted cereal, and those crispy chocolate marshmallows. So happy to have this.
  5. ltrittipoe

    Absurd Origin Story

    I can’t say X-23 and I can’t say snickt and I can’t say Wolverine, so my ability to tell stupid jokes here is limited. Let’s say this is L-10’s origin story wherein she is accidentally plopped into a barrel of room temperature French fries, and emerges with superhuman mutations that grant her immortality, regeneration, and lethal deep-fried potato claws.

 When I told Lilith I was going to make her a French fries scent, she yelled EWWWWWWWW, so here’s a perfume that smells like a carbonated caramel-flavored soda (that shall remain nameless) with a hint of marshmallow. I love, love Beth’s “carbonated” notes, whether it’s soda, champagne, or cider. And this is definitely as advertised - bubbly caramel soda! It does have a moment on first application where it’s just ever so faintly bitter, and then that vanishes to leave nose-tickling bubbles, refreshing and sweet. Yummy, mouthwatering cream soda, vanilla more than caramel - maybe that’s the marshmallow? This is very light, with low throw - I have to put my nose fairly close to my wrist to smell it, but I think that it may get stronger with a little age - most of the Lab’s carbonated blends seem to start out light and get stronger with time.
  6. ltrittipoe

    Venom - Resurrected

    These long-dead scents are back for a limited time in a slightly tweaked form! Darkly seductive and lethally compelling: sinuous oponax, galbanum, dark wild berries, a drop of lush jasmine and a sliver of lime. Venom was one that I always wished I had a chance to try... Now I have it and will need a backup or 2 or 3! One of my first adult scents was Christian Diors Poison, and I loved it soooooo much. Rich, sweet, almost overwhelming, and just drop dead gorgeous. Its been reformulated and now smells like a super watered down version of the Poison I loved. But Venom..... Venom has that same richness, sweetness and feel. The notes are cleaner and clearer, and of course its not the same, but they absolutely have something in common. It may be the dark berry/jasmine combo? Whatever it is, it has that grab you in the back of the throat feel that I loved ... just beautiful. Rich and potent - definitely deadly.
  7. ltrittipoe

    Wander Darkling in the Eternal Space

    Baby oil? I don’t even know what is making my brain smell that, but it smells like .... either Johnson& Johnson baby oil, or baby wipes. I guess they smell kind of the same. My nose must be broken.
  8. ltrittipoe

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    In the bottle, I get mainly the pink pepper note, bright and fresh. On my skin, it is almost exactly like a layered Dorian and Antique Lace - they don’t blend together to create a different fragrance, they swirl around each other, sometimes with Dorianmoreprominent, sometimes Antique Lace coming out on top. Beautiful.
  9. ltrittipoe

    Douglas Iris

    Proceeds from the sale of this California wildflower single note will benefit those affected by the Tubbs Fire through this GoFundMe. Funds gathered by this GoFundMe will be distributed to the Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue Authority, Napa County Fire Department, Lake County Fire and Rescue, Santa Rosa Fire Department, and the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Recovery Fund. Beautiful, elegant, lovely iris. A little powdery, a little violet-y (but iris always reminds me of violet). This is just beautiful - a perfumery note iris, not in an “actual flower” way.
  10. ltrittipoe

    Apple Marshmallow Hair Gloss

    MARSHMALLOW!! Dry, powdery vanilla-y marshmallow. With a hint of tart crisp Apple, but mostly marshmallow. This is lovely, soft and sweet, but fresh at the same time.
  11. ltrittipoe

    Eve's Big Apple III

    Gingered apple champagne. This was the first of the exclusives I grabbed, because I knew I would love it- and I was right. I love Beth's champagne note, and it's front and center here. Effervescent, bright, and nose-tickling, this is a mostly champagne scent on me, with the gingered apple in the background, giving a hint of spicy sweetness. This is the champagne from Champagne Lace, made brighter and sweeter with the gingered apple. Not an "apple" scent really, it's definitely there but as a supporting player - as it seemed with all the exclusives, to my nose at least. I probably should have gotten a backup bottle. :wub:
  12. ltrittipoe

    Nothing is Unexpected, Nothing is Foresworn

    I love the red wine note that Beth uses - its rich and sweet and not too boozey. The alcohol dissipates after a few minutes, but keeps the aura of the wine, that smells jammy and amazing. Wine and amber-y incense. Love.
  13. ltrittipoe

    Dancing Among the Tombs

    Autumn at Liliths favorite cemetery, Lafayette No. 1. Osmanthus and jasmine, Spanish moss and dandelion, Snake Oil and Dorian. This is so lovely - the osmanthus and jasmine give it a light floral sweetness, with the Spanish moss and dandelion keeping it from being too sweet or too purely floral. There's a depth and a richness to it, a dryness that smells like Autumn to me. I can't pick out the Snake Oil or Dorian, but I get a sense of them in the background depth. Maybe because I know they're there? Very evocative! I get that autumnal "dried leaf" note in here somewhere - not a dead leaf note, but crunchy papery dry leaves and fresh air. The scent that you get when you scuff through the piles of leaves under the trees, at the edges of the walk, on a dry, crisp, clearday - where the sky is so blue and the air is perfectly cool and dry. Definitely an Autumn floral - light and rich, sweet mossy floral and crunchy leaves. This is the love child of Bayou and Falling Leaf Moon....
  14. ltrittipoe

    Nobodies Watching Wrestling

    This is the leathery-ist leather in my collection, and it blends so beautifully with the strawberry lipgloss to smell like my teenage years of hanging out at midnight movies in a leather jacket with loads of lipgloss on. Although it's a teenage memory, this is a beautiful grownup scent.
  15. ltrittipoe


    Spicy, clove-y amber! I love amber, oud, patch (of any color) and saffron.... fig and clove can be very hit or miss. This is a hit! Glowing, golden, and warm - the clove is very present (I think I amp clove, so YMMV), but doesn't drown out the other notes, as it sometimes can. I'm mostly getting amber and clove right now, but this is fresh from the mailbox. The other notes are definitely in a supporting role here, but everything combines to just give a warm, spicey haze of clove and amber.