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  1. Lecter

    Dead Leaves and Tobacco

    First sniff like all BPAL leaf scents for me it’s just pure leafy goodness. It stays that way for quite a while but then a slight aquatic (?) aftershave type smell comes through. Very pleasant
  2. Lecter

    Dead Leaves and Burnt Marshmallows Hair Gloss

    On initial spray it’s pure leaf litter, and it’s got such a throw. I can smell it in the air minutes after I’ve applied it. Once it’s settled down the sweetness comes through but it’s very subtle for me and doesn’t overpower the leaf notes
  3. Lecter

    Dead Leaves on Fire

    First whiff was smoke, faint green leaves and a little soapy? The more I smell the Smokeyness comes through. I adore the leaf scents so this one is staying :)
  4. Lecter

    The Blood is the Life

    Boozy wine notes were strong with this one, with a light metallic kick in the bottle. Settled nicely and remained boozy on application
  5. Lecter


    This was a duff for me :( smelt just like huffing vinegar! I was hoping for the forestry Woodsy smell but I couldn’t stomach it
  6. Lecter

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    Pure sugary dough dessert in a bottle. Smelt lovely and dried down great but it was too sweet for me
  7. Lecter

    Devil's Night

    Im so sad I didn’t get any smoky notes come through for me. I got the sugary, boozy smells. But on application it just didn’t sit right
  8. Lecter


    Freshness to the max. Lavender and fruit, smells like the air freshener my nanny uses but in a good way. Definitely a bit aquatic
  9. Lecter


    Fresh berries but not too foodie. Smells like a feminine perfume. A little bit of cheeky booze pokes through
  10. Lecter

    Miskatonic University

    Oil is almost clear In the imp with a slight green tint. Foodie, creamy. I don’t get the coffee notes sadly. Slight woodsy undertone beneath the sweetness
  11. Lecter

    The King of Hearts

    More of a masculine smell, cherries and berries type of fruitiness with a slight musky floral note
  12. Lecter

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    Gorgeous amber liquid in the imp. Cherry bakewell loveliness. Strong cherry throw but has that bakery cake warmth to it
  13. Lecter


    Another wood/forest type scent. Fresh, almost like a pine/cedar bathroom cleaner but pleasant and not too overwhelming. Slight citrus
  14. Lecter

    The Jersey Devil

    Light yellow oil with a slight green tint in the imp. Fresh and woodsy. Definitely pine, a slight sweetness from berries coming through
  15. Lecter


    Sweet buttery smooth pumpkin scent. Foodie but not totally it’s cut through by a some freshness which distantly reminds me of penny dreadful