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  1. Lecter

    Taurus 2016

    For me this was almost pure rose. Then coming in just after jasmine. This is just a bit too rose for me sadly
  2. Lecter

    A King Pursued by a Unicorn

    A forest scent that has a bit of a sour(?) scent? But also a bit warm. I just got this so I think it needs to settle a bit more for the real notes to come out. I’m not writing it off just yet
  3. Lecter


    Musty, dusty, slightly metallic, a bit smoky, all amazing. Perfectly named
  4. Lecter

    The Cracked Bell

    A much kinder scent than I imaged. The name sounded sinister to me! I get tiny amounts of faded smoke. I do get some incense but no blood! Which might be good and I was nervous about that note
  5. Lecter


    This is the first samhain I’ve smelt and it’s lovely. I think there is almost an ozone scent in the after smell of the bottle cap? Sweeter than I had imagined
  6. Lecter

    Banana Pancakes

    Images of warm pancakes oozing in syrup enter my mind, with a pop of banana! Wish there was more banana in the bottle, I get more sweet sugary pancakes. - later the banana did come out more when it has dried down!
  7. Lecter


    Hot hot hot! This is the truest cinnamon bpal perfume i have smelt and I’m in love
  8. Lecter

    Orpheus Charming Animals

    Green and a bit alcoholic? Definitely forest-esque. More masculine leaning
  9. Lecter

    Ode on Melancholy

    Definitely a sad, morose sleepy smell. When I opened the bottle I said “oh…” soft lavender, beautiful wisteria, so soft and sweet it’s also sad! Melancholy indeed
  10. Lecter

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    Sherbet, sweet, candied lemon. The lemon could be smelt a bit toilet cleaner but I think it’s delightful
  11. Lecter

    In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low

    This is one of my favourite scents ever! Smooth coffee, floating cardamom yet sweet enough that it’s delicious and Christmassy
  12. Lecter


    First whiff is a kick of violet and the violet remains a prominent note. I don’t get the cinnamon but I can smell the gentle frankincense, but it’s just a whisper in the bottle
  13. Lecter


    Another bottle that arrived from the lab with hardly a whisper of a scent. After it settled for a week (I’m sure the scent will increase with time) the peppery/herby ness came through. Not herbs as in kitchen food herbs but herbs a witch would collect on a stroll through the forest
  14. Lecter

    Mary Shelley

    When this first arrived from the lab the scent was so light it almost wasn’t there. Over time it has warmed up and a pleasing ozone/ spirit scent comes through. But not like a blast to the nose, a silent slow creep up
  15. Lecter

    One Good Turn Deserves Another

    Yummy yummy chestnuts, delicious sweet food goodness. Imagery of glorious Christmas desserts