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    The various Snake scents, Chimera, Mme Moriarty, Phantom Calliope, The Seekim, Lust, Mictecacihuatl, Drink Me, Zombi, Pumpkin Queen, Crypt Queen, Morocco, etc etc etc :)

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    Tattoos, crystal skulls, books, and my daughter. :) Oh yeah, um, perfume!


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  1. Evilina


    Strange, my bottle has it spelled MictecacAhuatl... Anyway, this is my new favorite. I don't really get any spice from it, but its a comforting sweet scent that's warm with a bit of floral. The compliments when I wore it only made me want more.
  2. Evilina


    What the flippin' bleep... Is caraway supposed to smell like anise? On my skin this went from "Oh my god, I spilled an entire bottle of absinthe on myself!" to "Oops, I spilled absinthe on myself." Really it was just a matter of intensity from wet to dry. I didn't enjoy either stage. Poo
  3. Evilina

    Banshee Beat

    In the bottle, no surprise, Patchouli. Once I put it on, no surprise, patchouli. As it was drying however... ugh, dirty hippie. Absolute using-patchouli-to-"mask"-body-odor. Gross. But after a little while that faded to a patchouli and vanilla scent that's quite nice. Albeit with a tinge of something that some people would call spice, some earth, some BO. It's entirely subjective of course. But in its final phase I quite like it. Was it worth what I spent (ebay), no. But I will keep it... And I will wear it... Because of what I spent on it!!
  4. Evilina


    I love this scent so much that, if the bottle were bigger, I'd do naughty things with it. Yeah, it's that good. The creaminess has a slight bite to it and there's just a hint of apple. Gorgeous.