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  1. Batfartz

    Rose Petals, Marshmallows, and Afterglow Hair Gloss

    First ever review I've left on the forum! To second Grim , it's a wonderful sugary, creamy, and certainly PINK rose scent. Something in this is slightly mentholated or minty in the bottle and upon fresh application. Ive never smelled bpals rose note or used a hair gloss so idk if that comes with the territory. Personally I'm choosing to assume thats part of the afterglow interpretation because to me it makes the scent glow like sunlight on silk. It feels playfully venusian in nature, I can see myself lounging about on some silky pillows in a fancy nightgown lazily munching on rose infused marshmallows letting the powdered sugar fall haphazardly upon myself. The hair gloss itself has been absolutely wonderful for defining and smoothing my poor box dyed curls.
  2. Anyone have any recs that smell like LUSH's Grass shower gel? My bestie let me smell it and I haven't stopped thinking about it since 🫠