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  1. sookster

    Haute Macabre

    first sniff from bottle is moist, wet slightly bitter almond and leather... once applied the leather and patchouli amp up to an incredible sweetness; I get the creamy note some of you are mentioning as well...absolutely beautiful... magnificent throw and lasts for hours not for the faint of heart...personally, this is just what the doctor ordered for me...positively magnificent kudos to this sensational creation!
  2. sookster


    straight sniff from bottle is cedar and leather love...a total d00d scent....serial.... problee the best man scent the lab has to date....not for me at all but i am sure the boy will smell groovy wearing it
  3. sookster

    Velvet Bandito

    straight sniff from imp is s-h-a-r-p muskiness and clove... once applied....extremely sharp...dangit...i really wanted to love this and thought most certainly it would work with my chemistry but it ends up smelling like an old woody tavern with lots of sweaty armpits....rats
  4. sookster


    straight sniff from imp is truly shocking!! a friggin baconater from burglar king....ugh... or smoky ham...c-r-a-z-y!! this is NOT for the faint of heart when it comes to meat d00ds...srsly.... this is bloody, greasy, meat.... truth be told, i just had to dab...a smidge on my wrist... on the bod, the heavenly bpal brimstone note...the meaty note dissipates fast and furious....(amen!) and i am left with sweet, pure campfire smoke...plain and simple.... but wait...now some rubber as well....ok...smoke and rubber....hey, who but beth could come up with such a concept...you gotta try it to believe it
  5. sookster

    Psychological Horror

    straight sniff from imp is an elegant, sophisticated perfume... once applied musk and white florals with a violet note..very subdued...powdery.... cotton balls come to mind...or white puffy clouds...something about the "white".... ....could it be white violets?
  6. sookster

    Alien Invasion

    straight sniff from imp reminds me of prescriptives "calyx"... once applied grapefruit overload...then something strange... something like a freshly tarred road ... so interesting!
  7. sookster

    Diabolical Offspring

    awwwww!! straight sniff from imp is baby powder heaven =-) this is a "skin" baby powder scent if you can catch my drift... quite soft and lovely....i cannot say i am getting any brimstone at all...just that soft baby skin/powdery note...amazing...
  8. sookster

    Gothic Horror

    straight sniff from imp is a light and powdery incense... once applied myrrh and faded rose ... very quiet; subdued.... i am loving this one a lot...a smidge of bitter clove and benzoin make this a winner!! hardly horrifying by any means
  9. sookster

    Zombie Apocalypse

    straight sniff from imp is strawberry jam... once applied, sweetness overload...the jam fades quick as a wink and i am left with a dusting of powdered sugar and crisp, clean brook water...
  10. sookster

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    whoa!!! such beautiful bpal madness going on!! thank you for sharing pix Missy!! xo
  11. sookster

    Boadicea Bath Oil

    the kittenkat is so right on with her review... i am getting super, buttery vanilla sauce with tons o' fig...nummy!! in the bath this gets so dreamy and creamy and i am transformed into a heavenly state... the patch, vet and pine needle are in the background ever so slightly... this is purely divine
  12. sookster

    The Festival of Anuket

    straight sniff from imp is veeeeeeeery aquatic... once applied there is some jasmine and the aquatic settles down...a touch of neroli maybe? nice...
  13. sookster

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    straight sniff from imp is dead-on marshallow... once applied green grass and marshmallows...sweet but not overly so... never turns play-dough either...this is a super fun scent...i needs me a big bottle!!!
  14. sookster

    Lawn Gnome

    straight sniff from imp is mossy molasses....yum! once applied the creamy vanilla and red currant step up to the plate...intriguing!! after 10 minutes or so i get this insanely gorgeous sassafras perfume...i am lurving it!!
  15. sookster

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    straight sniff from imp is fruity, fizzy champagne... once applied the blueberry and lime are hayooge...such a fun scent...totally light and airy... just like a pinwheel twirling on a warm, summer day.....love