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  1. That's got to be the ketchup! ..:: places tongue firmly in cheek ::..
  2. siggster

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    One out of two ain't bad: Is it just me, or do those letters look like they're vibrating?
  3. siggster

    BPAL blends with Opium

    I second (third?) Parliament of Monsters, Red Lantern (original) and Languor. eta: sunday isn't for spelling...heh. eta part two: ARACHNINA. Definitely. How could I forget about her?!
  4. siggster


    Bottle: Bold, sweet, musky. Skin: Hello jasmine. Hello lily. Syrupy floral, sticky sweet. Dry down: Very warm and dusty floral with a sticky sweet kicker. Jasmine stays true. I was hoping for more spice. This is a dusty, syrupy, floral-perfumy blend. I am a big fan of jasmine! Not so much the lily. Sticky sweet flowers are headache inducers. I really can't pick out the clove or bourbon vanilla. This blend is definitely more for the ladies (although that's never stopped me before). Peitho has a strong throw and clings for dear life. I love the smell of it, but it's a little too overwhelming and perfumy for me to wear. A keeper for now, but a only for using in a diffuser.
  5. siggster

    Snake Oil Soap

    This is my second soap review...Dorian being my first. Let me just say right off the bat that I love these soaps. They are exquisitely silky and lather very nicely. They leave your skin feeling nice and soft and lightly scented. This is where I ran into the problem with Snake Oil soap. It was too lightly scented. It was barely there...even before I used it. Unlike the Dorian, I could not smell it at all after my shower. I guess I should state that I do not plan to use these wonderful soaps as an every day cleaning bar, but more as a base for my daily slathering of BPAL oil. That being said, I wanted to be able to smell like Snake Oil after my shower. I did not. That was quickly amended by a few quick slatherings from one perfectly aged imp. While the soap did most of its job, I wish there would have been more of a Snake Oil smell to it afterward. Instead, I got nice clean soft skin with no Snake Oil smell to it at all. Thank Spirit for horded aged imps! One small caveat. As with the Dorian bar, I sliced off a small piece from the end. In all fairness, there is a possibility that the tiny piece I sliced off did not have as much oil mixed into it. It may be a stretch, but I want to be fair and give it the benefit of the doubt. Also, I wonder if you can age a bar of soap? Snake Oil is definitely more potent after it's been resting for a while. I might give that a try!
  6. siggster

    Dorian Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    First of all, I have to say that the soaps are perfectly wrapped. I almost did not want to open them. But, alas, the smell of Dorian was too much to resist, so I carefully unwrapped him and cut off a slice. The bar was dense and silky to the touch. The smell is definitely Dorian, only a little lighter, and a little less sweet. The tea seems more pronounced. The soap lathers very nicely and rinses clean without drying the skin or leaving it feeling like an oil slick. For me, the proof is when I'm out of the shower. My skin did not feel dry and tight. It was nice and smooth and felt nourished. Also, having sensitive skin and chemical sensitivity, I am always a bit concerned when I try new soaps. Not one problem with this soap! =] If anything, I was a little worried that there wasn't enough Dorian oil in the soap. It smelled a bit soapy during my shower. But, after drying off, the scent came through. It does not have a throw per se, but it is the comforting, wonderful scent of Dorian that I love. If you plan on wearing Dorian oil, the soap is a good base. Though, at $7.50 a bar, it will not be an every day cleansing soap for me (which is why I sliced a piece off the bar and re-wrapped the rest). That being said, after seeing the ingredients, reading about the care that goes into making them, seeing the perfect packaging, feeling my skin, and smelling of Dorian after my first use, I now feel Dorian soap is worth the price.
  7. siggster

    Scents like henna?

    I worked in a salon where we did natural henna work with homemade product and the closest I've come (so far) to smelling that distinct smell was with #20 Love Oil. It's definitely an acquired scent as far as BPAL is concerned but, to me, it totally reminded me of henna. eta: after applied...not from the vial.
  8. siggster

    How full is full?

    Sometimes that's how they come from the lab. They use a calibrated machine to fill the bottles. The bottles can vary greatly with regards to glass thickness etc, and the oils can have different viscosity. Those variables mean that different oils in different bottles can appear to be at different levels, but in truth, they measure out 5ml of liquid. You can't go by appearance. You need to measure the oil itself. Ahhh...makes sense...and upon re-reading the thread, it says that repeatedly. ..:: palms forehead ::.. I've just never seen one so low. Thanks!
  9. siggster

    How full is full?

    So...what do you do when you buy a re-sell bottle and the seller says it was only sniffed and new from the lab, then you get it and it is full only to the top of the label?
  10. ..:: sigh ::.. What's the use of hoping anymore?!
  11. This is going to be another impossible request but I have to try: If anyone out there has smelled/sniffed CTIII: DCCCXXXVII (837) please let me know what GC it smells like. I acquired a frimp from a friend who cannot remember from whom she received it. I love it. I cannot find more of it. I want need more of it. I am sad. Since my theory is that the CTIII's are GC imps in disguise, I'm hoping someone will know. So in the off chance you've smelled it, please help.
  12. siggster


    Vial: Sweet and syrupy cherries! Skin: Black licorice and musk. Dry down: Black licorice and musky poo. I love black licorice. I love anything flavored with star anise. Yes, I am that person! Be that as it may, I apparently do NOT like wearing it. It is not a scent for me. I was hoping this would be a better blend but the anise is pretty dominant. Ah well...another swapper.
  13. siggster


    Vial: Earthy and green Skin: Green and honey (yes I know there's no honey in it) and dirt. Sticky and heavy. Dry down: Very earthy and slightly green. Wild and warm. The patchouli is strong and the vetiver shines through too. Deep and dark is right. The cinnamon keeps this from being dank. Spicy woods and green earth and hippie tree-hugging delight. Of course I like it! Bottle buy? Probably not, but only because it is a little predictable and plain. Definitely on my 'like list' though.
  14. siggster


    Bottle: Sweet and fruity Wet: Lemon lemon lemon. It seemed to overpower everything else. 10 minutes later: Sickly sweet. I couldn't take it anymore. It was making me nauseous. I had to scrub it off. This was a disappointment as I usually like the citrus-y scents, and they work well on me. This was nothing but lemon. Off to the swap pile.