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  1. tuesdaynexxt

    Chocolate Stout Cupcake

    Okay, my experience with this is rather different. I got my bottle about a week ago, and let it sit a bit, then tried it on today. I swear, it smells like deep chocolate incense! It's definitely beautifully chocolatey, there's a wee whiff of baked goods about it, but it's also got a sort of burnt note that, on closer sniff, smells incensey to me! So odd! I like it very much, but I'm not sure how often I'll wear it!
  2. tuesdaynexxt

    Sell me on patchouli?

    What puck_nc said about white patchouli! I love it in all its dirty hippie variations, and Yucca Giant Skipper is lovely. Definitely predominant, but sweet and it fades over a few hours to nothing. Not that lingering scent (that I love ) that may be too much for some people. Maybe look for decants of a few different ones? Good luck!
  3. tuesdaynexxt


    This...this is amazing! I get the lovely patchouli, rounded by the cocoa. Tobacco comes through on the dry down. I don't get much vanilla at all, and I've worn this several times already. I love patchouli, but was afraid this was going to be like Banshee Beat, which I've tried a couple of times and had to wash off. When I got this last week, I too was getting the strong, woodsy, almost medicinal patch. Warning to those who've already swapped it away: mine has settled down at an unheard-of rate, and is now a MUCH gentler beast! I opened my backup bottle to double check, and it's true: it's already mellowed into more gorgeousness! LoveLoveLove this one!! Resisting the urge to get more!
  4. tuesdaynexxt

    All Souls

    This is the 2006 version. Soft, lovely incense. I think mostly myrrh, with a little frankincense spiciness in the background. I don't get currents or cake per se (which is good, because me + currants = not so good), but there is a definite, gently foody sweetness. The extreme drydown on me is musky. I'm really liking this one, probably not for every day, but I'm glad I swapped for a bottle!
  5. tuesdaynexxt

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    Maybe convo the TAL shop on etsy?
  6. tuesdaynexxt


    I love this! It starts out very cakey. There's a bit in the middle that reminds me of Beaver Moon, and the dry down is a bit like Midway. It's not very bright, and the throw is not huge, but it's just gorgeous. I bought 4 bottles (2 were gifts for foody friends!), and when I make my Weenie bottle order, I may get another!
  7. tuesdaynexxt

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    I did that once. Just send them an email explainng & give them your forum name that way. They are wonderfully understanding!
  8. tuesdaynexxt

    Amaterasu v2

    Let me say first that I think this is absolutely gorgeous! However, it seems my experience is rather different from many reviewers. On me, this starts out floral-y. In trying to figure out what it reminded me of, I finally came up with Winter Maiden bath oil! (Which I LOOOOOVE!) So, good! It's drying down now, about a half hour later, into the creamy, vanilla-y sandalwood that people mentioned. Slight throw, very light, at least on this first wearing. But gorgeous! Wonderful!
  9. tuesdaynexxt

    Chimera v5

    This stuff is pure love!!! In the bottle it smells like O's spicy older sister. As soon as I put it on, though, I recognize the spice: on me, this is O over Snake Oil! Yummmmmm!!! Better yet, as it fades...well, it doesn't fade so much as morph. And by the time a couple of hours have past, it's vanilla single note over the barest whisper of Snake Oil!! This is an immediate Top 5, no question. LoveLoveLove!!
  10. tuesdaynexxt

    Half Elf v5

    This is really lovely stuff. In the bottle and when first on, it reminds me of O. But almost as soon as I put it on, it began to remind me of something. After awhile, it came to me: this is almost exactly like The Girl on me, but in a stronger version! Lovely, lingering all day, it's almost gone, but I still get a waft every now and then.
  11. tuesdaynexxt

    Veronica Bath Salts

    VERONICA: HER BATH Frankincense, Damask rose, red sandalwood, ylang ylang, and oakmoss. This is the most wonderful scent! Mostly, I get frankincense and rose, but it's SO GOOD! Rose lovers unite! It's lovely in the bath, just the faintest bit of oil, but enough that you know it's there. I double-checked to see if the perfume was like this, but, alas! It's not. Loved it. Got a bit in a decant circle, went back for an order.
  12. tuesdaynexxt

    The Ring

    I like this. It reminds me of Enyalios, which I love. It's earthy, and a bit incensy. I can pick out the frankincense, and it's grounded by the patchouli. No mint that I can detect. There's very little throw - it stays close. The musk is there, lingering even the next morning. I think this will age well, I'm glad I got a bottle!
  13. tuesdaynexxt


    Mmmmm..... My favorite of the fuzzies is Miss Lupescu, and this reminds me of it. Werepuppy is a touch gentler, on me it's buttery, and I swear I get cinnamon initially. Yummy!!
  14. tuesdaynexxt

    Thirteen (13), November 2009

    Okay - this is gonna sound crazy, but you want me to be honest, right? I agree that this is a huge morpher, but I've worn this now for 2 days straight, and if I had to describe it, I would say: for most of the wearlength, from arms-distance, I get that gorgeous creamy vanilla/tobacco scent that's in Black Lace. Huffing at close range, I get plummy/musky/grapey that reminds me totally of Sugar Moon! I LOVE this stuff!!! Ditto the tentacles!! ETA: what I meant, not what I said!
  15. tuesdaynexxt

    Cake Smash

    Absolutely delicious! I wasn't holding my breath thinking I was going to love this one, but I do. Last night, wearing it before rechecking the description, my impression was Beaver Moon '05, with more cake. The drydown on me is very vanilla. Trying to decide if any of the big 3 background scents is really discernable, but I'm going to say not really. What it is, really, is delicious!