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  1. eviltemptressdq

    Switchy Witch Questions!

    Ok, I am in the new Switch Witch round! Soo... I will continuously update this with new questions as people are asking them, so the person stalking me can know all there can possibly be to know about moi: ***9/25*** Favorite cartoons or animated films? i love Spongebob. An unhealthy amount of love, too. That show is HILARIOUS Your take on the election? In other words, would you enjoy campaign related gifts, or prefer to stay neutral? Um, no campaign gifts please Villians you sympathise with, or are interested in boinking? LOL!!! good question! I loved Stephen Dorff's bad vampire character in Blade. Him & his blonde vampire bitch were SO freaking hot! Your stance on the all important peanut butter issue: crunchy? creamy? allergic? chocolate? maple? go directly to nuttella, do not pass go? Umm... no thanks on any unless it is in a Reeses Who here likes to read historical fiction? If you do, what eras/people/countries intrigue you the most? No thank you! ***9/24*** What sort of colors do you currently wear? Do you want to branch outside that? What would you like to try? I cannot wear light colors because I am so pale, and not exactly thin. Aka: light colors are unflattering to me. Thank the universe for BLACK! LOL. I love dark blues, reds, purples, and black. And teal. LOVE teal. ***9/22*** About incense: do you like sticks or lose incense? Have you got one of those devices to burn lose incense over a bit of charcoal? No incense, please. Makes my eyes hurt What's everyone's favorite fairytale and what are your favorite versions of it? Ummm... I am not sure... So how many imps/decants is officially 'you have gone overboard and your Witchee is going to expire from scent overload'? Depends on the scents! Who needs a recipe box? I actually made myself one a few years back. I love it ANYONE ELSE want a home-made cookbook? That would be awesome! Although I'm not the best if recipes are super complicated. LOL. ***9/19*** How does everyone feel about really green gifties? I was thinking of giving my witchee some of my handy-dandy "paper" towels (hand-sized, washable muslin squares--kinda like ultra-cheapo cloth napkins) in a kitchen-friendly decorative box, but I didn't want to seem preachy ("Stop using paper towels, you environment destroyer!"). Would y'all use something like that? I doubt it. I am a FREAK about needing a napkin/paper towels when I eat. FREAK. I don't think I could give them up ever. And, really, it would just be more laundry, right? since I'd use about a million a day. eek! Sorry! What craft (or crafts) have you been wanting to try but have no idea where to start? I'd like to make jewelry at some point, but supplies are a bit expensive, and I'm not sure where to start... Would you appreciate some tunes in future packages? And if so, do you care if you get any CDs or mp3s you might have all ready? Or would you be able to find a way to post a list of things you're (a) looking for, or ( b ) all ready have? I think I answered this in the intial survey, but I'll do it again here. I LOVE music. But have little time to actually devote to listening to it, as I used to do it in the car... but my work commute is literally 3 minutes now. So while I would appreciate music, I just can't say I'd have time to listen. boohoo! Polish goodies! Who wants them? Baked goods, candies, kielbasa, pirogies, magazines, you name it? Ummm... It would be really weird to have someone mail me kielbasa. REALLY weird. That scares me. ***9/18*** How do you avoid popping an item for yourself into an order you're placing for your witchie? It is sooo hard. I really can't say I do avoid doing that. Just depends on the day and what is in my wallet at the time. LOL. Underpants? Do you like them? What's your style? Size? I like to buy my own panties, please. hehe What tea would you love to try but haven't because of price or difficulty to get? I typically drink mild/sweet green teas BPTP Room Sprays...your thoughts? They are AMAZING. I want a bottle of the Queen's Croquet at some point. It is delicious! Would you like to receive baked goods from your Witch? And if so, are there things you WOULDN'T like? I'm a little weird when it comes to food being sent to me. I have weird paranoias of contamination. I can't help it. so as much as I would love them, I really would have a hard time getting myself to eat them. I would probably have a panic attack. LOL. ***9/16*** Your thoughts on the update? No Blood Moon for me... or Pancakes. hehe. How do you decide what to put in which package for your Witchee or how many packages to send? I try to do three packages... or "gifts". And I do two smaller ones, than one larger at the end... and for grouping, sort of do it with what fits together (or in the box!) perfectly! If you were my witchee, would you be terribly offended if I sent you a box containing project "experiments" or random miscellaneous pretty bits of brainstorming that I thought you might like/wear? That would be awesome! Please, feel free! ***9/14-9/16*** Do you often drink take away coffe in paper mugs? Nope! Don't like coffee What would a perfume based on you smell like? Hmmm... sweet and similar to Hungry Ghost Moon probably. with dandelion! Who here likes Wizard of Oz things? No thanks! ***9/13*** Do you like Mystery Science Theater 3000? Have you tried out (and if not, would you be interested in doing so) its weird little brother, RiffTrax? Nope, not really something I like at all. Actually, I would say I hate it. eek! ***9/12*** What will you like from Singapore? Candies? Food? Asian crafts/toys? I love little toys, knick knacks, notepads, erasers, bandaids and the like from places... but foods and candies usually scare me. What is everyone's "luck" item? I have a moonstone I throw in my pocket sometimes that I think of as "lucky" Do you like art deco/nouveau - style prints? Not usually, but sometimes I find one that I really like. Just depends! What is one thing that, if you received it in the middle of all the hubbub, would make you smile and take your mind off of all you have to do for a bit? anything, really! I feel that way when I get even just an e-card. xoxo How do you feel about Hello Kitty? I like that store, with all the stuff with Hello Kitty and her friends, but don't typically buy things in there. I love Deery Lou (that is the name of the deer, right? LOL. I forget). She is too cute! 9/11*** Legwarmers? Armwarmers? love love LOVE these! What makes everyone stand out from the Switch Witch herd? Not really sure... If you are into the original Nintendo system, what 3 games would you want that you don't have? If I hadn't just gotten a Wii, I'd totally say "GIVE ME AN OLD NINTENDO! THAT WOULD ROCK!" and I'd probably kill someone for a California Games cartridge, too. hehe. What is your favorite category of the GC? Hmmm... Maybe the Arkham set? ***9/10*** Stance on Joss Whedon and his enterprises? He is a freaking GENIUS Has anyone tried ice wine before? Do/did they enjoy it? Wine doesn't really work for me... dont like the taste much. Of course I drink it anyway, though. LOL. What other perfume companies (besides bpal) have you been curious about? There are a few Blooddrop scents I've been wanting to try... they are in my Wishlist Does anyone here do anything with grave rubbings? No thanks! Would you enjoy art based on original Graveyard photography? Depends on the picture, I guess! Not typically my "style", but there are of course many beautiful photos of that sort. I have an oracle deck by Graven Images Oracle that are all graveyard pics... My Enabler's friend took them, and they are beautiful What's in your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, do you want any new Netflix/Blockbuster friends, if so how do we find you on there? I guess you can look up my name on there? I forget how it works... or email address (Netflix only). I am hoping to get Dexter Season 2 discs soon... they are all on Long Wait! Nooo! ***9/9*** Do you play a musical instrument? Nah... as a kid I did (piano, clarinet). Now I just like to sing! What do you think of Irrelevant Disturbing and Surreal Crawdad Dream? Love it? Hate it? Kicking yourself for not getting a bottle? I love it! but have a lot already... How do you feel about trinkets? You know - tiny toys or doodads that serve no purpose than to be cute, take up space and make us smile. Love them or waste of money? I have tons of cute doodads! love themCan melty things be shipped to you, or will they be in puddles by the time you open the package? I guess it depends on how far you are from me Who likes pirates? Pirates are fun! But not in my decor or anything... What are your feelings about Dia De Los Muertos? Don't really know that much about the celebration, but would be interested in learning more. I LOVE the designs, but don't really have anything from it around... but would possibly like a lot of things! I LOVE the BPTP tshirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What do you think about the Nightmare Before Christmas? I LOVE IT! Tim Burton is AWESOME If candy is sent, would you prefer small amounts to a Halloween sized bag? Whatever you send will be eaten by me and the BF. Trust me. Do you like notes in your soaps or bath stuff that you don't like in your perfumes? If so which? Hmm... maybe things like sandalwood or amber I would like in a soap, but not in my perfume. But I typicall like the same sorts of things in both. Just no scratchies in the soap, please! Do you like floral soaps or bath stuff? If so, what florals work and what don't? I love honeysuckle! ***9/8*** How do y'all feel about honey and maple? And different flavored honey, not just the standard kind? Please, SW, no honey or maple. icky... What is your favorite thing to do on a cool fall day? it would be great to sit outside and read a magazine or book... if only I had the time! ***9/7*** If you have pets, is there a SPECIFIC toy they like to play with; brand and size? Is there a treat/cookie they eat? What brand and size? My kitty is a weirdo. She doesn't like toys OR treats. LOL. What's your ringtone? "Crush Crush Crush" by Paramore for general calls... and the Knight Rider theme song for my BF Just to throw a silly question out there...Munsters or Addams Family, y'all? I like both, but LOVED the Munsters when I was a kid. Like, OBSESSED. What think you about receiving tea accessories and/or miscellany (like mugs, cups, saucers, strainers/filters, honey, natural sweeteners [like stevia])? I like mugs, but don't really need/use the other stuffs listed How do you feel about copies of music or dvd's that your witch might have that you might enjoy? Not just mixes, but whole copies? Sure, why not? Say, witches, I have a question about birthdays. do you expect/rely on other people to plans birthday outings and activities? Ummm... my mom is pretty good at organizing the family stuff. Anything done at home I would probably do. Tarts? Yes/no? I love tarts! But my 2 fave companies aren't open anymore (4FatCats & Becca Lights). I don't know who else to use :-/ I'm wondering if my witchee would like to try these types of things (like the caramel with sea salts or chocolates with chilis/bacon/salt etc.)? No thank you! ***9/6*** What's your favorite animal? i love a lot of animals! cats, hedgehogs, giraffes, peacocks, sloths What one (or two, if you really must) BPAL bottles are you most longing for? Actually, I don't know! I do want a bottle of Dracul to try to force my BF to wear... If you could have dinner/drinks/coffee with any 3 living people that are not your family/friends already, who would they be-? How about Tim Burton & Johnny Depp? Throw in David Duchovny for good measure ***9/5*** If you could bring back any TV show from cancellation what would it be? BUFFY!!! Firefly. Carnivale. omg. CARNIVALE!! I wonder if my witchee would like a blanket type thing. Would you? Sure, why not? It certainly gets chilly here in the winter! What's your favorite "I know it's bad for me but I can't help myself" treat? Mac N Cheese. Ice cream. Very important question: Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL and/or other wishlists during the round? Not particularly with the BPAL, because of doing the decant circles... And I know to be "good" about the other wishlists! Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind/style? Yup... it is Fossil, and black/turquoise leather with blue jewel studs. It is so freaking awesome! How do you feel about having a donation made in your name to something?If you like that idea, what types of organizations/groups would you want the donation to go to? *answered in SW thread* ***9/4*** Do you have a case for your mp3 player/digital camera? If you would want one, what size is your digital device? I have a ghetto case for my digi camera, but would love something new! knitted or something... Not beaded, as that could possibly scratch, I guess... unless you are super slick and can make it to avoid that :-P The camera is about 3-4 inches long, 2-3 inches high... 1-2 inches thick (judged by looking, not measuring the right way of course) For tea drinkers, do you bag it or prefer loose? I like bagged tea, because I am a lazy bitch and HATE floaties in my tea! Does the weather change where you are, as in, does it get cold in the winter? Anyone need homegrown scarves, hats, mittens, etc? I love that stuff! I have a ton of it, but get more and more each year. LOL. Who are your forum buddies? People you know well enough online or IRL to help your Witch pick out stuff for you? *answered in SW thread* ***9/3*** My questionnaire is chock-a-block with ideas for Witching me on the cheap, and without sending "stuff for stuff's sake". And I just came up with another one--make me a Pandora, Finetune, or Last.fm station you think I might like! What manner of affordable Witchery might you covet? Not particularly interested in the radio thinger... but honestly I am a "cheap date" when it comes to fun gifty stuff. Even interesting online sites I might not know about would be fun to get links to! Does your cell phone have a place to attach charms? *looks at it* ooh! it does! Who knew? LOL. And I have a big stuffed giraffe as my cover (FunFriends.com). i am in love with those! I get them on Ebay cheaper, though... I have a flip phone, and looking at their site I love the new ladybug one! *obsesses over it now* If you drink coffee (and make it yourself) do you use a French Press, regular filter basket coffee maker, Espresso Machine, Percolator? no coffee for me! What movie soundtracks (or scores) do you love? Ummm... I always obsessed over the Fifth Element soundtrack, Quidam (Cirque du Soleil), Buffy the musical, Wicked the musical. Umm... Queen of the Damned has an awesome soundtrack! and American Beauty does too... How do you scent yourself? Do you layer soaps, moisturizers, etc. or do you go straight to slathering your bod with BPAL? Usually fun soap in the shower... then, if I am not lazy, maybe some lotion (I have Isle of Eden & Villianess right now), or maybe BPTP bath oil used as a lotion. Then I spray a scent if I want to (something fruity usually... or Marc Jacobs Daisy. omg. *drools*). Then I get ready for work. Then I put on the BPAL at the pulse points and in my hair! Do you/how do you scent your world? Candles, incense, diffusers, potpourri? None of the above? I have a tart burner, or use big candles. no incense, please! or potpourri... BPAL is such a scent-ual experience. What are your other tactile, aural, or olfactory pleasures? see above question ***9/2*** How do people feel about receiving baked goods/kits to make said goods? Or other cooking items? Would you enjoy oil or vinegar flavored with herbs grown at home? Strange and exotic spices with recipes to try? Cookies made with carnation petals?---- Well... I am a little weird about eating random things sent to me by someone I don't really "know". And, well, I'll pass on the vinegar (ewwww... ). I am a pretty bland eater. Crazy spices & flowery cookies would probably be wasted, and I would then feel awful! What are your pet's names, and what are they named for? I have a cat named Chloe. Technically, she is named after actress Chloe Sevigny... just because I liked the name a lot. ***9/1*** Who here is a complete, over the top, Alice In Wonderland fanatic? Not I! I like it, but don't LIIIIIKE it. Are you a Trekkie? If so, which series do you prefer? Do you have a favorite character? No thanks... never liked Star TrekDo you have phobias? How do you like your mix CDs? Random? Stuff you know you'll like? I honestly love music, but haven't had much time for new music because my car rides are so short to work, and I don't listen to CDs at home much at all these days... Would you rather get food or jewellery? probably jewelry! Do you like children's toys, such as jacks, those little things you tilt around to get the ball in the right hold (wtf are those called?), the aforementioned caplet dinosaurs, cap guns, etc?: I love kiddie toys English candy/tea/marmite or other stuff that you love and can't easily get outside of England? i have no idea! if they are sweet and sugary (or chocolatey), I'll probably love them! Fanfic as a gift* - yay or nay? Your fandom? Slash preferences?*well, a virtual gift obviously. You know what I mean. I have no idea... Any beaders here? Need beading supplies? I've never tried it, but probably would get too impatient for it Do you like making up your SW packages around a theme, or prefer to mix it all up? depends on who I'm making the package for! what their likes are Band-aids: do you like the fun and funky ones? I super mucho love fun bandaids! Except for "gross" ones. No bacon strip ones for me, please! *pukes*What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? ***8/31*** What is everyone's favorite Halloween song?! monster mash, of course! How many of mah fellow witchies play video games? Platform? Do you like used games? I have a DS, and just got a Wii for my birthday! What kind of music (genres, please) do you like? mostly rock, I guess. Anything with a good beat & good lyrics. I love harmonies & a great piano part! Have any of you ever received a book from a Witchy and loved it so much you ended up buying a copy for a later Witchee? I've gotten some great books off my WL before, but never re bought them What kinds of eye shadows do we all like? Sparkly!!!! Do you like lip balm? If so, do you like tinted, glossy, sparkly, pearly or just plain lip balm? not sticky, plesae. sparkles are a plus! What are some of the SW gifts/finds from past rounds (or you can just name a gift in general that you found for someone if this is your first round!) that you are the most proud of in terms of your sleuthing skills? umm... it has been a while. I always thought I did a good job at being a SW, but haven't had the best responses... not sure it if was me or them that was the issue, though. LOL. And, secondly, what is something you've been searching for but just can't find? i want a crocheted car steering wheel cover like this SOOOO badly! I am too lazy to make one, but they only sell the freaking pattern. LOL. Not that color, though... sparkly black or dark purple or gray or teal would be great! ***8/30*** Do you knit/crochet? Do you need any supplies? I crochet! I don't know if I really "need" any supplies, but a backup set of needle thingers would be great (i keep misplacing them. LOL). And pretty soft yarns are always welcome! even though I have a closet FULL of it... Who here has an etsy shop? I don't have one, as I am not consistent enough with my crafting to start one What are your two favorite etsy shops? I have a lot of faves, all listed on my Etsy Favorites profile Are you active on any other boards/forums? If so please specify where and your username there. Nope! Not anymore, anyway... ***8/29*** What would you tell yourself 6 months in the past about 2008 so far? "Feeling self conscious? DRINK A BEER! You'll feel fine!" If you had one minute of fame, what would you do/say in the spotlight? "I AM THE ALMIGHTY EVIL TEMPTRESS DORK QUEEN! AND I HAVE ONE MINUTE OF FAME!" Robots versus zombies: who wins? uhh...umm... can I see what they look like first? whichever looks coolest What would zombie say? "BRAINS!" Where are a few of your favorite places? Ummm... East Coast Will Call (LOL), Philly shopping areas, Ocean City in Maryland, Rehobeth Beach in Delaware. I don't really go many places... What is one (only one) object that you collect, that totally goes against your personality or beliefs? Christina Aguilera stuffs. You should see all I still have! and I even purged on Ebay many MANY times... Are you a soap addict? Anything you like to avoid in soaps (goat's milk, lye, dyes, etc...) or any particular scents you like or brands you want to try? I like the BPAL soaps, Silk Road, & Arcana. Some Villainess. But I don't like "scratchies" in my soap, please... What's your favorite book? American Psycho. Don't ask. I know that is sort of f'd up... but that book is brilliant! What size socks do you wear? How about hat size? i have an 8.5 sized set of feet. my head is, umm... sort of small for my body. I always call myself "midget head". Isn't that awful? But, really, my body is just too big for it. It isn't like I have a shrunken head or something Do you read comics? Which ones do you love and which can't you stand? I love the Fables comics. See my Amazon WL to see which book I'm still needing to get! Symbols that are meaningful to me? None really...but I did get the symbol for Virgo tattooed on my foot this year. By nature are you a morning lark or a night owl? Usually I am up at the crack of dawn. Even on Sundays. What's your favorite type of music to hear live, rather than recorded? I love my girl Rachael Yamagata's CDs... and her new one out in October will be AMAZING. BUT. Her live performances are just TO DIE FOR. Another singer like that is Nikka Costa. I'll be seeing both in concert during Sept & Oct! What is your favorite autumnal-seasonal drink? i like apple cider... but cold and with ice. LOL. I'm a weirdo ***8/28*** Crossword puzzles? Other pencil puzzles? i like "seek & find", I guess... but typically I'm too lazy to bother. LOL. Favorite artist? this is hard to say. I like so many random things, and then find out the artist's name AFTER liking it. Favorite poet? the singer Jewel. I'm kidding! Ummm... not really into poetry Halloween. Do you like it kooky or creepy? A little of both? I like "cute" Halloween decorations for stuffed things and the like. Don't really like "gross" stuff in MY house, but do think they can be really fun. I like DDLM stuff, things with skulls in general, but not too cheesy. Reserved or Raunchy? *answered in SW thread* Earth, Wind, Fire or Water? Earth sign here Tea or Coffee in the morning? Tea! green tea Fruity snacks or chocolate? Both, but not together (unless it is fresh chocolate covered strawberries. omg. YUM!) Would you accept art? Of COURSE! Antiques or Brand New? depends on the exact item. Both can be wonderful What keywords do you use when searching for items for yourself on Etsy? peacock, moonstone, hedgehog, spongebob (LOL), lapis Are there any of y'all who are allergic/sensitive to having natural fibers on your skin? wool makes me itchy! What was your favorite ghost/scary/campfire story growing up? *answered in SW thread* Bugs? Do you like 'em or not? *answered in SW thread* i haz no imp storage. do you? *answered in SW thread I think... eek* ***8/27*** If you have a garden/planter box, what do you grow? *answered in SW thread* What incense scents do you prefer? *answered in SW thread* Do you decorate for Halloween? What sort of decorations? Dress up for Halloween? *answered in SW thread* Bats, cats, skeletons, monsters, vampires, witches or what other ghoulies do you prefer? *answered in SW thread* Do you like horror flicks? *answered in SW thread* Who here prefers stylus and ink to ballpoint? Anyone invested time and effort into calligraphy or proper Victorian writing? *answered in SW thread* What about stationery? Need some? What styles do you like? *answered in SW thread* ***8/26*** What is one item that you've wanted forever, could have afforded, but have never gotten and why (haven't you gotten it!)? *answered in SW thread* What Halloween scent are you most looking forward to? *answered in SW thread* Tattoos! Do you have em? Do you want em? Whatcha got or getting? *answered in SW thread* Reduce - REUSE - recycle. Do others feel the same? i am definitely a "reuse" sort of girl...when it is appropriate, of course! Weigh in...Are you right or left-handed? righty, surrounded by lefties! Any period of time that you love? not particularly ***8/25*** What's your favorite part about Fall? the SMELL! the AIR!! omg. the COLORS! Do you like office/school supplies? If so, what is your favorites? i like fun pens and the like. little sticky notepads rock. What's your favorite Halloween candy? i love me some PLAIN candy corn! Will you be participating NaNoWriMo? If so, is there anything you'd like to have for that? *answered in SW thread* ***8/22*** Where does everyone like shop for witching goodness? depends on what they like! Etsy is the BEST, though!What is your favorite pumpkin goodness? Today, i love the new Pumpkin II! And I really love pumpkin bread & muffins.
  2. eviltemptressdq


    I think I am having a bit of a meltdown Honestly. I am so sorry to all the people that I normally talk to all the time, because I just haven't had it in me to reply to anything (let alone even read the things waiting for me to reply to). I hope you all can understand. I just don't know what to do. More specifically, i don't know what I should be doING. You know, with my LIFE.
  3. eviltemptressdq


    Blah. I am bored. But, well, at least I took some time and made a few icons for my LJ profile. I haven't made anything in ages... I used to use Photoshop nonstop, but I've been so lazy... Here is what I made today (well, I added 2 from a week or so ago): I got the new Harry Potter book today... didn't even pay Amazon extra to get it on time, and it still got here first thing this morning! But I haven't started it yet... I'm such a procrastinator. I'm sure I'll start it at 1am, and be up til 5. Since my last blog, I've become officially "Auntie Denise"! I will be going to visit the baby again tomorrow afternoon... It is a strange thing, because I have absolutely no desire to ever have children of my own, but I love this little tiny being SO much! She is the cutest thing I've ever seen! But, honestly, the best part about being an Auntie is handing her off to her mommy or daddy when she gets cranky or needs to be changed. So, I suppose I'm still making the best decision to not be a mommy myself. LOL. Here is a picture of the beautiful superstar, Mia: Ok. I guess I'll stop blabbing about nothing for now!
  4. eviltemptressdq


    ... Tamamo-no-Mae's scent is soft skin musk, brushed by white tea leaf, rice flower, black locust flower, white sandalwood kodo smoke, dry ginger, benzoin gum, and Amacha. Yup... one of my favorite scents EVER (Hungry Ghost Moon)'s little brother has come out to play! There is something in HGM that is not in this one... it is like HGM was harvested before it "matured". LOL. It is delicious! Missing the sharp grapefruit note, maybe? Very creamy-tea... with ginger. I love this! must find a backup bottle to hoard
  5. eviltemptressdq


    Ok, I was scared of this one... but got it in a swap, thinking "well, I must try everything, right?" Jasmine and I are at war typically... I like the smell, but my skin tends to amp it up. So... with caution I opened the vial... Yup. Jasmine! but not as harsh as, say, Ligeia. I put it on my skin... same. Jasmine! but not harsh... After a few minutes, though? This has the most beautiful dry down stage! The jasmine is there, sure... but it is soft and beautiful. I can't believe this is the first jasmine blend that may be wearable for me! hooray!
  6. eviltemptressdq

    Cancer 2007

    Hmmm... well, from the bottle this smells really good. A light floral. Very spring-y and lovely. On my skin, though? Yikes. It goes wonky... Sweet Pea takes over and goes even a little sour... makes it smell artificial on me, and even reminds me maybe of how a cheap dollar store Sweet Pea lotion might smell. Which isn't the fault of the oil, but of my skin chemistry. *sniffs it a few more times so it leaves me with loving thoughts*
  7. eviltemptressdq

    The Crumpet Rebellion

    I got to try this scent last night for the first time... I have to agree with WikkidRaven when comparing it to Knave of Hearts. Which, for me, means it turns to mostly spice on my skin. There is a bit of the yum fruity berry in the background, but my skin always amps up the spicy notes... What a shame! All in all, though, it works *better* than the Knave... but still disappoints due to my skin reactions. Boo!
  8. eviltemptressdq

    Da Bunny

    Well, I'm going to be an aunt (as I think I've previously mentioned)... and somehow became really motivated and decided that i really had to make this for my future niece: And it was well received at the baby shower this past Sunday! I was really scared, but apparently it was a hit. LOL!
  9. eviltemptressdq

    More Adventures in my Crafy (sort of) World...

    hehe... I will have to make a bunch for the next M&S I go to, huh? :-p
  10. eviltemptressdq

    New Icons :)

    Yay! I'm so glad you like it Use it wherever, no credit needed
  11. Well, I've made a few more scarves (can't have enough of them in humid 86 degree weather, right? hehe). And I've also been making a bunch of felt critters out of THIS BOOK (a lovely gift from my most recent Switch Witch!). Here is a picture of those: I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the scarves. Oopsy! But the animals were a big hit with the children of one of the guys at my new job. So, yay!
  12. eviltemptressdq

    My warped world of crochet...

    omg. I can't tell you how many times I've had to do that (rip it back to the place I messed up). I can't imagine if I couldn't do that! I would CRY!!!! LOL.
  13. eviltemptressdq

    My warped world of crochet...

    hehe... I've definitely gone a little crazy! And my friend just found out she is having a boy, so I'll be making another baby blankie... and I finished the other scarf that I was working on!
  14. eviltemptressdq

    My warped world of crochet...

    So my brother's girlfriend is pregnant (found out around Thanksgiving!)... so I'll be an aunt for the first time soon! A few weeks ago, they were able to find out that they would be having a girl. So, what did my head decide? "Yes, you will learn to crochet and make a baby blanket!" Such an ambitious decision for someone like me... Not that I can't do things, but because I planned to teach myself. LOL!! SO, after buying some instructional books and hooks and yarn... then having a temper tantrum ( ) about not being able to figure it out, my stepmom kindly taught me what I needed to know to succeed! Well, sort of anyway. Here is the end result (already gifted on Easter, because I am an impatient person): Sure, it was a little crooked... but, hey, a baby can't tell, right? Since, I have been on a mission to make 2 LARGE sized blankets: One for myself, and one for my boyfriend (he picked the yarn out and everything. LOL!). I've also bought a few cool sparkly yarns to make a few scarves (nothing like timing! I know they will be SO useful during this week of 80 degree weather, right? hehe). I figure I will do a bunch and use them next year for Christmas gifts. If I don't lose track of where I store them by then So far, I've completely finished the BF's blankie: AND, a scarf: I still will finish my personal blanket (even though I'll have no use for it for a while now), as well as the last scarf that I've already started. I'll post pictures of those when I get them done!
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    evil evil EVIL!