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  1. elka_knits

    Peach V (2016)

    I purchased my bottle via a fairy extraordinaire in '16 so it has aged 7 years at this point. in the bottle I smelled the patch strongly {I am iffy on patch generally speaking like I think I like it but then it often turns to bandaids and sticks to everything} but on wearing I am getting the peach caramel and teak. The patch is there as a backdrop as is, I guess, the vanilla but I am not picking out either in this scent. On me it is more a golden scent--the teak and caramel combined to have me thinking of a fireplace in library on a rainy night. Cozy and warm. Not particularly gourmand and I don't think the down and dirty patch lovers would want this one.
  2. elka_knits

    Peach IV (2016)

    I have to agree with SophieCedar above re the touch of vetiver. I am getting a major headache wearing this. All the Oudh all the time... with a hint of vetiver. And maybe a whiff of peach early on. This does not work on me. My bottle is 7 yrs old {I had a fairy in 2016 for peachy goodness} and I don't think I ever even tried this one before hoping that aging would mellow it. Alas no. I want to wash it off 😞
  3. elka_knits

    Peach IX

    Happily I seem to amp rose musk as I am getting a rose. It is light and airy -- a cloud of soft pink roses instead of a haughty rose. Whenever I get a blend with rose and a fruit, that doesn't contain more than a few notes, the rose just seems rosier. I don't get the stem or any greenery which makes it a bed of rose petals. Semi reminiscent, and I would have to pull them out to double check, of the Art of the Unicorn roses or maybe even what I remember Katrina Van Tassel being. Close to the skin--this scent is definitely there but it isn't aggressive. Not that I think any of Beth's scents are harsh and garish like those spritz attacks when walking through mall but this one reminds me of perfume perfume. That whole spritz and walk under to get a hint of fragrance that lingers. There are times I think it has gone away but she is there... my nose has just gotten used to the very pretty pretty rose.
  4. elka_knits

    Surly Dragon

    I get a sour mandarin orange scent that fades/softens quickly and stays close to my skin. Upon application, and prior to looking up notes, I thought lime! Yay Me and My fabulous nose of lime picking out it ness! uh no Pithy is correct. It reminds me of Tang or some other kids faux orange drink that I haven't had in forever. I don't get the rum or any other booze. I DO get a strong mandarin. It is a very clean citrus scent. Too clean for me. I like me some resins or vanilla or otherwise heavier scents or, you know, florals. Not sure why I asked my pickup fairy to get this for me way back in the day. I was probably on a king mandarin kick at the time but didn't want to wear king mandarin SN on its own.
  5. elka_knits

    Peach X

    Found a decant of this amongst my stash while cataloguing. Very faint. Low throw indeed. A soft powdery peach with just a touch of lime. Sweet but not sugary. It smells terrible, like vinegar, in the decant so I guess it is ancient enough to not be an accurate review of scent. THO thing that have lime rind in them smell bitter and pithy/vinegary to me in first place. A happy surprise it is pretty on me. It is a hint of a peach. A lightly peach scented dusting powder. end of day edit. Like 12 hrs later Dang tis still blooming. Still a hint of peach. No longer dusting powder but rich creamy peachy cream. Also perfume-y instead of foodie. LOVE it. And this is why I have ancient decants untested. Weeps that I am 8 yrs too late to buy buy buy
  6. elka_knits

    Ill-Mannered Dragon

    I purchased this one because of elephant 🐘 on label. Thankfully I like all the notes tho I am not sure what neroli smells like on its own. Like citrusy floral but not ooh neroli! Anyway my uneducated nose finds this to be a more mellow and toasted dragons milk. It doesn’t do the plastics DM sometimes has. As always this smells different on different parts of my body. In my cleavage I am getting some green stem but my wrists have toasted coconut flakes topping a milky DB. overall very pretty. I find that I like the few coconut blends I own. They add a meaty oomphy creaminess ALSO was going to say I don’t generally like fresh DB or dragons milk and need to age it prior to wearing otherwise it is very plastic but realized this is 8 yrs old? Dang time flies
  7. elka_knits

    Dragon Chorus

    Woody patchouli not the gnarly kind but smoother. Very dry scent. Smooth kinda dusty. Very reminiscent of another scent but I don't know what. The whole band-aid pencil shavings vibe that patch sometimes gives. Basically the patch is stomping over everything and is fading super fast. I don't even have to wash this off... it won't last an hour on me. @gloame is correct about the cedary-ness of scent. I received a testable sniffle from somebody and just pulled it out of my decants pile. I am not getting the orange or amber from it at all. Orange can be fickle and fade out quickly but amber usually deepens as does cocoa but nope. Just woods. Editing to add I have the Sumatran Red Patchouli SN and since I am only getting the patch maybe that is what it is reminding me of. NOTE even banshee beat will be bandaid on me sometimes.... other times it is gorgeous --depends on what my skin feels like amping that day or my headspace. As I only have one test worth of this I will never know if it coulda woulda been super fab. But I rarely wear my patchouli blends anyway so am glad I don't love it. I am so grateful for having the chance to try it tho ❤️
  8. elka_knits


    I basically agree with @Freya778 over here except for the gender neutral bit. I tend to wear very feminine scents and consider this one to be so. I have been wearing carnation scents for over 40 yrs and spent the first 20 of those wearing that carnation from scent your own places then Bellogia which was a carnation based scent from 20's. Spicy Florals for the win win win Plum is one of the few fruits I can wear since it is adds a meaty sweetness without turning to fizz or being too high pitched Egyptian and Red musks are my favorite How could this scent be anything other than a winner? When I want to feel pretty Bathsheba is it. I will wear it to church Sunday morning and not feel as if it is too sensual but it is also date appropriate. It is gorgeous, unabashedly feminine {IMO} and utterly inoffensive. It has enough throw that it doesn't completely morph into a snuggly skin scent but isn't loud. It isn't as innocent as some of my roses {and I like the uber girlie tea, pink or white roses} nor is she brazen... {like big 80's precede you to the room florientals I wear when I want to be roar sexy} Bathsheba is the coquette in my collection. If I had to compare Bathsheba to a fictional character I would say Kaylee Frye at the party tasting those strawberries. Effortlessly beautiful and utterly charming.
  9. elka_knits

    Dragon with a Jaunty Cap

    Generally speaking, I like strawberry blends and I like red musk blends so this was a no brainer for me. It’s a gorgeous fruity red musk.
  10. elka_knits

    Peach and Strawberry Pulp Bath Oil

    I put this one on today in honor of dragon con. Actually I have reviewed 3 dragon con scents today that contain strawberry in them and in the other two reviews I state I cannot smell the strawberry but instead the note adds a tinge of red or sweet tart [flavor] but this one is different. It is almost 5 pm so we are talking at least 8 hours in and I smell the strawberries. This is delicious. Just a hint of peaches at end of day. Absolutely lovely. It is not candy or sugared or anything like that. Just fresh juicy strawberries and peaches. I would love to drink this up.
  11. elka_knits

    Peach XIV

    So 6 yrs in what is there to say. It starts off dry sandalwood. Very woody when wet. The Benzoin is medicinal in the bottle. During dry down the sandalwood settles and I get a perfume-y vanilla caramelized benzoin {which is kinda vanilliac?}. 15 mins in it is a peachy scent on a base of vanilla/sandalwood and a hint of rosiness which I think comes from the strawberry. As to be expected with a scent this old the woods and vanilla/benzoin are more in the forefront. I do get the fruitiness. It's comforting and soft melding into my skin. Midday I had a whiff of a rose blushed peach but not much else. By rose blushed I mean the color of strawberries tinging it not the flower 🙂. I did layer this on top of peach and strawberry pulp bath oil today so that might be why those notes are discernible so much later. I wouldn't expect it to last this long. I gave this 4 stars on scent base back in the day. NOTE: Strawberries generally don't last on me. One of my favorite BPALs is Love which is rose and strawberry. The strawberry fades quickly but adds a sweet tart jammy red to the rose which I think are pink ones. I guess strawberries read as a flavor/color to me.
  12. elka_knits

    Talk to Me About Milks?

    I am not one for milky scents but I do recall thinking goats milk smelled gamey. It might have been my imagination. I was decanting at the time and didn't keep any for myself. I have 9 scents with milk in the ingredients list and don't notice a milky scent to them. Alice being a particular favorite and GC so fairly easy to find an imp of. I did love Virgin's Blood with has fresh cream listed as a note-- I did get a creamy feel to it..... like whipped heavy cream which doesn't have a particular taste/scent but enriches. I will have to pull out the dregs of my bottle to make sure. I guess I haven't really noticed creams or milks in my scents... they are there and add a richness? Except for the goats milk scent. I remember thinking noooo but it might have been the whole scent and not that one note... I haven't run a decant circle for @ 9 yrs so it was quite a while ago but I do know when I see that as a note I recoil. keep in mind I am a big floral wearer or when I do foods I do sugar cookie nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, sugared stuff more than breads, butters, popcorns etc. I do like my red musk and incense scents as well but some stuff is just too real for me. grandma owned a goat farm lololol
  13. elka_knits

    Strawberry Dragon Hair Gloss

    okay its been sitting in my cabinet 5 yrs--one doesn't expect strawberries to last that long. It's pulpy/jammy slightly green stem. I do get a wee bit of pepper nose twitchery as well. A bit like those strawberry hard candies that come individually wrapped in strawberry patterned wraps my mom used to eat all the time. Wait now I want some... so even tho I said pulpy jammy I guess I meant hard candy not super sugary candy. Man I can taste this scent. My mouth is watering. PS I rated this 5 stars when I got it looking at my scent base profile
  14. elka_knits


    no idea what is in this and I finished my bottle a while ago. It was either gifted to me or suggested to me by a fellow forumite years ago and I purchased it from them. Vague much. Either way it worked. I think it was a rosy chamomile lavender scent. I would do the anointing and fall asleep quickly. Keep in mind I take a lot of things to help me sleep. I spray my sheets with a Demeter's Lavender or TKO or something of that ilk daily. I take prescription pills for my insomnia and Benadryl on top of that. I scent the back of my wrists and collar bone with one of my sleep blends {Anesthesia, Somnus, TKO or NAVA's Lavender Santalum}. I also use TKO massage oil or a Lavender infused oil {from local farm} sometimes so yes. One more thing. It took me a long time to get through my bottle despite the instructions to anoint from sole of foot to third eye. Mainly because I was using it as a sleepy time scent instead of as a magical elixir that would help me sleep. That is to say; initially I just cycled through it as if it were a scent like TKO or Somnus & I got low on my bottle I stopped using it regularly. Fairly recently I thought eh this is almost empty might as well use it up and wore it *with another scent such as TKO or Somnus* instead of on its own. And I felt myself sinking into deep restorative sleep. I was waking up refreshed and couldn't recall waking up multiple times during the night or any dreams for that matter. I am adding this to my shopping list and will be looking at any other sleep TAL she has because woah. I might be able to medicate less. ( I used to take 3 will make you drowsy scripts every night and am down to 1. My goal is to not be reliant on them.) 🙂
  15. elka_knits

    Switch Witch 2023

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