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  1. LunaLovegood


    Ugh, another Courtesan that dissapoints. I can barely smell Virginia from the bottle. On me its not much better. No throw, barely there scent and once it dries it goes baby powder on me.
  2. LunaLovegood


    Utterly dissapointed. I was the most exited about Celeste as soon as she was posted. But when I got her I was scared of it. I let it settle before trying. But that didnt help. I dont know why but I get this weird honey scent. I dont get vanilla at all, or even anything boozy. All I get in the bottle and on my skin is honey. ETA: Well almost 3 hours later, Celeste is now sweet soft vanilla. It has morphed beautifully but its so soft you barely know its there.
  3. LunaLovegood


    I have to say, in the bottle Ninon is lovely, but there's something lurking there that makes it a bit manly. On my skin the manliness amps a bit more and combined with all the notes, its really cologne-y and soap-y on me. Its a really nice blend, but I just dont love it.
  4. LunaLovegood

    The Soldier

    I'm just wearing this today and a few hours into this I am impressed, and here is why: Leather is DOOM on me. As in anything that has leather amps like a mo fo on me and I end up smelling like a brand new car. While I dont mind it on a car, I do mind it on my person. Having said that, I am so happy that Soldier is not going bunkers on me. Just a hint of leather to make it a bit spicy, but its not amping and I can barely detect it. Its like he is just there to accentuate the rest of the components which are so well blended together. Its red musk heaven, a bit of sweetness, a bit of spiciness. Its just beautiful. Another win for me!
  5. LunaLovegood


    WHOOP “I don’t know what to do!” cried Scrooge, laughing and crying in the same breath; and making a perfect Laocoön of himself with his stockings. “I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy. I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world. Hallo here! Whoop! Hallo!” He had frisked into the sitting-room, and was now standing there: perfectly winded. “There’s the saucepan that the gruel was in!” cried Scrooge, starting off again, and going round the fireplace. “There’s the door, by which the Ghost of Jacob Marley entered! There’s the corner where the Ghost of Christmas Present, sat! There’s the window where I saw the wandering Spirits! It’s all right, it’s all true, it all happened. Ha ha ha!” Really, for a man who had been out of practice for so many years, it was a splendid laugh, a most illustrious laugh. The father of a long, long line of brilliant laughs! “I don’t know what day of the month it is!” said Scrooge. “I don’t know how long I’ve been among the Spirits. I don’t know anything. I’m quite a baby. Never mind. I don’t care. I’d rather be a baby. Hallo! Whoop! Hallo here!” He was checked in his transports by the churches ringing out the lustiest peals he had ever heard. Clash, clang, hammer; ding, dong, bell. Bell, dong, ding; hammer, clang, clash! Oh, glorious, glorious! Running to the window, he opened it, and put out his head. No fog, no mist; clear, bright, jovial, stirring, cold; cold, piping for the blood to dance to; Golden sunlight; Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells. Oh, glorious! Glorious! “What’s to-day!” cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him. “Eh?” returned the boy, with all his might of wonder. “What’s to-day, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge. “To-day!” replied the boy. “Why, Christmas Day.” Golden sunlight and sweet fresh air brightening a Heavenly sky on Christmas Day: crisp winter air, shimmering amber, sweet honey, with a touch of pumpkin pie, pine cone, cranberry, and bayberry. I just got Whoop in the mail and I must admit this is the blend I was most exited about and most apprehencive. I have only tested it on my hand for several hours, but a full trial still needs to be done. Having said that, to my nose, this is very wintry when wet. I get pine trees and winter snow, cold air. After it dries down, this just morphs just the right amount of right. I gets a little sweet on the pine, you still get the scent from a gorgeous snow day thats crisp and bright, and just a little sweetness towards the end which I imagine is the berries and pumpkin pie. This is gorgeous and a perfect Yule blend. Win for me! ETA: I gave this a full trial and my mind hasnt changed at all. This is a gorgeous scent and I am in love with it. Its not overpowering but has a nice and lasting throw. Its win for me! Although I dont detect any pumpkin pie whatsoever.
  6. LunaLovegood

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Has anyone heard from the lab? I have emailed them now twice and haven't heard from them yet.
  7. LunaLovegood

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I also bought mine at NYCC and also noticed only because of Rocza's ISO thread. Has anyone checked with the lab? ETA: Never mind I see people have contacted the lab already.
  8. LunaLovegood

    Ginger Skulls

    I wont lie. I am heartbroken over this one. I completely expected to love this one, sadly it was utter and epic fail on me. I didn't get any ginger whatsoever. I got something fruity which I can only guess its the pear and then there is another unfamiliar scent which is sharp and something else I really cant find the word for. I will test it one more time, but I am sure the outcome will be the same *sighs*
  9. LunaLovegood


    I agree with Kaylee. Its spice cookies. Not too much of either one. Its very yummy and definitely a foody with just a tinsy, tiny, barely there hint of what I think its citrus. Never in my wildest imagination would I dream on touching a perfume named Bedbug, but this is AWESOME! Thank you Beth!
  10. LunaLovegood

    Treatsy Bath Oil

    Oh this is lovely! I thought i would order the inquisitions and get rid of this oil since I dont like oils, but this one smells fab. Its apple and lemon sweet goodness. Nothing too overpowering, just a great blend of scents. Lovely!
  11. LunaLovegood

    Steeplechase Park Atmosphere Spray

    Soooooooooooooooo good! Its yummy and warm. It reminds me of Christmas baking. Warm, yummy, spicy sugary awesomeness! Its a little like cinnamon sugar cookies right out of the oven. Maybe a very faint hint of ginger too. Again, soooooooooooooooo good!
  12. THE WHITE LADY OF DURAND EASTMAN PARK In the early nineteenth century, a woman and her daughter took up residence in Rochester, where the Durand Eastman Park now stands. The woman was fleeing an abusive husband, and fled to Rochester to in an attempt to find solitude and safety for herself and her child. One terrible day, her daughter went missing. The grief-stricken mother searched the area frantically, but her daughter had disappeared without a trace. Over many weeks of searching, the woman became convinced that her daughter had been a victim of foul play at the hands of a local farmer. Unable to find her child, mad with sorrow, she flung herself into the chilly waters of Lake Ontario. Her spirit haunts Durand Eastman Park now, accompanied by a pair of phantom hounds. She is believed to be a protectress of women in peril, and exacts vengeance on any man that she encounters that have done any woman harm. Bittersweet and ethereal: bergamot, cacao, white tea, jasmine bud, narcissus, and tobacco flower. I only did a skin test while I was at NYCC, but I didn't buy this one. When I first opened the bottle, I was very underwhelmed. Nothing in it jumped at me. Because I was curious I decided to do a skin test, just to see because with bpal one never knows. After dry down, this lady is quite pretty! Very subtle, feminine and floral. My thoughts was that it was a fragile lady. And then, it just went powdery on my skin. Had it not been for this I would have gotten one of these ladies, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Not much throw or lasting power either. I will add this though, considering I am not a floral gal, the fact that I consider this blend pretty says it all.
  13. LunaLovegood

    The Elephantine Colossus

    THE ELEPHANTINE COLOSSUS Perfect for a Victorian Seaside Fornicatress! The Elephant Hotel, or Elephantine Colossus, was a 122 foot high elephant-shaped hotel that opened on Coney Island in 1885. Though it was a marvel of its time, it was also sullied by it’s proximity to the Gut, a particularly seedy section of West Brighton that seethed with persons of ill repute, and the Elephantine Colossus soon became as famous for its prostitutes as it was for its unusual architecture. Seaside hanky panky: a strumpet’s red musk with a merry splash of root beer, a swirl of exotic pipeweed, and a whiff of sweets carrying over from the boardwalk. Fist off the bottle I thought it was nice but not impressive. Definitely on the foody side. Then I skin tested it, and OMG I smell popcorn. No joke! So today I gave it a full drive and wore it all day. This thing is a beauty. Lovely sweet and salty mixed together. Its loads of carny foods playing with each other. A bit of funnel cake, popcorn, maybe some cotton candy as well. Its a sweet blend without being in your face sweet. After the initial popcorn scent I get when I first put it on, it mellows into the sweetness and you get an awesome foody scent thats incredibly well blended. No note overpowers another. Love it!
  14. LunaLovegood

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    Puffy clouds of pumpkin candyfloss with a trickle of blackberry juice. Oh Fall, thy name is Blue Pumpkin Floss. This is one beautiful blend. It carries the spiciness associated with pumpkin, but also the sweetness of it along with the blackberries, which is a very nice pairing. For me its hard to describe, except to my nose, this is the perfect Fall scent. Perfect! And to think I was worried that I wasnt going to like it based on the reviews. Silly me! Great throw and lasts long.
  15. LunaLovegood

    Banshee Beat

    Beautiful! It was love at first sniff. I hate patchouli with a passion, but this blend is so well done (thanks Lab!) that I can barely detect it. I will say it can be a bit woodsy and pencil shavings-like at first, but I didnt notice that until the second sniff and trial. It disipates quickly though and all I have left for the rest of the day is a sweet smoky vanilla goodness Has a very nice throw, lasts almost all day long, and I have gotten tons of compliments on this one. Definitely a keeper, most certainly a multiple bottles one for me.