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    My Notes: Lavender, cyclamen, chamomile, moonflower, vanilla, *lime*, basil, sage, tobacco, dust, paperback, white musk, *ozone*, rain and more rain, aquatics, patchouli, orange, *leather*, green tea, tea leaf, most spices, coffee, opopanax, caramel Sometimes My Notes: Chocolate, lily, clove, pink musk So Not My Notes: Rose, violet, vetiver, most jasmines, magnolia (especially white), honey, milk, many floral blends, amber (minus Mantis. It's the only amber that works on me), frankincense, most resins, sugar As for BPAL blends, I'm digging: Giallo (my holy grail scent), Mutant Hot-Rodders from Hell High, F5, Mantis, Alien Invasion, Parsifal, I Married a Vampire from Planet X, Alice, Eat Me, Ravenous, Storm Moon '05, Hunger Moon '07, Goneril, Robin Goodfellow, Penny Dreadful, Omen, Ü Mütter Museum, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, Scarecrow

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    I'm a wife, momma, writer, reader, movie-watcher, tea-drinker, (insert other descriptive nouns here) originally from Cincinnati, Ohio,USA, and preparing for a huge move to Seoul, South Korea.

    In no particular order: East Asia, tea, animals, travel, crochet, horror, films, origami, Halloween, books, writing, urban legends, meditation, Yoga, 1920's, 30's and 40's, vintage make-up and hair, psychobilly, Röyksopp, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, perfume, spirituality, cooking, parenting, psychology, criminology, philosophy, Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia, body art, incense, burlesque
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  1. cyanidenoir

    Herbert West

    Parsifal with a hint of Embalming Fluid and some aquatic notes! <3 This is one of the freshest of the BPAL scents. There's something about men who can bring the dead back to life that turns me on and so does this scent. It definitely does Herbert West justice.
  2. cyanidenoir


    Lavender fo sho Lavender...*sniffs*....eucalyptus, something really green, moss?, possibly mint, and musk. Sadly no bergamot. As everyone else has said, it's a very herbal scent and I love herbal so this is perfect. Thanks, Andrea!
  3. cyanidenoir

    Desiccated Frostberry Pie Filling

    In the bottle, this has a nice, tart cherry/deep black and blue berries scent. On my skin, it morphs into cherry chapstick. Definitely a frosty berry scent. Not really my cup of tea. BTW, from what I understand, there is no crust/pastry note in this blend. It's frost berry pie filling. I don't think it is meant to smell like a pie, but what's inside the pie. So, I'm not sure where the pastry note that everyone is talking about is coming from... UPDATED: Holy cherry pie, Batman...now I am smelling a slight pie crust. Or something buttery/baked.
  4. cyanidenoir

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v5

    #112 I, too, am not good with notes. All I really know is if I likey or if I loathey. And so far, I'm not liking this one On my skin, it's tobacco and soap with very little amber. After a while, it turns into tobacco-y soapy amber. Nope, not fer me.
  5. cyanidenoir

    Mysterious Warning

    This scent is way sweeter and way nicer than expected. Lavender, amber, hints of leather and jasmine tea, along with something I can't quite define. There is also a bit of vanilla which was unexpected. I'm hoping the jasmine doesn't go rotten eventually. Definitely want a partial bottle of this blend
  6. cyanidenoir

    To Helen

    I expected to love this with the ozone note being the first listed in the description but indeed I did not. On me, it smells like a cheap rose-scented candle.
  7. cyanidenoir

    Pink Mood

    There isn't a whole lot I can say about this scent besides that sniffing it causes me to have a mental orgasm. Vanilla and anise + vanilla and anise + more glorious vanilla and anise It dries down to a lovely vanilla and anise scent with just a hint of floral. Typically, when anise is a predominant note, it is too much for my overly-sensitive nose to handle but mixed with vanilla, it's just right. Of course I catch on to this awesomeness AFTER the blend is no longer available. I would sell my daughter for a bottle of this stuff! Ok, so not really, but I'd give something I love dearly for it!
  8. cyanidenoir

    Drink Me

    In the imp: Smells buttery! Not sure how I'm gonna like this one. Wet on my skin: Buttered toast - but a bit nicer. This scent doesn't make me gag like the smell of real toast. Cherry and pineapple as well! Smells like a lovely pastry. Dry down: Toast, still, faint lingering pineapple and.....turkey The turkey note blew my mind. I couldn't believe it. The cherry has disappeared and I am catching a whiff of something vanilla. Is it the custard? And a whiff of cinnamon. Combined, this smells like burnt rubber. x_x Overall impression: Beth's ability to create such a scent is very impressive. It makes a great novelty scent but this isn't something I'd wear. Thanks for the unique scent experience, Beth!
  9. cyanidenoir

    Long Night Moon

    Oh my....what a beautiful fragrance The honeysuckle stands out, as do the thyme and and mint notes. A relaxing, quiet scent, but it doesn't quite remind me of winter. It's more springish in my book. I am not typically a floral type o' girl, but I really like this blend.
  10. cyanidenoir


    Doesn't smell even a hint of mint. Is it just my wonky nose or does this smell just like Alien Invasion, minus the lime?
  11. cyanidenoir

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    On my skin, this smells just like a dry, semi-hard piece Strawberry Bubbleyum! A flash back to my youth. I love it! I must have a 5ml bottle of this
  12. cyanidenoir

    Black Lace

    My nose is wonky After reading all the rave reviews and searching long and hard for someone to swap with me for this scent, my day finally arrived to sniff to my heart's content. The moment I opened the bottle and took a sniff, I started to sneeze. There is a very strong note in this blend and it attacked my delicate nose. So I put the bottle away, thinking perhaps my nose would have a different reaction at another time. Nope. Still sneezy when I come into contact with this. This makes me very sad because, allergies aside, this is a lovely scent. Almost haunting. Maybe I should try again sometime?
  13. cyanidenoir

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    Gore-Shock. It smells like rotten, buttery barbecued pork. It totally turns my stomach
  14. cyanidenoir

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    It's funny that you'd mention burning it while you're reading.... The scent reminds me of when I was younger. I had a large jar of MN and I'd sit in my room with my lights off, burning the candle and reading by the light of the candle and the stupid purple Christmas lights I kept up in my room all year long. That was during the apex of my Stephen King obsession, so now it reminds me of Stephen King whenever I catch a wiff.
  15. cyanidenoir

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    My sister is in-love with the Midsummer's Night scent from Yankee Candle Co. and she has often commented that it would make an awesome cologne/perfume. So, I thought it would be cool to find her a blend that has a similar scent. None of the blends I have experienced so far smell like MN, but I am a perfume noob so that is not surprising. Would some of you more experienced perfume addicts help me out here, please? Thanks.