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  1. Ring/jewelry size? 9/9.5 and I love chokers and super long necklaces and not so much the mid length fall treat? My favorite fall treat is probably hot apple cider yum!!!! Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in thepackage vs over a skype/phone call? No preference to the type of spiritual services but leaning away from Skype or phone call ever so Slightly because of my social squickyness For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate? I love beautiful things and antique items, can be anything unique and from the heart Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK? omg! I love British biscuits, anything interesting or “strange” (it’s all relative) I’m all over it Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters? heck yes!! What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance) Smooth sailing for grad school, a cleaner (more organized really) home, and success at work! Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry? yes I love books! Love poetry and art as well!! I prefer print books Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in? i love small daggers, pouches, and long dresses with flowy sleeves, and cloaks omg  Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented?  all of the above and scented. A highly decorative unscented candle is also amazing  Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? i use dark nail polishes and black eyeliner, mascara and rouge frequently and pressed powder 😚 Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)? cant think of anything!!!  Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need? will come back to this one, can’t think of anything now —- back! Polymer clay in unique colors, If I were to knit you an adornment would you prefer a hat, fingerless mitts, a cowl, or a shawlette (small shawl, worn like a scarf.)  If yes, are you ok with soft wool (I have mostly merino)? What colors would you prefer? i love love wool, soft wool, and fingerless mittens. and I love blues and greens but also I love any beautiful colors, purples etc. Do you have a wishlist for BPAL perfume / gloss / atmosphere sprays? i do love hair gloss and atmos. Longing for dead leaves and blueberry cream. As well as hair glosses in the pie flavors!!!!!!! Banana cream pie +key lime pie gloss are top priority. Very open to trying Are you interested in a sewn or knitted tarot bag? Yes! I have a deck that would love a bag home! Would you like to sample our home made liqueurs? (Rosepetal and/or lavender vanilla bean and/or plum) yes!!!! Personally I made elderberry liqueur and Japanese plum liqueur and would love to share As well. Love homemade liqueurs!! How about jams? (peach, huckleberry, cardamom plum, cardamom/cinnamon/clove plum, anise plum, ginger jalapeno peach) YUM YUM to homemade jams. No restrictions besides if it’s so hot it will burn my mouth but most jalapeños in sweets that I have had is very manageable. Other canned goods? (green tomato relish, chokecherry jelly) Heck yes!!!!! Fudge? Also a heck yes! Lemon blueberry zucchini bread? also yes sounds so good!! Love lemon anything
  2. Kitab22n

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Any Germans know what candy this smells like? I cannot pick it out but it smells strongly of a candy in my oma’s packages. Really want to figure it out. It smells very candy, very yellow and orange(not the fruit) if that makes sense. A happy color for a happy smell!! I dab this one in my mask and it smells so good and comforting. Very uplifting and I need a full bottle ASAP