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    i love foody things. lovelovelove.actually, my top 10 changes so often it makes my head spin! i have favorites in all of the scent families. an actual, thought-out list of favorites can be found in the link in my signature.

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  1. ModderRhu

    Sugar Cookie

    this is for the 2011 version. it smells so good in the bottle like snickerdoodle cookie dough, but on my skin it’s pure cinnamon my skin always does this with cinnamon!! so frustrating.
  2. ModderRhu

    2020 Aesthetic

    beautiful! like a tart raspberry coulis!
  3. ModderRhu

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place for this but here goes. I browsed around and searched the forum for a guide on how to sell, but I came up short. I want to start selling some of my unloved BPAL. I've done a lot of buying (since 2010) on the forums and ebay, but never selling. I'd like to stay away from eBay for now as it seems sketchy. I was wondering how the process works. I visited the post office to ask about shipping small 5 ml bottles of perfume and first the guy working there told me it's illegal to ship perfume. Then when I told him I had perfume shipped to me all the time he asked in the back and they said it was fine as long as it's ground shipping. When I asked how much shipping ~three 5ml bottles would be, he said he wouldn't be able to tell me until I had the package ready. He also said he wouldn't be able to tell me the price of insurance (should I need it) beforehand. So...how do you know how much to charge someone for shipping and/or insurance? I don't think I'm going to need insurance often, but I'd just like to know. Also, what kind of paypal account do you need to have and how do you go about setting that up? How do you get a click and ship number? Tracking number? Lastly, I have a rough idea of what supplies I will need since I have bought so much from the forum, but any information on that would be awesome too. If there's a guide somewhere that covers all this info, please let me know! Thank you so much for reading!
  4. ModderRhu

    Hot, arid scents

    goblin (and to a lesser extent, tiki king), morocco, wooden mallets. hasty post, sorry! on my way somewhere
  5. ModderRhu

    Visions of Autumn V

    it smells like a much drier version of Awabi Divers, a recent Shunga. so dry, in fact, that it gave me a wicked headache and I had to scrub it off. I love all the ingredients so I'm not sure where it went wrong. boo
  6. ModderRhu

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    for MLAST: try aureus (GC), or Lady in a Speckled Pink Kimono (Luper, 2011 I think?) Dorian: Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds, Black Pearl, Embalming Fluid, Snake Oil (all GC), White Rose (LE) Midwinter's Eve: Bathsheba or Bordello (both GC)
  7. I think How Doth the Little Crocodile is amazing. it's not quite as brownie-like as Boomslang, but it does have a similar chocolate paired with woods vibe. and it's GC so you can easily get an imp. I find that it's nice both fresh and aged, with age bringing out more of the foodiness. fresh, it smells quite a bit more woody and balanced. You can still get Gelt right now with the current Yules. It's a very dry cocoa and amber scent. like sticking your nose in a tin of high quality cocoa powder whilst amber incense is burning in your kitchen. or something Bliss is a GC very similar to Gelt. almost identical. i like to layer Bliss with Aureus, which is a dry, dirty, sandalwood amber. The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love is a lovely salty cocoa incense smell. not as edible smelling as Boomslang, but still gorgeous. probably somewhat hard to find as it was a ThinkGeek exclusive scent. this was my first ever BPAL and an instant and current love. Delight and Consternation was a Luper from 2013 or 2012. it's like lemon poppyseed muffins with cocoa made less foody by skin musk. it's a bit perfumey smelling sometimes, but the lemon cocoa combined with oudh is so gentle and unique. Candy Butcher is another great one...but good luck trying to find any if you can get an imp of Bliss, don't worry about this one. just as good.
  8. ModderRhu


    vetiver light: Harimise (2010 Luper), Blood Kiss (GC) vetiver strong: Grand Inquisitor's Heretics Fork (Carnival Diabolique), Azatthoth (GC), Hurricane (discontinued GC)
  9. ModderRhu

    Egg Nog

    2011 Egg Nog: it kinda just smells like Snow White with a little nutmeg. it's nice, but wish it was eggier.
  10. ModderRhu

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    for obatala: The Sea Foams Milk, Brown Jenkin, Black Pearl, Goblin boo: Snow White (current LE), sticky pillowcase, go to sleep darlings (both not current LE), detestable putrescence lily witch: hellcat, port-au-prince, O, dragon's milk, Schrödinger's cat, robotic scarab. this one is kind of hard because you don't usually see lime, almond, and leather together. hmm. hope this helped!
  11. ModderRhu

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure

    Black patchouli, honey, and thick vanilla amber. I dunno. it's amazing on paper but bitter and tannin-y on my skin. with lovely honey over top. it's not different enough from occupy wallstreet to me.
  12. ModderRhu

    The Last Unicorn

    this smells like bad breath to me i love all the listed notes, but I don't get any of them. just morning breath. so disappointing!
  13. ModderRhu


    I like my peach with more dry ingredients. if this had more sandalwood, it would have been perfect for me. it's a little too monolithically sweet and juicy.
  14. ModderRhu


    I'm not sure about this one. there's a lot going on. I love all the listed notes, I just feel like it's a little busy. it's a powerhouse of an almond scent. very dry with old fashioned musk. not really foody at all. I wish I got more saffron. I don't hate it.
  15. ModderRhu


    love at first sniff. I love creamy, foody aquatics like this one and the sea foams milk. this one smells just as spa-like as TSFM, but creamier and beachier. very comforting.