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  1. windbourne


    April 1: Monsterbait Underpants -- I only have a drop or so of this left, so once again it is time to upend this vial on my wrist in the name of... uh... science? Testing everything in my stash over the course of the next, like, two years? IDK, it's the first of April, this is the last of this theme, and I wanted to. It's a wear-your-rares day or something like that. This is interesting. I remember it being sweeter than it is now, and if I stick my nose to my wrist, at first it smells mostly of slightly sour saffron and a bit of sandalwood, but the throw as it dries is amazing... for a while. For about fifteen minutes I really get that soft gorgeous golden sweet-but-not-too-sweet aura. Then it pulls a joke on me. This shares a number of notes with Love's Philosophy, which is terrrrrrrrrible on me. This is better (thank you sandalwood), but still ends up slightly root beer-ish in a bad way. The Lab's older cream notes often smell dusty on me. Sooo what I end up with might be best described as Butterbeer, drunk in a corner that needs dusting, while wearing a mild sandalwood perfume. Happy April? April 2: Red Lace -- I decided to pull out all the bottles of scents in the Dark Delicacies-exclusive Lace series that I own. I've had a few others pass through my hands, but right now I have exactly seven. Perfect. ^___^ This is definitely a Lace, but the dried pomegranate, all tart and red, makes this feel like a distant (living?) relative of the Crypt Royalty, especially on later drydown. I've never gotten much in the way of raspberry from it; it's much heavier on the woods/tobacco/patch than it is any fruity notes, at least on me. April 3: Pink Lace -- I bought this at Dark Delicacies. I'm endlessly grateful that I've been able to visit several times and never left empty-handed. This is not exactly the kind of scent that I enjoy wearing, however. It's not bad, I'm not contemplating washing it off or anything, but tea rose is my least favorite rose and strawberry often smells unappealing on me. The tobacco and champaca are pleasant, but as a whole, this might not be one I need in my collection. ...hm. Well, I guess part of the point of this exercise is to winnow out a few of the things I've never or rarely touched. April 4: Mourning Lace -- Probably my favorite Lace that I own. I like all the notes, and the clove, especially, is pleasantly strong on me. I did wear it out clubbing a few times for that 'we can't smoke cloves in here anymore, who smells like that?' factor, and because it's better and warmer (and safer!) than the clove EO I sometimes used to dab on when I was much younger. The oak is pleasantly mild, woody, and adds a little more tannic oomph to the delicate vanilla flower. It makes me smile when I wear it. It's just so nice. ❤️ April 5: Absinthe & Lace -- Soft, green, very gently smoky. The label on this one really wants to peel off. :< I like this, but I like L'Heure Verte more, and they're definitely in the same wheelhouse. The light florals in L'Heure give it just a bit more punch and I love it. That said, I can never have too many absinthe scents. :3 April 6: Summer Lace -- This is quite lovely, though there are a good several minutes where the apple blossom wants to come in and exude SWEET all over everything. Eventually it all calms down to a pleasant vanilla-tobacco-you know, that LACE thing sort of experience. April 7: Pumpkin Lace -- This feels so out of season! Warm, autumnal, sweet, very thick pumpkin with tobacco. It's a bit buttery and sticky, like pumpkin puree with sugary maple syrup. It somewhat more resembles what rum does on my skin, like, you could tell me this was a rum-pumpkin scent with tobacco and I'd believe you. I'm not really feeling it today, but then, I've been on a lighter, springtime florals and light baked goods scent kick lately (maybe I should hit up my Luper bottles after this) and I bet I'll love it again in late summer/fall. April 8: Harlow's Lace -- ........ I hate to admit it, but there are a couple of comments in the reviews saying that this one has similarities to Lush's HIWTK and, to my nose, at least, they are not wrong. It's got a similar sort of thick sweetness and honey-but-a-little-extra feeling. This, fortunately, has some grounding tobacco and a little bright pop from the cognac, so it's not identical, but I can see the point being made. And that's the last of my Lace bottles. I think I will pull some Lupers next, I'm really feeling some bright kicky florals after all this tobacco and booze. April 9: The Raptures and Roses of Vice -- ...so I immediately start with something that is a deep, very heady floral. I picked seven Luper bottles to play with for the next week, and three of them are from '08, the year I got into BPAL, so I sorted them alternating between '08 and not. This one's from 2013, the Our Lady of Pain update, and it is still mind-bendingly gorgeous to me. Deep, dark roses, bright magnolia, a lilt of tobacco tar under it all. I just *will smith pose* love this perfume. The only downsides are that it is quite strong and I have to be in a bit of a Mood to really wear it, and I could not wear it to work. I have worn it clubbing and it was pretty great for that. ....I keep sniffing my wrists and thinking GODDAMN I love this scent and the Lab's magnolia, wow holy heck. ....Obviously, this one's a keeper. 😉 April 10: Her Voice '08 -- Surprisingly, given how old it is, this sweetheart is still a fresh, watery floral bloom plus some beeswax. It stands as one of the only perfumes I own with a strong lily presence that I actually like. 😂 But here, the lily is overwhelmed by the other sweet flowers and it just smells like a gorgeous spring bouquet. This is my second bottle of Her Voice; my first one was my only (so far) casualty of knocking something over while decanting. 😭
  2. windbourne


    March 1: Deathly Pride -- Starting the month with a Naughty result from an Inquisition. For some reason, when this was live, I completely overlooked it, even though it is composed entirely of things I like a lot. Later, I got a decant and realized my mistake. Now I have one and a half bottles. ^__^ March 2: Mitzvah -- And ending my BPTP bottle week with a Nice perfume. This was a legend I was pretty sure I'd never get to sample as well, but I found it in a blog sale a few years ago along with my biggest discontinued GC lemming, Empyreal Mist. It's simple, sweet, and charming. I feel like a lot of these ancient perfumes have lost their mystique in the wave of newer perfumes that share similar notes or vibes, but I've been a fan long enough that I still feel that little thrill of "Omg, I have this" about them. March 3: Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream '08 -- I decided to poke into the Liliths drawer of my decant collection (I keep my LE decants in an old Vosges chocolate advent calendar that has perfectly decant-sized drawers) for the next nine days or so, and I'm starting with this one, which is a sort of pre-Lilith-Lilith. It's the scent that Beth released when she was pregnant with her, and it's definitely a bit of an oddball perfume, as you might expect. Since then, I've often wished I'd bought a bottle, but at the time my finances were much less consistent and I *really* didn't know how I felt about the notes. It's pretty nice, though red currant is not great on me and it's pretty strong to my nose. ^^;;;;; March 4: Cake Smash '09 -- I always expect to like this one more than I do. I've had the decant since '09 and every so often I sniff it because it smells really good in the vial, but on my skin the cupcake almost disappears under the Dorian/Doc Constantine/Snake Oil. It's not bad, by any means, but it isn't great on me, either. Textbook 'keep the decant, don't need a bottle' situation for me. March 5: Lilith's Feel Better Flowers '13 -- This is a great bedtime scent. However, I have quite a few of those (one of my all-time faves is Gladdener of All Hearts, with which this shares a few notes, and that one reads far less soapy on me), so I never felt compelled to buy a bottle, but the name and story are so cute that I never gave up the decant, either. ^_^; March 6: A Very Pink Surprise Cake '14 -- So! Very! Pink! Quite accurate to the smell of strawberry-ish-flavored cake. It does remind me just a touch of Golletes, but that one is drier and I like it more, hence why I never bottled this one. March 7: A Vast Similitude Interlocks All '15 -- ...Wow, mixed feelings about this one. I like aquatics, but usually darker, grittier ones with lots of seaweed, kelp, or brine. My main exception to this is Selkie, which is light and watery and full of greenery. This is neither of those. It's very bright and salty and beachy, but with a distinctly perfume note from the amber. It's not awful, but it's a very not-me perfume, and I can't imagine actually wearing it out. March 8: Heel '16 -- In a turnabout, this is mostly things I don't usually like (jasmine and grass), with only one note I'm okay with (honeysuckle), but I like it pretty well. This is another from the "I don't remember testing this before" file. I don't even remember buying it, but I'm happy I did. ETA: well, it vanished within two hours. So, er... March 8b: A Vigilant Eye At Heaven's Center '20 -- When I first tried this I didn't like it at all, but after chilling in my new decants box for a few months, it's much nicer. It's still a mass of green with a slightly funky undertone, but the mint is much brighter and it feels mellower. March 9: Rose Quartz Bedroom '20 -- Well, it does feel very translucent and pink. The white musk is pretty strong here, giving it a very clean, laundry-esque quality. Again, not bad, I'm not feeling the urge to wash it off or anything, but not very me-appropriate. March 10: Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards '20 -- Last one for this theme for now. ;} Finishing it off with a bouquet of very woody & clove-y tea roses. It's pleasant, though tea roses are my least favorite kind and I wish the red or white were a bit stronger to my nose. I'm not sad I tested it, but I'm glad I didn't blind-bottle. It's good, but doesn't hit me as OMG GOOD the way some other roses-and-woods scents have. Nice to see the thorny note again, though. I bought a bottle of Thorns (the dc'd Marchen, not the clove ciggies [though I do have that too]) not long ago and really enjoyed it. March 11: Serpent's Kiss -- After mentioning Thorns yesterday, I decided to pick out seven dc'd GC bottles for this week. Man, this stuff is strong. The vetiver has mellowed out a lot since I bought this (2014, just after the dc announcement), so it's not as smoky, and the dragon's blood is much stronger and more floral. It's still a brutal scent, both cold and spicy. March 12: L'Ecole des Filles -- Still one of the prettiest orange blossom-forward scents I've ever tried. March 13: The Little Sparrow -- Soft, fluffy, beige, but so pleasant. It took me a long time and a few misadventures to get this one. I've also accumulated probably six or seven imps of it, so I doubt I'll ever run out. March 14: Thorns (Marchen) -- This and Serpent's Kiss have similar openings -- vetiver & dragon's blood, very intense -- but this one dries down softer and woodier, with a bit of that lovely salty tears note. I really love the later drydown, when the blood has mostly faded and it's soft saltwater and wood. This was way too much for me when it was first released, but I've learned more about my tastes since then, and I'm happy Ajevie had a bottle of this in the charity sale. March 15: Ides of March '12 (proto)-- WELL, YES. This is one of those bottles I dig out once a year and smile happily about, then tuck back away and forget about. It's pretty nice, though, herbalish and almost sweaty by turns. Costus root is a fascinating note; Beth doesn't use it very often, and I usually don't like the things it gets paired with, but it's not quite like anything else. I'll go back to my dc'd gcs tomorrow. ;} (ETA: The drydown on this was just gorgeous. I really ought to pull it out more often.) March 16: The Unicorn (Mad Tea Party) -- Aaah, this one is so lovely, a barely-sweet, misty-pale floral. I like linden about half the time, and the other half it makes me think laundry thoughts. This is one that does not leave me with that impression. I really love the Lab's misty scents. Too bad they get discontinued fairly often. 😕 March 17: Three Witches (Illyria) -- While I do have some of the Bards of Ireland series, I'm sticking with my theme today. ;3 This one's a great layering scent, but quite pleasant alone, too. I like wearing it during colder weather. March 18: Empyreal Mist -- It took me seven years of missing or being outbid on ebay and sales posts to finally manage to catch a full bottle, but I finally did. I had swapped and sold for several imps (and a bottle of v3!) and would have been happy with a partial or empty, but I finally managed it, and now it's one of my personal BPAL treasures. I just really, really enjoy that mist note. It's so nice. March 19: Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) -- I picked out seven collab/licensed scents I have bottles of to play with this week. Much to my surprise, considering that I usually don't think I like it that much, four of them have leather as a distinct or primary note. This one definitely does! It's very sexy scent, moreso than I usually go for. I don't wear it often, but I'm happy to have the low partial I have, because it's amazing. March 20: Sweets to the Sweet (Clive Barker) -- Tart, sugary, conspiratorial. I blind-bottled this and have never regretted it. It's got commonalities with the March '20 13, but it lacks the depth that the darker sugars add. It's a bit hypnotic, and almost, but not quite, floral. March 21: The Book (Paranorman) -- I have a low partial of this, which is good, because I'm not sure I've ever worn it before. ^^; I have a few other book-type scents I like a lot (Ü is my favorite!) and this one has a musty quality I'm not very into. March 22: Channel Snow (Kabuki) -- It's mellowed some since I bought the bottle (2016), but it's still that gorgeous galbanum fuzz it was when I first tried a decant of it. Love love love. March 23: Jareth -- What even needs saying about it? ^__^ There was no possible way I was going to not buy this, even if it were somehow composed of every note I hate, but luckily I think it's pretty great. March 24: Alcie (Pandora) -- I distinctly remember disliking this, but testing it now, it's not bad. It still smells very soapy until it's completely dry (green musk, you are not my friend), but afterwards, it's very nice. March 25: Liz (Hellboy) -- The first couple of times I sniffed Liz I thought I was safe forever, but at Will-Call in...2018, I think? I skin-tested it a bit and discovered that she was beautiful. I deeply suspect that this scent has a few batch variations, and I would definitely want to sniff it in person before buying. But the sweet, smoky, leathery, vaguely floral drydown is so worth it. Seriously, though, how did I end up with so many leather scents? It's not a note I thought I was especially fond of, but ...perhaps I was mistaken. March 26: Monsterbait: Underbed -- I'm doing a decant countdown to April Fool's this week. ;} IDK if the Lab will do an April Fool release this year, but I love them and enjoy seeing what shenanigans they come up with! I got this a long, long time ago, thinking it sounded pretty amazing, but it was one of two or three attempts to be friendly with the Lab's cassia note that didn't go well. It's fine, I like the rest of the notes, but I'd like it a lot better if it were normal cinnamon instead of cassia, which smells slightly of dirt on me. 😅 March 27: Velvet Nudie -- Super-simple, but very interesting. The throw increases over time, so I can barely smell it at first, then my SO is asking me what I'm wearing after two hours. I'm not sure I'd want a bottle (I didn't get any bottles from the Velvet Salon, though I have or have had decants of all of them), but I'm definitely keeping this decant. March 28: Teatime in Roswell -- This is very confusing. I tested it twice, and the first time it vanished without a trace, to the point that I forgot I'd put it on and put on something else. The second time it was definitely cucumber sandwiches at first, but then later it shifted, becoming almost floral and very nice. I went into it thinking I'd give it one last chance and probably toss it in the swap box, but instead, I think I'll keep it. It's just weird enough to keep my attention. March 29: Opuhi -- So, funny story, I opened the vial to sniff this and it smelled weird, off, not at all the beautiful pale tropical glory of Opuhi I know. The label was fully wrapped around and taped, so I cut it open and there were barely two drops left in it. I've definitely noticed that the lower the amount of oil (hence the greater amount of air in the vial), the more likely an older scent is to go strange, so in the spirit of adventure I just dumped those last two drops on my arm to see how it actually still smelled. It was pretty close to fine! I have a bottle of this as well, and I may return to it again this year -- it's a gorgeous summer scent -- but this imp is now empty. March 30: Knockout Drops -- The notes for this, on paper, are a list of a bunch of things I love, but the actual scent on me is reminding me why I never sought out a bottle. It's kind of clean minty lemony vague and a little vanilla, no absinthe to speak of. I'd blame age, but it's always been like this. It's neither good nor bad, it's just kind of ...there. The reviews indicate that I'm not the only one who got this impression, and I'm a little jealous of the folks who get a more distinct fragrance. March 31: Tiki King -- Really nice, woody, dark, coconut. I like this a lot, tbh. I'm a little surprise I never went for a bottle, though to be fair, it's a little darker than most of the coconut scents I really love, and more suitable to my tastes now than around the time it was available. I'm happy I have this! (eta: This also lasted f o r e v e r. I could still smell a bit of coconut incense-ish on my wrist twelve hours later -- tbqh, it reminded me a lot of the drydown of Deathly Pride!)
  3. windbourne


    Feb 1: Pothôn Mêtêr -- It is, in fact, my birthday, it is nearly Luper season, and so I have pulled out one of my all-time favorite scents, from any company ever. I love it so much, and wear it pretty regularly and yet somehow, miraculously, it is barely below the shoulder. Magic. Feb 2: Gingerbread Zombie -- I have three gingerbread-and-mint combo scents now, including this one (matcha & raw mint and peppermint candies are the other two), so apparently this is something I'm really drawn to. Good thing that they are all very distinct from each other! This one is the softest and sweetest, and dries down to gently spicy chocolate. Feb 3: Endless Corridors -- I went through a phase of wanting to buy ALL THE BEESWAX scents pretty early on, so I have quite a number of them, and this is not my favorite. It does smell like dirty, smoky wax, which accomplishes the atmosphere for sure, but is not something I feel like wearing on a regular basis. It might make a nice room scent, however, or like, as background scent for a tabletop rpg session. Feb 4: Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains -- Oh, no I love this. It's lovely, and the white amber is only very gently soapy. It does remind me of some of the Lace scents, but it feels so airy compared to most of the ones I have. It's interesting; it feels like many of these haunted house scents should be layered with each other. Like, I may try adding Endless Corridors to this, though I may end up with something resembling a lighter Young Edith's Bedroom. Which...appropriate, no? Feb 5: The Cherry-Tree Carol -- This was the one I laser-focused on from the Winter collection this year. I'm not sure why, exactly, since I don't generally gravitate towards, and usually avoid, cherry scents. This one is cherry, but it's also woody and resinous and slightly floral and yeah, I really like it. ^___^ I always seem to have luck when I go with my gut on a particular scent! Feb 6: The Icebergs -- Peach & pine! ....I'm not sure how I feel about this one. It's very odd. I can pick out a lot of the notes, but right now it's blending together on my skin in a way that reminds me of pine-scented cleaning products and clay. ...hm. May have to give this some time and test it again later. (eta: it dried down lovely. ) Feb 7: Rose-Tinted Mirror (TAL) -- I'm giving myself a sort of mental spa day today so this felt both thematically and emotionally correct. It's very soothing and pretty. Feb 8: 13 (March 2020) -- Sugar sugar sugar!! It's hard to believe this one's less than a year old! But it's already one of my favorites from this series, and completely different from all the rest. I really enjoy the journey through the various sugars on my skin. Feb 9: Sugar Skull '08 -- I'm going to test a week of old Weenie decants (including one I full-sized), because why not. ^__^ Kicking it off with a classic. It's not one of my faves, and the only bottle I have is a very low partial of '04, which is dark and sticky and more brown sugar than this one, but it's weirdly nice. It hasn't made an appearance in a few years, but it was a solid presence in the Weenies for quite a long time! It's good for when you want sweet and fruity but not foodie, if that makes sense? I like it, but I don't find it compelling. (Lol, it's there this year; I forgot to check. ^^; ) Feb 10: Frosted Pumpkin Spice Cookie -- ...yep, that sure is what it is. I've gotten a lot less enamored by pumpkin-y scents as time has gone by, but this is still pretty nice. Extremely autumnal and very distinctively frosting-y; I can almost taste it. I'm happy I pulled this one out! It's delicious. Feb 11: All Souls '07 -- How to put it. This smells like a box of BPAL imps. Incense, slightly sweetened, but mostly just blurry, vaguely curranty, incense. I don't think it's turned, it still smells like what All Souls smells like, but the age and leakiness of this imp may mean it's time to chuck it into my freebies box instead of putting it back in the collection. I'm not sure I'm likely to wear it again after this, I have scents with both incense and curranty cake notes that I like much better. (eta: LOL, joke's on me. It dried down absolutely gorgeous and lasted for hours. This is what happens when you have too much perfume, folks. You forget.) Feb 12: Dead Leaves, Chamomile, Red Roses, & White Tea -- I'm not a huge fan of the Dead Leaves series. It's not bad, but every time I try one I just feel kind of eh about it. This was one of a few I picked as decants in 2016, and I still feel pretty eh about it. I like the Lab's chamomile note a lot, and it's very present, but I do not love this scent on me. Feb 13: Perilous Parlor '07 -- This was my first pear scent and I didn't love it. But in early 2012 The Vine was released and I suddenly discovered that I adored pear. But PP was re-released that fall and ...I still didn't love it, and didn't buy a bottle. It had a dusty, slightly perfumey quality to it (to my nose), even fresh. That said, this decant is perfectly pleasant, and I won't be pitching it post-haste. Feb 14: The Bride (Luper '16) -- Well, it's Valentine's Day, it would be more thematic to pick a Luper, right? This one is so light and lovely and romantic. I love magnolia as a note and it really shines here. Feb 15: The Changeling -- Back to the Weenies for two more days. This is a decant I don't actually remember ever trying before. I probably did, at the time (it's from 2011, when my collection was much smaller and I tried every decant I got as soon as I got it, covering my arms in dots of oil!) but I have no memory of it at all. ...And it turns out it's great. It's pumpkin without spices, plus pale wood and a soft linen note. Reading the reviews makes it sound like it was pretty rough going when it was fresh, but the passage of ten years has made this one smooth and beautiful to my nose. Thanks for the present, past-me! Feb 16: Ooky -- I was a little surprised to find I still had this decant, because I used about half of it in less than two weeks and promptly bought a bottle. ;3 I love almond on my skin -- when I was a kid, my mom let me use vanilla and almond extracts as perfume, and that association has never quite gone away -- and this is a delightful little nostalgia bomb of pumpkin and marzipan. Feb 17: Volcano in Springtime -- It's Luper week! I hear rumors they're due to go live soon. This one, from 2016, is pretty meh on me. It's very faint, fairly sweet, and not very interesting. The cream note in it smells a bit chemical on my skin. I do like some of these light, pale, pretty scents, but this one is not a good one for me. Feb 18: Venus Victrix -- Pretty roses and red musk and patch and sandalwood. I think, if I had been newer to BPAL when this came out, I would have really loved it, but it came out in 2015, and I already had several blends in this general wheelhouse by then. Dried down very nice, but still not something I'd have bought a full bottle of. Feb 19: Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono -- Once again, pale, pretty, though fairly distinctively pink. Starts sugary, ends floral, not much else in between. I had to look up the notes and reviews because this was another one I couldn't even remember trying. ... It's fine, I guess? It's funny, for how much I love a number of Lupers and how much variation there is within any given release, I managed to grab a random handful containing a few similar scents and at least two of the remaining four I know I didn't like. ^^; Feb 20: Pontia -- A little while back I finally identified bergamot as one of the notes that makes me think 'soapy' on my skin, so this one really just smells like an exquisite hand soap to me. Welp. ^_^; Feb 21: Inganok Jewelers -- This is one of the two I don't like. I am not really a fan of the 'stone' accord (seen also in Night's Bridge and 13 Hours) and tend to want to wash it off pretty quickly. Adding silver (which I have liked in other combinations) doesn't make me like it any more. I'm putting this one on before a bath because I know it lasts forever and I don't want it to be around later on. Feb 22: Milk Chocolate, Raw Ginger, and Butterscotch -- Pretty nice, no surprises here. It is, however, a little too buttery-sweet and I love this ginger note more in other things, particularly Mother Ginger and Vespertilio Proterus. I know why I kept this decant, and I also know why I didn't buy a bottle. Feb 23: Love's Philosophy ('16) -- This was one that became somewhat legendary because it didn't come around again for 8 years after its first release. But I hated the first release and got rid of my first decant fairly shortly after getting it. I picked it up again when it finally reappeared just to see if maybe a slightly more adjusted nose would find it more pleasant, but nope. It's very odd, because all the notes (vanilla, saffron, cream) I have enjoyed in other blends, but somehow, all together in this one, they are awful on me. So, verdict from Luper week is that I have four decants to put in the swap/sale box and three to put back into collection. Cool. Feb 24: Licorice Bats -- I think I'll spend this week exploring some of my BPTP bottles. (also I have a migraine and this scent is very mild, which is very necessary right now) This li'l guy is soft and soothing and very gently fruity and doesn't do anything weird on me. It has better throw and staying power than it did fresh, which is nice. It's not one I go for terribly often, but when I do, I'm glad to have the full bottle. Feb 25: Crypt Princess -- Yes, I do have her coffin somewhere in storage. This takes a while to settle on my skin, and the first few minutes are pretty terrible, but then it's pretty good, though still a bit tart, as you would expect from the pomegranate. Definitely related to Crypt Queen and King (I'll get to them later this week), but a bit more floral. Feb 26: L'Estate -- I got this in an Inquisition just a few months after really getting into BPAL. I actually bought two sets, this and L'Inverno, but ended up disliking the latter and sold the full set (perfume, atmo, bath oil) off at some point along the way. This set I kept (and later ended up picking up L'Autunno secondhand) but I never understood until now why it wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, and why it was so lightly soapy for so long on my skin. The answer is lily. ^_^;; It's still pretty nice, but I prefer the bath oil/atmo spray, neither of which have lily. (As a sidenote, the Four Seasons Inquisition was absolutely brilliant. Three [technically four, since there were also extremely limited matching soaps] iterations on a theme, all working together in a delightful whole.) Feb 27: Crypt King -- I'd kind of forgotten how much of a fuss there was about this one until I read the review thread, though checking my email, I actually bought it a few months after the initial release, sans coffin, but direct via the BPTP Etsy shop. It's quite pleasant, that lovely earthy pomegranate with more masculine, cologne-ish notes. I'm pretty happy I have all three members of this royal family; I should pull them out more often! Feb 28: Crypt Queen -- Started the month with one fave, ending it with another, though I still have two more days in my BPTP theme week. This was something I originally got as a decant very early on and didn't like, but a few years later, someone gifted me a low partial of it and I fell in love. It's one of those ones that defies all my usual likes and turns them into a deep love. Everything about it is beautiful.
  4. windbourne


    I figure I might as well paste the previous three months in for continuity. -- Jan 1: Winter-Time ‘10 — my perfect snow scent. It’s all rain here right now, but I remember one day a few years ago where I walked out in the weather right before the flakes started coming down, and the air smelled just like this. Jan 2: The Shadowy and the Sublime — This came out in a year where there was a Will-Call in my area, and I disliked it at first, but I kept coming back to sniff it, and eventually, test it, and the drydown hit me in the best way, so I ordered a bottle. The name matches it perfectly; it is both shadowy and sublime. Jan 3: Beaver Moon ‘05 — One of my oldest bottles, and the only Beaver Moon I bought secondhand. It still smells like cheesecake-y cupcakes, even fifteen years on, though it seems a little fainter than I remember. I have a couple of bottles of Beaverversary lurking around as well, but this one’s the original, cobalt-bottled deal. Jan 4: Mother Shub’s Stygian Nougat — Gosh, I haven’t worn this in ages. Nougat, honey, lavender, thyme, all present and still lovely. I used it as a sleep scent for quite a while until it got packed away during one move or another. I’m happy to see it again! Jan 5: Kourabiedes — I haven't eaten one in years now, but this perfume sure does take me back to being a kid while my grandparents were baking these particular cookies. I bought enough of the imp pack it came from to put together a full bottle, that's how much this one affected me. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. ;3 Jan 6: Neutral — I just really needed a soft, pleasant scent today. Jan 7: Humbug -- Vanilla licorice! It's so simple and so lovely. Licorice is a very divisive scent (and food!) but I enjoy it a lot and have quite a few licorice scents. Oddly, in sorting my collection the other day, I noticed that a large percentage of them are either Yule or BPTP or, like this one, both. Jan 8: Give Me Thy Breath, My Sister -- I can't explain to you how much I love this oddball scent. The combination of almost-powdery sweetness and intense, damp, almost musty greenery is just beautiful. It improves my mood immediately when I wear it, and I love that the inspiration was caring for carnivorous plants. Jan 9: Blackbear Moon -- I've had two black cats, and this precious beast always reminds me of putting my face in their soft little bellies and huffing. I have two bottles and they are very dear to me. It's also got crazy longevity on me -- I'm putting it on before bed, but I know from past experience that it'll still be quite strong in the morning. Jan 10: (I really wanted to wear a scent from a different company today, so I did. ^^; Some days you just have particular things you want to wear, and Arcana's Love was it for yesterday.) Jan 11: White Rose (BPTP '09) -- I'm really on a binge of soft, pretty, or comforting scents lately. I bought the pair, but I've been more likely to wear White Rose alone, whereas Red Rose I pretty much only wear layered with its companion. I really love BPAL's white rose scents & I have quite a lot of them, but this is one of my faves. Jan 12: The Vine -- A lovely, rich, sweet pear scent, probably my favorite of the several I've tried. It's gotten a bit denser over the years, and almost smells more like pear jam or something similar to me. I first tried this one at a Will-Call as well, and bought it as soon as the Lupers went live that year. Jan 13: Love in the Asylum -- It's very stormy tonight, so again I went with something soothing, in a way. It's a softer scent than you'd think, based on the notes. (two roses, tolu balsam and ambergris with vanilla, labdanum, tobacco leaf, carnation and tonka) -- I got this ....in a blog sale, I think? Or something similar. I like it a lot; it bears some small resemblance to White Rose, but I'd call them more distant cousins than immediate family. Jan 14: Huesos de Santo '08 -- I've gone through one and a half bottles of this one because it's one of the very few scents I can wear always and anytime. ❤️ Jan 15: Bah! -- I went through a phase where I desperately wanted All The Coffee Scents, so this was what I was hoping for from that Inquisition. (I bought Humbug secondhand later.) I miss the Inquisitions; there was something fun about not knowing exactly what you were going to get until you got it, though I always wrote something that indicated which I wanted and always got that one. Jan 16: Bones Trombone -- This occupies a very strange place in my collection. I don't like clowns, I don't usually like lemon, and at the time, I wasn't really sure about blueberry, either. But I do like things that combine sweet and green, and this hits that right on the clown nose, plus a big hit of tart & bitter. I only have a half-bottle, because I waffled over it too long when that series was live, but I do dig it out and wear it every so often. Like today. Jan 17: Pinched With Four Aces -- I was poking around in my stash of older April Fool's decants and discovered that I have a 3/4 full decant of this that I don't remember acquiring. This says something about my collection, probably. It was one I was sure I'd never be able to find, but at some point, I clearly did. O_o; It's real nice, though, woody cinnamon with just a half-hint of sweetness. Jan 18: The Bear Prince '15 -- I blind-bottled this one when it came out because I love rose, snow, and fur notes, but I feel like it's one that is more than the sum of its parts. It's only gotten more beautiful and long-lasting as it's aged. Jan 19: Door -- Chamomile and honey. That's what's going in my teacup today, and that's what's on my wrists. I just gotta chill. Jan 19.5: Valse Finale et Apothèose -- Door lasts forever on me. It's mostly faded after about 10 hours, though there's still a hint of cistus and honey if I sniff closely, but I want something new, so I'm following it up with something related to it, to my nose. Valse lacks the herbal notes, but makes up for it by being twice as sweet, with more honey and apple blossom. Good for sweet dreams, hopefully. Jan 20: Take A Knee — I bought this at Will-Call in 2019. It’s one of the few apple scents I enjoy wearing. Jan 21: Hanami -- This was one of the two bottles in my very first Lab-direct order in 2008 (The other was Spider!). The description -- A scent of peace, reflection, and renewal of the spirit: sakura, ume blossoms, and wisteria -- was what I wanted to feel like today. Jan 22: Gypsy (Moth) -- Still one of the best cardamom scents I own. It's just beautiful, sweet and simple and gently musky. Jan 23: Lump of Coal '19 -- I wanted something thick, sticky, sweet, and CHOCOLATE. So, Lump of Coal. I don't have an oven at the moment, or I'd actually be making brownies. Jan 24: No. 93 Engine -- I feel like I've been wearing a lot of Yules/Winter, so I pulled out an old GC fave. I was genuinely startled when it showed up in the Tournament of Underdogs, because it's just so gorgeous. ^_^; I ordered another bottle to age with my Winter order. ;3 Jan 25: Lán Yuèliàng -- Something very new for a change. While Luna Azul remains my uncontested top Blue Moon variation, this one's not bad. Jan 26: Aoede, Melete, Mneme -- Man, this is so good. I got a decant hoping I'd like it and immediately turned around and went for a full bottle. It's like a smooth, rich, melted caramel, but grounded and just a little earthy. Jan 27: Bite Me -- I'm in such a foodie mood right now. ^^; Give me all the pastries and candy and cookies! This one's interesting in that it's got a very floral impression that you wouldn't expect from the notes. But it dies down after a little while and I'm left with light almondy pastry cream and a hint of caramel. ...Time to go eat dinner. Jan 28: The Ifrit -- This bottle's from '08 at the latest and it's so dry and so spicy and so good. I've been wearing too much sugar lately, which feel both seasonal and also like a very necessary comfort move. But I think I'll continue this habit on into February at least, so I should start branching out further into my collection. :3 Jan 29: Blood Moon '05 -- Spicy & cool is another thing I like a lot in a perfume, and this one is exactly that. It's foresty and mellow, but definitely has some cinnamon to brighten it up, and it gets sweeter on drydown. Jan 30: El dia de Reys '07 -- Back on my sweets kick. ;} This was one of my very first BPAL chocolatey loves! It's come back a few times, and I think I still have a decant of at least one other year lurking somewhere in my stash, but for me, the first one is the best one, and the only one I have a full bottle of. It's almost boozy on me, but I'm pretty sure that's just the brown sugar doing that thing it does. Jan 31: Snow, Glass, Apples -- I did it. A full month, noting what I wore every day! Tomorrow's my birthday, and I felt like wearing something special for the end of January. So, this little cobalt bottle. Still smells like sexy vampire apples, even over a decade from first release. It's not the kind of perfume I gravitate towards, but I'm glad I have it and I'm glad I kept it all this time.
  5. windbourne

    Monster Bait: Underbed

    I don't especially like the Lab's cassia note. It's like cinnamon, but not quite, a little bit earthier, and it sits on my skin very strangely. I do like coconut, cocoa, and cake, however. This starts CASSIA, then drops back down into light, coconutty cake with a soft cocoa powder note plus CASSIA. After a while, it's mostly just fluffy coconut-laced cake with a hint of cocoa dust and cassia. Much later and it's earthy cassia powder with a li'l touch of cake. Hours later, it's just a hint of mildly gritty cassia. Sooooo Underbed is not something I need to hanker after. Whew. ;} Disclaimer: I've had this half-decant for probably ten years and tested it once or twice with similar results. If you have a more full decant or, better yet, a bottle, and, most importantly, you like cassia, you may have a different experience.
  6. windbourne

    Bernardino Dotted Blue

    This decant has been hiding out in my stash for several years, and I tested it without checking the notes first. ^_^;; Unfortunately, for me this was a scrubber. It's 3/4 notes I can't wear or don't like and stays true to that on my skin. Copal always turns into a particular brand of flea shampoo on me, lily of the valley is high and shrieky, and violet leaf smells like dust, so what I ended up with for the ten minutes I was willing to bear it was a high shrieky soap with a pretty heavy throw. I'm pretty sure that if I let it dry down fully the tobacco and patch would probably take over and it would be pleasant enough, but I can't deal with the rest of the notes. Welp. (I'm not concerned that it's gone off after 8 years in my imp box. I have BPAL much older than this li'l guy that still smell fine and are wearable. This one just isn't for me. ^_^!)
  7. windbourne

    Mountain Temple

    I wish I could add more to that, but I had exactly the same experience as brineydeep. 😂 It's a lovely light incense with a hint of chilly, gently greenish snow and a very slight sweetness. It doesn't throw very far, but it lasts a decent amount of time and I found it detectable even after washing my hands a few times. It faded to a very pale sweet sandalwood. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do, but I'm really happy I blind bottled it, and can see myself wearing this a lot this winter when I want something serene to wear that won't draw a lot of attention. I think this will make a really good work scent.
  8. windbourne

    Frostbitten Knave of Hearts

    I had my bottle of KoH handy, so I applied that one to one wrist and this one to the other. This year's Frostbitten scents (I got three) are definitely a cold, slightly minty frost note to my nose. As Torikitty commented, Knave, unfortunately completely gets overtaken by that note for most of the wear time. As it dries, I do get more of the base, a little cold rose and some fruitiness, plus a little bit of pastry. It dried down to a softer, almost dryer sheets-y version of the base scent. I like it, but I wouldn't consider it an essential unless you're absolutely obsessed with both parts. If you haven't tried KoH, the notes are "crushed roses and blackcurrant tarts", and it's pretty delightful, imo. This one didn't do a whole lot for me as a separate scent, but if I couldn't find my bottle of OG KoH, I'd be reasonably happy with it.
  9. windbourne

    Frostbitten TKO

    TKO (sweet lavender, possibly marshmallow?), but it dries down to a minty snow note. Similar in throw (moderate), wear length (long, with a slow fade), and just as soothing, but I found it gently jarring to wake up and smell a cool frosty note instead of just lavender. ^_^;; Worth getting if you think you'll like it, but otherwise zero surprises.
  10. windbourne


    Three of my favorite notes in one glorious place? Yes, please, and THANK YOU. Well, two (white rose & ambergris) and one that I usually like and often accompanies one or the other. It is, indeed, the bomb, if these things are things you also like. The heart is ambergris, salty and damp, but also warm and sexy, followed by a rich breath of dusty orris, then crowned with a very cool, but slightly over-blown white rose. It's not exactly an aggressive perfume, but it's a surprisingly big scent with a pretty solid throw. Less femme fatale and more ...idk, that gently overwhelming boss in a very sleek gray wool suit who wears pearls and is rumored to have a lot of very interesting kinks, but no one can prove a damn thing. Everyone wants to know, but no one ever wants to ask. It's not especially complex (outside of the complexity inherent in ambergris), but it is beautiful and I love it. If I were to give it a color it would be something like the inside of an oyster -- lightly shimmery pearly white to gray, perhaps with a hint of iridescence. If your skin is prone to going sour or sharp with roses and you don't like it, I'd probably skip this one. The particular combination does bring out that aspect. Throw & wear are both slightly above average on me, but the drydown is pure ambergris SN, as is almost always the case on my skin. If there's ambergris in it, that's all that remains after a few hours. Overall yeeeeeeeeessss I'll take five.
  11. windbourne


    Fascinating. I love it when scents come up as heavily YMMV, even on the first page of reviews. I really loved Shortbread Snowflakes, a BPTP scent/bath oil from a while back, and this has a lot in common with that on me. Actually, it's almost identical after drydown, which puts me firmly in the category of 'all cookie, minimal rose' reviewers. I can smell the rose very strongly in the bottle, and for the first minute or so that it's on my skin. Big fluffy tea roses, plus warm, very buttery shortbread. It's pretty good! Then it dries and the roses just vanish. Once in a while if I jam my nose up to my wrist, I get a bare hint of what might have once been a petal fluttering by. I like both sets of notes just fine on their own, but I was hoping for a slightly more balanced blend. I have a mildly hilarious amount of Shortbread Snowflakes, so I'm almost regretting blind bottling this rose. Almost. It's still a delicious smelling and very foody perfume, and I really like the initial HELLO ROSE blast. :9 Moderate throw, lasts average length, fades to buttery sugar.
  12. windbourne

    The Fool’s Tranquility

    I often enjoy very simple blends, and this one is very simple indeed: a clean, soft honey with a gentle nibble of pink pepper. The honey is definitely dominant; I have to really huff to get any pepper on my wrist, though it's more present where I dabbed a bit on my forearm. If it had a color it would be a soft warm beigey neutral with pink tones. It's almost boring, but still somehow soothing. Except. Once in a while, I sniff at my arms and end up sneezing, and that makes me laugh. This is not the only perfume with pink pepper in it that I've had that response to and it feels especially apt here, given the inspiration. NB: If you are someone for whom certain honey notes go powdery you'll probably want to avoid it, though. It's definitely that sort of honey. Heck, it almost goes powdery on me, and I'm not prone to that sort of thing unless there's something else in there (orris, usually, or milk) also giving that impression. Light, gentle, minimal throw, lasts a few hours, fades gracefully into a lightly peppered honey on me.
  13. windbourne


    This is one of those very rare perfumes that I put on and really enjoyed for about ten minutes and then something went terribly wrong and I had to wash it off. Unlike Haltija, I normally adore the smell of root beer, but Outlaw actually did make me feel nauseated. I'm not sure whether it was the root beer-leather combo, or if the cream usually turns into dust on me problem reared up and bit me, or if I'm allergic to some unlisted note, or what, but, yeah, sick to my stomach after about ten minutes. Tested it twice, and both times, no bueno. Those ten minutes are pretty good, though. Fresh sarsaparilla and a bit of leather, pretty simple and almost foodie, but not quite. Throw was solid, and I could catch whiffs just moving my hands. I'm not sad I bought it, but it's definitely off to a new home, and I'm leaving this review to remind myself that no matter how good it sounds, root beer + leather may not be my friend. I definitely see the comparisons to Le Pere Fouettard, with the complementary sweet & leather notes. ...Man, though. The mental images it brings up are stellar. Lilith in chaps with a cap gun strolling up to the bar and demanding the house reserve root beer, yyy? The dusty scent of the saloon, the smooth frothy mug slightly overflowing with strong homemade rooty brew capped off with a dollop of vanilla cream, the faint jingle of horses outside. If you breathe in deeply you can catch the scent of their saddles.... It's pretty much the best, and I wish it worked on me.
  14. windbourne

    Muddy Puddles

    I feel really weird about writing a review that is ultimately a finger pointing up and "what they said!" but sometimes that's all there is to be done. Yep, powdered hot chocolate mix with dehydrated marshmallows. That is exactly what this smells like on me. Soft, sweet, minimal throw, but the dregs of it linger on my wrist for some time. Very slight plastic, but not nearly as bad as Bliss was on me. I'm inclined to chalk that up to the difference between the 'milk chocolate' and 'cocoa' notes, though the initial waft is somewhat similar. Got a 5 ml from Etsy recently, but I've had a decant since last year.
  15. windbourne

    Coconut Meat

    So I used to obsess over coconut things when I was a kid, and this included buying raw coconuts, drilling holes in them to drain the milk, then smashing them with hammers in the garage and gobbling up the meat as best I could with my grimy little kid fingers. And that's what this smells like to me. =^.^=