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    Mmm... I'm a foody at heart. Love vanilla, pumpkin, chocolate, and fruit especially pear. I do adore some florals like rose and violet and have a great love affair with Asian blends such as Tamamo-no-mae and Glowing Vulva.

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    Perfume and bath stuff! Scrubs, oils, sprays, you name it ^_^
    I also enjoy cross stitching, MMOs include GW2 (Im Belila Jadystace if you fancy an ingame chat or adventure!), reading horror, historical and fantasy books, and generally being a borderline crazy clean person!
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  1. naughteblonde

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I was just wondering if there was perhaps a sort of project to make a compendium of all BPAL/BPTP labels going on? Ive been wandering about in the review sections and thinking it would be lovely to be able to see optional photos of each year's label on some of the regulars like the Yules and Weenies we see most every year. Has it happened? If not would it be possible? Sorry if this has been suggested before, organisation tends to make me oddly happy.
  2. Normally I try to avoid any scent described as 'cold' as usually that means my skin will turn it to pure pine or lemon cleaning fluid however when Beth does certain wintery cold snowy scents they are absolutely beautiful. My personal recs would be: *Winter-Time (Yule '10) This is a very sweet mint and woods type on my skin. It smells just like a fresh breath of air in a calm snowy forest. Absolutely beautiful. *Snow White (Yule) The Snow White change subtley with each years different blends but my personal prefs are SW 07 and 09. Several people however say that she gets better as she ages so if you can get some 04 grab it! SW is the scent embodiment of 'skin as white as snow'. Shes floral with something Ive never been able to distigush that makes her cold. If youve ever imagined scents as a color in your mind, she would be a crisp unsullied white. *Numb (Forum? LE 05) Though this was a rather unpopular scent at the time of its release I was one of the few who loved it thus ended up with so much! Its a strong violet with something that almost verges on mint. Its a hit or miss type of scent - you either love it or you cant stand it. The Girl (Yule 09) Shes incredibly sought after for a reason! The Girl is a mixture of sharp musks and woods that mix together to create a stunning feminine scent that IMO is perfect for winter. Shes easy to fall in love with but very difficult to find. As I tend towards the mint heavy in winter theres a fair few that come into that category too such as Snowblind, any of the Lick It! family, Spooky and Tokyo Stomp.
  3. naughteblonde

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    Recently got a bottle of Alone from the Demon in my View set and Im stuck by how much it resembles Lush's Blue Skies range.
  4. naughteblonde

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I have two bottles of Glitter - one is the original Bewitching Brews version and is aged a few years. Its a beautiful bubbly scent, it smells like fizzing white wine with a touch of pear sweetness. Just stunning stuff. I got a bottle of the ressurected version back in 06 and its nothing like it at all. Its pure bubble gum. Smells almost identical to hubba bubba strawberry. I really really hope that its an age difference as my original Glitter is such a gorgeous scent. Alas, after about 5 months aging the ressurected one hasnt changed at all. Has anyone else had this with the two versions of Glitter? Does anyone know what a fresh bottle of the original Glitter was like IE will my ressurected one smell like my older one in a couple of years? x
  5. naughteblonde

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Thanks! Ive got an imp of Suha Segara that Id never tested. Its a quite nice scent but doesnt have the deep green sort of thing Im looking for. Unfortunately both Habu and 51 have the dreaded musk that my skin amps like crazy. Hm, that’s too bad. Maybe Faiza? Or back into the lighter greens, unfortunately, Manila? What types of musk don’t like you? Black, blue, red, white, skin and crystal Enough to make me nervous of the majority of musks. I can get away with the white in Endymion, Black Pearl, and Embalming Fluid, but only in tiny amounts otherwise my skin just morphs them into sour nastiness.
  6. naughteblonde

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Thanks! Ive got an imp of Suha Segara that Id never tested. Its a quite nice scent but doesnt have the deep green sort of thing Im looking for. Unfortunately both Habu and 51 have the dreaded musk that my skin amps like crazy.
  7. naughteblonde

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Last year I managed to get my hot little hands on a 5ml CT3 bottle and when it arrived it turned out to be an utterly perfect scent for me. To me it smells like a sweet I loved as a kid which was the tropical version of Chewits. Its a very sweet green fruity sort of scent but I cant bear to wear it very often knowing that theres no way to replace it. So, can anyone recommend something along the same lines? Sweet, green fruity tropical type scent?
  8. naughteblonde

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Im not sure if there is a reformulation of Misk U - Ive got 2 5mls of the Springtime version and one of the Picnic version. The older one has an undertone of something creamy which might be what people are picking up as caramel. It isnt present in the recent Misk U Ive got at all. I kinda always assumed it was the age difference.
  9. naughteblonde

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Fantastic! Thats the same as the bottle I have exactly. Thankyou so much
  10. naughteblonde

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thankyou! Alas, no luck so far. Theres no picture of Harvest Moon 04.