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  1. aquazoo

    Question Mark

    Vanilla is always welcome here. I get the cinnamon-vanilla, and it’s just lovely. The leaf and bark mix in nicely. Could be a masculine scent, too.
  2. aquazoo

    Midnight Mass

    2012 version: I get a soft spice to start. A little waxy, and a hint of old holy water with the sludge at the bottom. In a good way.
  3. aquazoo


    Very sweet cherry blossoms. Almost a cherry scent itself, but I also get the tea.
  4. aquazoo

    Young Pine Saplings

    I get the ginger. With the spices, cream, and sweet honey, it smells like a tasty dessert.
  5. aquazoo


    A traditional blend of woods used in Celtic pyromantic divinatory practices, updated and contemporized with the addition of a fae blend of orris essence, dragon's blood, juniper berry, and red rose. Juniper, yes that’s there. I get the dragon’s blood, too, blending well with the spices.
  6. aquazoo

    White Chocolate Mango Buttercream

    Fruity cocoa butter. The sweet fresh mango blends nicely with a light chocolate cream. I could lick it up.
  7. aquazoo

    White Chocolate Martini

    Boozy white chocolate. It is what it says, but I don’t like the martini smell.
  8. aquazoo

    Vivamus, Mea Lesbia, Atque Amemus

    Fruity, then mellows into honey. Smooth, warm, and it has a good depth.
  9. aquazoo

    Valse Finale et Apotheose

    Spicy. It starts to ooze sweet. The mint is really trying to spoil it. The honeys are nice, but I don’t like the mint in it.
  10. aquazoo

    Unveil The Grace In Thine Eyes

    Starts sour, and that fades mercifully. Subtle, not a lot of throw. It’s a warm skin sort of thing.
  11. aquazoo

    Third Charm

    Honey and herbs. I get that wood scent coming through. Mostly honey, though
  12. aquazoo

    Sweet Lavinia's Risalamande

    Clots of rice pudding (harvested from the fair trade rice farms of Bokrug Lake!) and organic whipped goat cream topped with a sebaceous glob of black cherry sauce. Walnut Danish. Then it becomes a nutty cream. The dairy takes a minute to arrive.
  13. aquazoo

    Sweet Lavinia's Dread Puddings

    Caramelicious. Sweet goopy filling in a flaky pastry.
  14. aquazoo

    Suck It

    Exactly what it says, cherry brandy. Cherry cough medicine. The cherry lollipop.
  15. aquazoo

    The Spanish Dance

    Oooh, chocolate! I get the fruit coming up on top as it warms up on me.