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  1. Carmencita

    Picture Books in Winter

    This is beautiful. In the vial: Coffee, Cocoa, Dust On the skin: Coffee, leather, shortbread cookies Later: Sitting in a bookstore coffee shop, surrounded by tomes bound in leather, looking out on snow from a dusty, quiet corner. BOTTLE WORTHY.
  2. Carmencita

    Gingerbread Zombi

    This is beautiful and unconventional. It smells like a swirl of dry earth mixed with freshly-rained on rich, rich earth and the dry spicy gingerbread notes folded in. I tried it at a Meet 'n Sniff and kept waiting for it to turn into something unpleasant (thinking it was too good to be true). It's not. Rich, loamy, crumbly earth and muted but still spicy gingerbread. If you wear this, people will be asking you about it.
  3. Carmencita

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    If an older version of Snow White, Antique Lace, and TKO had a quiet, dreamy, sweet lovechild, this would be it. I immediately put a drop on my pillow and fell into a snowy sugar-spun sleep.
  4. Carmencita

    Destroying Angel Claw Polish

    This is my favorite brown nail polish of all time. My bottle has just dried out. It lasted such a long time and was consummately lovely. It also was the perfect manicure color for an Inara Serra costume. When did these leave the website? Are they forever discontinued?
  5. Carmencita

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I love all these suggestions! Thank you. Mage would be perfect for Amora, and the RPG line...but something seductive would not go amiss. I'm wearing Clara's Squid Hat costume so maybe I should go with Ebisu Making Love While Two Octopuses Look On? The only one I think I know for sure is Boltie. I've decided on Nephilim for her.
  6. Carmencita

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I don't watch enough True Blood to make a recommendation, but may I ask the ladies and gentlemen for advice on another matter? The following are my costumes for DragonCon. Which would you recommend for the following: Boltie (Super, movie) Clara Beane (The Guild, web series) Carmen Sandiego (computer game, game show, cartoon) Enchantress (Amora, Marvel Comics)
  7. Carmencita

    Thunder and Blazes

    In the vial: Leather, ozone, and ...apples? On my skin: Stormclouds, gunpowder, apples and sugared lemon Later: Stormclouds, gunpowder, lemon, apples and sugar-encrusted lemon. For the record, I do not like leather scents in general. I don't like them on me or other people. However, this is just fascinating. I cannot stop sniffing my wrist and it's been three days of fresh applications without tiring of the novelty of this. I would adore this on a man as well but love, love, love it on me. My skin does strange things to oils. In this case, where most of you are getting leather, I am getting all different notes and layers. I smell like a storm. I smell like firecrackers. I smell like sweet juicy apples. I smell like lemon rock candy. This is my new favorite. In the vial: Leather, ozone, and ...apples? On my skin: Stormclouds, gunpowder, apples and sugared lemon Later: Stormclouds, gunpowder, lemon, apples and sugar-encrusted lemon. For the record, I do not like leather scents in general. I don't like them on me or other people. However, this is just fascinating. I cannot stop sniffing my wrist and it's been three days of fresh applications without tiring of the novelty of this. I would adore this on a man as well but love, love, love it on me. My skin does strange things to oils. In this case, where most of you are getting leather, I am getting all different notes and layers. I smell like a storm. I smell like firecrackers. I smell like sweet juicy apples. I smell like lemon rock candy. This is my new favorite.
  8. I will update these as I can and add the link to my signature. 2/14 Are you following the Olympics? What's your favorite sport to watch? Would you be interested in merch? The Winter Olympics are fascinating, but I have been unable to watch because there is no sound on the channel carrying them for some reason and my apartment is in no condition to have someone come over and take a look at our cable! Merch would be okay! I like all sports, particularly Snowboarding! 2/13 These are a few of my favourite things: ...? My cockatiel Zephyr's head which smells like sunbeams and book-dust, hot black tea with sugar and milk, watching bad television with my boyflame, discovering a common interest with someone who you admire greatly, books that I buy on a whim and end up being phenomenal, blizzards, camping tent-less under the night sky, organized BPAL! 2/12 I love to decoupage/collage boxes and notebooks. If you were my witchee, would you like one? What colors/themes would you want it to have? Find cute pictures--inspire me (and other crafty witches)! This sounds lovely. I like Autumn themes or themes with cute but punky goth attributes, skulls and the like. 2/11 If you could have one "unselfish" wish (but personal) what would it be? I wish that I could pay off any debt from everyone in my immediately family and circle of friends. 2/10 If you had to choose SHOES or PURSES? Definitely shoes. My collection is just black shoes in various practical styles (with a couple of exceptions) but I still love shoes, particularly boots! Purses. I haven't purchased a purse in years. I have old ones that I rotate, and free totes that come with gift sets and my new job just gave me a bad-ass messenger/backpack thing that I've been using daily to trek in the snow. If you could have 5mL of ANY ONE BPAL scent, what would it be? If I could only have one 5ml forever and no more? Swank! If I could have one scent right now? One of the dark Chocolate Lupercalias. 2/9 Who are your fantasy five? This is purely based on sexual factors not relationship factors: - George Cooper (Tamora Pierce books) - Gambit of the X-Men (Remy LeBeau) - Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly & Serenity) - Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds - a forumite turned me on to him) - Alessandro Juliani (Felix "Gaeta" in Battlestar Galactica) 2/8 Are there any books you particularly want to read that you don't mind being 2nd hand (or 3rd or 4th )? I don't mind anything secondhand (except gum). I want to read so many books, and I like personal recommendations, so if you've enjoyed a book and it needs a new home, I'm your woman. No romance novels, please! Do you like gardening,growing vegetables, house plants? Need any small tools, seeds, labels? I do not have a green thumb. It's taken all my attentions to keep one small houseplant alive for a few years and I don't have a place to garden. My balcony is often inaccessible, but I guess I could put a planter out there if I really wanted to. Are there any soundtracks you'd be interested in getting a copy of? Hmm, Sherlock Holmes, Sunshine Cleaning I can't put my name on one I really wanted. I'll try and come back and edit once it gets off the tip of my tongue and into reality. 2/7 Do you have any personal heroes / heroines and why? It sounds depressing but I really don't. There are many people I admire, but nobody I'd call my personal hero. Are there any languages or countries that you're really interested in? Oh yes. Languages: Spanish, Sanskrit, Farsi, Japanese, German, Russian. Countries: Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Uruguay, and more! If you could be in any fictional universe, what would it be? (Harry Potter, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Silent Hill, wtv.) Ooo. My first instinct is always The 'Verse (Firefly), but now I'm thinking Lord of the Rings because the beauty is just stunning. 2/6 If you were a student at Hogwarts, what house would you be in? Ravenclaw! I'm a space junky. Love anything galaxy, space, star, etc related. I'm even getting a milky way tattoo one day. And I am a total Star Trek geek. Anyone else? Yes. I was really into Astronomy for a while in high school. My mom spoiled my interest. She bought me a telescope, had a star named after me, gave me star charts and glow in the dark celestial bodies, and more. I still find it fascinating to think on and look upon the night sky. (I don't believe that this is actually a question, I think there was discussion about it and then SultryWolf randomly bolded it and people started answering it so I'll put it here for reference but I just can't get behind this question) Severed fingers? What? Only if they are made of candy. If you like tea, what are your favorite kinds? Fruity, sweet, chai, plain, black, green, red, white? See my survey! What's your Patronus? Non-Potter fans, what's your Spirit Animal? Hmm. I'm going to have to go with the badger. 2/5 How do you feel about handmade stuffed animals? They are so special! I have some from previous witchings. They occupy special places in my heart and my home. Are there any accessories you'd really like? (Keychains, little purses, etc.) Hmm, I need a new keychain! Something bright but not huge. What are your favorite animals? All the big cats (cheetahs, jaguars, mountain lions), the peregrine falcon, and many more. Is there anything you've had to give up that you really miss or want back? Maybe something a witch could help out with? Because of finances I've cut back on body butter (using a huge economy-sized Aveeno), sugar scrubs (I just use a nubby wash cloth) and jewelry. But anything goes! 2/4 Nightgown: Ooo, dark purple, dark turquoise or satiny black. Something with spagetti straps and a midlength to long hem. I love looking at vintage nighties on Etsy. Flowers: I mostly like them in the ground. Birds of Paradise are my favourites, but they are also really the only flower I like to look at. For eating, however, candied violets are wonderful. Vegan Baking: I mentioned this in my questionnaire, but I love vegan baked goods! I am an omnivore, but if you are vegan and want to bake me something, have at it! Dog sweaters: No thank you. I do not have dogs and my cockatiel companion prefers his own coat of feathers. Lip balm I love lip balm, especially since we're experiencing a particularly dry winter. Any lip balm is fine, though I'm partial to really soft melty sticks or pots, and I like natural humectants like honey, et cetera. 2/3 What color are your eyes? Chocolate Brown (this sounds more interesting than just 'brown'). If you had to choose a color for a nightie to sleep in what color would it be? Dark turquoise, plum purple, or silky black. Do you like guessing who your witch is, or would you prefer to know? Do you mind knowing? I don't mind knowing! I'm okay if my witch chooses to stay anonymous and I also enjoy clues, though I'm not the best detective. If it's going to be obvious who your witch is, would you rather she played the ninja and sent one big box at the end, or smaller packages along the way? Whatever is appealing to my witch! Ninja antics are always fun. I custom mix nail polish, a process called 'frankening'. If you were my witch, would you enjoy a custom 'franken', based on whatever colors/theme you chose? This sounds really cool actually. How are we feeling about Burlesque In all ways good! 2/2 Would you like or accept an energetically-charged item or gift? Something that had power poured into it? If so, do you have a particular purpose that you'd prefer? (Love, protection, money, etc.) This would be welcome and appreciated. My focus right now is my health. I need some help there. Do you have any significant upcoming events in your life you'd like something for? A child/yourself graduating from high school/college? Are you buying a new home or car soon? Moving in with someone/getting married? Taking a new job? Moving to a new part of the country/world? There is nothing so dramatic as this, however, I am visiting Switzerland to watch my younger sister graduate from University and I will be with all of my immediate family, some of whom I have not spoken to in a long while. 1/26-2/1 What is everyone's take on Valentine's Day? I have always loved Valentine's Day, and it has nothing to do with romantic love. My favourite color (generally, I go through phases) is red. Coca-cola-can red. Heart-shaped-box-o-chocolates red. I love being surrounded by it! My mom always made V-day special. My little sisters's bedroom and mine both opened into either end of the dining room. On the center table, mom would make an ofrenda for each of us with a handwritten card telling us how much she loved us. Then there would be chocolates and occasionally flowers and usually a small gift or two. So Valentine's Day to me has always been just about sharing the love: familial love, platonic love, self-love and never exclusively about romance or coupledom. My cynicism about romance and the greeting card and diamond industries trying to make this holiday about the material obligations of romantic love are tempered by my joy in all things red and chocolaty! Do you like traditional Valentine's Day colors (red, pink, white, more?) ? I love Coca-Cola-can red. I like hot pink or deep dust rose, but NOT mixed with red or paired with it (as far as jewelry and clothing are concerned). The first 21 years if my life I loathed pink. But it's crept into my good graces for the past few, in moderation of course. A Favorite love poem? I'm generally not much for poetry, although one of my childhood friends and several poets here on the forum have occasionally turned my head with their endeavors. Theodore Roethke remains my favourite poet, I think. Occasionally, Edgar Allan Poe. I like Roethke's "The Sensualists" although I suppose it could be argued that far from being a love poem it is one about lust and mortality. His better known work is one that's actually a love letter to his muse (so I discovered when I misinterpreted this and had to be corrected in front of my entire AP English class): I knew a woman, lovely in her bones, When small birds sighed, she would sigh back at them; Ah, when she moved, she moved more ways than one: The shapes a bright container can contain! Of her choice virtues only gods should speak, Or English poets who grew up on Greek (I'd have them sing in chorus, cheek to cheek.) How well her wishes went! She stroked my chin, She taught me Turn, and Counter-turn, and stand; She taught me Touch, that undulant white skin: I nibbled meekly from her proffered hand; She was the sickle; I, poor I, the rake, Coming behind her for her pretty sake (But what prodigious mowing did we make.) Love likes a gander, and adores a goose: Her full lips pursed, the errant note to seize; She played it quick, she played it light and loose; My eyes, they dazzled at her flowing knees; Her several parts could keep a pure repose, Or one hip quiver with a mobile nose (She moved in circles, and those circles moved.) Let seed be grass, and grass turn into hay: I'm martyr to a motion not my own; What's freedom for? To know eternity. I swear she cast a shadow white as stone. But who would count eternity in days? These old bones live to learn her wanton ways: (I measure time by how a body sways.) What's everyone's favorite semi-obscure (or underappreciated!) animal? Sugar Gliders! I wanted to get a few as companions, but then my boyflame and I adopted a cockatiel who needed a new home. What is your favorite sign that spring is coming? Robins going nuts for worms and the carpet of wild violets that springs up around here as if from nowhere. Do you like hand-knit Things? I love that which is knit (knitted?), particularly since I cannot knit, sew, et cetera. Yes, I am the dreaded Auntie-craft. icon_wink.gif For those of you with pets, would you like pet things? Toys, treats, etc? I have one non-human companion right now, an elderly yet vivacious cockatiel. He loves millet but we give him plenty of it. What's your favorite Love Story? Anything eccentric, unconventional, or odd. Would anyone like receiving naughty/sexy things? Yay! ViolaVanWilde delighted me with some sexier gifts in a previous round and I revel in them! Nothing is too risque for me; you know, as long as it's somewhat legal. Who on the thread likes attending Ren Faires, SciFi/Comic Cons & the like? And do you dress up for them? I make a yearly pilgrimage to DragonCon and hit my local Ren Faire at least twice each Autumn. I LOVE to dress up and indulge in my fannish side. Do you need any accessories for your phone, computer, mp3 player, etc.? No thank you. I do not have my own computer (my boyflame shares his), my MP3 player is all decked out, and I don't have a cell phone. What are your feelings on gently used CDs/DVDs? Always! Unless it is stinky or useless, second-hand items will be loved! And don't feel cheap, it really is the thought that counts. Regifting to me is okay. icon_smile.gif First five songs on the "Top 25 Most Played" list on iPod. I haven't been listening to my iPod recently, but I found an old Wallflowers cd and have had that on rotation (their original, self-titled one). Would you like a mix cd from your witch? Oh yes. I love to be enabled to music and as long as it's not country, soft jazz, or a cheesy older ballad, I'm game to try it out. Are you interested in receiving gifts representative of Witch's country or culture? This would be very much enjoyed. I love to learn about different cultures and am very absorbed in learning about my own Spanish heritage. Do you like candy? What kinds? Even though there are far grander chocolates with amazing and unusual flavours, lately I've been enamoured of/with DARK CHOCOLATE REESE'S. NOMMM. Oh, I like Conversation Hearts and Sweetarts and Smarties. Do you play WoW? I have an addictive personality when it comes to RPGs on the net, so I stay away. I've never played, but I know I would love it! Would you like one of those Plush Microbes? Yes! Just nothing that sends the wrong message to my boyflame. What are your feelings on Mardi Gras? Yes! My sister lives in New Orleans and I've been there for the Mardi Gras pre-Katrina and at least one New Year's Eve. I particularly like the masks, but only if they are wearable! Would you like homemade sewn stuff? Any fabrics to avoid? Homemade sewn stuff would be awesome. I cannot craft at all. The only fabric I don't like is real fur (not just because of my personal politics, but it's often itchy). Do you need any kitchen-related gadgetry? No need. I'm rarely to be found in the kitchen. Would you like new nail polish? I have a huge stash right now, but if you insist I won't complain! I don't like pinks or nudes, but anything else goes. Do you like incense and/or scented candles, and are you able to burn them in your home? If so, what kinds of scents do you like? I'm good on incense and candles for now. I don't burn them often because cockatiels can be sensitive to fumes. Boxes? For Bpal (bottles and/or imps) or otherwise Hmm. I received a lovely Halloween box last round but just discovered that my 5mls won't fit inside it so I'm using it for imp storage. So a bottle box that can fit like my top 20 or something would be fine if you have a hankering! Would you use a natural sea sponge? I would indeed. Are you interested in bacon chocolate? No bacon chocolate for me, please, but any other unusual flavours are good! I think everything except 'meat' and 'caramel' is a go for mixing with chocolate. Coffee, hot chocolate, or tea? Tea and Hot Chocolate! I like flavoured black tea, all herbal tea (except berry flavoured), and all white tea. Would you like some of my favorite recipes? No thank you. I do not cook or bake. I can make a salad or a sandwich. That's about it. Would you like posters, pictures, art? I am definitely not opposed. Would you like soaps? Especially from Paintbox? And ESPECIALLY the Valentines Special Edition Soaps?? I would totally love the Limited Editions. I already purchased the GC. New question--I'm calling this "could never happen in a million years": Your Witch is perusing the wares at a local yard sale. S/he looks down and sees [insert impossibly rare item that you've always wanted but could never afford] with a $5-10 sticker on it. Sheepishly s/he takes it to the guy behind the folding table. "Do you know what this is?" s/he inquires. The gentleman states that it belonged to his mother/sister/grandmother/Great Aunt Beulah and he thinks it's for, like, hair or something. With a trembling hand, s/hes pays the man and heads home with the inconceivable riches. So, what is this unobtainable miracle your Witch found? Now that I have Tamora Pierce on the brain, I'd like her paperbacks of the Alanna (Song of the Lioness) series when Knopf Fantasy did them in the early 90s. Here's the first. I can't find images of that same run (paperback) and their corresponding covers, they're not shown on her site. Okay, I know that cover and byline looks MEGA-cheesy and cliche, but I promise, the author delivers. I want the cover for nostalgic reasons, not because it represents the story well. Do you like salted caramels? I do not like caramel anything. I like salt enough, though! Imagine that someone hands you their wallet and sends you into a really good bakery. They have everything, from breads to brownies, cookies to croissants, anything you could imagine, and you're allowed to pick out five things for yourself. What do you pick? In no particular order: chocolate croissant, black bottom (black and white brownie/cream cheese cupcake), sugar cookies with hardened brightly-tinted icing, garlic sourdough bread, and a small, moist lemon poppyseed muffin. It gets asked every round but sockdreams? Hell yes! Size 8 foot and I like all socks particularly with natural fibers but if the design is interesting I like synthetics as well. Do you like alcoholic beverages? If so, what is your preference (beer, wine, liquor...)? I don't like alcohol. It is the personal mission of my older sister (professional bartender, she is) to find or invent a drink I won't wrinkle my nose at. Are you into steampunk? Hell yes. For DragonCon last year, I went as SteamPunky Brewster.
  9. Carmencita


    My friend Em and I loved this, spilled too much on ourselves. It was odd and clean. A clean rain scent. Sharp, but the florals wouldn't stop us. Need another imp to be sure, not worth buying a whole bottle just to rep-test
  10. Carmencita


    Same in all stages: pepper and blood and tears Verdict: love, dark yes
  11. Carmencita


    Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel. Same in all stages: truly gluttonous, stomach-churning richness in caramel and heavy cake with cream and oversweet sauces. Verdict: too much
  12. Carmencita


    In the vial: morning dew and something citrusy, also fresh cut tomato Wet: lemon and orange, cherry, sticky scent Dry: peachy and plummy Verdict: weird morphing, okay but I think Vice is better
  13. Carmencita


    In the vial: Smells like a woodsy, bookish Wilde On: Too strong! I only put a dab and I'm drowning in men's cologne Drydown: This smells like my dad, every nuance. His cologne, the tobacco from his cigarettes, the leather from his jacket, and the rich soil in his garden in the mountains. This is unsettling. Incredible. I will keep a vial but do not think I will do a bottle. The leather is too strong for me.
  14. Carmencita

    SW Reveal Package Mix CD Playlist

    1. "Finity" - Boards of Canada 2. "Cloud" - Fischerspooner 3. "Supersprøde" - Freezepop 4. "Vegas" - Calvin Harris 5. "Blue Skies" - Tori Amos 6. "In the Morning" - Junior Boys 7. "Dessous Chics" - Supersonic 8. "Wanna Be Startin Something" - 1L 9. "Satisfaction" Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain 10. "Hot in Here" - Jenny Owen Youngs 11. "Sins Can Swim Like This" - Sugarplastic 12. "Ondine" - They Might Be Giants 13. "That's Really Super, Supergirl" - XTC 14. "Universal Traveler" - Air 15. "Clowny Clown Clown" - Crispin Hellion Glover * * My witch notes that this is the Crispin Glover of "Back to the Future Fame" (Marty's dad), and his middle name is, in fact, 'Hellion'. I found that to be particularly awesome.
  15. Carmencita

    Halloween '09 SW

    Thank you for sorting these for us!