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  1. scotchgrrl


    Pencil shavings.
  2. scotchgrrl


    I didn't think anything could replace Budding Moon as my favorite scent. It just got moved to second place. I have always loved gardenia and have been waiting for the perfect bpal gardenia. This is it for me. This was the first decant I opened from the package I got from catseyes today. In the bottle-honey and gardenia Wet-sweet, thick, southern air. All gardenia. Dry down- the rice paper starts to tame the gardenia and let more of the honey shine through. This is the most lovely thing I have had the pleasure of sniffing since the last time I stuck my face in a gardenia plant. I am going to get a bottle, maybe 4. If anyone ever wonders what to give me as a gift, a bottle of this is the answer, maybe 4. I think I finally found a signature scent.
  3. scotchgrrl


    What I just emailed to scarletgenesis: I know you didn't pick up this scent, but OMG!, it's lovely. To me, on me, it smells like a big bite out of a Fuji or Winesap or other heirloom apple with a hint of carnation and a teeny bit of sweetness from the guava. It's sharp, tangy, sweet and just so much smells like cool autumn. It's amazing! I'm so glad I picked up 2 bottles of this one. It's a real splurge for me but this is oh so worth the extra bucks. :wub2::wub2:
  4. scotchgrrl

    Green Party

    Oh, this one is gooood... In the imp: very green and sweet like new, wet hay. Wet: Still sweet grass, some floral creeps in, something like lillies or dandelion. Dry: This is lovely, sweet, floral, grassy with woods. Really, very nice. Delicate and beautiful. I may need to seek this one out, hunt it down and get it all for myself!
  5. scotchgrrl


    Gift with purchase of the forum-only Election 2008 scents. No description available. In the imp: sweet, honey-like, a hint of spice Wet:Something like sasparilla with the honey. Something in the background like SweetTarts crept out on application. Dry: Still like honey and sasparilla. The sweetness stays during the dry down but looses the SweetTart hints. This isn't my favorite of the scents. On me it starts to pick up a bit of playdoh on dry down, but it is a interesting in the imp. One for the scent locket for sure.
  6. scotchgrrl


    Gift with purchase of the forum-only Election 2008 scents. No description available. I hope this is the right place for this.... The Election Day imp of Independent came with my box of goodies today. Very interesting scent. Both in the imp and on my skin, wet and dry, I get a very effervescent scent. It's got a strong citrus to it, very tangy. I like it a lot. Not sure I would wear it every day but every now and then it will be a fun scent to wear.
  7. scotchgrrl


    Yes, as above, Crawdad Dreams has a great blueberry note. It doesn't fade on me.
  8. scotchgrrl

    Hellhound on My Trail

    There are a few notes in here that I have not smelled before so I don't recognize them specifically. I'll do my best. In the bottle: rum and bourbon come through clearly. There is a bit of smoke in the background and something sharp that I don't recognize. Wet: I get the rum and vanilla but more than that is something very green, just for a couple minutes. Then it goes to smoke, spice and something flora. Dry: OMFG!! I love this. I get just the hint of tobacco and fair portion smoke with a sniff of vanilla and rum. To me, it smells a bit like someone is smoking a lovely pipe tobacco. Not nearby, but more like the smoke that has been wafting on the air currents for miles, hunting for me. The root scent comes out to mingle with the floral giving it an earthy note but not smothering it with dirt. I think this would be one of those *rahr* scents if a man was wearing it. I'd be all pouncy. I love it on me though! May need to find another bottle of it.
  9. scotchgrrl

    Fearful Pleasure

    Mulled cider. Glorious. Nuff said.
  10. scotchgrrl

    Chant D'Automne

    Oh my! On first sniff from the bottle, this has the exact smell of smoking chilies on a grill. Hello smoky goodness. Wet-A lot of smoke still and the blood musk and amber start to move a little smoke out of the way. It really is very much like the scents of camping. I don't get the bug spray mentioned earlier, but the mustiness of the canvas tent, the smoke that follows you ever where no matter where you move, the dried leaves...all of it... On dry down it still has a lot of smoke to it. Actually the smell reminds me of the taste of a good, peaty single malt scotchgrrl. I'm not 100% sure about this one yet. I'll try it again later in the deep winter.
  11. scotchgrrl

    To Autumn

    In the bottle: apples and nuts. It actually smells like charoset my grandmother used to make during Passover. Wet: same, charoset, lots of apples and spices. Dry: More of the bark, dried leaves and poppy juice comes out. It picks up a sharp, winter-is-coming scent. The nuts and spice is still come out with the apples. This is lovely. It reminds me of growing up with my grandmother, all of the scents of a Jewish household remind me of autumn. Beautiful.
  12. scotchgrrl

    The School-House

    In the bottle: very green but with that buttery dandelion scent. Wet: It's all clovers and dandelions to me. I'm not getting much from the birch unless that is the green. There is a hint at the fir tree, just the slightest tinge of evergreen. Dry: Very floral. Still all clovers and dandelions and I like it. Don't think I'll need a second bottle of this, but I'm glad I picked up the one I did. This will be one to wear a lot next summer or if I need a summer day pick me up in the middle of February.
  13. scotchgrrl

    Old Moon

    I picked this one up from a swap and WOW. Just WOW. In the bottle, wet and on dry down. This is lovely. This is the smell of the Yule holidays. The fir trees, the sugar plum fairies, all of it. This is beautiful. And I'll need another bottle of it.
  14. scotchgrrl

    Harvest Moon 2008

    When I first opened the bottle, I got a wiff of peppery juniper berry. Now that I've inhaled for a few minutes, I can't get that scent back again. Now, still in the bottle, I get the wine, plum and black cherry. Wet-still the sweeter scents of wine, plum and black cherry. On dry down- the fir, cedar and clove are coming forward, not too strongly, but making themselves known. The sweeter notes are still there. In all, I like this scent. I haven't been disappointed with a lunacy yet. I will probably end up looking for another bottle of this somewhere down the road. I will probably regret not getting 2 of this. I can't wait to see what this smells like on me at the height of fall.
  15. scotchgrrl

    Mary Read

    Ah, Holy cow!! This one is fantastic. This was a switch witch gift I just got today. In the imp-I can smell every note in just the right amounts. Wet-Same thing. Dry-Same again. I can pick up the aquatic notes followed by just a hint of patchouilli, sasparilla, rum, leather and gun powder. It all blends to a lighter, sweet scent. By lighter I don't mean I can't smell it, I mean it's not a deep dark smelling thing, but something playful. It is giving me the impression that it will have some staying power too, although I'm feeling a bit of a headache I think from the musk, I don't care. I love this!!!