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  1. anardana

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    I wore Black Lily on my wedding day last summer. It's one of the only floral/light scents that I like, and that my husband likes, and it was a summer outdoor wedding, so it fit
  2. anardana

    Squirting Cucumber

    Maybe my imp is aged or something, it's from a swap.. but this smells very sweet and perfume-y - not like a fresh cucumber at all A cloying scent. I don't get any grass from it- which is what I wanted.
  3. anardana


    I really really wanted to like this one - but I don't It is way too masculine- and I'm not usually afraid of masculine, but this is very aftershave-y. I prefer smooth and spicy, but this is sharp and herbal.
  4. anardana


    This smells like fancy perfume, but I like it. It is sort of sweet, herbal, gently floral, loveliness.
  5. anardana


    Bluebeard is the first of many scents that made me realize that I HATE violet.
  6. anardana


    All honey.. way too sweet and cloying for me. I swapped it already.
  7. anardana


    Another Mole lover here!! It is warm and sweet. I smell more sandalwood than patchouli.
  8. anardana

    Hanerot Halalu

    MMM YUMMY! This is SO NICE! It is very similar to the amazing GC 'no.93 engine' because of the beeswax.. but with no spiciness- just smooth, sweet, fabulous, slightly-fruity goodness.
  9. anardana

    Robin Goodfellow

    This is so nice and grassy at first.. but on me it dries down to a strong, sweet, almost powder-y musk- blech. Coyote did the same thing, so I can see the comparisons.
  10. anardana

    Titus Andronicus

    Add me to the list of people who say this goes to powder on them.
  11. anardana


    I wanted to like this one, but it is too cologne-y/masculine for me. It is hard to describe.. sort of like dark, masculine lemon.
  12. anardana

    Pumpkin IV (2008)

    This is everything I hoped for! I'd describe it as a rather dry vanilla-tabacco.
  13. anardana

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Bow and Crown of Conquest! It is amazing! It is like Tombstone (fabulous) but a bit more masculine.
  14. anardana

    The Illustrated Woman

    Like others have said, this starts off VERY pine-y and sharp but after about 15 minutes it softens into something much nicer. I'm not sure if I LOVE the dry down, but it is much better than when it is wet. Don't be too quick to judge this one.
  15. anardana


    Yum!! I love this one. Floral haters, do not fear. Aquatic haters, do not fear. This all vanilla on me- but not cloying at all (antique lace, I'm looking at you..). Very romantic. This is similar to Haloes, but I like this better.