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  1. Phaedra

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    FYI- I think Beth started her training when she was a teenager. She's 35 now so I don't think she started when she was 5 So it's probably more like 20 years experience which is still a pretty long time. Also don't forget that Brian creates some of the scents too
  2. Phaedra

    Pumpkin IV (2009)

    Wet this is buttery pumpkin with a hint of spices. When first on this is pumpkin and spices mixed with something fresh and almost fruity- like a less sweet version of classic pumpkin pie. After about a half hour, the myrrh develops and softens the blend. After a couple of hours, the pumpkin and spices have faded leaving a very sexy musk and myrrh blend. On the dry down this is a sexy close to the skin musk.
  3. Phaedra

    Pumpkin III (2009)

    Wet this is pumpkin and herbal tomato. It's almost like a gentleman's cologne. When first on this is fresh, crisp tomato leaf mixed with buttery pumpkin, like an autumn garden. After a couple of hours this has really softened. The tomato has really faded and leaving a lightly sweet pumpkin. It doesn't change much more after that. This is nice but I was hoping for a stronger tomato note.
  4. Phaedra

    Pumpkin II (2009)

    Wet this is strong pumpkin with a hint of sweetness. When first on this is pumpkin, spice and rose. There's an almost berry like note too, very sweet. After a couple hours this has mellowed out and is a nice blend of rose, sandalwood and pumpkin. On the dry down this is a lovely soft rose. A must try for any rose lover!
  5. Phaedra

    Pumpkin I (2009)

    Wet this is strong buttery pumpkin with a hint of sweetness. When first on this is pumpkin and honey with a hint of spice in the background. After a few hours, this is a nice blend of softly sweet honey and pumpkin. This doesn't change much more on me. It's nice but not amazing. It's a good one to try if you like honey though.
  6. Phaedra


    Wet this is a masculine cologne blend- sweet, woody and earthy. When first on this is sharp, dry woods and a sort of sour note (almost like a band aid??). It could be a citrus note I think. After a few minutes an earthy note develops- this must be the patchouli. After about an hour, a mossy rose note develops. It's really softened and mellowed. On the dry down this is a creamy, earthy blend with hints of rose and moss. It still has quite a bit of throw and I get wafts of the men's cologne notes. Nice but a little too masculine for me.
  7. Phaedra

    The Festival of Anuket

    Wet this is sweet aquatic notes. When first on this is the same, a light and sweet aquatic blend and a bit creamy in the background too. After a couple hours, there's a nice floral note developing. After several hours this is a soft and creamy blend with a strong overlying aquatic note. On the dry down this is a very soft aquatic blend. I really like this one! Aquatics don't always work on me but this one is soft and creamy in the middle and ending stages and works really well on me. This also has a fresh and clean quality which makes it nice to wear in warm weather.
  8. Phaedra

    Season of the Inundation

    Wet this is dirt and sweet spices. When first on this is a soft dirt note mixed with myrrh and spikenard (which I think is similar to cloves). After a couple hours this is mainly a blend of myrrh and spikenard. It's very soft and warm. There's a touch of creaminess in the background. Maybe this is the snow note? This is a very calming and comforting scent. This doesn't change much more on me but I really love it! It's got a sort of regal or sacred feel to it but is very wearable. I'm so happy for this Nile series and can't wait to see what the next installment will bring!
  9. Phaedra

    Horn of Amalthea

    Wet this is sweet and fruity, honey and pomegranate. This feels happy, bright and red. When first on this is sour milk and fruit, kind of icky like the newer Milk Moon. The sourness fades very quickly and it starts to smell like grain. There's some spice in the background too- cinnamon maybe. The spices fade after a couple of hours and this is mainly a slightly sour milk and fruit blend. On the dry down this is a mix of softly sweet fruit and an almost cooked or burnt milk note. I'm glad I was able to get this and help with the food drive. It's just a little too sour for my body chemistry so I'm passing this along to a friend.
  10. Phaedra

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Me too! Do we know who the artist is?
  11. Phaedra

    Aphrodite v7

    Wet this is green, wet and mossy with a strong earth or dirt note and hints of ocean salt air. When first on this is much softer moss with a floral note. Maybe lily and rose. After about a half hour this is a sweet rose mixed with green moss and hints of saltwater and dirt. After a couple hours this has softened quite nicely. It's very feminine and pretty. On the dry down this is a soft mix of roses by the sea with a warm earthy note in the background. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to get this prototype. This is a beautiful embodiment of Aphrodite and I hope it gets added to the catalog soon. Thank you Beth!
  12. Phaedra

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v3

    CXXVII Wet this is heavy incense mixed with a yellow floral and maybe some amber too. When first on this is the same incense mixed with amber and hints of a floral note. I think this might have tonka bean in it too. It's similar to Antikythera Mechanism. After a couple hours this is a lovely warm amber mixed with incense. Very sexy. On the dry down this is a soft, close to the skin amber and incense blend. Beautiful!!
  13. DXXM: Wet this is Snake Oil and red musk, a bit sweet. When first on there's a weird almost plastic note and maybe cedar mixed with the Snake Oil and red musk. Luckily the plastic note fades pretty quickly. This really doesn't change much more on me. This is like regular Snake Oil but with a little extra oomph. I'm really interested to see how this ages and if the extra notes will develop more.
  14. Phaedra

    Bat of Virtue

    Wet this is strawberry, rose and a hint of sharpness. When first on this is very faint overall and is a mix of strawberry and frankincense. After a few seconds a rose note develops. After a couple hours this is a soft rose and strawberry blend. This doesn't really change much more on me. I really like this but wish it was longer lasting and stronger.
  15. Phaedra

    Planting Moon

    Wet this is fresh dirt, tomato leaves and a sweet fruit or vegetable note. When first on this is tomato vines, dirt and vegetables- like a summer garden. After several hours this has really softened. The dirt is very faint and this is mainly a tomato and vegetable blend. It's quite pretty actually. On the dry down this is a soft herbal blend. I really love this moon! It's different than others I've tried before. I'm glad I got a bottle of this one. I also love the matching tee shirt