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    I adore all of these: La Belle Au Bois Dormant, Dia de los Muertos '04, Perversion. Vetiver or anything with the words "wood", "wild berries" & "leather".

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  1. Red_Hot_Mama

    BPALs like Serge Lutens perfumes

    Hi, Al Azif which ivyandpeony suggested is actually a very good BPAL cousin to Serge Lutens' Cherugi. Not an exact match, but it's defintitely got the same vibe. I think it would be worth a try. I own both, btw. I can also see the Perversion analogy but Perversion, which I like very, very much is sweeter (on me at least) than Cherugi. It is worth a try for the leather note alone, IMO. these, to me are the two best choices with my skin chemistry. good luck!
  2. I'm faithful to Dorian. Had a very brief affair with Spirits of the Dead but it wasn't mean't to be.
  3. Red_Hot_Mama


    ... Her scent is the warm, dry parchment of scrolls, lavender for critical thought and analysis, the solidity of heavy woods, ornery patchouli and glib benzoin, and superstar-splashed orange and amber. Clio was my surprise "find" of the East Coast Will Call. It goes on crisp & clean smelling...definitely perks you right up. The lavender doesn't jump out & boink you on the head like some lavenders do. Iinstead Clio has a calm focusing vibe that I quite enjoy. The patch isn't overwhelming & blends very well with the amber & orange. Clio in the drydown has an orange/amber feeling to it. Very, very nice. The parchment did not show up on my skin. And I do feel the need to reapply Clio but I like it so much, I really don't mind. This is the only BPAL blend I "slather".
  4. Red_Hot_Mama

    Wolf Moon 2007

    ... This scent is that of unending, unquenchable hunger and feral madness. This is the dead of winter: a frozen night, chill wind, and the sharp, warm perfume of blood, fur, fang, and claw. Winter air, Terebinth pine, juniper berry, dusty orris, deep amber, white sandalwood, black musk, blue cedar, and tonka. I remembered liking Wolf Moon in it's last incarnation, so I purchased it this time as well. Now I recall that I had let the bottle "sit" for awhile & I like it even better. As with many BPAL scents, the aged ones work much better with my chemistry. Time will tell how this one mellows. Upon application, I smell the pine, the juniper berry, blue cedar & winter air accord first & foremost. It reminds me of the first few moments of stepping out your door on a cold, crispy, sunlight day. That "blast" of smells when you take your first few breaths. Much more slowly, the sandalwood & amber reveal themselves & combine with the tonka (a "cousin" smell-wise of vanilla) to create an overall creaminess that is very unlike the inital evergreen air blast. Finally, the orris (the rizome of the iris & longtime staple of fine fragrances & cosmetics, also very $$$$) combine with the deep amber & musk to complete the illusion of travelling. I am definitely reminded of a path walked through the woods on a cold day, leaving your own warm abode to pass through the winter chill and forest smells to arrive at the door of a very warm, sensual loved one. Wolf Moon is, in short, a fragrance journey into memory. Relax and enjoy!
  5. I can tell you to absolutely keep anything with hyssop away, far, far away from her. Check it out: http://search.atomz.com/search/?sp-q=seizu...sp-f=ISO-8859-1
  6. Red_Hot_Mama

    Opium Poppy

    Opium Poppy is a beautiful scent. It does indeed start off very strong & reminicent of narcissus (as has been written) but it lightens up to a deep, spicy scent. It seems to have some similarities to Oneroi, my favorite sleeping blend. I too get the carnation analogy. I'll spend more time with Opium Poppy to see how best to use it.
  7. Well...you may think I'm crazy but trust me on this ok? Antique Lace....yep, you heard me, Antique Lace. You would NEVER guess from the description but it is a sex magnet. Must be the vanilla. And the second suggestion is *surprise* Incantation. I highly recommend Incantation for down & dirty sex. "A profound and entrancing potion, deep, wispy, and unfathomably dark scent: vetiver, dark woods, crumbling and burnt black sandalwood and a drop of lemon rind." I think it's the vetiver. Get an Imp of this one first because vetiver does strange things on some people. The other one's I'd suggest have already been mentioned: Perversion & Wanda for their leather note. Have fun experimenting!
  8. Red_Hot_Mama

    Job Interview Recommendations

    Just stopping in to check up on the thread. Ren, Rose Red just POPPED out at me, for what it's worth. Tatiania would be my 2nd choice. Meganaut: either one of those would be beautiful.
  9. Red_Hot_Mama

    Peony Moon

    Beautiful, perfect interpretation for this particular lunar blend. Unfortunately, it makes me sneeze. Well...that makes some sense as this is the worst time of year for my allergies.
  10. This might be a bit dated but it's a very good place to start. http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=10948 Apologies for the hard link but the hyperlink doesn't work for me anymore.
  11. Red_Hot_Mama


    What a perfect blend of opposites! Lavender is calming. relaxing, balancing both physically & emotionally. The lavender is the first note you smell when applying Mercury. Then "things" get interesting..... A spicy note appears, I suspect it is cinnamon. That would make sense as cinnamon oil is a stimulant, specifically a sexual stimulant: increasing the flow of blood...you catch my meaning. Cinnamon oil is a known skin irritant! Don't be puttin' it where you'll be sorry. Us sensitive ones may wish to either dilute Mercury of apply it over a moisturizer. Overall, I like this rerelease of Mercury very much. I won't age this blend, as lavender does not tend to age gracefully. Mercury would be wonderful in a scent locket to wear for an important presentation, or in any situation where your communcation skills need a little extra "something". I'll be very interested to see how I might be able to use this during a Mercury retrograde. I'm very happy with this blend & glad I ordered it.
  12. Red_Hot_Mama


    I've really been looking forward to the rerelease of Luna, my all time favorite Celestial BPAL. In this version the ylang ylang seems to me to be the most prominent, followed quickly by the jasmine. This Luna is much "sweeter" than the original. That could be because it is "fresh" & hasn't had time to settle into it's resplendant floral self. It's a "keeper" but I'll wear it more when it's "grown up" a bit.
  13. Red_Hot_Mama

    Holiday Moon

    Picture this: woman watches from upstairs window as mailman stuffs items into her mailbox. She sees a tell tale USPS Priorty shipping box & races from the house. Grabs the box, rips it open & pops the bubble wrapper covering Holiday Moon. When the bottle is first opened, Holiday Moon smells exactly like a fine florists shop. Very clean & very "green". There's a little bit of the one-eye-squint, "WHOA, this is strong!" reaction but that doesn't last long. This is a not-so-subtle fresh, green bamboo & tea blend. A very refreshing blend and a delightful surprise for the holidays. This is a true story.
  14. Red_Hot_Mama

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Ccnow will only allow me to put one item in the cart. After that, it overwrites the first item, so that there is always only one item in the cart. Any idea how to "fix" it. I'd like to place my lunacy order & got to bed.
  15. Red_Hot_Mama

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    Most Excellent, shelldoo!