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    Non-powdery Amber or Rose, gardenia, honeysuckle, woodsy or spicy scents. Love Dragon's Milk, Volcano in Springtime, Dorian, Red Rose, Lorelei... I like dark, sexy, heady scents. Nothing green, aquatic or fruity. Love foody scents but don't like to wear them; good for oil burners though.

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  1. fieryredhead

    Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand

    Honey, quince, vanilla, white cognac, Spanish mandarin, and golden tobacco. Urg. I'd been wanting to try this scent for a while now & recently got my hands on a 1/4 bottle. Tried it this morning & unfortunately... it's not loving me. All I'm really smelling is a greasy sort of tobacco; I have liked tobacco in other blends but this one just sin't sitting well on me.
  2. fieryredhead

    Snake Oil Bath Oil

    This is the most fantastic stuff I have ever purchased from the lab. Really. I couldn't wait to get in the shower and try it out. As expected it worked great on my skin but after someone's post about adding it to their shampoo I decided to try adding some to my conditioner. Added a few drops to the conditioner bottle (smaller one used for mixing) and then slathered it on my hair. As I was waiting for the conditioner to soak in I read the SOBO bottle more closely; it's a blend of olive, mineral, fractionated coconut, and apricot kernel oils, with rosehip seed, evening primrose, and vitamin E as well as the perfume. All of those oils? AWESOME for your hair. So when I got out of the shower & my hair had dried a little I added a few drops straight up to my hair. OMG. My hair LOVED it. Due to losing 70lbs this year and apparently not getting as much fats as I needed my hair is going through a big shedding stage right now and it's really stressing me out. For the first time in many weeks my hair was almost back to normal! now I know the SOBO didn't put the hairs back that I lost but it made the ones left thick, shiny (but not oily) and happy. Not to mention scented like sugared sex of course. I echo the begging to make this oil last forever. At $30 a bottle it's pricey to stock up on. I wonder if there is a discount for a case...
  3. fieryredhead

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    Wow. Hontestly I purchased this bottle on a whim but oh wow am I glad I did. The first thing I thought when I put it on was 'I didn't know gardenia was in the notes' as usually I would avoid that. Gardenia usually goes too sharp florally on me. I was surprised that it doesn't have it in there but someone else on the thread mentioned it smells like a gardenia perfume they used to wear so I know I'm not crazy. It's a creamy white scent on me like I stuck my face into a beribboned gardenia bridal bouquet. Innocent but with the knowledge that such innocence is *very* close to its end! Absolutely gorgeous.
  4. fieryredhead

    The Infernal Lover

    Oh I LoveLoveLove this scent! When I first really started with BPAL I thought I was going to swoon over any honey scent there was as I loved the smell. Unfortunately I came to realize that honey ON my skin wasn't my favorite. Musks I've never been a huge fan of to begin with but this? Ohhhhh I looooove it. It's not too much honey, not too musky; just totally a sensual, creamy goodness that I want to soak in. Will definitely need at least one bore bottle if not two!!
  5. fieryredhead

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Nope. I have a bottle of 'On Darkness' and tested; the 'Dark Kiss' scent has a really nice fruity quality with the plum & black raspberry (& I am not usually a fruity scent person!)
  6. fieryredhead

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Does anyone know a similar BPAL to Bath & Body Works new scent 'Dark Kiss'? They might come out with a full perfume with the full collection release August 30 but still. Here is the info from their site: Top notes: Bergamot, Incense, Mirabelle Plum, Black Raspberry Mid Notes: Amber, Burgundy Rose, Geranium, Peony Base Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Labdanum, Vetiver, Sensual Balsam, Musks
  7. fieryredhead

    The Grindhouse

    Wow this was really strong when I first tried it on; the red musk was way out there! Happily it settled down after about an hour into a smooth, sexy blend. Just what I was hoping for!
  8. fieryredhead

    The Illustrated Woman

    REALLY love this scent. Didn't get any of the Pinesol-ness thankfully; everything blended really well for me. Really have to sniff hard for the tobacco but it's there! Love the bottle art as well. Keeper!!
  9. fieryredhead

    Bearded Lady

    After much seeking I finally got my hands on a bottle of this. In the bottle it's really floral to me; not smelling any of the vanilla I was expecting but still very pretty. On my skin the florals REALLY come out, I imagine sticking my face in a really lush white bouquet. After an hour or so the scent has really smoothed out. Florals blending nicely and there's that creaminess. LOVE THIS!
  10. fieryredhead

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    This was like a root beer float on me. More creamy than straight up root beer but has that extra zing that cream soda doesn't have. I love the scent! not sure i want to go walking around smelling like a root beer float though but I'm sure it will come in handy someday.
  11. fieryredhead

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    I decided i needed to start doing some testing again before bed each night & my Mme. Moriarty decant was the first one I grabbed last night. She almost derailed my plans to test more than one scent as I LOVE this! I had avoided trying it because i was worried about the fruit notes but i hardly get any of those. They are there... but far in the background. This is exactly why I love BPAL so much; the scents are so complex! Anyways! I get the red musk & the patchouli but I think they are smoothed out a bit by the vanilla and fruits. A really sensual blend; probably not the best idea to wear to work today but i couldn't help myself with slathering up again. I am thankful that she is still for sale straight from the lab & plan to get myself a bottle! Or 12.
  12. fieryredhead


    The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia. Morocco, where have you been all my life?!? This is absolutely GORGEOUS. Spicy without being sharp. This is exactly what I picture Morocco to smell like in the eveningon a summer night. I am a bellydancer (part time, heh!) and I'm pretty sure this is going to be my go to scent for performances! I have a show on Sunday & I can't wait to wear this for the show!
  13. fieryredhead

    My collection

    Edited 7/7/10 Current Collection: #20 Love Oil (imp) A Countenance Foreboding Evil (imp) Abhisarika (bottle) Absinthe (imp) Aelopile (imp) Aeval (imp) Against Idleness & Mischief (imp) Alice (bottle, imp) All Night Long (imp) All Souls (imp) Angeronalla (imp) Antique Lace (imp) Antony (imp) Aperotos Eros (imp) Athens (imp) Australian Copperhead (1/4 imp) Ave Maria Gratra Plena (imp) Bake Sale (sniffy) Baku (imp) Baron Samedi (imp) Bastet (2 imps) Bayou (imp) Bearded Lady (bottle) Beaver Moon '05 (2 decants) Beaver Moon '07 (bottle) Beaver'versary (bottle) Belle Vinu (imp) Bengal (imp) Bien Loin D'ici (imp) Bite Me (bottle, 1/2 decant) Black Death (bottle) Black Forest (imp) Black Heart (imp) Black Lace Original (1/2 bottle) Black Lace Res (bottle, decant) Black Phoenix (imp) Black Rose (bottle) Black Rose (imp) Blasphemare Reliquary (decant) Blood Kiss (imp) Blood Pearl (imp) Bloodlust (imp) Bon Vivant (bottle) Bread-and-Butterfly (bottle) Brides of Dracula (bottle) Brimstone (2 imps) Cairo (imp) Cake Smash (imp) Cario (imp) Carnival Diabolique (imp) Catherine (imp) CD023 (bottle) Centzon Totochtn (imp) Champagne & Roses (bottle) Chaos Amber Series #55 (bottle) Chaste Moon (imp) Chewing Little Bits of String (imp) Christmas Rose (imp) Chuparosa (2 imps) Come to Me (imp) Comforting Plush Companion (imp) Copper Phoenix (imp) Coxcomb (decant) Creepy ('09 bottle, 2 decants) Crossroads (imp) Crowley (bottle) Cthulu (imp & card) Cupid Complaining to Venus (imp) Daiyu (sniffy) Dana O'Shee (2 imps) Danube (imp) Dark Chocolate & Pepper Smoked Carmel (bottle, imp) Deadly Nightshade Honey (imp) Defututa (imp) Delight (imp) Depraved (imp) Dia de los Muertos (decant) Diable en Boite (imp) Doll's Eye Infused Honey (imp) Dorian ('07, '08, '09 '10 bottles, imp) Dorian V3 (sniffy) Dracul (imp) Dragon's Bone (imp) Dragon's Eye (imp) Dragon's Hide (imp) Dragon's Milk (imp) Dragon's Reverie (2 imps) Durian Infused Honey with Brandy (imp) Eat Me (2 bottles, dram bottle, 2 imps) Ecstacy of Passion (bottle) Edge of Chaos DCCCXCVII (bottle) Edge of Chaos MLXXIII (bottle) Egg Moon (imp) Egg Nog 2007 (bottle) Egg Nogg '07 (imp) Egle (imp) El Amor Y La Muerta (bottle) El Dia De Los Reyes (imp) EOS (imp) Ephemera (imp) Epitaph (imp) Eshe (2 decants) Eve (imp) Fascinum (imp) Faustus (imp) Feeding the Dead (imp) Fenris Wolf (imp) Fire for they Stepmother's Daughter (imp) Fire of Love (imp) Follow Me Boy (3 imps) French Love (imp) Gaueko (2 imps) Giallo (imp) Giant Vulva (bottle, imp, sniffy) Glowing Vulva (2 bottles, 1/4 decant) Gluttony (2 imps) Goblin (imp) Grand Guinol (imp) Grandmother of Ghosts (2 imps) Greed (imp) Grindhouse (bottle) Grog (2 imps) Harlot (imp) Harlot V2 (bottle) Has No Hanna (imp) Hearth '05 (2 imps) Heavenly Love & Earthly Love (bottle) Hecate (imp) Helena (imp) Hellboy (imp & card) Hellgate of Ireland (imp) Hell's Belle (imp) Hemlock Honey (imp) Hetairae (imp) High John the Conqueror (imp) Himerus (3 imps) Ho Ho Ho (bottle) Hod (1/2 imp) Hollywood Babylon (2 imps) Honey Moon (decant) Hony Mone (bottle) Hope (bottle) Horn of Plenty (2 imps) Horreur Sympathique (imp) House of Night (imp) Hpiaka (imp) Hunger (imp) Hymn (imp) I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain (imp) Iambe (imp) Ile De La Torture (2 imps) Illuminati Cotillion (imp) Inez (imp) Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey (imp) June Gloom '09 (decant) Kabuki (imp) Kaidan (imp card) Kanshta (decant) Katrina Van Tassel (bottle, imp) Khajuraho (2 bottles) Kill-Devil (2 imps) King of Clubs (decant) La Petit Mort (2 imps) Lady Una (imp) Lamb's Wool (decant imp) Lawn Gnome (imp) Le Serpent Qui Danse (imp) Left His Nurse While In A Crowd (decant) Leo '07 (bottle, imp) Lilith Victoria (decant) Lolita (2 imps) Love Me (imp) Lovers with Rutting Cats (imp) Lucy Westerna (2 bottles) Lucy's Kiss (imp, sniffy) Lyonesse (imp) Machu Picchu (imp) Maiden (imp) Malice (imp) Margurite (imp) Marquise de Merteuil (imp) Masquerade (imp) Mata Hari (imp) Meliai (imp) Midnight Kiss (imp) Midnight Mass '06 (bottle) Midnight on the Midway (2 bottles) Midway (1/4 bottle, imp) Milk Moon '05 (bottle) Milk Moon '07 (bottle) Mircalla (imp) Miskatonic University (imp) Mitzvah (bottle) Mme Moriarty (bottle, decant) Monster Bait : Closet (decant) Monster Bait: Underpants (1/4 decant) Morocco (bottle, imp, imp & card) Mouse's Sad Long Tale (imp) MVJHL Bake Sale (sniffy) Nanshe (imp) Nes Gadol Haya Sham '09 (decant) Niflheim (imp) Night's Pavillion (decant) Nonae Caprotina (imp) Nosferatu (imp) Nostrum Remedium (2 imps) Now Winter Nights Enlarge (bottle, 2 imps) O (bottle, 2 imps) O v5 (imp) Oleander Honey (imp) Olisbos (decant) On Darkness (bottle) Ophelia (imp) Ouija (imp) Panduan Killer Swarm (imp) Panther Moon (imp) Parlement of Foules (bottle) Penis Admiration (1/2 bottle) PEXO Prototype (decant) Phantasm (imp) Phantom Queen (imp) Phantom Time Hypothesis (imp) Phobos (2 imps) Pink Plastic Flamingo (imp) Pink Snowballs (imp) Priala the Human Phoenix (1/8 imp) Prunela (imp) Prurience (imp) Queen (imp) Queen Alice (imp) Queen Mab (imp) Quicksilver Phoenix (imp) Rakshasa (imp) Rat (decant) Raven Moon (decant) Red Devil (imp) Red Rose (2 bottles) Regan (imp) Robin Goodfellow (imp) Rocking Horse-Fly (2 imps) Rose Cross (bottle) Rose Red '08 (bottle) Rose Red '09 (bottle, imp) Saint Foutin De Verailles (decant) Salome (imp) Santo Domingo (2 imps) Sara Pezzini (bottle) Screaming Mandragora (sniffy) Seance (imp) Sed Non Satiata (imp) Seraglio (imp) Shango (imp) Sin (imp) Skytyping with Chemtrails (imp) Sleipnir (imp, sniffy) Smokestack (imp) Smut 2010 (decant) Snake Charmer (full decant, sniffy) Snake Charmer Res (bottle) Snake Oil ('07, '09 bottles, '10 imp) Snow Maiden (imp) Snow White (decant) Snow White '04 (bottle) Sol Invictus '09 (imp) Spare Change (imp) Spellbound '08 (2 bottles) Staged Moon Landing (imp) Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener (imp) Sudha Segara (imp) Sugar Cookie '08 (decant) Sugar Moon (imp) Sundew (imp) Tabula Smaragdina (decant) TAL Aegis (decant) TAL Amor (bottle) TAL Bastet's Laughter (bottle) TAL Blessings of Isis (bottle) TAL Blinding Glory of Love (bottle) TAL Brass Balls (decant) TAL Caliph's Beloved (bottle) TAL Charisma (bottle) TAL Dixie Love Perfume (bottle) TAL Fiery Wall of Protection (bottle) TAL Fire of Passion (bottle) TAL Glamour (bottle) TAL Hand of Hermes (decant) TAL Helping Hand (bottle) TAL LaFLAMME (bottle) TAL Lionheart (bottle) TAL Mantle of Venus (bottle) TAL Master (decant) TAL Nine Muses (decant) TAL Road Opener (decant) TAL Servare (2 decants) TAL Sexual Energy (bottle) TAL STFU (bottle) TAL White Light (bottle, decant) Teatime in Roswell (imp) Tempest (imp) Temple of Dreams (imp) Thalia (imp) The Aurora Spaceship Takes a Dive (imp) The Bow & Crown of Conquest (imp) The Dole of the King's Daughter (bottle) The Doormouse (2 imps) The Forest Reverie (imp) The Harp of Cnoc l'Chosgair (bottle) The High Priest not to be Described (2 imps) The Host of the Air (imp) The Last Rose of Summer (1/2 bottle) The Light's of Men's Lives (bottle, imp) The Little Sparrow (imp) The Peacock Queen ('05, '07, '09 bottles) The Perfumed Garden (bottle) The Perilous Parlour (imp) The Red Queen (imp) The Robotic Scarab (imp) The Rose (imp) The Unheavenly City (bottle) The Velvets (imp & card) Three Witches (bottle, imp) Tin Foil Hat (1/2 decant) Tiresias the Androgyne (imp) Trevor Butterhelm (imp) Trick or Treat (imp) Troll (imp) Tweedle Dee (imp) Twenty-One (imp) Twilight (2 imps) Two, Five & Seven (bottle) Unveiled (1/2 bottle) Van Van (imp) Veil (2 imps) Velvet Clown (imp) Velvet Dogs Playing Poker (imp) Velvet Unicorn (bottle) Vice (2 imps) Wezwani / Hold (bottle) When the Winter Chrysanthemums Go (imp) Whip (imp) White Chocolate & Strawberry (bottle) White Chocolate, Strawberry & White Pepper Truffle (bottle, decant)) White Rose (2 bottles) Wicked (imp) Wilde (imp) Wilhemina Murray (bottle) Windward Passage (imp) Witchblade (bottle, imp & card) Womb Furie (2 bottles) Xiulttecuhtli (imp) Yate-Vo (imp) Yellow Jessamine Honey (imp) Yew Berry Infused Honey (imp) Yew Trees (imp) Y'ha-nthlei (imp) Zombie Apocolypse '09 (decant)
  14. fieryredhead

    Two, Five & Seven

    Not sure how I feel about this one. I do get the rose scent but I also see where people were getting the fruity scent too. It smells like rose flavored candy. I've had rose flavored candy a few times and while it smells nice it's not something I want to eat. Anyways! I think this bottle is a keeper but it will have to be a scent that I am in a bouncy, happy mood to wear.
  15. fieryredhead

    Snake Oil

    I was able to snag a 3 year old full bottle from someone that had it as a backup for my first Snake Oil experience. After reading all the reviews about letting it age I figured I'd skip that part. Was VERY happy that I did; Snake Oil is WONDERFUL. Creamy, spicy vanilla if it came in incense without the burning part. I think I need to get another bottle from the lab to let it age while I use up this precious one!