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  1. stwbrymlk

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    Comparing both the Thanksgiving imp versus the Yules one! Thanksgiving: Gorgeous gorgeous soft lavender and fluffy coconut sweet cream in a sugared pie crust. This is exactly what I pictured when I read the name of the scent. It’s soft, creamy, sweet, and a bit sugary without being too cloying or heavy. Yule: This one is so surprising! I anticipated it would be much heavier on the coconut based on other reviews but I didn’t realize just how much more coconutty it would be. I got lavender at first but this lavender smells different from the Thanksgiving one. This one smells more floral for sure. The coconut cream overwhelms the lavender so I barely smell it. It smells like a very smooth body butter. I get more of a burnt sugar-y pie crust note. Overall this is very very different from the Thanksgiving imp.
  2. stwbrymlk

    Pearl Necklace

    Strong pear cream and honey! I usually find pear notes extremely watery and crisp but in this scent, the pear is very forward, definitely a pear cream. The honey is present but not overwhelming. I tend to find honey notes too strong but this is not strong at all. It adds a lovely, golden sweetness to the scent. The vanilla bean and orris root notes help to soften the edges of this, making it very light and fluffy, and a little bit powdery, but in a good way!
  3. stwbrymlk


    As doomsday_disco said, this is very very reminiscent of Mouse Circus. Whereas I didn't like Mouse Circus because of the peanut note, this smelled almost identical to it to my nose, just without the peanuts. Score! This is pretty! The caramel popcorn is the primary note but it smells like a bag of those caramel popcorns that stick to your teeth. The popcorn is backed by sweet, wispy cotton candy. I didn't get much, if any fizziness or cola in this at all. This is a foodie scent but I wouldn't say it is overly sugary or gourmand.
  4. stwbrymlk

    Strawberry Buttercream Sufganiyot

    This is completely different from Strawberry Sufganiyot! This one smells more like the strawberry note in Strawberry Moon 2019. It's very fresh and juicy, and ever so slightly candied. There's a fluffy backdrop of buttercream and just a tiny bit of a sugary, fried dough note. It's an amazing, delicious, strawberry and buttercream scent but it doesn't feature much of the sufganiyot note, which is what most people probably hoped for in this scent. I'm pretty happy with it but not sure if I'll need to keep a full bottle, maybe a decant!
  5. stwbrymlk

    Still Life With Strawberries

    Okay... This is AMAZINGGGGGGG!!! I get the juicy but slightly tart strawberries and hints of green notes. I'm not sure what shadowed marble smells like but here, it feels a bit cold, a bit chilly, but gorgeous. I can't describe this scent well other than I'm in love with it. It's a more sophisticated strawberry scent that is not too sweet, not too green, a perfect balance of both. Just like Casablanca says, it smells like sniffing a strawberry up close but there is something about it that smells very dewy? very fresh.
  6. stwbrymlk

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    Yum! This smells like a peach mochi. It's cool and fluffy with a crisp, vanilla wafer note. I first got more of the wafer but as it dries, it settles into more of a ripe peach note with whipped cream instead of a peach cream.
  7. stwbrymlk

    Thirteen: LVB

    This smells simultaneously really good and really off to me lol. The buttered popcorn and warm milk are almost a bit too buttery and almost sour but the addition of the other notes really saves the scent. I get a ton of sweet strawberry and cake as well and the bread note. The lavender and cotton candy are really fuzzy and mixed together. This is a strange scent.
  8. stwbrymlk

    Slime Queen

    Slime Queen smells like Dorian but it’s not the same. This smells like a slightly sugary, brighter Dorian. Dorian smells much more of soft lavender and sweet vanilla while Slime Queen has just a slight hint of slightly herbal lavender, less vanilla, but a bit more of a spun sugar note. Update an hour later: the drydown is much sweeter than Dorian, it’s got a wispy sort of cotton candy scent now, still very light but sweeter than before. I prefer Dorian because there’s more sweet vanilla while Slime Queen has a bit more dusty sugar. It’s softer than Dorian as well but I don’t actually get any cotton candy in this.
  9. stwbrymlk

    Pomegranate Grove: Dorian

    The pomegranate in this is dark and borders on bitter but also syrupy sweet? Something in this smells very dark and syrupy almost like honey or dark chocolate with pomegranate fruit. I get the muskiness of Dorian and a hint of sweet vanilla tea but no herbal lavender yet. It doesn't really smell like Dorian to me!
  10. stwbrymlk

    No DNA Test Required

    This smells like a sweeter, candied version of Snake Oil. I didn't love Slime Queen because it was very faint and this one is also very faintish with the cotton candy note. It has a base of warm vanilla and musk but no spices at all. I don't detect any Dorian yet but I'll check back in a little bit. Okay so it's been like an hour and I like it even less now. It smells really herbal and earthy on my skin. I read up on some reviews and yep, it smells like patchouli.
  11. stwbrymlk


    I'm reviewing the resurrected version! For some reason this smells like chocolate or coconut to me? It's got a hint of a marshmallow note as well? It smells like delicious, chewy, caramelly chocolate and buttery funnel cake scent with sweet, soft wisps of cotton candy and a tang of salt from the taffy. It's sugary and delicious! It's not very strong but I keep getting wisps of it as I'm moving around and it's gorgeous! I can't really tell what I'm smelling anymore after it dries. It kind of just smells like coconut butter and chocolate and not much else. I'm sad about it since I want to love it so much but it really smells like nothing special.
  12. stwbrymlk

    I Too Beneath Your Moon

    I was hoping this would be very apple forward but I mostly get a ton of vanilla cream and lavender with the slightest bit of patchouli. If I sniff really hard, then it smells a bit like a bite of apple but I really wanted this to be a super crisp, fruity apple scent! When fully dried for about half an hour, everything settles and I get mostly vanilla cream and soft patchouli now. I like it better when dried but still wish there was more apple lol.
  13. stwbrymlk

    Dorian v2

    I wrote this review before I tried the original Dorian blend instead of the 2017+ one. So please keep in mind this is comparing Dorian from 2017+ to Dorian V2. Dorian was a lot of sweet, vanilla tea and soft lavender on me. V2 has a creamy, coconut note with a bit of lemon, tea leaves, and lavender. They are definitely sister scents but not actually that similar. Both are very lovely though! I find V2 more of a fruity, citrus sweet with a bit of tartness while Dorian is straight-up sweet vanilla. I prefer the regular version simply because it’s much sweeter and I don’t like coconut much!
  14. stwbrymlk

    A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery

    I don't really smell any Dorian in this but it is really fresh and lovely. I smell a lot of sweet grass and leaves with soft, fragrant lilies and just the slightest bit of dewy rose. This smells a lot like the woods, very sweet and lush.
  15. stwbrymlk


    This is very very pretty. It smells like a dusty white. It's sweet from the vanilla with a lightly smokey edge of the tobacco and slightly bitter cognac. It's hard to describe but it smells like an old room filled with antiques and white porcelain dinnerware with a hint of tobacco and alcohol. It's super pretty!