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  1. ShadowEtienne

    Mag Mell

    I'm not a huge fan of grass, and sometimes it is prone to amping on my skin, so I was nervous about this just based on description. My sister got an imp before I did, so I was able to pre-test it and it was lovely from a short test, so I was happy to get my hands on it and get a chance to give it a longer test (I got a lovely imp from a forumite, and actually have another on the way from the lab now amusingly). Amazingly for me, the grass never showed up! It's young fresh ginger, sage, and verbena in a gently falling rain. It's a soft, fresh but also tart and a tiny bit spicy with the herbs sort of scent. The only hint that the amber is in there on my skin is that this is a slightly warmed scent, like sun is starting to consider burning off the cloud cover. Overall, this is lovely, and a nice change of pace on grass not taking out a scent for me.
  2. ShadowEtienne


    Fresh growing not quite ripe blackberries, and the scent of the entire growing plant. There is a background element that smells of just finished rain and fresh morning breezes. The heather is there in the background, but not the star of the scent. This is such a beautiful realistic blackberry! I would be thrilled if I could find more of this than just the sniffie/tester imp I was gifted.
  3. ShadowEtienne

    The Reaper and the Flowers

    Ooh this is lovely! Lilies take the unsurprising lead on my skin (I tend to amp lily). Not far behind are peppery carnation and a vivid chrysanthemum. The rose never once shows up to the party. Overall, this is an excellent, realistic floral, but it doesn't fill a role that I'm missing in scents. Glad to have the imp though.
  4. ShadowEtienne

    Water of Notre Dame

    A soft herbal-floral aquatic. This is a small clear stream with small flowering herbs growing on its banks. There's some gentle white florals in the background. This does remind me of a much quieter, more herbal Prague, as mentioned by someone else, and since Prague is one of my favorite scents, I'm pleased with that. I'm glad I got the chance to try this, but not too sad that it is no longer getable.
  5. ShadowEtienne


    The greatest of all Aztec cities, and capital of their empire. Amber, hyssop, coriander, epazote, Mexican sage, prickly pear and Mexican tulip poppy.  Oh huh, I'd sniffed this from a friend before, possibly even tested it on the skin, and been uninterested. Giving it more time on the skin was a really good idea. It's pretty muddled on my skin for the first bit of time. But after about 30 minutes, it settles into a lovely sage, poppy, and prickly pear fruit scent with some other herbal undertones and a gently resinous backdrop. I don't love this enough for a bottle, but I'm happy to have the imp!
  6. ShadowEtienne


    This is truly deeply beautiful and very much in line with what I love... i think I've found one of my perfect jasmines, and of course it's no longer available. The green tea is the scent that carries everything else, wafting lightly from the skin (it doesn't have huge throw). Jasmine and orange blossoms (neroli) are freshly blooming right outside the open window. Lemon verbena grows in the window box of that open window, and a few leaves have been recently crushed. It's a fresh airy tea scent, filled with growing floral and herbal scents. I would be immediately buying a full bottle if it still existed.
  7. ShadowEtienne

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    Peach trees, wild roses, and myrtle grow intertwined in a grove by the sea. The water is still today, but its still depth and chill blows in on a gentle breeze. The peach trees and the roses are blooming. There is a sweet herbal undertone here that I attribute to the melliot. I'm getting almost none of the pomegranate, only perhaps a slight sweet tartness. This is lovely, and I'm very excited for the imp I was gifted. Might try to pick up more of it in the future.
  8. ShadowEtienne

    Windward Passage

    Ooh this is lovely! I've never been even close to the Carribean, I've spent my whole life living on the West Coast, so no clue how accurately it reads on that front, but it's a wonderful marine aquatic scent. It reminds me of kayaking and canoeing in sheltered areas along the NorCal coast watching out for sea otters amongst the seaweed on a foggy morning. It's a very clean, salty aquatic with several different but tangled seaweed notes. On me, it's very much in the same family as Cthulhu. I'm really glad to have gotten an imp from a lovely forumite of this discontinued scent. I'm glad I have other things in this family though, because otherwise I'd be desperately in search of a bottle (mind you, I wouldn't mind a bottle, this is definitely my sort of thing).
  9. ShadowEtienne

    The Silver Stream

    Asphodel is in the lily family, so I'm not surprised that the primary note on my skin is a soft white lily. I concur with others who mentioned jasmine, specifically it rather reminds me of night blooming and winter jasmine, just softly in the background, supporting the lily. The floral floats in a gently flowing freshwater stream. The water seems almost still and quiet, but there's definitely more a moving water than a still water smell. The flowers grow right on the banks and the petals fall in and drift slowly down stream. There's definitely a coolness and gentleness to this scent that reminds me of a cool clear night in early spring where everything is softly lit by the full moon. This plays nicely with my skin chemistry and is a very me sort of scent, very glad I picked up a bottle.
  10. ShadowEtienne

    Floral Still Life With Cat

    On first application, this was all sweet crushed rose petals. Giving it time to settle in, the peony really took over to my delight. The sweet crushed rose petals settled into the background and a realistic cut peony, almost fully opened took the lead. There is a whisper of something soft, dry, and cool in the background that makes me think of ceramics. I'm not sure I'd call this a cacophony, but it is a lovely floral, very peony forward on me.
  11. ShadowEtienne

    … And the Fairies Ran Away With Their Clothes

    This is lovely. The slightly lemony amber provides a resinous backdrop paired with the evergreen trees. Neither is a loud part of the scent but they ground it overall. It brings to mind emerging into a sunlight meadow from the woods. In the meadow, there are lilies and other white flowers blooming. I think there could be a tiny touch of moonflower in this because my brain definitely thinks this shares a floral note with A Little Silver Scimitar that I tested yesterday. There may also be a hint of jasmine, but it's not one of the main florals on my skin. To my relief, the laundry note has subsumed by the laundry. There is definitely a soft cotton drying on warm dry grasses in the sun vibe to the laundry scent. It's clean and soft and makes the scent gentle. I like this, it's really pretty!
  12. ShadowEtienne

    Dragon Bell Z

    Dragon's blood and blackcurrant are the leading notes in this on me, but all of them are present and gorgeous. The dragon's blood is richly resinous and almost tart, and the deeper quieter frankincense adds some warmth to the scent, backing up the resinous notes of the dragon's blood. The blackcurrant is juicy and tart, backed up by a rich syrupy blackberry that elevates the tartness and keeps it from going sour. The sugared violets are a delicate waft over the rest that is fairly subtle on my skin but really adds an airier lighter note keeping the scent from being sticky. There is just the hint of something green in the backdrop of this scent, perhaps the leaves of the violet are here too, and it helps keep the scent fresh despite the elements of resinous sweetness.
  13. ShadowEtienne

    A Little Silver Scimitar

    This is indeed magical! The ambergris and oris team up to make a creamy, foamy aquatic scent. The fir and cypress bring this to the wooded coast, fresh and pleasantly sharp in their evergreen nature and well balanced between both types of trees. The addition of moonflower takes this somewhere very special and magical though. It's a subtle moonflower, not heady as it can sometimes be, like just opening buds. This is perhaps a witch's garden in the woods by the sea, a peaceful place but one that seems a slight side step from reality.
  14. ShadowEtienne

    Imported California Peach

    This is 100% a California peach as backdrop. This is stunningly the scent of eating a peach while out hiking in the California chaparral! Sage, citrus rind, and poppy dance over the peach backdrop in this on my skin. In the background, there is the hint of lilac on the dry breeze. There's something very dry about this scent, that is reminiscent of that California chaparral. I'm not getting much currant, but I suspect it's helping round out the fruitiness of the peach and citrus. I love this and am very excited to have some!
  15. ShadowEtienne

    Peach & Kumquat

    This scent is very true to its notes. It's a tangy slightly sour but in the best way yellow peach and bright tart just bitten into kumquat. This is actually less sweet on my skin than in the bottle, and that's a good thing. All the slightly candied edge to the scent in the bottle vanishes on my skin, ending up with a scent very close to the actual fruit. There's no stickiness to the sweetness that remains, making it a very refreshing scent.