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  1. ArtemisSelene


    A frimp I got from after purchasing from a user in the Bpal Sales Madness FB group. As others have stated in the imp its just pure mintyness. The mint is also very strong when first applied, but not overwhelmingly so. Lavender creeps around in the background just barely noticeable. The throw starts off strong but fades quickly. Usually within two hours I can't smell anything anymore. Still I have the notifications turned on to purchase a full bottle when it's back in stock!
  2. ArtemisSelene

    Welcome Unto Thee

    This is also my first bottle with the Lab's 🍾 note and unlike several other reviewers I don't get the single champagne note. It definitely starts off very much champagne but after only a few minutes the marshmallow starts to creep into the background. Then, usually an hour or two later it turns into mostly marshmallow with a hint of champagne. Love this bottle!
  3. ArtemisSelene

    Torta Setteveli

    The only Weenie I purchased last year. It starts off with a very lovely almost milk chocolate scent with a hint of hazelnut. On the dry down it kind of smells almost like a powdered chocolate note. The hazelnut comes and goes, but overall it's never very strong. Towards the end it ends up smelling like a chocolate covered graham cracker. One of my longest lasting scents!
  4. ArtemisSelene

    Peach, Coconut Cream, Marshmallow, and Nougat

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before! This is my absolute favorite perfume ever. Like ever! If I had to only have one perfume from any brand ever it would be this one. Wet on my skin and right after it's a pleasant peach mixed with coconut cream mixing together. This lasts for a while but once it settles its a delicious mix of nougat and marshmallow that I love so much. The throw is medium but the wear time is pretty long. I've been able to smell it 12+ hours after application.
  5. ArtemisSelene

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    Sadly, this is similar to Dad! Let me do your makeup in that it's insanely sweet perfume note. I think that's how any Bpal with Earl Grey smells to me. It makes my eyes water so I won't be keeping the bottle.
  6. ArtemisSelene

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Literally nothing but overly perfumed sugar peach. First sniff made me recoil from the bottle and I immediately regretted putting even a tiny bit on. Basically this perfume is not for me.
  7. ArtemisSelene

    Mouse Circus

    In the bottle: butter popcorn jellybeans and I'm in love. Wet on skin it's less jellybean and more butter popcorn. Dry it does this fun thing where it turns into almost a plastic vanilla with no hint of cotton candy. If you remember those dolls from the 90s/early 00s that had hard heads but soft bodies and either the head or the stomach smelled kinda like powdery vanilla? That's what Mouse Circus does after an hour or two with occasional hints of butter every now and then. I'm definitely going to get a scent locket at some point because I just AMP vanilla if there's even a hint of it.
  8. ArtemisSelene


    In the very brief time I had this perfume (I knocked the whole dang thing over a week after I got it and the whole bottle spilled) it was a very sugared mint smell in the bottle and wet. Once it dried a little the apple showed up in the background. It had a faint throw but didn't disappear or anything. In fact the nightstand I spilled the bottle on still smells like Agreenex 5 days later πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜‚ even though I enjoyed it I probably won't purchase a replacement bottle for a while.
  9. ArtemisSelene

    The Wellerman

    In the bottle and wet I get hot buttered rum! Once it dries a little I get that caramelized almost burnt sugar note with a hint of tea that's not overwhelming. Oddly enough ones it's been on a while it turns into a flat vanilla cake kind of note on my skin. I didn't get any hint of lemon like other reviewers. Body chemistry is weird yall πŸ˜‚
  10. ArtemisSelene

    Eat Me

    In the bottle it smells like a delicious mix of vanilla cake and currants. Just all around yummy. It's the same the first few minutes after application as well but as soon as it dries down it just smells like I walked into a store that burns and sells incense. I picked this up at Dragoncon 2023 and the labbie helping me noticed I tend to think a good bit of scents have an incense undertone but recommended this for my love of foodie scents. I'll try it again and maybe rapid age it like another reviewer did (just leave the bottle open for 15-20 minutes) and see if that helps at all. Really sad because I LOVE how it smelled in the bottle.
  11. ArtemisSelene

    Pink Peach Bubblegum

    The only Dragoncon scent I ended up grabbing. LOUD PINK BUBBLEGUM is the first thing you can smell opening the bottle. The throw is crazy strong, but I don't get any hints of peach. It's the same putting it on to start with but it dries down very quickly. The dry down is a very soft nice peach with no bubblegum at all and after that it fades on me within a few hours.
  12. ArtemisSelene

    Brown Sugar, Cream, and Earl Grey Tea

    Got this recently as a blind buy from someone in the Bpal Sales Madness Facebook group. I wanted to love it so much, but I'm starting to realize that Earl Grey blends just don't work for me 😭 In the bottle it smelled delicious and very brown sugar-y which is also how it smelled when I first applied it. Sadly only an hour or so later it was just incredibly perfume-y and overwhelming. Basically it was a fail like Dad! Let me do your makeup and Fuzzy Peach Sweater and a Mug of London Fog. Medium to low throw and short wear time
  13. ArtemisSelene

    Ginormous Yule-ified Yard Skeleton

    Really love this scent. I get a good mix of the sandalwood and pumpkin, but no peppermint at all. A coworker said it literally smells like Christmas to her but couldn't explain why. The throw is light and for some reason I wasn't expecting the sandalwood and pumpkin to work well together but they really did.
  14. ArtemisSelene

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    I agree with the other reviewer that said it smells a little like sweet tarts! Which I'm really enjoying. I don't get a lot of lavender even after several hours and there is a bare hint of marshmallow. Overall a very enjoyable scent.
  15. ArtemisSelene


    Agree with other reviews about the spice! But I'm LOVING IT. I can pick up on the cinnamon and pink peppercorn in the bottle and on first application and then it does dry down into a nice gingerbread scent. This is absolutely my all star favorite from the Yules I snagged 😍 I got several compliments about it at work. One of my coworkers said it reminds them of chai spice as a perfume.