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  1. ArtemisSelene

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    In the bottle: Smells like soap Wet: Perfume-y white chocolate. Reminds me of something my mom used to wear. I can definitely smell the plastic underneath but it isn't too bad. Dry: I think my skin really amps the amber in this because I never got a hint of candy corn or really any sweetness. I might let it sit a while longer and try again but my first impression is that it sadly isn't for me.
  2. ArtemisSelene

    Gossip, Slang, and Cuss-Words

    It smells like off the interstate rest stop bathroom hand soap on me 😭😭😭 I lasted twenty minutes before I had to try and wash it off and even then the throw was so strong it gave me a migraine. This one is an absolute no for me and I'm so bummed cause other reviews made it seem like something I'd love.
  3. ArtemisSelene

    Lavender Rosemary Baguette

    The only one of the Lavender Kitchen yules that didn't work for me. In the bottle and on my skin for the first 25 minutes it smelled like amazing fancy restaurant crusty bread! Absolutely delicious Until that 25 minute mark (maybe when it fully dries down?) When it turns into a weirdly rancid fancy soap smell. Like hotel soap gone bad is the only way to describe it. Sadly not for me 😔
  4. ArtemisSelene

    Pumpkin Spice Champagne

    Pumpkin Spice Champagne: in the bottle the Lab's Champagne note takes center stage with just hints of pumpkin spice in the background Wet: Same as in the bottle. I really love how it manages to actually smell fizzy! Dry: honestly it stayed the same pretty much the same all day. Occasionally got stronger hints of pumpkin spice but it was pretty much in the background the whole day.
  5. ArtemisSelene

    Lavender Lemon Bar

    In the bottle this is a very nice mix of lavender and lemon! Wet: It's very lemon-y but at the same time because of that lavender it has a nice floral hint to it. After about 30 minutes the two scents are mixed so well on my skin I can't really pick out one over the other. Dry: An hour after application it smells like a floral lemonade powder? Which doesn't actually exist but that's what it makes me think of. Five hours after application it smells the same, like a slightly floral lemonade. It's much closer to the skin but hasn't faded all the way like a few others.
  6. ArtemisSelene

    Lavender Brownie

    In the bottle it's very much making brownies in a Lavender scented kitchen. Wet: I was a little worried because at first the Lavender seemed like it might be overwhelming the Brownie and a little medicinal like TKSnow is for me. However it started to fade within 5 minutes and became a nice mix of lavender and chocolate. Dry: 20 minutes after dry down it started to smell almost like a chocolate marshmallow the my skin chemistry decided nah chewy fudge instead lol Three hours after application is smells like a chocolate powder scent and has faded a bit. Although I'm now 4 reviews in and realizing these might be fading because I'm using just a tiny dot of oil to test 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I really enjoyed this scent a ton and I'll be reaching for it again soon and will probably slather it on 😂
  7. ArtemisSelene

    Witches' Tea

    In the bottle its very fruity and delicious smelling. Wet: still very fruity and easily identifiable as blackberry. Dry: an hour after application I can smell the thorn. It's almost woody with a surprising hint of vanilla around it. Kind of a powdery smell. After 5 hours the scent has completely faded, so another one that might need a scent locket.
  8. ArtemisSelene

    Pumpkin Spice Hot Buttered Rum

    In the bottle VERY BUTTERED RUM! Wet: still very much Buttered rum without being too harsh with the rum note. Very pleasant and cozy? Dry: 10 minutes into dry down it smells the same with the faintest hint of spice. 4 hours into wear it's basically the same but with less throw, hot buttered rum with a mild hint of spice and the smallest amount of pumpkin waaaay in the back. I'm going to assume in another 2-3 hours it'll end up fading completely. Overall I really enjoy this scent it reminds me of The Wellerman or maybe the Wellerman reminds me of hot buttered rum? Either way 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. ArtemisSelene

    Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

    In the bottle its very Gingerbread-y and that's the only thing I get. Wet on skin: Gingerbread!! Followed quickly by spice. The bread part of Gingerbread seems to take a step back as it starts to dry and all I can smell is cinnamon that has a very strong throw (it made my eyes water a little bit and one of my cats came to sniff my arm and started squinting/blinking fast 😂) Dried: 20 ish minutes after application got hit with a random wiff of cocoa powder then it vanished again but it basically smells like Marranitos (from last year) but on steroids 😂. 3 hours after application it smells the same with occasional hints of a plastic-y chocolate smell, but no marshmallow. Not as strong because one of my cats accidentally scratched my arm while jumping so I had to wash my arm off. Finally at the end of the day it calmed down (possibly due to the washing) and there is a nice hint of chocolate powder in the background. Overall I really enjoy this perfume, I like it a little better than Marranitos, and will probably reach for it on cold days for a little spice!
  10. ArtemisSelene

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    Got this as an imp and surprisingly my husband loved it! In the imp: vanilla and sweet pea with a hint of sandalwood. Masculine floral is what I'd call it. On his skin: at first you can really smell the sweet pea and white sandalwood with hints of vanilla. Two hours after initial application you can smell the amber and sandalwood still with hints of vanilla. Overall this is a very pleasing scent and after the imp this might be my hubby's first ever bpal purchase!
  11. ArtemisSelene

    Hymn to St. Brigid 2023

    I was surprised with this perfume as my first 2023 Yule! My mom and husband collaborated to order it as a surprise and it arrived yesterday (12/23). I did a quick sniff in the bottle before bed and got honey incense?? After letting it rest overnight here is the rest of my review: Okay after letting the bottle sit over night it has gone from Honey incense to a sugary honey. At first application this is how it smells on the wrist; like you've dropped honey on your wrist and smeared it. After about 15 or so minutes I'm assuming the sweet cream comes out in full force. It's turned very perfume-y BUT the throw is so light that it doesn't give me a headache unless I just hold my wrist up and snifffffff. I'm very on the fence with this oil, but my husband said "after the Agreenex incident it's definitely the least overwhelming perfume I've smelled on you from Bpal. Usually I can smell what your wearing 3 feet away from my nose. This one isn't that in your face but every time you move your arm I get a faint hint." As of now, not a single hint of butter to be found anywhere.
  12. ArtemisSelene


    A frimp I got from after purchasing from a user in the Bpal Sales Madness FB group. As others have stated in the imp its just pure mintyness. The mint is also very strong when first applied, but not overwhelmingly so. Lavender creeps around in the background just barely noticeable. The throw starts off strong but fades quickly. Usually within two hours I can't smell anything anymore. Still I have the notifications turned on to purchase a full bottle when it's back in stock!
  13. ArtemisSelene

    Welcome Unto Thee

    This is also my first bottle with the Lab's 🍾 note and unlike several other reviewers I don't get the single champagne note. It definitely starts off very much champagne but after only a few minutes the marshmallow starts to creep into the background. Then, usually an hour or two later it turns into mostly marshmallow with a hint of champagne. Love this bottle!
  14. ArtemisSelene

    Torta Setteveli

    The only Weenie I purchased last year. It starts off with a very lovely almost milk chocolate scent with a hint of hazelnut. On the dry down it kind of smells almost like a powdered chocolate note. The hazelnut comes and goes, but overall it's never very strong. Towards the end it ends up smelling like a chocolate covered graham cracker. One of my longest lasting scents!
  15. ArtemisSelene

    Peach, Coconut Cream, Marshmallow, and Nougat

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before! This is my absolute favorite perfume ever. Like ever! If I had to only have one perfume from any brand ever it would be this one. Wet on my skin and right after it's a pleasant peach mixed with coconut cream mixing together. This lasts for a while but once it settles its a delicious mix of nougat and marshmallow that I love so much. The throw is medium but the wear time is pretty long. I've been able to smell it 12+ hours after application.