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#1 delicate_fangs


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Posted 10 December 2007 - 10:47 PM

Tan Tan Tanuki no kintama wa,
Kaze mo nai no ni,
Bura bura!

The mischievous sake-swigging, debt-riddled shapeshifting raccoon dog. These creatures carry a fistfuls of counterfeit cash and wear leaves from Buddha's sacred lotus atop their heads. Their kin-tama -- golden balls -- are so large that they can swing them over their shoulders like backpacks, and are so taut that they can play them like drums. They are masters at the art of transformation, and live to overindulge in wine and women.

A scent of hedonistic, uninhibited joy: bamboo reed, plum blossom, persimmon, magnolia, black pine, sweet osmanthus, flowering cherry, mandarin orange, wisteria, and yuzu.

Surely I can't be the first to review this, can I?

Whatever's going on in here, it's sweet and fruity and elusive. It keeps morphing -- well, OK, shapeshifter, right? My raccoon-dog is definitely turning into more than a tea-kettle here! I'll have to wait and see what all happens, but so far, it's been everything from a full rich red fruit scent to a delicate almost floral note, something like a white peach or a sweet melon.

This Tanuki is enigmatic in a good way.

More later.

Later: retested this again (after wearing it several times but not making notes) on March 10, 2008, and I still love it. It's not changing much, which is fine with me, as I love its shapeshifting nature already and wouldn't want to lose any of the delicate notes. Definitely a keeper!

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#2 savage_rose


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Posted 15 December 2007 - 07:58 PM

Tanuki! I just love saying it :P. And of course, I see little raccoon (Tanooki!) Mario when I think of it. Tanuki!

It smells almost...woodsy, but pulpy/fibrously fruity in the bottle, like an undercurrent of unripe mango. On, it smells gently, sweetly wooden, and lightly floral. It's a lot more mellow than I was expecting, but very lovely.

#3 hkhm


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Posted 15 December 2007 - 08:06 PM

bottle: this smells just like fresh-cut mango!

wet: this smells like fresh, sweet fruit with all sorts of spring-blooming flowers. why didn't i order a few more bottles of this scent?

dry: sweet, ripe fruits and soft, sweet florals. incredibly lovely!

#4 The_Witching_Hour



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Posted 15 December 2007 - 08:55 PM

Smelling this in the bottle gives me the urge to *giggle*. Its bright and has a sense of humor (to me, but there are times when a fragrance literally talks and has a personality).

On? WOW....this is SASSY! Very energetic, too. After 30 minutes and into drydown it stays true. A very well rounded blend of ripe fruits (the yuzu and mandarin are very well represented but not knocking you over. I suspect the bamboo reed grounds them both) and subtle florals.

This is *fun* in a bottle. It smiles when you can't manage one yourself and one of the blends I could use more than one bottle of. :P

I seem to be having more luck with the shapeshifters this year. :D

#5 TrailerTrashPrincess


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Posted 15 December 2007 - 10:01 PM

sniffed from the bottle: smells almost alcoholic...like a flower-based wine.
on skin: first thought - mixed fruit or tropical punch! where's Punchy?
oh, this blend doesn't like me at all. it smells like it keeps trying to turn into ick.
i think the plum-persimmon-cherry-orange-yuzu is the problem. i don't like fruit scents, though, so this is probably just my perception.
the magnolia & osmanthus must be adding their voices into this cacaphony because i don't completely dislike it.... it smells almost familiar somehow, like maybe the body shop or bath & body works had something that smelled like this once, a long time ago.
overall? very meh.

#6 sarada


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 04:57 AM

I had a feeling this would smell like Fire Pig without dragon's blood and the fact that it smells just like Fire Pig without dragon's blood in it, to me, might have more to do with my preconceptions than anything. But I like it a lot more than Fire Pig, which was kind of thrown off balance by the DB to me. This is much more of a pure, fruity-green, fun kind of scent that fades instantly on my skin but might stick around in a locket. Actually it is much more of a spring/summer scent so I might have a hard time 'reading' it right now in the depths of winter. I feel like a little trail of glowing fruits and flowers are following me around through the cold December night.

Like Fire Pig, it does combine qualities of some of the past lunacies in a pleasing way:Holiday Moon (bamboo), Budding Moon (plum blossom), hints perhaps of the other Asian moon scents we were treated to in 2006. I also love the crisp bite of yuzu and persimmon in this, adding a touch of tartness. Anyway it was perfect to wear while playing Animal Crossing! And it is one of those very rare things: a multicolored scent, synaesthetically, that I can wear when I'm wearing clothing that is every hue of the rainbow! Fruity scents are great for that!

#7 Ravenclaw79


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 07:15 AM

Come, little statue-shifting Mario...

In the bottle: Holy crap, what IS this??? It's one of those smells that triggers that little *ping* in the back of your brain, "hey, I've smelled this before, but I don't know where." Upon overenthusiastic oversniffing, I can pick out orange, yuzu and maybe plum blossom. Grrr, it's so familiar, and I can't place it....

On the skin: Mango? Yeah, I think that's what it was! It wasn't all that familiar to me 'cause I hate mango (not necessarily the smell ... I just won't eat them). Oddly, something about it makes me think "Chinese buffet," like this is what I'd smell at the cash register when I walk in or what might waft past me when a waitress walks by (or maybe what I'd smell over at the dessert bar, by the cut fruit).

Drying: I'm starting to get some of the drier, less fruity components now. Bamboo, for one. Maybe some wisteria. I don't really smell the pine, but there's a hint of sharpness that could be it. There's a quality about it that's almost soapy -- not the scent itself, but that sort of back-of-the-throat part of the scent.

Overall, it's not a bad scent, but I'm not sure I'll keep it.

#8 alicia_stardust


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 08:05 AM

Oh, you naughty little raccoon-dog!

This is a joyous, raucous blend that is full of playfulness and energy. In terms of synaesthesia, this is a medley of color just as Sarada said.

Initially I smell a blast of cold pine beneath the bright fruitiness. The plum blossom, mandarin, and flowering cherry start things out but as it warms to my skin I can smell the wisteria and magnolia. The bamboo pulp lends this a characteristic Asian feel, much like the arc of lunacy blends that were released during 2006. However, in Tanuki the bamboo is less dominant than I am used to, and I like that because it allows the other fruits and florals to swirl together without being overtaken.

This is a really fun, uplifting blend. :P

#9 n3m3sis42


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 07:54 PM

In the bottle:
Soft, sweet fruits.

Delicious fruits--citrus and persimmon are the most prominent initially. After the first couple of minutes, I can also smell soft florals, so well-blended that I can't pick out which one is which.

Sweet, juicy citrus and other fruits, with a soft floral undertone. This is much more gorgeous than I expected.

#10 Delirium1009


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 08:08 PM

In bottle/imp: Melon and plum, with a touch of sweet orange and sweet florals.

Immediately on skin: This is a sweet, fun, fruity scent. It smells like melon and plum mixed together with an undertone of sweet floral notes. Itís airy and not syrupyÖ the flowers do a good job of keeping this from being too sweet. This scent is very juicy, refreshing and fun.

After a few minutes: This has softened up and blended together quite nicely on my skin. The main feel of it is still fruity, with a lingering feel of melon (the bamboo combining with the black pine and other notes perhaps?) and plum. The persimmon is lending a sugary note that is fun and playful, and thereís a subtle base of wisteria and cherry blossoms. I would describe this upon drydown as a fruity, fresh melon and plum scent with a hint of sweet blossoming flowers.

Later on: This softens up as time goes on. It just blends into my skin and the melon note dies down to a soft fruitiness and I am no longer able to pick out any particular notes.

Overall Impressions: This is a nicely balanced blend. Itís fruity, sweet, and floral, but not overly so of any of those. Even though melon isnít listed, I can smell it as a note and the plum as well (more so the fruit than the flower). Thereís a softness about it; itís not like fruit syrup, but like a watery nectar of all these things put together. The flowers in this arenít overpowering and just add a nice base to the scent.

#11 karihan


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Posted 18 December 2007 - 12:15 AM

Hello, raccoon-dog! May I say you have some fascinating bottle art! :D

In the bottle: Tangy fruit and pine predominantly.

On wet: The pine dies down almost immediately, and the fruits are joined by gentle flowers and the bamboo reed. Very Asian, very fresh.

Drydown: The pine peeks out again, just a bit, and the bamboo reed strengthens, greening the scent up a little. It's still very well blended though, and very pretty, though not as rollicking-sassy on me as I was expecting.

Overall: A very fresh, sweet, gentle Asian blend. Tanuki smells like Budding Moon and Fire Pig's love child on me, so I think I've got a keeper! :P

#12 shellyshells


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Posted 18 December 2007 - 08:12 PM


it does remind of Fire Pig! Must be the candy fruitiness! I don't what it is exactly, but this smells so familiar? It kinda reminds me of the smell of a Sanrio store 10 yrs ago...

Well I love this floral fruity blend with its soft citrus and juicy plums plus some kinda floral that keeps it from being too sweet.

Well I'll probably have to get a back up of this!! :P

#13 QueenFae


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Posted 29 December 2007 - 01:15 AM

Yup yup, this definitely reminds me of Fire Pig too. It's that same bright citrusey freshness. This is a sweet orangey delight; soft yet intoxicating. There is a creaminess to this that sets it apart from Fire Pig. Where Fire Pig is sharply bright and intense, this is muted, innocent and alluring.

I like this very much, but it doesn't last very long on me. Since it's mostly a toned down Fire Pig on me, I think I'll just stick with the Pig. This is very beautiful, though.

#14 Summerpixy


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Posted 30 December 2007 - 04:51 AM

When I first put this on my skin it is light, sweet, tangy fruit. It's fun and uplifting. It won't be getting as much wear from me in the winter, but I can see myself reaching for it in the spring and summer months ahead.

Unfortunately it doesn't last very long on my skin.

#15 Akurarei


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Posted 31 December 2007 - 09:45 PM


Fire Pig + Fruit Moon

I think that sums it up :P

#16 Little Bird

Little Bird


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Posted 03 January 2008 - 05:58 PM

Tanuki is definitely a floral scent on me. It has a dark, sweet sort of floral note to it that makes me think of violet, but this is more musky-perfumey than violet. I can smell a fruitiness as well, but it's artificial and reminds me of sweet tarts. Overall, this blend is too much perfumey floral and too tart for me. It's sharper and has more tartness to it than I was hoping for. My bottle is headed for my swap pile...

#17 Edens Sixth Day

Edens Sixth Day

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Posted 05 January 2008 - 03:09 AM

Tanuki Ė Oh, I really love this! It reminds me of what you might get if you crossed Budding Moon, Holiday Moon, and Fire Pig. Itís bright and fruity-floral, very Asian, and a really happy, fun scent. The fruits blend together gorgeously, although Iíd say the orange, plum, and yuzu are the strongest notes. Thereís a touch of pine behind these fruits and although I donít normally like pine scents, itís so pretty in this blend. The throw is about average for a fruity blend (which tend to start off very strong on me and then be semi-subtle upon drydown), but the staying power is above average for a fruity blend, most likely due to the pine grounding this to my skin. Really fantastic, and something I could see myself wearing in both summer and winter.

#18 Czarina


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Posted 06 January 2008 - 06:16 PM

In the bottle: has virtually no scent at all. Kind of watery. I paid how much for this?

Wet: wow! An explosion of sweet fruity goodness. I can pick out the cherry, and orange, and something that smells like lotus, and the bamboo.

Drydown: very well blended fruits and flowers, sweet and slightly tart (the persimmon?).

Note: not a single whiff of the pine can I detect. Pity, because I love Beth's pine scents.

#19 veridian


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Posted 10 January 2008 - 12:45 AM

When I first started wearing BPAL I hated anything pine. Evil, evil pine. But this is one of those examples of how much my tastes have changed in a year. Pine has slowly been becoming a note that I can wear and that I actually enjoy.

This is like a sweet, fruity, dark pine. It's so pretty. It has the lightness of a fruit scent, but the heavier presence of a dark green floral. At first it's incredibly feminine and mellow. And very smooth. I have to go close to my skin to really smell it. It reminds me of a ripe cantaloupe at this point. Then the pine appears. It's much less fierce and overwhelmingly green than a lot of the pine notes I'm used to. It's more subtle. The green presence is still there though. The florals are a nice support. The lotus has that almost-but-not-quite bubble gum scent. It adds to the sweetness.

This dries into a softer fruit/floral. The pine is very obvious during the drydown. I can't believe I am saying that I like pine this much but I can't help it. It's perfect. Sort of musky too. For some reason it seems stronger now, like it has more throw than it did wet. This is much prettier than I hoped it would be.

#20 zankoku_zen


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Posted 10 January 2008 - 02:20 PM

This definitely has a green fruity edge when I applied it --- different than Green Phoenix, because I get more of a plum purple vibe as opposed to GREEN papaya from it. I can see how this is compared to Fire Pig because it also has that Asian feel to it.

On the other hand this is not like Fire Pig at all. I get more of the plum blossom and other florals (cherry and wisteria). Thankfully the magnolia is pretty absent (we've had problems before). It's more floral than fruity, which is a bit disappointing since I was definitely hoping for fruit.

I'm very on the fence about this. I like it, but I'm not sure I like it enough because of the floral overpower... on the other hand, I did enjoy the plum blossom smell... I might keep it for a few weeks, give it a whirl and see how I feel about it later...

#21 whiterosepetals


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Posted 13 January 2008 - 07:08 PM

On me, Tanuki is a blend of fruit and floral, with no individual notes standing out. It's very sweet and pretty, but it's not what I was hoping for. I'll pass this one on.

#22 euterpe414


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Posted 10 February 2008 - 07:31 PM

Tanuki is definitely a shape shifting scent for me. From one minute to the next, I smell an array of tart fruits, pine, and bamboo. The notes are always swirling around, confusing and delighting me at the same time. Sometimes when I sniff my wrist it seems to smell a bit soapy, but then I sniff again and I smell fruit. I also noticed that the throw on this one is a lot sweeter than if I sniff it up close. I know many people are comparing this to Fire Pig, but I do not find them to be that similar. Fire Pig is much sweeter and more of a lychee based scent for me. This one seems to be more bamboo based. Anyhow, I am not sure if I completely like Tanuki since the occasional soapiness can be off putting. I'm going to at least keep it around until spring when I can give it several tries to see if it has settled down any.

#23 Werekitten


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Posted 12 February 2008 - 11:23 PM

Light, fruity, and happy. At first this reminds me of Fire Pig but with more of a floral vibe - it smells a little like lychee or tangerine. The pine isn't really discernible as such but lends a bit of a damp green feel to it. This fades away gently instead of turning a little bit bitter as Fire Pig can do in the far drydown. It's pretty and appealing but I'm not quite as crazy about it as I thought I would be.

#24 DogNPonyShow


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 11:34 PM

In the bottle: Bamboo and orange.

On: Same as in the bottle, but turns into a green floral on drydown. Wisteria and cherry really come through with persimmon popping up about 10 minutes later. Everything blends from one to the other very well. It's a happy scent.

Verdict: This is such a lovely little raccoon dog. :P Now to find a bottle...

#25 Alsatia


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Posted 29 February 2008 - 02:41 AM

Expectations: Fruity floral, hopefully more fruity than floral.

In vial: Cantaloupe. Which is completely not expected, but isn't bad. I always think cantaloupes smell tasty...until I take a bite and remember that I hate them.

On skin, wet: Mandarin plus. Plus what? It might be the persimmon, I'm not positive what those smell like but I kind of imagine them this way.

On skin, dry: Aw, man, I'm getting a bit of that toilet paper holder scent out of this too. I'm eyeing the magnolia and osmanthus suspiciously.

After time: 10 minutes in, I got distracted by the scent on my other arm, and when I finished sniffing it I noticed a sudden blast of MANDARIN from the Tanuki...a foot away from my nose. At 20 minutes, the orange has graciously decided to share the limelight, and it became this delicious fruit salad. I finally found a scent for which "don't lick your arm" is a necessary warning. At 30 minutes, a little bit of floral (cherry blossoms, I think) is coming forward.

Conclusion: This is amazing, and it has impressive throw. I'm so glad I didn't condemn it based on the initial drying. More Tanuki for me, please!

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