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  1. Summerpixy

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    Very feminine soft floral. Wonderful! Until my boyfriend moves in with me I'm afraid my duvet will be smelling like this. He'll just have to deal with it when he visits me. I love it and would buy a 4oz bottle if it was ever released.
  2. Summerpixy

    Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms

    Soft, masculine dryer sheets. I get very little cherry blossom from this scent. Nice, but not a favorite, it's just not my kind of sexy.
  3. Summerpixy

    Talaria Foot Scrub

    Lovely scent, very creamy, but as the previous two posters have noted it's more moisturizing than scrubby and can make things slippery. But as far as conditioning the feet it is fabulous, my skin is now very well moisturized and happy with me.
  4. Summerpixy

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Does CCNow regularly save cookies of when you're browsing your order and send those to the company rather than the final order? I think that's what happened to me as the order I received looks more like my browsing order than my actual order. Oh well, back to Paypal for ordering I guess.
  5. Summerpixy

    Katrina van Tassel

    Soft sweet rose and cream. I didn't get a whole lot of honey but there was a nice dewy quality that I usually find in Rose Red. This is lovely and simple, she'll softly stay with you for a good length of time and she doesn't tend to bowl people over either. If you like this try: Love in the Asylum, Come to Me
  6. Summerpixy

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    That's from before my time but I remember seeing pictures of those little cuties. They'd already moved on to the current bottle types by the time I bought my first bottle. My first set of imps had those tags on them though.
  7. Summerpixy


    First impressions: Green and herbal On the skin: Fennel, Coriander, Basil, Lemon.. this smells like a really nice drying rack of spices. Very soothing. I'm currently on my cycle and this smells absolutely lovely. I think I'll be reaching for this one once a month. I'm glad I bought a bottle, it's a great panacea. For those of you that don't feel ready to use a TAL, these are simple, great aromatherapy blends.
  8. Summerpixy

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    In Neil's words, 'It smells like green apples and like sex and vampires, all at the same time. (Actually, it smells like sexy vampire apples.)' In the bottle: very light, almost impossible to catch a good whiff of it. Once warmed in my clocket - Fresh, bright green apples with Beth's frost notes. It's not a clean iciness of some of Beth's blends, but it's crisp and pungent with a touch of cold violet. I had to take the clocket off because it was giving me a headache. Perhaps this would be better on the skin since I think I used too much in the clocket and it overwhelmed me. That and reading the story while wearing the scent creeped me out a little bit. Neil writes a good scary adult fairy-tale. Lovely and unique, not sure I'll be in the mood to wear this very often, but I'm holding on to the bottle for the times when I'm in the mood for sexy icy vampiric apples.
  9. Summerpixy


    I like icy/cold blends. I've got Ice Queen perfume and Ice Prince bath oil and wow - L'Inverno is just lovely and balanced and awesome. I feel so complimented the goblins selected me to this particular set. Right now I'm wearing the perfume on it's own, but later I'm going to try combining the three to see just how decadent I can get. It is ice, and fruit and atmosphere. In this summer weather it is the perfect thing to wear. If you like anything that meets those descriptors - you must try and hunt down some of this. It is well worth it. 9/10 Why only a 9? I can only get this one bottle, which will make me sad when I use it all up.
  10. Summerpixy

    Ebisu Making Love As Two Octopuses Look On

    I was retesting my Shunga decants and I tried this one and immediately hunted down a bottle. In the bottle it is heady sweet nectarine. On the drydown the skin musk comes out and the oakmoss grounds the blend. It's a very simple blend, it doesn't have any of the complexity that some of Beth's other blends have, but on my skin that is enough. My skin eats a bit of the nectarine so the scent is still a bit fruity but mostly a clinging muskiness. Very sexy and understated, perfect for the summer when the darker blends are too heavy.
  11. Summerpixy


    A darkly colored oil. In fact I arranged my Grindhouse decants by color and Marianne was one of the darkest. I couldn't tell much from the imp, but once spread on the skin this scent reminded me strongly of Smut, and lesser Mme Moriarty (my bottle must not be properly aged yet). There was a brief dryout of some almost chemical note, but it was very short and very quickly forgotten, I predict it will disappear with age leaving a very smooth musk. This is one sexy blend. I'll be grabbing a bottle of Marianne (or two!) before the end of the Carnival. If you have any attraction at all to those dark musky scents I strongly recommend this one, you will not regret it.
  12. Summerpixy

    Violet Ray

    I'm normally not a violet person, but when I applied this I was impressed by how soft and tempered the violet was. It's a very subtle blend, but also carries a nice chill from the mint. The sandalwood balances the blend perfectly. I'm glad I ordered the imp. This was all I wanted Numb to be but simply wasn't. I can't see myself reaching for this often as it's simply not as striking as some of my other blends but it's perfect to wear to work on warm days or like today hot and sweltering.
  13. Summerpixy

    Dyan Moon

    In bottle - Heady and strong florals. On the skin - Woah, strong and complex florals. Verdict - This could be wonderful if it wasn't such a hyper floral. I'm going to let it sit for a few months and think about itself, perhaps it will mellow out with age.
  14. Summerpixy

    How to make a paypal order.

    My last two BPAL orders that I did through Paypal didn't show up (sheer volume perhaps?) so I've had to email both times about it. I got my oils/a quick response from the Lab so it's no big deal, but keep those payment sent emails just in case.
  15. Summerpixy


    Yeah, as if I had any ideas that Crowley would not be sexy? Musk, spice, and everything nice. Oh baby, I'd love this on my boyfriend, as much as I love it on myself. Anytime I really feel like letting loose and being musky this is what I turn to - and it's never failed, especially as it's aged since I bought my bottle. If you like dark, sexy scents - try this, you won't be failed in the least.