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    flute, music (avant garde, 80's new wave goth and industrial, classical and algerian pop, lol), dogs, tattoos, Alice in Wonderland & Lewis Carroll, sewing, eclectic paganism, tarot, makeup art, knitting, gardening, hiking, tea drinking, fluxus, absurdism and dada, deep sea creatures, zombies, experimental film, anything written by Neil Gaiman, Twin Peaks, French language... there's more but that's enough for now :)
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    I like many different types of scents, depending on my mood- foresty, herbal, resinous, foody, floral, you name it...although I am not the most fond of aquatics or overly heady florals. most favorite notes: amber, patchouli, vanilla, olive leaf, vetivert, ginger, copal, frankincense, cardamom, coconut, pomegranite, honey, musks (yes, all of 'em!), labdanum, tonka, champaca flower, myrhh, caramel, tomato leaf other notes I like: milk, wine, plum, fig, carnation, moroccan rose, oppoponax, iris, narcissus, tobacco, opium, lotus, saffron, cinnamon, hibiscus, gardenia, pine, juniper, dragon's blood I DO NOT like: tea rose, magnolia, phlox, freesia Current favorites are: Snake Oil, Tiresias, Banded Sea Snake, King Cobra, Morocco, Lycaon, Anne Bonny, Priala, Mama Ji, Ravenous, The Lion, Jersey Devil, Death of the Grave Digger, Mr. Nancy


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  1. euterpe414


    This blend is, like sarada said, predominantly soft moss underscored by faint whiffs of sandalwood and patchouli. It's very warm and comforting to me and seems like the sort of scent that one would wear while snuggled up under blankets in a cabin in the middle of the woods. (and oddly enough I also got the mental image of reading a book in this wooded setting, I wonder why that is??) Anyway, this is a lovely, lovely moss blend with a soft and cuddly feel to it.
  2. euterpe414

    Pumpkin V (2008)

    This one has surprisingly very little pumpkin on my skin- it's mainly strawberry, rose and musk. Actually, once it's dry it reminds me A LOT of Hollywood Babylon. There's definitely a 'headshop' vibe to this one, but I love that feel, so I am a happy camper wearing it. Overall, though, I'd like to let this one age for a few months to see if the pumpkin would come out more.
  3. euterpe414

    Lady Lilith

    Wow, my skin is turning this one really, really SWEET and musky. I can smell the red musk first and foremost, with hints of rose, vanilla, mandarin and cream. I don't know where the violets and other notes are, perhaps they are contributing to the overall sweetness of the blend? Regardless of the disappearing notes, this is a gorgeous, feminine blend. It definitely has the feel of the painting down pat- wistful, soft, romantic, and feminine. I am always amazed at the Salon blends and how they capture the artwork so perfectly, and this blend is yet another outstanding example of this.
  4. euterpe414

    Lilith Victoria

    This is, to me, a soft and sleepy version of Dorian with an underlying richness that is the Snake Oil. There is something quite powdery in the blend throughout (fennel?), yet it is kept from being to baby-ish by the Snake Oil base. The lavender is way more present in the bottle than on my skin; once the blend is dry I can hardly smell it. I agree with others that this is both babyishly soft and somehow alluring at the same time. Lovely, blend, and it fits the occasion quite perfectly.
  5. euterpe414

    The Shattered Pumpkin

    This one's definitely a morpher on me. At first, it's a very strong, buttery pumpkin for a good 10 minutes. As it dries, the soil and brown (or at least it feels more brown to me than black) leather a la Quincey Morris come out and make this a gorgeous, earthy pumpkin scent. Like an earlier reviewer said, it is like you are in the patch looking for pumpkins to take home with you- getting your hands dirty and taking in big whiffs of cool autumn soil. Lovely. After around an hour or so I begin to smell the marsh/aquatic bit, but it moves in and out of my radar when I smell my wrist. Finally, when it's been a good long while, it ends up a slightly spicy pumpkin with the barest hint of dirt in the background. I love this one at all of its stages, however I must add a word of caution to not put too much on b/c it is VERY strong. Overall it's a great autumn scent, and one of my favorite pumpkin blends I smelled thus far. Bravo!
  6. euterpe414

    Hand of Glory

    Lovely, lovely beeswax. This blend reminds me of the smell of those beeswax tapered candles that they sell in health food stores, along with the faint smell of spice and wood in the background. On my skin, I don't get anything leathery, and the blend stays the same from drydown until it disappears. I have been so impressed with the Wunderkammer blends, and this one is definitely up there in my list of favorites. I don't really have much else to say except that it is probably the most perfect beeswax blend I have ever smelled. Much, much love for this one.
  7. euterpe414


    Wow, I am really loving the coconut and lilac combination- who knew!?! Yes, for the most part those are the two predominant notes in the blend on my skin. Very sexy and creamy with the twist of a sweet feminine edge from the lilac. The tonka, musk and vanilla tea really add to the rich creaminess created by the coconut in the drydown. This blend lasts and lasts and is just drop dead sexy from start to finish. I do not get any tobacco or hyssop, for what it's worth, but I love this blend just the way it is. Fabulous!!
  8. euterpe414

    The Blood Garden

    I love wine blends, and this one is particularly fantastic imho. It starts off as a really thick, sweet wine scent but as it dries other notes begin to creep in and make this scent increasingly more sinister, particularly the leather and bitter clove. The end result is a rich currant/grape wine with a serious bite (hah, no pun intended) to it. This is definitely not an overly fruity blend, and does not ever go into grape koolaid territory. It is mature, dark and utterly fabulous. As an added bonus, it lasts for quite a while, perhaps the longest on my skin of any wine/grape blend yet.
  9. euterpe414


    Inez is so soft and gorgeous, I just can't manage to pry my face away from my wrist.... mmmmmmm. It's predominantly an amber blend, with a sweet vanilla musk lingering to smooth it out. When dry it takes on a more incense-y tone, with a hint of dry spice in the background. I do sense a bit of the nutty quality others have written about in the drydown- it isn't overpowering, but very light and pleasant. Anyone who loves amber should not hesitate to try this one, it is unlike any other BPAL amber blend I have tried, and definitely deserves lots of love.
  10. euterpe414


    This is definitely a bold and sexy scent that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. I get mainly red musk and patchouli (it reminded me a tiny bit of Lust at first) and as time goes on, it is sweetened by the mimosa and lotus root. This is definitely in the same family of bold scents as Mme Moriarty, Lust, Smut and Snake Charmer, but is it's own blend and very unique imho- it's got a very nice soft femininity hiding beneath the brash musk and patchouli that really sets it apart. I think this will age superbly, and plan on hoarding a few bottles to enjoy in the future. Wonderful, wonderful scent!
  11. euterpe414

    Eisheth Zenunim

    This is a very peach-centric scent on me, too. At first it is all peach with a hint of patchouli and cocoa in the background, but as it dries, the neroli and ambergris come out and cut into the sweetness of the blend. This reminds me a tiny bit of Masquerade, only a much lighter and sweeter summer version (this is definitely not as patchouli heavy as Masquerade is, that is for sure, but I feel like they are related). This blend, after it is dry, has a very natural sweetness to it- I think it can be enjoyed by many people- foody lovers (although it is not foody), those who love fruit and those who love earthy scents. It's a wonderful blend, and fits the artwork perfectly!
  12. euterpe414

    The Ifrit

    The Ifrit really sticks around on my skin. I tested some yesterday and when I woke up this morning I still could smell it! This is rare for me since my skin eats most oils in a matter of hours. That being said, this is a very musk-centric scent on me. I can hardly detect the dragon's blood, but instead get an almost powdery musk with slight hints of lovely cinnamon and ginger. I find this scent really evocative of the desert- the musk is very golden and warm (as an aside, this red musk does not smell like most other red musks do on me...I wonder if it's a different kind than Beth normally uses?), yet still managing to be dry, due to the spices, I think. I sometimes think I can smell the tobacco but when I try to detect it again it's gone. I wonder if after a bit of aging it will become more noticeable? Either way, it's still a magnificent scent. In short, this is a really sexy musk blend with a strong 'middle eastern' feel, and quite unisex imho. Well done!!
  13. euterpe414

    Bruised Violet Compound

    Funny it's the last note listed, because from the moment I sniffed the bottle all my nose seemed to register was MOSS. Lots of dark, earthy moss. Thankfully that is a smell that I love from other earthy BPAL blends, so I happily proceeded to test this scent. On my skin it becomes much more balanced. I still smell a lot of moss, but also patchouli and fresh violets. I do not get the currant bit at all, even throughout the dry-down. This scent strongly reminds me of trudging through a damp, dimly lit wooded area, only to stumble upon a ray of light with a flower growing up from the dark earth. The violet adds such a lovely twist to this earthy blend, and is completely unique amongst BPAL's other violet masterpieces. I am glad I bought a bottle of this unsniffed, it's going to get a lot of love from me in the future!
  14. euterpe414


    Pepper is such a bright, happy blend! The pink pepper, bergamot and the sweet florals mix together incredibly well. The smell on my skin is overwhelmingly PINK, if that makes sense- sweet, spicy, bright, yet not overpowering in any way. It lasts for an incredibly long time on my skin as well, bonus points!! This scent is pretty unique in my opinion, but in the same family as Teenage Cannibal and Hermia. Pink Pepper and spicy floral lovers should not miss this one, it is a BPAL classic for sure!
  15. euterpe414

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    On me this smells just like a rootbeer float- creamy vanilla and bubbly, sassafrass-y root beer. The sassafrass mellows a lot during the drydown, and once it's been on my skin for a while (ie: over an hour) it reminds me a bit of Love's Philosophy. Perhaps Love's Philosophy at the ice cream parlor or on steroids, I dunno... This is definitely it's own scent, though, and, like a previous poster said, very unique in the general catalog. If you're like me and wanted a sassafrass scent but found Laudanum to be too heavy, you should give this a try. Also, if you already love Love's Philosophy and the dearly departed Chokmah, then you MUST try this- they are all closely related scents. I think SSS would be appealing to gourmand and non-gourmand fans alike since the 'butter' note is not prevalent and it's really maintains a buoyant feel throughout most of its skin-time. I don't usually hoard GC bottles, but I think I may be going through this one very quickly.... it is truly delicious and slather-worthy!