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  1. n3m3sis42

    Blossoms in Springtime

    Why is this almost completely floral on me?!!! I don't get it. Edited to add: I take it back. I was impatient and didn't wait long enough for it to dry down, apparently. I definitely see why people are comparing this blend to Glowing Vulva. On me, this is a lot more resinous and sort of... deeper than GV. I like.
  2. n3m3sis42

    Her Voice

    In the bottle: Dandelions? Some kind of green, wild floral. Wet: Dandelions or something else weedy and floral. Drydown: I guess I'm smelling rose mingled with honeysuckle and carnation, and that's what my nose took for dandelions? I don't know. I'm not too good at distinguishing florals as there are only a few I like. So far, this is one of them. This smells very fresh and springlike. I'm hoping that age has brought out the vanilla amber, because that would be yummy. We'll see as it dries. Dry: I do smell the amber on the drydown, but rather than being in your face it just smooths out the floral notes and makes the whole blend creamier. Love this, and it's going to be an awesome springtime fragrance for me. Here in Georgia, I guess that means I'll be wearing it tomorrow.
  3. n3m3sis42

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    In the bottle: Men's aftershave (think Aqua Velva) with maybe a hint of tea. Huh. Wet: Lemon and tea. We'll see how long that lasts on my skin. Drydown: Tea with a hint of lemon. When I first purchased this bottle years ago (like in 2007 or 2008), I remember the tea note disappearing after a while. We'll see what happens now. Dry: Meh. This seems like it would be very nice on me if it weren't so faint. It's a creamy vanilla tea smell, but it's barely there. Probably going to send it off to the swap bucket for someone else to love.
  4. n3m3sis42

    Monster Bait: biggerCritters

    I had my doubts about this blend during the first 20 minutes or so. When I first put it on, it smelled creamy and almost fruity. I assume that fruitiness was the grapefruit, a note that never lasts on my skin and was never seen again in this blend after the first few minutes. What made me question whether this would work was the HOLY FLORALS! aspect of it during the initial drydown period. I seem to be not alone in this, but I think that gardenia often does not work for me. However, in this blend, it seems to anchor the vanillas for me, preventing my skin from sucking them up and making them disappear. After the drydown, I get a beautiful and multidimensional vanilla melody with a musky/floral bassline. Very nice, and I think this bottle is a keeper.
  5. n3m3sis42

    Eat Me

    In the imp: Cake! Cake-ity cake cake. However, I know the cake is a lie because my skin always destroys cake scents. Wet: Something thick, gooey and buttery. Drydown: As this begins to dry down, I'm smelling something a little more like cornbread than cake. Hmmmm, or maybe it's waffles. Dry: This dries down sweet and foody but not necessarily cakey. I don't smell any of the currant. This might actually work on me. There's a first time for everything.
  6. n3m3sis42


    In the bottle: Whoa! Dirty hippie, for sure. I'm smelling something earthy and strongly woodlike. Wet: Mossy, dirty, pencils. Bleh. Drydown: As this starts to dry down, the wood calms down a little bit, and I am catching hints of cocoa and... Pine Sol? It's not really a Pine Sol smell, but that's what my brain wants to say it is. Despite that fact, it's not wholly unpleasant so we'll see what happens. Further into the drydown, the woodiness re-emerges, but this time it's more cedar than pencils. Dry: Hmmm, still getting dirty, woody hippie. I'll hold onto this one and see how it ages.
  7. n3m3sis42

    Hod v2

    In the bottle: Florals with something heavily creamy. Wet: This smells almost sour when I put it on, but quickly changes to a creamy floral. Drydown: The floral I am getting is not carnation. It is way more, um, floral than that. Sorry, but I really don't like most florals and I'm not good at differentiating them. Dry: This is generic floral with a hint of ozone on me. God's judgment apparently says that this blend needs to go to the swap box. Oh well.
  8. n3m3sis42


    In the bottle: Light carnation and a bit of cream. Wet: Carnation with a slightly "off" note... maybe the metallic note another reviewer mentioned? Drydown: The "off" note is dissipating as it dries down, but I was really expecting more carnation from this. I don't know what I am smelling, but so far it is not love. Dry: This dries down very faint and creamy on me. It's a faint, creamy amber scent with almost no carnation at all. It's already fairly aged, but maybe I'll hold onto it for a while longer anyway just to see what happens. However, I foresee a future in my swap bucket for this one.
  9. n3m3sis42

    Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller

    In the bottle: It smells like a lighter, younger version of Mme Moriarty. Wet: Hmmmm. Coconut and something mildly fruity? There is something spicy and a bit musky underneath that reminds me of Mme Moriarty. I can also smell a bit of incense and I am hoping it will behave and not go all "generic headshop" on me like Midnight on the Midway and some of the other incense blends. Drydown: As this dries down, I am getting mostly incense. Not really what I was hoping for. Dry: Incense with a hint of "pink". Meh. Not for me, and off to the swap bucket you go.
  10. n3m3sis42

    Beautiful and Adored

    They consulted their village priest, and the result was that Elizabeth Lavenza became the inmate of my parents’ house–my more than sister–the beautiful and adored companion of all my occupations and my pleasures. Beautiful and adored: rose musk, white gardenia, English pear, vanilla bean, red currant, and honey. In the bottle: Pear! I love pear notes, so this is a good thing. Wet: Pear and florals. This quickly becomes mostly floral on me, which is generally a not-so-good thing. I love rose and carnation, but beyond that I'm not much of a florals girl. Drydown: As it's drying down, it goes "WHOA, FLORAL!" on me. I'm guessing that's the gardenia, because I know what rose smells like and this ain't it. Dry: Dry, this isn't offensively floral, but I was hoping for a little more pear, musk, and creamy rose from this blend. As it is, I'm smelling a bit of pear, something sweet and creamy, and then a lot of gardenia. I'm going to hold onto this in the hope that it smooths out with age, but if it doesn't, I think it's a no for me. Edited to add description.
  11. n3m3sis42

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    In the bottle: Cream and something fruity Wet: I'm mostly smelling cream and oranges with a hint of something softly floral. Orangey notes never seem to last on me, so we'll see what this dries down to. Drydown: As this starts drying down a bit, the orange fades mostly into the background, as I expected it would. I'm left with something sweet, creamy, and vaguely floral, with just a hint of citrus. Dry: This is sweetly creamy and floral, but very faint on drydown. I'll give this another try with full-on slathering before I decide whether or not to swap it away.
  12. n3m3sis42


    In the decant: Sweet, boozy vanilla with an unusual depth to it. Wet: Ohhhhh. This is what I wanted Love's Philosophy to be. It's a rarity for me to apply any vanilla blend without it going to plastic doll heads in half a second. This doesn't. It remains sweet (but not cloying), and I'm getting the cotton note that some other reviewers have mentioned. I'm really hoping this continues to work on me as it dries down, even though that would mean having to hunt down a bottle. Drydown: This is the best throw any vanilla blend has ever had on me. I'm still getting a cottony note. I think I am falling in love. Celeste, please, please work on me. I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Dry: This dries down really nicely on me. It's a vanilla that is not necessarily foody, anchored by that cotton note. I think I am going to need a bottle. ETA: WTF, body chemistry? After about two hours of wear, this smells just like the original Lick It on me. How is that even possible? Oh, well. I guess that's one more LE bottle I won't need to search for.
  13. n3m3sis42

    Hellhound on My Trail

    Dammit! Yet another beautiful and sought-after blend that my body chemistry completely ruins. I really wanted this one to work on me, but my skin makes this disappear almost entirely. What is left is a weak combination of generic men's aftershave and soft vanilla.
  14. n3m3sis42

    BPAL and pregnancy

    My son seriously eats like ten foods total on a regular basis: plain yogurt, bananas, cheese, bread, English muffins, bagels, pizza, pasta (if it has cheese and tomato sauce), tomato slices, and red grapes. We have offered him a ton of other things and those are basically all he will eat. Oh, he will eat Cheerios and those yogurt melt thingies too. He will not eat real food. Our pediatrician told us at his 9 month appointment that he was "a little young to be a picky eater". I was like, "Oh, okay... I'll let him know that, then." :-P /threadjack
  15. n3m3sis42


    In the imp: Cookies and wood? Cookies and Pine-Sol? My nose must be broken. Wet: Mostly wood, maybe like gingersnaps made from pencil shavings instead of flour. Nose definitely broken. Drydown: Wood note seems to have disappeared now, which is good since I don't think it was supposed to be there in the first place. Now I'm starting to see why people describe this blend as "evil gingersnaps". On me, it's understated but nice. I'll use up the imp. Jury is still out on whether it's bottle-worthy on me.