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  1. Akurarei

    Batty Lace

    LavenderCoffee's review is spot-on for my experience with this scent - like EXACTLY! Very lovely scent overall
  2. Akurarei


    SDPU2 Fresh on the Skin: I get Lavender and Plum or something similar, like Apricot maybe. Possibly some Peach. It definitely has a floral-fruit thing going on. Dried on the Skin: Lavender incense or Amber's glow. The fruit is mostly gone.
  3. Akurarei


    ETA - Important: My bottle had the components badly separated, so I gave my bottle a vigorous shake before applying! I get mostly red musk, leather and a tiny bit of coldness/snow....I don't detect much of the roses It is nice and fairly unique, but not one I would find myself reaching for very often.
  4. Akurarei

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    I LOVE THIS ONE! Like other reviewers have noted - this one is LOTS of the sugar plum! Which, I happen to adore! At this time, I don't detect either the lavender or the marshmallow, but I suspect aging it for at least a month or two will 'resolve' that issue... OTOH, I would be totally OK if it stayed "All Sugar Plums, All the Time"
  5. Akurarei

    Knave of Snowflakes

    Knave of Snowflakes - Yule 2022 "Blackcurrant tarts and chilled rose jam" Review In the Bottle: Snowy! not much else... On my Skin, Wet: A BURST of what initially smells like BPAL's Snow White perfume, some red notes as well On my Skin, Dry: It's still reminding me of BPAL's Snow White - but I can begin to smell some roses and something sweet - like honey, but not honey. Must be the 'Jam' note. This is a beautiful, sophisticated snowy sweet rose. The snow is most prominent, followed by the rose, and just the occasional whiff of the sweet 'jam' note. Very elegant & wearable! 10/10! Excellent job BPAL Goblins! ETA - Also, I adore the artwork for this bottle, it's very "Winter, Old World" with it's very dark, nearly black background and pale parchment colored subject of a maiden in an old, Renaissance - esque neckline and starkly striped tresses.
  6. Akurarei

    Winter Lily and Sugarcane

    WHITE LILY & SUGARCANE - An ETSY Offering, 2019 "Pale, elegant lily blossoms gilded with snow and lightly brushed with sugarcane. " Oh dear, I never realized that I had never reviewed this hair gloss! This Hair gloss is divine! It's a cold, white floral with a very noticeable undercurrent of sweetness. I've used nearly half of my bottle already! I'm not sure if this is actually part of a Yule collection, but it certainly would be at home among the Yule family.
  7. Akurarei


    Yep. Fizzy/sour booze on me & not much else.... Will let it age a bit & see if it becomes something nicer on my skin.
  8. Akurarei

    Dead Leaves, Praline, and Sheer Vanilla

    This is just amazingly beautiful! It definitely has "dead leaves", but those are a backdrop to the real beauties of sheer vanilla and pralines I get that lovely warm, caramel-y nutty scent - which is just the *perfect* amount of sweetness The vanilla is definitely 'sheer', as it comes and goes as time progresses The dead leaves are the dry, crispy, aromatic type - not at all like damp & decaying leaves (which would have been disappointing.) Beth & the Labbies do wonderful work, and this one is another fine example of their expertise!
  9. Akurarei

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    This is a lovely peachy, syrupy Snake Oil. I don't get much booziness, but that's OK - it's a welcome addition to the Snake Oil family!
  10. Akurarei


    This one is a morpher! I get the cloves & patchouli at times - but not all the time... strangely, I get whiffs of some kind of citrus. It seems like tangerines to me. While I don't smell the fig or amber as notes themselves, I get them as an underlying warmth.
  11. Akurarei

    Gingerbread and Lavender Sugar

    Gingerbread & Lavender Sugar In the Bottle: Sweet lavender, but not in an "herby" way, like candied - creamed lavender On My Skin, Wet: Sugar!! SUGAR!! ... Mellows out quickly, then I get that lovely sweet lavender again - it does have a creamy quality to it, without invoking dairy though (which is nice, IMHO) I detect just a tiny amount spice, it's like a waft coming from another room On My Skin, Dry: Creamy sweet lavender, with a pop of spice here and there. The spice is not quite 'gingerbread' but it does have ginger characteristics, just not the bread characteristics....maybe a bit of aging is in order. Verdict: I this one! I just adore the Lab's Lavender note, and I eat my weight in gingerbread treats this season - seemed like a perfect match for a Yule offering (and it is!) BPTP - if you are reading this - this perfume would make a PHENOMENAL hair gloss! ::hint, hint, nudge, nudge::
  12. Akurarei

    Bonfire Toffee

    Our spin on a traditional Guy Fawkes Night treat: treacle toffee soaked in rich, dark bourbon. I wasn't sure what 'Treacle' was (or is, honestly). But this scent sounded interesting and different from other Halloweenies. In the Bottle: Dark boozy caramel On my Skin, Wet: A burst of what smells a little bit like burnt coffee with a touch of smoke. Carries some kind of a sweet note with it. On my Skin, Dry: Dark sweet molasses with a faint waft of smoke. It's not listed, but I detect a very small note of chocolate or cocoa. This scent reminds me of a childhood dessert that I can't place. Verdict: It IS different from other Halloweenies in my collection, and I love that it is a sweet but broody perfume. I may buy a backup bottle of this one.
  13. Akurarei

    A Sweet Sleep Hair Gloss

    This one is gorgeous! I get a lovely combination of the pear, lavender, and some blend of vanilla, bergamot and sandalwood. It's very soft, but has a good amount of staying power. It strikes me as a very feminine version of Dorian tbh.
  14. Akurarei

    White Pumpkin Floss

    This is equal parts white, creamy chocolate and subtly spiced soft pumpkin
  15. Akurarei

    Singularly At Ease

    The officers were satisfied. My manner had convinced them. I was singularly at ease. They sat, and while I answered cheerily, they chatted of familiar things. But, ere long, I felt myself getting pale and wished them gone. My head ached, and I fancied a ringing in my ears: but still they sat and still chatted. Rum cakes and black tea, blueberry scones and biscuits. On my skin, wet: Kinda sour, a little bit boozy On my skin, dry: Boozy fruity muffins After several hours: Sugary fruity muffins with a splash of booziness