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  1. hkhm

    Worm Moon 2011

    bottle: glorious, beautiful dirt. wet: rich, loamy dirt. very mush like graveyard dirt but rounder somehow. this is wet and rich, very nice. dry: this is straight dirt. the drydown is almost identical to graveyard dirt on me.
  2. hkhm

    Saloon #10 Atmospheric Spray

    wow! this is incredible! leathery leather and gorgeous tobacco. not getting any booze to speak of but i don't care! this is perfect as-is! i'm spritzing this around my place next time i hold a red dead redemption lan party!
  3. hkhm


    bottle: lemony tea, very fresh and clean. wet: very, very, very lemony. brisk, crisp and clean. dry: instead of tea with a twist of lemon, this is lemon with a twist of tea. luckily, i like lemon.
  4. hkhm

    Festival Mask

    bottle: i can catch hints of patchouli with an herby sweetness. wet: this is a very sweet, very soft patchouli. it's not terribly strong but patchouli lovers (like myself) will like it. dry: this has a clean, herbal scent over patchouli and amber. incredibly gorgeous.
  5. hkhm

    Copulating Mice

    bottle: creamy pecan with spicy bergamot. wet: this is far nuttier once applied, lots of pecan, hazelnut and tonka. the clove is a delicious backnote. dry: this stays pretty true to the wet phase as it dries.
  6. hkhm

    Loosening of the Obi

    bottle: vanilla musk. perfect. wet: this is such a delicate musk, such gentle vanilla, such dainty sandalwood... very feminine. dry: as this dried i finally get hints of rice wine, very faintly though. this is a very soft sandalwood musk with only the barest touch of vanilla. to me this gives the feel of clean, cool skin perhaps touched by the sunlight of a late spring morning.
  7. hkhm

    Springtime Playfulness

    bottle: wow! coconut, cranberry, bright musk! gorgeous! wet: this almost has a medicinal scent while it's wet, not unpleasant but it reminds me greatly of the chewable vitamin c tablets i was always forced to consume as a child... might be the cranberry. dry: this dries much more floral than i was expecting. the medicinal scent is gone but the florals are pretty dominant. will break this out again in the summer to see what i think then.
  8. hkhm


    bottle: fruity musk. wet: this is a very nice tangerine musk scent, makes me feel glowy and warm. dry: this dries to softly sweet tangerines and faint musk. very, very pretty.
  9. hkhm

    Couple Engaged in Lovemaking

    bottle: ginger and lemon with tea. wet: very gingery and lemony. not bad but very strong. dry: as this dries, it becomes a very nice tea with ginger and lemon scent. smells warm and summery.
  10. hkhm

    Dancing Koi

    bottle: musk and sandalwood with a touch of leather. wet: very leathery. this scent is an instant blast to my childhood, an intricately worked leather purse i was given when i was five... this smells exactly like the day i received it, the leather of the purse and my mother's perfume. wow. dry: faint leather, warm sandalwood, whiffs of clove and an undertone of musk. simply beautiful.
  11. hkhm

    Gods of Intercourse

    bottle: very flowery peach. yummy. wet: very gardenia, almost overpowering, but the peach and currant keep it on track. dry: oh, this is incredible once dry. the gardenia tones way down and balances with the peach beautifully!
  12. bottle: soft, fruity teak. this is delicate and pretty. wet: i'm not usually a honeysuckle fan but this is incredible! the plum and lemongrass give this a zesty sweetness, add that to the more syrupy sweetness of the honeysuckle and the warmth of both the frankincense and teak... gorgeous. dry: i'd say this is a bit more teak-y once dry, the sweetness is definitely the backnote. it's a dusty, delicate scent as it dries.
  13. hkhm

    Sugar Moon 2011

    bottle: sweet sugar and violet! wet: the sweetness is so delicate, not as sugary as the previous sugar moon.this is an elegant dark blend, floral without being overpowering. dry: i'm not sure precisely what violet musk is but this reminds me of a fainter version of la befana once dry, it's like a more delicate version of the parma violet. love it!
  14. hkhm

    Spanked Revisited

    bottle: lots of cardamom and patchouli! yummy! wet: wow. leather and patchouli with a gorgeous topnote of cardamom. lovely! this does seem more spicy than the original but i still love it. dry: yummy, spicy, leathery patchouli. can't wit until my husband gets home so i can slather this all over him!
  15. hkhm

    Red Lantern

    2011 version. bottle: amber, coconut, caramel... yummy. wet: as was the case when i bought previous versions of this scent, the opium is a bit sharp for the first little while, the amber and coconut and touches of caramel take the backseat. but i know that in a few months, the opium will tame and this will smooth into the most lovely scent. dry: even though i know this gets even better with age, it's still incredible fresh. silky amber and coconut, sticky caramel, sharp currant and opium... still sits firmly in my top ten favorites.