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  1. taramarie

    Lilith's Bubblegum and Roses

    In the bottle, this is bubblegum over tea rose. Wet on my skin, the bubblegum is really sharp, almost like bubblegum-flavored medicine somehow. Drying, the bubblegum calms down and it mingles pleasantly with the rose. I like this.
  2. taramarie

    Butterflies, Flowers and Jewels Attending

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, this is sugary floral, like a cousin of Midnight on the Midway. Drying, it starts to smell like a musky, feminine cologne with a sugary topnote. I can't make out any individual notes, but I must say that this is absolutely lovely.
  3. taramarie

    Theme in Yellow

    I love the BPAL pumpkin blends, so I had to get this. In the bottle and wet on my skin, it's lovely straight-up pumpkin. As it dries, there's a light note that must be the candlelight. This is perfect.
  4. taramarie

    Evening Stock

    Stock is a lovely, light flower and Evening Stock is pure, unadulterated loveliness. Wearing this is like wearing a stock corsage all day, and you don't have to worry about it wilting. 5 stars!
  5. taramarie

    Devil's Trumpet

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, Devil's Trumpet is a very green and purple scent. It's a deep, unique floral, perfect for Spring and Summer.
  6. taramarie


    In the imp and wet on my skin, Siren is just ginger. Drying, it's jasmine, vanilla, and ginger, in roughly that order. I don't get any apricot at all. Still, this is pretty and a good start for someone who's new to BPAL.
  7. taramarie

    The Orchard

    In the bottle, The Orchard is a light rose. Wet on my skin, it's rose and a whiff of chocolate. Drying, plum starts to come through. This is lovely.
  8. taramarie

    Goblin Cider

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, Goblin Cider is just apple cider. As it dries, the ginger starts to come through. This is good, but definitely more of an autumn scent.
  9. taramarie

    Dragon Moon 2012

    In the bottle, Dragon Moon '12 smells resiny. I imagine that's the DBR. Wet on my skin, it's plumeria (what DBR turns to on my skin) and woods. It's nice but I was expecting something more.
  10. taramarie

    13 Hours

    In the bottle, it's moss and ivy. Wet on my skin, I get those and the rosehips. This is greener than I thought it would be. Drying, I think the stone is starting to come through. It's not something I would wear every day, but I like it.
  11. taramarie


    I'm definitely getting the lilac fougere and white musk. I think the other notes are in the background. This is ethereal, mysterious, and very sexy, just like Jareth.
  12. taramarie

    Fairy Bites

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, Fairy Bites is lavender and white peppermint, and I think I'm getting thyme and chamomile way in the back. Drying, raspberry and a whiff of honeysuckle start to come through. This is very nice.
  13. taramarie


    In the bottle, pumpkin. Wet on my skin, tobacco leaf and maybe some wood way in the back. It burns a little, I suspect there are spices in with the pumpkin. This is interesting but not really me.
  14. taramarie

    Sonnet D'Automne

    In the bottle and wet on my skin, Sonnet D'Automne is just leaves. It's a sister of October and November. Drying, I think the white musk, vanilla, and amber are starting to show through the leaves. No white cocoa. This is good. I'm hoping in a year or two, it'll be gorgeous.
  15. taramarie

    Pumpkin Princess

    In the bottle, Pumpkin Princess is pumpkin, meringue, and guava. Wet on my skin, it's mostly guava. As much as I adore the label (Lilith is so cute!), this isn't for me.