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This is so good! It's the got sweet patchouli that I was wanting, similar to Lush's Lord of Misrule. It's strong, and hangs around all day. LOVE!

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Ok. Now I understand the fuss. This is a damn near perfect dark vanilla and black patchouli blend. It's simple, straightforward, and steady.


The patch is of the gnarly type found in Goblin (the similarly between the two is striking and will come as a relief when this limited edition vanishes again). It's admittedly my least favorite patch type, but the way it's presented here is mind-changing and masterful. The grittiness of the patchouli becomes the entire reason this works, and makes what might be an overly simple vanilla an evocative, sexy, intoxicating work of art. The hemp is similar to the one in Rogue (if you can tease it out), giving it an earthy, glowy backbone.


The mood is undeniably urban-bohemian, effortlessly magnetic. Touseled is a great way to put it. Penny Lane. Lisa Bonet. Beachy waves and rooftop jams. Yeah... It's clear why Urban Outfitters sold this back in the day. 


A little goes a long way (thankfully). The throw is perfect and consistent and lasts all day with no fuss or wild moods. 


So glad the lab re-released this grail and I was able to snag some. 

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When I'd tried this years ago in its 'BB' incarnation, it was unwearable for me.  Since then, I've had kids, and my chemistry has changed enough that I've had to switch out almost all my oils.  Now?  Patch LOVES me, and this scent is freaking amazing.  It's like patchouli and vanilla got together and had an ice cream baby, with hemp toppings :lol:  At first the vanilla threatens to overtake it all in its ice cream form, but the longer I have it on, the earthier its getting.  So glad I was able to snag a bottle!!  

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