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  1. milo

    Sugar Cookie Satyr

    Oh yeah! Classic, unique Bpal. I do have go Satyr, and love it, but it’s a bit masculine for me. This is perfection. Musky sweetness, bit animalistic, If it’s this awesome now, I can’t wait until there’s some age behind this beauty. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
  2. Ugh this is mostly a non descript amber on me. I’ll hang on a bit, but I was hoping for more of the other notes to shine. *pouts*. I’ll hang on to it and see where this goes over the next few months.
  3. milo

    Snake Milk

    Lots of milk in this snake at first. I’m also getting the bite of fresh snake oil. I’m not a huge milky perfume fan, but I’m betting this will age fabulously. There’s not a speck of sugar here, but again, maybe it will come later. I’ve never met a snekk that I didn’t like so off to the cellar with ya for a year or two.😆
  4. milo

    Almond Blossoms

    This is so awesomely in the bottle, yummy marzipan, which I love to eat on cakes at a particular bakery I buy from as a treat. On the skin, in turns a bit dusty, but not for long. This one has a creamy aspect to it. I thought the dust was going to ruin it for me, but it appears to be gone, thank goodness. Still, I wish it had stayed like the marzipan I initially smelled. It’s more toasty almond in the end.
  5. Warm vanilla, and soft fluffy marshmallows . There is a clear crystal vibe as mentioned above the thread. It is kind of like Moonstone, but better IMO.
  6. milo


    Very nice fall scent. Musky vanilla, not getting any pumpkin. I do have an imp of Storyville somewhere 😬, but from what I remember, this is pretty darned close. I’m sure with some aging it’ll be even closer.
  7. milo

    Neutral Tones

    Very pretty. I’m getting ambergris and what smells like driftwood. I miss my ambergris SN, so it’s nice to smell it again. It fades really quickly, though and probably needs to be slathered, which I’m a bit hesitant due to allergies popping up here and there.
  8. milo

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    Omg I love this one! Spicy red musk patchouli, which is very reminiscent of Mme Moriarty, but spicier and there’s a ‘dirty’ vibe, probably from the vertiver. I really like this, and may upgrade, it’s different enough from Mme, like the slutty half sister perhaps. 😆
  9. milo

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    This may be one of the loveliest perfume I own, and that says a lot. I am getting a lace vibe, along with lovely wood note reminiscent of Tombstone. There is a good dose of vanilla, and all together comes to be a very sophisticated, warm blend. This would remind me of an old house with a lot of wood in it and an airy breeze coming from fields and a woodland forest not far away. I would love to smell this on a guy.
  10. milo

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    My decanter left a sniffle of this *enabler* *cough*. It is lovely and I never would have tried it from the notes. It’s green and fresh, reminds me of something, maybe Habu, though not quite. Maybe a fancy high end perfume, but better. It would be a lovely lotion scent. I may get a surprise bottle😳
  11. milo

    Honey Marzipan

    Eergh, I thought this would be a no brainer, unfortunately it’s too nutty for me. (Images of Austin Powers are coming to my head) 😆. Not really getting marzipan, but almonds (duh), but I’ve had blends where the marzipan is sweet and cherry like. Not for me, but glad to try.
  12. milo

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    This one is definitely heavy on the florals, but that’s OK I’m into that right now. Definitely gardenia and the honeysuckle is dominant on me, and I would say somewhat soapy. Again, not bothering me as this heat wave here makes me want to smell at least somewhat clean. I like it, it reminds me of my mom, it’s something she would like, especially with the gardenia.
  13. milo

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    I am an orange blossom fiend, it usually smells fantastic on me. Ginger is also a favourite, so this was a no brainer. There’s the orange blossom, and something herbal and pungent. The off note goes away, and all I really get is the orange blossom, which is fine with me. This really smells like a lotion rather than a perfume, but that’s fine with me, I’ll keep the decant.
  14. milo

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    Voluptuous, red spicy blend, similar to the likes of Mme Moriarty, Shadow in the Elevator, you get the picture. I generally love these types of oils, but this is too much, even for me. A little goes a long way, so I’m glad I have an imp, and may consider a partial if one should come hopping my way. This kind of reminds me of Diors Poison, but better and with more spice. It has that feel of a high end, night in the town type of perfume.
  15. milo

    Snake Smut

    I actually used to layer Snake Oil and Smut from a suggestion from one of the lovely bpalers, back in the day. Evanescence, I believe, you still out there?😀. Anyhoo, this is a bit different from my concoction, very sexy, spicy, and more fresh than my ancient oldies. I really do love this, and will pick up a bottle at some point soon. It will age magnificently ima sure💗