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  1. milo

    Ghost Music

    Lavender at first, and then it fades to leave a pleasant, soft floral. The scent reminds me of a childhood doll in the seventies that had a tiny vial of refuge included. I get a bit of white musk, but it’s mostly florals. I’ll probably use the imp in the spring. It does bring back childhood memories for sure!
  2. milo

    Zoe and the Goat

    Exactly as described. Pretty much the same as Feed Me And Fill Me With Pleasure, which I kind of predicted. No upgrade needed.
  3. milo

    Ghost Faced Bat

    Far too sweet for me. Lovely condensed milk note, but the honey and sugared coconut is making this one nauseating to me.
  4. milo

    White Larry

    I know the notes aren’t the same, but this one totally reminds me of Stinky, from a few years back. It’s got a clean, sweet skin vibe, like your own skin only better. It’s definitely sweeter than Stinky, but that’s OK. I’m digging this, I kind of regret letting my Stinky go back in the day, so happy to have this imp.
  5. milo

    Ghoulish Hair Gloss

    Not getting any coconut, this smells like the best marzipan. It is strong at first, but fades into soft cherry marzipan that's barely there. Not getting any saffron, either. I hope this strengthens with some age.
  6. milo

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    Hmm, this smells like fresh Snake Oil, rather than something that's been in the trunk for years. I'm not complaining, though, this is 'The Awesome'. I'm getting the (fresh) Snake Oil, amped up with a lovely vanilla reminiscent of cream soda, but without the cherry, but I don't really get the cherry flavour in the pop either, so go figure. I love this, very true to the description, and so glad I took a chance on this one. It has jumped right up to my top five for sure.❤️
  7. milo

    Moonglow Bath Oil

    Overly sweet, slightly nutty, and way too much for me. Sickly, not edible at all, and probably a trip to the dentist. I like some foody blends, but this is way over the top sweet.
  8. milo

    Dirty Soap

    This is a virtually scentless bar of soap on me. I'm getting a bit of breeziness, but that's about it. I do like the lather and the exfoliating bits.
  9. milo

    Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale Soap

    Lovely lather, but I only get a faint whiff of sweet pea.
  10. milo

    Bliss Soap

    I can barely smell this one, just a faint soft milky chocolate, like cocoa. It lathers nice, but I need my soap to have more scent.
  11. milo

    Anne Bonny Soap

    Thanks to the lovely forumite for gifting me this soap!! I remember being the oil much stronger, and probably wouldn't wear it out. This smells like a mild patch soap. I don't remember the colours being so cool, either. As far as lather, no one beats my mom's soap, but this is pretty awesome too.
  12. I was frimped this, so excited, as I am discovering I love the dead leaf note. It starts out dead leaves, cherry and oranges. Not very nice at this point. As it dries, it kind of melds together, and it smells like a fancy soap now. I kept thinking I smelled patchouli, and was digging this blend, like a fancy patch soap. I don't mind soap blends at times. I like it!
  13. milo

    Amber & Lace

    Lovely, warm amber and creamy vanilla with the cognac. I love this. It is pretty close to Krampus Lace on me, but KL is not as warm. I can't wait to see how this ages.
  14. milo

    Shadow Lace

    Strong metallic and sweet, fake plum. I'm not getting any vanilla which may have saved this blend. I will keep this for a bit to see if it improves, but not a fan at this point.
  15. milo


    Lavender, musk, and a touch of citrus. One of my bottle risks that paid off. Lovely now, but I think it needs some time to mesh a bit.