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  1. Sweet, sweet peaches and marshmallow with a touch of orange blossom and neroli. I'm a huge orange blossom fan and the marshmallows are nice in some blends, but the peach gave me pause. Indeed, it is uber sweet on me, and peach dominant. I like my peaches less sweet, but still, this blend holds promise. I hope that the orange blossom and marshmallow become more stronger with time, and then it will be a beauty. For now, this one goes in the cellar for next summer.
  2. milo

    Apocalyptic Dragonbarf

    Mint, coconut and tangerine in that order. I like it at this point. It dries down to a dusty coconut with a touch of mint. I wish it had stayed the scent of when it's wet.
  3. milo

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I just got a sampler of Tom Ford's Metallic, and love it! Is there any Bpal equivalent? Top notes of aldehydes, bergamot and pink peppercorn, heart notes of Hawthorn, lily of the valley and heliotrope, and base notes of ambrette seed, Peru balsam, sandalwood, and vanilla. I will also search the lab's website.
  4. milo


    I can't believe I accidentally ordered decants of this twice.😲 I can just see myself, "Oh this looks nice", and realized I already had a decant. Anyhoo, this is sugary lemon upfront, but morphs into a clear musky scent with a touch of lemon. I like it and am glad I have another decant coming.😂
  5. milo

    No Coward Soul is Mine

    Clear, clean lavender with pale woods. This is a refreshing sleep blend if there is such a thing, like crawling into crisp high quality cotton sheets with the window open.
  6. milo

    The Harvest of the Empress

    I thought right away, carnation, but it's the clove. I'm not really getting the hay, but maybe it's adding a freshness to the blend. This is nice, it reminds me of more of a carnation blend, though, like Spanish Red Carnation.
  7. milo

    Flower Moon 2019

    I'm not sure why I picked this one up, not a fan of wisteria, but I do like some of these notes, like tuberose, sage and narcissus. Ends up being a strong, white floral on me, a bit screeching. It's my own fault, but if you like these kind of florals, I'm sure you'll love this!
  8. milo

    Pink Amber and Peony

    Peony is not really my jam, but amber loves me and I couldn't resist 'pink amber', which I have never tried. First out of the mailbox, strong and screeching, so I put it away for a couple of weeks. Tried it on this morning, and I couldn't remember what I put on, so I had to check😂. Very rich, but floral 'pink' amber with a touch of peony. If you like scents like High Strung Daisies, or other 'pink' blends, you would like this. Very nice, and glad that I have the decant.
  9. milo

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    The reviews of this one sent me straight to bottle. I'm getting the vanilla, though it doesn't seem like the Bourbon variety to me at this point. Maybe with aging it will come out. The mallow is there as a supporting role, and I'm getting kind of an earthiness to the the blend. This is what I'd imagine a hobbit's house would smell like. A homey, woody sweetness, with the air of baked goods, and dare I say it that this may be a cousin to Storyville. It's got that foody vibe going, akin to the likes of Edith, Inez and Underpants. Glad I went for a bottle here, and I hope that it will be enough.😍
  10. milo

    I Sit and Sew

    Tea note reigns strong here, but I don't mind too much. After a bit, a whiff of the violet, but not detecting vanilla, jasmine sambac, or musk, (which initially scared me off as I'm not a huge fan of the white variety). Lovely, and I'm glad I have the imp.
  11. milo

    Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo

    Very realistic pink grapefruit, there's even the pith scent to this! Fast fade, on me anyways.
  12. milo

    Beware: Pickpockets!

    Definitely heavy on the sugar crystals in this one. I do get the grapefruit, but it is very sweet, like candied grapefruit and vanilla. I do like it, but nothing beats NAVA Pink Grapefruit Frankincense for an authentic pink grapefruit scent. This one kind of reminds me of KnockOut drops, but less citrussy and with grapefruit instead of lemon. I'll keep the bottle.
  13. milo

    I Was Put an Alien in Their World

    Hmm, a lovely floral Snake. Getting soft florals at first, and fades to be pretty watery muted blend. I wish I were getting any kind of Snake Oil, but it's just soft, powdery florals. Maybe it's there, because the blend is reminding me of Cottonmouth, just a teeny bit, but with different florals, or maybe there are a similar floral component. It's nice, but I don't need any more. Looking forward to see what this dram does with some age behind it.
  14. OMG, oude right off, and it's a poopy one! The lavender is quite prominent at first as well. Gradually, this fades into a lovely green snake, with vanilla and soft lavender. I may need more of this (dram), it is quite 'oudy' at first, but ends up being (maybe a bit too soft), lovely green blend. I'm thinking that this will age quite nicely!
  15. milo

    Snakes in the Last Snows of Winter

    No no no, it's all snow all the time, not even a breath of a Snake. Glad I just went for a decant, so disappointing.