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  1. milo

    Crinoline and Lace

    Clear, sheer vanilla. It is very nice, but so close to Zorya Pulchonaya, that I can barely tell the difference. This is a bit more 'fluffier', though and a tad more warm. It fades faster than ZP too, which is a minus. I wouldn't turn down more if it landed on my lap, but quite thankful that it is close enough to my beloved ZP that I don't have to hunt down any more. I would experiment by adding a warmer vanilla, such as Antique Lace to ZP to get more of a CL effect. Lovely scent, though, baby lace is a good description up thread. I do get a definite baby powder vibe.
  2. milo


    I'm getting a slightly soapy lavender, I'm wondering if the white amber is the culprit. Not getting any mint or bourbon vanilla, which disappoints me greatly. This is just 'OK' on me, and I'll probably keep it, as I'm a lavender fiend, but I was expecting more. eta: I wore it to bed tonight, and was wondering where the cool beautiful amber/bourbon vanilla with a touch of lavender was coming from. It seems the throw around me was quite amazing. I am quite happy that this one seems to be changing for the better.
  3. milo

    Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab

    I love pink grapefruit, but yuzu gives me pause, as it tends to make a blends dry and dusty on me. First off, lovely pink grapefruit, and maybe a touch of mandarin. I'm not getting yuzu, so I am very happy. This is a lovely citrus blend from the lab, and I will certainly enjoy the imp when I go on my tropical vacation next month.
  4. milo

    Kapitelplatz Chess Match

    I tend to love most Snake Oil variants, so I had to at least try it! Right off, masculine wood and Snake Oil, I love it at this stage, but it is too masculine for me to wear, so I pass it off to my husband. After a bit, it turns to powder, which I've experienced before with wood blends from bpal. This is not a bad thing, as I like powder, which I'm guessing certain woods seem to do to me. It's reminiscent of Twisted Oak Tree, actually at this point. Further on, less powder, and a touch of sweet Snake Oil. This is interesting, but I can probably get the same effect from layering TOT and Snake Oil. The imp will suffice, but it's definitely a win.
  5. milo

    Heart-Shaped Beanie on the Metro

    I love orange blossom, it smells amazing on me. Not soapy, or sharp, smooth and slinky. A definite Snake Charmer vibe, and I own a lot of blends with that note in it. Here, the rose is the star of the show, with the orange blossom making a late appearance, and muted. I don't mind rose, and this is nice, but the decant will suffice.
  6. milo

    Carry Me

    I love the lavender fougere here, but the cookie note smells fake to me. It is a fast fader, too, so not worthy of an upgrade
  7. milo

    Lycan Lace

    This blend is a classic BPAL incense blend. I'm getting a mishmash of greenery, floral and incense, but it really hasn't had time to come into it's own yet. I really think it needs some age behind her, and it's not really 'wowing' me at this point. A gentle, young wolf right now, that fades quickly on my skin. I'll probably revisit in a few months.
  8. milo

    Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil

    Pomegranate is a death note for me, but I had to try this variant. It normally turns dusty on me, but here it is sweeeeeeet. Very red fake fruity sweet. I do get the Snake Oil in the background, but it's pretty much a fail on my skin due to the note of doom. I should know better.
  9. milo

    Vampire Lace

    This one has a 'funk' to it, and I'm sorry, but like unwashed ass. It does fade into something musky, dry and feral, which isn't bad, but I can't get over the funk at the beginning. The oil was cloudy from the mail box, but seemed clearer after a day. I hope it's a matter of aging, (and not a 'mistake'), ETA: I'm happy to report that after a couple of weeks, the funk is gone. This is a 'wild' lace, animalistic as described. It is nothing like anything I own, and will hang on to it, as I love lilies. It's a very interesting combination that works.
  10. milo

    The Night is Waning Away

    At first, I'm getting something that smells like vetiver, so not sure what that would be. It smells like a dark fruit blend with a kick, along with the Night-Blooming jasmine (which is why I wanted to try out this blend in the first place). This reminds me of some of the labs dark, velvety blends, like Crimson, Blood Popsicle, The Velvets, etc. I didn't like it at first, but once the jasmine came out, it was a win. I rarely wear the dark blends I have, so the decant will suffice.
  11. milo

    A Masked Ball of the Most Unusual Significance

    Almond at first, slightly bitter. It ends up smelling fake and chemically, like neoprene or a a fake leather pair of pants. Definite fail, and I normally like almond. Must be the oude
  12. milo

    Bonfire Toffee

    I'm not sure why I got an imp of this, as caramel and bourbon are death notes for me. By themselves, this would not have been good for me, but with the added smoke, I'm rather enjoying it. Not enough to upgrade, but it's OK.
  13. milo

    Jupiter Nourished by the Goat Amalthea

    This is what the dessert ambrosia would smell like if you could get a scent from it. I'm getting peach, cream and something fluffy like marshmallow. The marshmallow fades, and not sure why I'm getting coconut, but there it is. This blend starts off good, but ends up being uber sweet and nauseating on me. It reminds me of that Fair Maiden Side-Eye Dragon Con blend, which I sold pretty much right away. No fruity sweet scents for me!
  14. milo

    Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense

    I know I reviewed this, but I must have forgot to enter 'post'. I love the dead leaf note, and here it does not disappoint. Fresh, airy leaves with a touch of vanilla. I think the incense part of the blend is meshing with the leaf note, so I'm not really getting it. I hope the vanilla comes out more with age, but so far, I'm liking this blend.
  15. milo

    Dead Leaves and Warm Sugar Cookies

    This is a huge 'No'. The classic leaf note with nauseating fake sugary caramel, the kind I would definitely NOT eat. Glad I didn't blind bottle, the two do not mesh well at all together, and the FAKE.