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  1. milo

    A Nocturnal Visitor

    You would definitely know you have a night visitor here, it is stroooong. In the imp, I get an even mixture of fruit and sandalwood, but on the skin the peach pretty much rules the show. Omg it’s so loud and happy, but not a realistic peach at all, more like peach cocktail that is 10% real juice. As I’m typing, the peach is fading somewhat, but it’s still in my face.😆
  2. milo

    Insatiable Woman

    A little goes a long way with this one. I looked prior and noticed lemon and mint, so I thought it wouldn’t be strong. It doesn’t smell like lemon, so it really is the blossom here. So strong, I almost scrubbed it off. In the end, I’m getting honey honey honey and mint. It is reminding me of Gennivre, but missing the tea element. It’s ok, but not really my thing.
  3. milo

    A Humorous Jest

    Grape hubba bubba, with an extra jolt of sugar at first. Fades to a dusty, sweet blueberry, but it’s not as good as it sounds. It’s a bit sickly sweet and fake fruity.
  4. milo

    A Meal Interrupted

    Fresh cucumber, very ‘green ‘ blend, as mentioned above. It kind of reminds me of a melon liqueur, or a fresh youthful, classy blend. This is not your clubbing blend, but rather drinks at The Empress.
  5. milo

    Chasing Fireflies

    This is all about the plum. Combined with loud florals this reads as a 70’s fruity floral to me. I love it because it reminds me of my mom. This is something she would have liked.🥲💕💕
  6. milo

    Shouutsushi Aioi Genji

    I don’t normally go for smoke blends, but this one has just a touch along with a gorgeous beeswax and honey. This really smells authentic, very much like when my mom kept bees and she would lift these huge slats of honey filled beeswax, and the smoke from working around the bees lingered. Lovely, I may track more down.
  7. milo

    Stargazing at Sea

    Very reminiscent of mainstream 80’s unisex cologne. Fresh, clean, I wish I got the sweet pea, it may have sweetened this blend up for me. I miss the ocean, but it really doesn’t smell like it to me. I may put this in my non scented cleaners, I wouldn’t mind my house scented like this.
  8. milo

    Phallus Acrobatics

    Tart strawberries, not getting any cream here or honey. I’m getting the dreaded dust note that pops up for me, and I know the labs strawberry can be the culprit, or maybe it’s the honey dust. At any rate, it’s not working for me.
  9. milo

    Shadow Games

    Pretty amazing stuff. I’m getting mostly pepper throughout stages, but other notes dance in and out. First off, kind of masculine, maybe the oud, but still holding a creamy sweetness. Later on really peppery, but there’s the vanilla, bringing it all together. It’s a bit too masculine for me, but I’d love to smell it on a guy.
  10. milo

    Masked Vulvas

    Fizzy citrus of the mandarin variety. I’m not sure why some bpal blends do this, but they go dusty on me. This one ends up to be orange dust. Luckily it fades fast.
  11. milo

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    Ah darn, I loved this one wet, a creamy lemon with light musk. As it dried, the amber pretty much took over, with just a touch of lemon. Which is fine, but I have lots of amber blends, and this one isn’t different enough to warrant a full size bottle.
  12. milo

    Plunging Into The Hellmouth

    Bright, sweet floral, really cheery at first. Definitely sweet pea is dominant at this point. It fades to a slightly sour, white floral. I wish it stayed like the early stages, it is sour and rather metallic now.
  13. milo

    The Terrible Door

    This blend is reading white musk to me, which is bad news, as I find it too perfumey. I did get a bit of pear at the beginning, but now it’s just all about the aggressive little musk🙄
  14. milo

    Sweet Hyspithillia

    At first, this is all about the cacao. I’m not sure why, but the blend smells kind of fruity to me. It stays kind of a mixed up fruity chocolate blend, but hours later, in the middle of the night twelve plus hours after I applied, it is a lovely sweet, incense red musk. I love it now, but it takes too flippin long to get there.😆
  15. milo

    Womb Furie

    I picked up my decant of the 2022 version, expecting to toss it aside, as I still have 1.5 bottles of original and 2012 version I think. Took one stiff, and though ‘wow, this is pretty different’, and for the better, which I don’t know how it’s even possible. My other WFs are definitely honey heavy, this one is lighter, fresher, more incense, I guess more snake oil heavy. I get a teeny bit of some kind of floral, but maybe that’s the variety of honey. This is soooo amazing, it may be shooting up to my top ten, and I’m gonna run over to swaps and see if anyone wants an old for new.💕💕💕💕💕🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️