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  1. milo

    Anne Bonny Soap

    Thanks to the lovely forumite for gifting me this soap!! I remember being the oil much stronger, and probably wouldn't wear it out. This smells like a mild patch soap. I don't remember the colours being so cool, either. As far as lather, no one beats my mom's soap, but this is pretty awesome too.
  2. I was frimped this, so excited, as I am discovering I love the dead leaf note. It starts out dead leaves, cherry and oranges. Not very nice at this point. As it dries, it kind of melds together, and it smells like a fancy soap now. I kept thinking I smelled patchouli, and was digging this blend, like a fancy patch soap. I don't mind soap blends at times. I like it!
  3. milo

    Amber & Lace

    Lovely, warm amber and creamy vanilla with the cognac. I love this. It is pretty close to Krampus Lace on me, but KL is not as warm. I can't wait to see how this ages.
  4. milo

    Shadow Lace

    Strong metallic and sweet, fake plum. I'm not getting any vanilla which may have saved this blend. I will keep this for a bit to see if it improves, but not a fan at this point.
  5. milo


    Lavender, musk, and a touch of citrus. One of my bottle risks that paid off. Lovely now, but I think it needs some time to mesh a bit.
  6. milo

    Puppet Kitty

    I love lavender, and this looked awesome according to notes, but it does end up falling flat on me. Rare for a blend with lavender. I'm getting something old and dusty with a slight fruit vibe. Like a wine gum that has been lost in the couch for about a year. On me, the same. I could really swear there was pom in here, which rarely works on me. The fruity Lilith's have been strike outs this year for me.
  7. I took a chance on this, as some fruit scents can be really bad on me, but I'm really digging the lab's marshmallow note, (even though I'm not a foody). I do get the marshmallow in the dram, but not on the skin. What I'm getting is uber sickly sweet strawberry of the fake variety. This is a huge miss, and will be rehomed. I haven't met a strawberry I liked from BPAL, but I keep trying...
  8. milo

    Absurd Origin Story

    I thought I would like this, but it is uber sweet on me. It smells like coke on steroids, and I don't get any marshmallow. Coke to me has a fruity vibe, but I can't figure out the fruit. Citrusy? Whatever the case, it's a big fail.
  9. milo

    Blue Blankie

    Not sure why, but this lavender blend smells like a bluer version, but maybe it's just in my head with the title and all. I never met a lavender I didn't love, or at least like, and this doesn't disappoint. It's not Serpentine or Lilith Victoria, but this one will definitely do, and I'll use up the dram. A very unique take on the lavender theme. Very comforting. I think I may actually need more...FWIW, I don't get any noticeable rose or musk, just seemingly well blended.
  10. milo

    True Love

    At first, this is very much like The Serpentine. After a bit, it's pretty much the same, only with the addition of the coconut cream. I really like this, and may need more than the dram that I got. I'm on my last bottle of Serpentine, and this is pretty close.
  11. milo

    Snowflakes are Delicious

    Strong snow note at first. I find it's more of the Ice Queen type of snow note, more aquatic to me, like wet snow. After it dries a bit, the coconut comes out more, and now it kind of smells like Snow White to me. I'm not getting any lavender or rose, just slightly coconut snow in the end.
  12. milo

    My Little Pop Star

    Not sure why, but this is smelling fruity to me. Maybe the honey? Ends up being a close to skin honey musk scent. This is quite innocent and pretty, but a fast fader. A distant relative of 'O', but not sexy, like a daughter or niece.
  13. milo

    Truth Will Prevail

    I love cardamon, and this does not disappoint. Sometimes it smells more like cinnamon, but it is not the case here. It has a creamy vibe, which reminds me of an original Chai Latte, which I had the pleasure of smelling when an Indian nurse made some at work. Though I love this to bits, I'd probably enjoy it more as a room fragrance.
  14. milo


    Make a purchase at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, and receive a free imp of PROGRESSUS: a blend of Solar oils believed to generate abundance, augment success, and bestow good fortune, including golden amber, honey laurel, heliotrope, saffron, and Atlas cedar. Kind of woody and herbal with a good dose of amber. It's reminding me of an le from awhile back, I want to say The Sportive Sun. This is giving me a reaction, rare with bpals. My eyes immediately started stinging, and my cheeks went really red. I hope this doesn't stop the luck, haha. Nice to try, but it is a bit dry for my tastes.
  15. milo

    No DNA Test Required

    I love and wear all three of these scents separately, but together, I'm getting dried, candied fruit of the citrus variety that you put in fruitcakes. I love eating this kind of thing, but definitely don't like smelling like it. After a bit, Slime Queen takes over, which I guess is quite fitting, as children pretty much do that, but with that annoying fruit cake vibe in the background. I don't need more, but it was fun to try.