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  1. supreme_c0rt

    The Desolate, Deserted Trees

    Trees opens with the beloved ho wood from Foot Warmer blended with a sheer oak, giving an impression of gently toasted sandalwood. The black pepper, despite being described as burnt, is neither obtrusive nor all that spicy, in fact I barely register it. Tobacco leaf really makes this sing, with the same ephemeral intensity of Vision of a Courtesan. White oud acts as an adhesive and amplifier more than an actual presence on its own, so if you have issues with oud generally (as I do) I would not stress about it here. I could not tell you what costus smells like, but I get a vaguely white-floral something-or-other that might be it. The woodiness is very gentle, buttery, and mostly on the wet phase; as it dries the whole baby blends into some real top-tier Coco Chanel vibes. There are a lot of similarities to Faster, Kittycat -- they don't smell the same but I had a similar "whoa this smells expensive AF" response to it. This has the complexity of the best of the Shunga line, and it is definitely hard to describe, but this feels ** special ** in the same way that Vision did, and I wouldn't sleep on it if you are into any of the listed notes. Just lovely.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    The imp has been resting for a couple months now so it feels safe to retest. Wet: A&D diaper ointment and red hots 😓 Dry: Thicc sex. Qandisa and Snake Oil's love child, but with a pending paternity test for Satyr and Bloodlust. Very spicy, very musky, day-old sex, smeared lipstick, spilled Fireball on the carpet. It feels *VERY BPAL* in the traditional sense, like the kind of hip swaying, va-va-voom scent profile that gets people hooked on this house. I would not be able to tell you that jasmine is in this. The cinnamon bomb is real though.
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Warrior Couple Preparing for Battle

    Big metallic bite up front with that lacquer note, like hot tinfoil and yuzu. Backed by a flood of warm, flushed sensual skin musk and leather, giving Like the Very Gods vibes but stronger and more forward. It smells like sweating through yuzu body butter on a hot summer day. Humid, intimate, skin-but-better. I like it much better once that lacquer note wears off.
  4. supreme_c0rt

    Martial Arts

    If Baby's First Ballista, Bookcase Passage, and Two Westerners had a sweet, gentle, chill AF baby it would smell like this. There's a toothy salty-sweetness emerging from the vanilla-oak-mushroom that reads earthy-gourmand, allllmost foody but not quite there. The lacquer note gains strength over time, and pulls me out of the enjoyment a bit for the same reasons it does in other blends -- goes a little too clean, tidy, floor wax (?) for my liking. This is still really nice though.
  5. supreme_c0rt

    Wisteria Blossoms

    If you snagged the Honeysuckle and Wisteria duet, you will recognize the wisteria note from that. This is a complex, breezy, light purple floral that has a floaty quality on the waft like the sweet promise of spring, but on deep inhale reveals layers of dusky-purple velvet (there's a soft toothsome quality to it), and a skin-musk base. If that's red musk, it's more delicate than any I've encountered from the lab. This is so well blended that no single note dominates, however the lilac and wisteria are certainly at the forefront. It's much lighter than I was expecting, and I'm almost getting an ozone/watery/yuzu/citrus blossom element to it that I cannot identify but lifts the whole thing up into a lighter strata. This is a lilac bush after a rain, or touched with early-morning dew. I don't tend to reach for these types of florals often but I'm still enjoying this decant. If you've been following BPAL for long enough to experience several luper seasons, this is a classic Shunga. Complex, dimensional, wistful, sophisticated and elegant. Much like the duet, it's springtime in a bottle.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    Stung By the Cock Tree in Hell

    I was hoping for more of the other earthy notes, but the mahogany and tobacco are stealing the show here. This has quite a lot of similarities to the Vengeance Eternal Hellboy hair gloss that came out a few years ago ("Rage-red musk, razor-sharp tobacco leaf, black oak leaf, dried blackcurrant, and a smoky burst of patchouli"), so if you were a fan of that you'll probably feel right at home here. I recall thinking that was the sharpest tobacco leaf note I'd ever encountered, and here it is again. On me this is quite sharp and masculine.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    A Meal Interrupted

    Cucumber, melon, and lettuce leaf shine and sparkle on top, and they are grounded by this absolutely gorgeous earthy green musk that almost reads as a garden basil/light patchouli. I was so curious how the onion and sesame would play out here; it's an umami-adjacent richness that reads as neither sesame nor onion but does give it a pop of something different that I am here for. I agree with doomsday_disco that this is a very sophisticated, artisan grown-up cucumber melon. I adore it and want to wear it through spring and summer. Throw is surprisingly punchy for such delicate notes. I agree there's a watery vibe to it (like fresh spring water, not like shower gel). There's almost something floral to it too, like just the palest white spring rose or tulip that wafts gently in the spring air when there's still the crispness of winter hanging on the breeze. Lovely.
  8. supreme_c0rt


    My turn to try! On me this smells like vintage paperback books. If I sit and think about it, I get cracked leather and old copper coins. On the drydown a grassy moss note shows up that reminds me of cash. But first impression was used bookstore paperback. Very cool!
  9. supreme_c0rt

    Skate Punks

    Oooh I like this a lot. Bright green, grassy, and alive. Dandelion and clover are forefront, and if you liked Tennis Match these are the same. Peppery, vibrant green, and indeed almost green apple-y. The soil note is barely there and reads a bit more like earthy, soft patchouli than the suffocating type of dirt (zombi, et al). There's a top note that is clear, bright, almost-kinda-floral, like tulips maybe? Below it all there's a cold note, like melted runoff snow that makes it smell like the first day of spring when everything comes back to life after a long winter. NOT the lab's snow note, but something like a chill on the wind. This is what I was hoping Sprouting Grass Moon would have been, but with zero of the strange swampy, melted-gumdrop gloopiness I got from that one. Fans of Tennis Match, Imayo, and Gaia's Blessing will probably love this.
  10. supreme_c0rt

    The Woman at the Edge of the Woods

    A lovely forumite gifted me a sniffie of this, I've been waiting to try it for a long while. I suspected it would remind me a lot of Gaia's Blessing since they share a lot of notes, and it does. The same purple sage and mossy patchouli (I think I'm reading the ivy as moss) are most prominent, while the chamomile and rose follow close behind to soften the edges and give it a comforting warmth. Myrrh appears at the tail end to round it out into an incense-adjacent blend, also in the same way that Gaia's Blessing did. Gaia's Blessing felt more like fresh-dipped black forest incense and Woman feels more like a softly faded rose-pine-vanilla incense. They're in the same rack. At first there is an alcohol burn that VetchVesper describes, but I find this floats away quickly (it came back and it seems to want to stay). It's a bit like the sharpness of pine resin or pine tar, but not as immediately identifiable as either. It's not overwhelming but it's there when you get close. Not getting much elderberries; if I reach in there I can pull out a vague purple juiciness, but only if I reach. The smoky vanilla is hiding back there but I sense it is growing its courage to bloom more over time. Fully dry, it lands on a myrrh/rose/vanilla combo with a distinct sharp darkness that I am really loving. It's not leather, but something black and thorny enough to read a little bit like it. Quite nice. I really like this. Gaia's Blessing is one of my favorite BPALs and I think this is same-enough and yet different-enough to warrant a bottle. In fact I think this is how I wanted The Witch/Strega to perform on my skin. I really enjoy these atmospheric/narrative forest blends that aren't a punch in the face of pine and dirt. You get the whole experience of what this is describing without anything being too literal. It's powerful and and yet still very wearable. Beautiful, I'm thrilled I got a chance to try it out.
  11. supreme_c0rt

    Rice Milk & Mango

    Gah this one is so good. Big juicy mango out of the bottle. A little delicate creaminess, barely there and nothing I would associate with rice milk. This smells like mango shampoo (nearly exactly like the conditioner bar I use) and it is so fruity fresh. Fun, bright, uncomplicated, happy. It reminds me of the 90s in a way I can't place right now. Like there was a hair product that everybody used that smells like this and it's giving me nostalgia (in a happy way). LA Looks, I think. Yeah lets go with that. Fully dry, the rice milk comes out more and is similar to other reviews of mango rice and starch. So pretty. I layered this with Orange Blossom and Driftwood, brb, teleporting directly to the beach in 1993. 😎🌴🏖️
  12. supreme_c0rt

    The Man in Black

    As suspected, The Man in Black is a lot like Iago but with a black soil note (recently discovered this reads as chlorine on me). The waft is gorgeous and sexy and leather-daddy-mechanic; up close it's super strong black leather and vetiver, a bit bitter. The dry down is much nicer than I remember Iago being; the dirt note recedes, and the tobacco and resins start to soften it up. Notes of grassy hay start to peek out under the sharp leather. Fully dry, this cruises along as a growly, leathery, dark mix of black leather and resins. It reminds me of the best of both Iago and Rivet Goth, and I had been holding out for something like that. So .... success!
  13. supreme_c0rt

    Like the Very Gods

    I smell very little else but a delicate, sheer skin musk combined with a pale creamy floral. It feels very washed out on the wet stage and I am struggling to get a read on any notes at all. There's a twangy note that flits here and there that is reading a bit funky like celery seed. Occasionally I'll get wafts of pretty, slightly fruity, flushed skin musk but this comes and goes. There's a fleshiness to it that Snake Oil has, but toned way way down. Fully dry, the orris butter comes to the front with a rich creaminess and we get a bit more volume. Still a subdued blend. Fully dry, I get the impression of a much lighter Morocco with less spice. It's an interesting blend and I do like it, just wish there was a little more oomph. If you like Morocco and want something more subtle you'd probably like this.
  14. supreme_c0rt

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    FIRST: Very milky. Spiced cakes. Very foodie. Is this a secret Yule? Heavy cardamom. THEN: Curry and holiday candle DRY: Not much change. It starts to calm down and the tobacco is coming through more. Still can't shake the curry candle. This was a fail on me. Quite all right, plenty of other Shungas in the sea.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    Ecstatic Dancing Penises

    Agreed with all of the above. This is a vegetable garden aquatic. Very clean, very fresh and vibrant and green. If Irish Spring made a tomato leaf/grass cologne. That's not a slight at all, it's quite nice and the soapiness is manageable. This just smells good, and clean, and alive. "Green Man on a date" is spot-on. Tomato leaf lovers should try this!