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    Fenris Wolf, Cathedral, Coiled Serpent, Coyote, the Pillars, Saytr, Streets of Detroit, Schezerade, Scholars Tower, A Young Boy and His Brother Seated Upon a Goat. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, myrrh, musk, motor oil, incense. Few florals grab me except neroli and certain rose. I'm coming back around to vanilla again, but it must be dark and stormy and real. One hint of extract and I'm gone. Yuk = Pine, black pepper, lemongrass, lemon, honey, anything overly sweet or foody or cloying.

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  1. supreme_c0rt

    A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder

    Damn. This is a gorgeous leather blend. I would not have guessed this is the Lab's black leather -- sometimes that can get harsh. Not here. It's like the leather is somewhere between black and red, and while it's the star of the show it doesn't scream -- it plays so well with the other notes. There's a fruity edge to this, almost like a faint tart cranberry (I suppose that's the cardamom, but more of a fresh bud than a seed), embraced by waves of smoke and skin musk and that rich leather. Perfectly blended. The oudh does none of the typical barnyard antics here, it's just a smooth smoky backbone. Not a lot of throw. On the drydown the smoky leather reminds me a lot of Dragon's Hide but without the cherry edge of the dragon's blood. I would put this as a relative of Dragon's Hide and my beloved Loviatar. Confident, intelligent, edgy, smoky leather Madames. Very refined, beautiful, poweful. A must-have for leather fans (*raises hand*).
  2. supreme_c0rt

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    Loviatar is in my top 5 forever-favorites, and has been since I first got into BPAL over a decade ago. This is a perfect leather blend. Smoky, slick, sexy, powerful, composed and darkly radiant. It's a simple blend but each note is accounted for and perfectly balanced, and damn if it only gets better with age. One of the prized gems in my collection that changes my mood instantly into an armored warrior. Just. Gah. A great example of the Lab's singular niche, because I haven't encountered anything else like this one. *chef kiss*
  3. supreme_c0rt


    Today was a good day, because I found Fighter. Maybe Fighter found me. I had a completely unrequited love affair with Rivet Goth earlier this year, one that ended in sadness because Rivet Goth was just too extra. The leather was wrong. Too strong, too sharp, too artificial. The other notes tried but couldn't hold their own in the fight against it. The leather screamed bloody murder on my skin and gave me headaches and wouldn't wash off. I sent it away with haste. But the bit that dried on my jacket, over the course of time, slowly unveiled a hidden wealth of beautiful industrial stank that taunted me. Underneath the screaming was a growling, gritty, rusty-bridge-goblin welder, and I loved it. The swapper ended up sending me an imp of it back, because they are all that's good and right in the world (you know who you are). But I still had a thorn in my butt over the puzzle it threw in my lap. For about a month I tried to find other motor oil/leather scents elsewhere to recreate it, but couldn't quite get it right. It became my white whale. Figured I'd never find it, and would just Frankenstein a suitable facsimile. But here I am sitting here with Fighter, and I'll be damned. It's Rivet Goth, but with everything just ... turned down a bit. The leather, while sharp and black, is worn-in with sweat, like a good saddle on a good horse.The rust in Rivet Goth is the metal note here, and it reads true. The "gritty" musk is also here -- a sweat-like musk, animalistic and raw and drop dead sexy. Riding all of it is the sharp acidic black Rivet leather, but more restrained. Screaming into a pillow. This same leather also shows up in Iago, and it blasts there too. The only notes missing are the tobacco and engine oil, but even without them this still reads like the months-old Rivet patch on the jacket. And it's GC, as icing on the rusty cake. After it's long dried, what's left is sweaty black leather. It teases headaches again but I don't care. It's manageable, a bridled horse that still bucks but at least I can finally get on the damn thing. I can't wait to play around with this! Moral: never give up, kids!
  4. supreme_c0rt

    The Contrast

    Simple and shining and warm. Fresh out of the bottle, the frank definitely leads the song, but once dry, the notes blend perfectly into a single chorus. Other reviewers mention fall, but this is a summer scent for me. I get an almost beachy, sun-warmed tanning oil vibe that I really like. Like, just back from the beach with a radiant glow, salt and sun and just the gentlest touch of vanilla to make the whole thing buttery and smooth. Completely gorgeous. My skin loves this and just melts right into it. It does fade rather quickly though. :\
  5. supreme_c0rt


    Juicy fig, cocoa that reads as dry, earthy cocoa butter rather than candy, and a beautiful blend of woods holding the whole thing together. As it dries, the fig steps back a bit without disappearing, and we're left with something like a wood-forward blend that's dry and juicy at the same time. Gorgeous, and a testament to the lab's power of conversion through well-chosen notes. I don't like fruity or foody, but this I like. Intrigue reminds me of the effect of Velvet -- a cocoa/sandalwood blend that loses the chocolate quickly and becomes an idea of wood chocolate. That, but with fig. It's comforting and calm, mysterious and luxurious. Sorta sweet, but not too sweet. Throw is about the same as other blends, longevity is on the shorter side. Wood lovers that want to gently venture into fruit and cocoa, try this one.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    Finding a BPAL fragrance for myself

    Hi! I am also a masculine/neutral* scent lover. Check out my Top Ten for my favorite blends. For reference, I don't tend to like overt florals, fruits, or food scents. I amp sweet smells like a mofo (even though I don't like them). So finding truly non-sweet (or barely sweet) scents has been a journey. If you like wood/cinnamon/citrus I would recommend Djinn and Azathoth to start with. Pop those into the site then see what else the algorithm recommends. If the description grabs you, try an imp. Worked for me. Trying a handful of imps, then taking my time testing each one --- really sitting with it, and writing notes --- helped me figure out what I was smelling and what was working. Then I could use that to figure out what other blends would be fun to try. You're only out about $25 bucks. Then you have somewhere to start plus some imps to swap that didn't work for you (the people on this forum have been amaaaaazing at guessing stuff I'd like and including imps that were great for me). Welcome to the smelly cult. O_O *smash the gender binary
  7. supreme_c0rt

    Snake's Shadow

    Much like Tricuspid Valve, the oudh in this screams from the bottle, and it says one word -- 💩. Scrubbed off with haste. Two months later, right as I was about to put it up on the swaps list, I decided to give it one more try. The oudh this time, while still strong wet, dissipated much faster than it did the first time, and the other notes started coming out. The result is something rich, dark, heady, buttery. Like the darkest Snake Oil imaginable. There's still the stank underneath, but this is much better and I like where it's headed. So if you're freaked out by the barnyard/septic tank smell, give it a few more months. Store it somewhere, forget about it, then come back.
  8. supreme_c0rt

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    This is my favorite SO variant, for sure. I'm not a fan of Snake Oil but I feel compelled to keep trying variants because I'd like it to work. This one is dark and smoky and leathery enough to win me over. The lab's black leather is usually a whollop and can be very harsh -- but it's a perfect match with snake oil (which does the same thing to me but with sweet). They make good music together. Wet, it's decidedly nutty. Like the scratch and sniff peanut butter sticker. But dry, it all comes together in a smoky, leathery, dark vanilla swirl. Sexy but not sexual in the weird biological fleshy way that OG SO is for me. Sweet, but not overly sugary (more creamy). Similar to Snake Skin but more leather. Glad I snagged this! For the days I want more sexy equestrian than butch biker. Like OG SO the throw is solid and a little goes a long way. I have barely 2 drops on and it's going all day.
  9. supreme_c0rt

    Snake's Tongue

    It's so quiet on the skin, but as it warms up it gains a little volume. Up close it's a fizzy, woodsy vanilla cream soda with bubbles and all. As it dries it quiets again, and takes on a tone very much like Bastet but with more wood. Warm and golden -- very accessible. A little powdery and almost nutty with a predominant glowy amber. Cozy and comforting like a hug. Of the snake variants I've tried this is the least like OG Snake Oil while still echoing the original. So if you want SO but less showy, less overtly sexual, more woodsy, this is a great pick. For me personally it's not a hit, I prefer more oomph and complexity. It's nice to have this for layering though. I'd probably add it to the drier wood blends when they need more sweet. I'd almost say that if Snake Oil had a cousin in the Steamworks collection it would be this one.
  10. supreme_c0rt


    This smells like the the word Bohemian. Like 1970s era Stevie Nicks floating around in a gauzy swirl of sweet hookah smoke and incense. It's calming, sweet, and mysterious. The herbal lavender is keeping the labdanum from turning treacly, and the labdanum/tobacco is keeping the lavender from screeching (after a very screechy wet beginning). Labdanum amps hard on me as syrupy cola -- it threatens to do so here occasionally -- but remains mostly in check because of how well balanced this is. As it dries down it melts into my skin beautifully, and I will occasionally get wafts of this stunning, heady, tanning-oil-and-sand-meets-incense throw that is just luscious. Like a soft-focus '70s summer fantasy somewhere in Malibu. I love that it's very different from the close-up smell. I'm really falling hard for this one. Gaueko might be one of the very few sweet and feminine-leaning blends I will actually wear. It's so evocative, and overall very relaxing and comforting. It's changing my mind about lavender (which I usually find to be kinda boring). I think if I added a touch of patchouli to this, I might time travel.
  11. supreme_c0rt


    This is a dead ringer for Anne Bonny. They're nearly the same but this one is just a teeeensy bit grittier if you really get in there and huff... Maybe the civet people keep mentioning. I don't get any pee, and I'm disappointed! No, not really. I've had accidental (I HOPE) lab pee before and it was certainly an experience (what's up Moon Goddess...). Anne Bonny is listed as red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense, though I'd wager the frank was subbed with something else here. Wet, it had a heady nag champa waft (very enjoyable), but as it dries it's going to that same exact sweet/spicy place that red musk (really "red" anything) goes on me. It wears down super fast like Bonny does. Though I did notice after wearing it all day I kept getting gentle barely-there wafts of something very sexy and delightful like smoky nag champa/wood incense. I liked this blend and will keep it even if it did not cover totally new ground for me. Fenris Wolf is another great "red" blend that fans -- or almost-fans -- of Satyr might want to try. Similar profile.
  12. supreme_c0rt


    I'm actually grieving more than a bit that this didn't work. It's everything I wanted; the motor oil, rust, and musk are perfect and exactly my style, but that leather. Oof. It just punches me right in the face and stomps all over the industrial beauty of the other notes (the tobacco really had no chance). I usually have no problems carrying the lab's black leather note. All their leather notes get along with me. But this just came across as unrelenting "new car smell" (that chemical, artificial sour blast) and gave me an instant headache... and on top of that was nigh on impossible to wash off. The bottle I had was 9 years old, so maybe that leather note just doesn't age well, or maybe it's the rust that's causing it. Time to rehome it, then cry about it.
  13. supreme_c0rt


    This was an oppressive scent on me. Even from a fair distance the scent gave me this sense that I was being suffocated, like being buried under a pile of hot wet towels. The prominent notes were a blast of hot dirt, animal fur, dirty patchouli/vetiver, and burnt molasses. There is an asphalt note here too. There are bits about the scent that I enjoy (but which I can't identify) but the feeling of being smothered or buried alive is rather unpleasant. It takes a while for it to subdue, then it turns into something hard to pin down, simultaneously alive and dead. Like old book paper and black potting soil. It takes a very long time to wear down to a comfortable volume, but once it's there I like it much more. The vetiver is easiest to ID, in fact it's quite similar to An Excerpt from Speculum...etc etc from the Liber collection. Not sure what I'll end up doing with it, but it is certainly evocative.
  14. supreme_c0rt

    First Lash

    This is the smokiest blend I've tried to date*. On me, it's a warmer flavor of pure wood smoke -- the kind of meaty, bacon-y wood smoke that you can smell in your clothes after sitting by the fire on a winter's night. The other notes play on the edges of the scent but the smoke is definitely the forerunner. Not acrid at all though, like how Midnight Bonfire was on me, and it sits very close to the skin. The amber really warms it up beautifully and gently guides it away charcoal or carbon territory. Not getting any of the frank or the terebinth, but I don't mind that (I amp frankincense, with mixed results). It's lovely and grounding and comforting, but probably not for everyday wear. Maybe more for a specific mood or possibly even ceremonial -- it's completely perfect for Yule season. Layering with this is great -- I blended it with Fenris Wolf and it's sexy ancient forest magic on my skin right now. I'm excited to try it with other woodsy/musky blends; looking at A Young Boy and His Brother Seated Upon a Goat, Czernobog, and maybe even Iago if Iago doesn't eat it up. *The Storyteller was the other smoky one -- First Lash feels like a less-sweet version of Storyteller. Which is nice since I wanted to love Storyteller but that beeswax note always turns into cloying honey on me.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

    I wouldn't have guessed it immediately, but the suggestions of cucumber-melon identified why this smelled so familiar. Wet, it is a bright and fresh, sophisticated, high-end cucumber-melon with a very subtle amber and wood base. The mahogany is so subtle that if you were looking for a wood-forward note you might be disappointed. Not much throw after it dries and fades very fast. Once it does, the complexity flattens out and I'm left with a simple creamy cucumber-melon not unlike many commercial blends. I prefer the wet stage, but it's transient. Very pretty, but I don't think I'll need more than the imp.