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    Loviatar, Cathedral, Coiled Serpent, Fenris Wolf, Coyote, the Pillars, Saytr, Streets of Detroit, Schezerade, Scholars Tower, Obatala. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, tomato leaf, myrrh, black coconut, musk (any), motor oil, incense, mint, grass, most patchouli. Shortlist florals: neroli, honeysuckle, certain rose. I like cold, bright, fresh, realistic florals, not powdery bouquet blends. Vanilla smells good on me again, but only the real, dark variety (as in smoked/bean). One hint of extract and I'm gone. Yuk = Pine, black pepper (usually), lemongrass, lemon verbena, honey (usually), licorice, anything overly sweet, sugary, foody, cloying, boozy. Too much flowery is not wow-ery (more OW-ery).

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  1. supreme_c0rt

    Ask The Nearest Hippie

    Having now tried both, I'd agree with the reviewers who say this is in the Banshee Beat family, albeit quite distantly related. BB is way sweeter and heavier on the vanilla -- it smells thick and viscous like honey, whereas Hippie is a more dry vanilla, with herbal, grassy, mossy, and sweet-dirty notes (not rough-dirty like raw patch). If you tack gender to smells BB is very feminine on me where Hippie is far more masculine. I love both, really, for different reasons. ATNH is pretty close to Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab; they share the weed note. It's much stronger here and sticks around much longer than Griffin. I'd be mindful of where I wear it but I don't think it's a dangerous public scent. As it wears down the weed smell does eventually, sloooooowly, slow down for the vanilla, until we're left with a kind of lovely grassy dirty-vanilla. Definitely mossy, like fresh wood moss. It just gets better and better as it settles. This puts me in mind of the Body Shop's Hemp line, or perhaps in the mind of vintage books. It's a great natural, woodsy-vanilla moss scent. A bookish hippie, indeed.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    Justice for Mary

    TRIX CEREAAAAL! LOTS of lemon verbena in this. The rose and neroli waft really nicely, up close it's all sharp citrus, orangey-lime, and it does remind me of Trix (a delightful natural version). As it dries, the neroli and rose come through more. It's bright and cheery. I don't think I'd wear this much but would like this as a room scent, to banish stale air and mustiness.
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Virgos Love Power Tools

    Mostly lavender. There's enough motor oil and metal to give this one just a bit of a hardworking edge, and enough resins to warm and soften it ... but still mostly a clean/soapy lavender. It reminds me a lot of English Lavender aftershave. Kind of gentlemanly, worn-in, clean. I don't get much sawdust from this one. Fans of lavender who are wanting something more rugged than floral would like this, I think.
  4. supreme_c0rt

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    Wow that's a lot of harsh black leather. The chapparal and sage follow, reading somehow dry and dank at the same time, with a whiff of gasoline that I think I'm mistaking for the gunpowder. The flowers add something kinda interesting and pretty, but the leather is far too aggressive and it kinda stomps all over everything else. A bit too much for me.
  5. supreme_c0rt

    Social Justice Paladin

    Whoah. This is Very Pretty. This is a blast of white light. I have never tried any of the TAL blends but this feels like it would be a TAL blend. Break down the doors of darkness. I'm not familiar with champaca but since I am on easy terms with frank and amber I can subtract those and get a read on the flower note. It reads as a crisp bright white flower, like daffodil or perhaps gardenia but not quite as heady. It's a stunningly bright, modern, very fresh floral, with the lemon providing just the right amount of bite. This is springtime in a bottle. I typically can't do florals -- like, at all -- but I can do this one since it reads as one clean flower and not a million confusing flowers. As a floral hater, color me impressed. Granted, it's a little pious for everyday wear, but I can easily see myself reaching for this on dreary winter days when I need sunlight, or when it's time for righteous justice. The throw will announce your intent.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    Utter Sophistication

    Whew that's a lot of popcorn. The sweet butter smell reminds me a lot of the buttered popcorn jellybeans that I ate too much of as a kid and it almost turned my tummy. After a few minutes, the rest of the notes, almost as if on cue, show up one by one to pull the butter note back into something manageable. It doesn't seem like these smells would work together, but they really do. The popcorn/butter note keeps pushing and receding, which is meh (since I'm not a big fan of foody notes) but that vanilla/oak is drooly-gorgeous and is working some magic here on the foody note. And the delicate wisps of Dorian and lavender are lovely. This is kind of like a foody, buttery/salty Ancient Junk! It's gorgeous and I can see this being a huge hit.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    Back in Blueblack

    Lavender and bergamot are shouty up front, quite sharp and soapy. Oud reads perfumey here and I don't get any chocolate at all. As it mellows, it thankfully softens considerably. The oakmoss does its beautiful woodsy thing on me, and the vetiver shows up as a gentle wafting smoke. Very dark purple/blue vibe. This a dark and moody, yet also clean and soapy blend. Goth body wash? Actually it reminds me a lot of Nimue the Blood Queen, maybe a cleaner version of that.
  8. supreme_c0rt

    Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab

    Think Streets of Detroit with a stunning herbaceous green smell instead of the motor oil and you've got it. The weed note is present -- and accurate -- but not overwhelming (in fact I don't think I'd know immediately that's what it was, it just kind of reads "dark green dried plant"). It fades quickly and leaves behind a dark myrrh/musk-forward combo that is simply the perfect headshop hippie smell. Grateful Dead-following, dreamy, clean and sweet peaceful hippie. Not too strong, just the right amount of resins and incense and warm powdery hemp. The patch doesn't make a huge showing here, but I tend to amp myrrh and musk quite a lot so that is what I"m mostly getting. I love this and will definitely be seeking out a bottle. *edit* -- This layers gorgeously with Rev.enant R.hythm. Fuzzy wuzzy hippie dreamland. (~˘▾˘)~
  9. supreme_c0rt


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  10. supreme_c0rt

    Whispers of Monstrous Things

    It's all sushi here too. Salted nori, rice, lemon squeeze, a bit of weak wasabi paste. And I like it, it's not unpleasant at all. This phase lasts just a few seconds before it vanishes entirely into a faint memory of old library books. Then poof -- all gone. The whole thing is over in minutes. Keeping it for the weirdness factor alone! I love this weird sushi book! 🍣
  11. supreme_c0rt


    thicc. Just a solid unit of woman stank. Qandisa is an unapologetic clot of sweet dark musk, swoony nag champa incense and sticky honey. I'm not surprised about that at all, as pretty much all of these notes bust down the door with their sweet and their chewy. The throw on this is huge and formidable. It is wearing me. I emit a fug of 1970s head shop incense, the type of head shop that has never cracked a window. The snake oil vibe of fleshy sex. This is the perfume version of a wide-hipped saunter. The perfume version of an extremely effective fertility statue. This is, I am not ashamed to admit, Too Much Woman for me. I tried to wash it off and it laughed at me. But the right person could dogwalk the world wearing this.
  12. supreme_c0rt

    Love Me

    Straight away, Love Me is a thiccc fuuuug of nostril-singing cinnamon bark, heady ylang ylang, indolic jasmine, bourbon vanilla, and a base of maybe patchouli (possibly a sweet sandalwood) and, I think, almond. Everything is turned up to 11, and it’s a damn traffic jam in my sinuses. This is real heady, y’all. I feel dizzy. While it’s still wet, each scent elbows its way to the top of the pile, clamoring for attention. I understand now why this is called Love Me. It’s not the Love Me, I’m Irresistible and Charming, it’s the desperate, clingy kind of Love Me. Love Me. Love Me, Please. Please please love me why don't you love me. This is really not my cup of tea, and I don’t really like being around this type of scent on others either. And yet. AND YET. I can’t quit it. Why can’t I quit it…. It took almost a full hour to things to calm down and stop screaming for attention, but when it finally does — this becomes a dead ringer for As Above! One of my favorite BPAL blends. It even has the same weird silly-putty-band-aid phase. So there might be leather in here after all. Pretty sneaky, sis. If it ages anything like As Above does, this could be a keeper but right out of the mail... hatchi matchi.
  13. supreme_c0rt

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    A simple, gorgeous smoky/sweet dark vanilla. It perfectly captures that wistful part of early fall when the air is crisp and smoky from burning wood and leaves, and you're holding a steaming mug of vanilla spiced chai looking out over the mountains. I instantly love this, and I do hope I come across a bottle someday. *swoon*
  14. supreme_c0rt


    Quite sharp and herbal-astringent at first, like pine, cedar or mahogany can be. Once it dries down the cardamom appears and smooths out the edges a bit. The leather is not overly present, but still there, plays well with others. Oudh is behaving well too (its not the barnyard kind, huzzah). Blackcurrant isn't coming through hugely either (mostly just a bare hint of dark berry). This is mostly a balsam party. Fully dry, this blends down quite well. Definitely masculine, on the dark-green, herbal side of that spectrum. Pheromonal and close to the skin, not much throw surprisingly. Reminds me of: Pine tar soap, but spicy. Satyr in an evergreen forest. A Young Boy and His Brother Seated Upon a Goat, but way more mellow and easier to wear. Dark forests, sexy lumberjacks.
  15. supreme_c0rt


    Um. This is.... huh. I'll start by saying leather and wood in all forms amps like crazy on me, and I'm not getting even a shred of either from this. What I'm getting is this: The memory of the taste of ambrosia (the pineapple/coconut/canned mandarin dessert that your aunt always brings to the potluck?). But get this, it's not hitting me in the nose, it's hitting me in the base of the throat, the way that olive oil does. I can't actually smell much of this at all, I'm mostly just... like, tasting it? Have you ever gone to a fancy olive oil shop and tried a sample? They tell you to breathe into it so you can get the nuance. Because the flavor doesn't really hit the same way other flavors do. It's more... mucosal. That's exactly what's happening here. But it's ambrosia-flavored. There's also almost no throw at all on this, so I have to get in close to experience this tropical oily weirdness. I don't hate it! But I can't say I was expecting ambrosia. As it dries, it starts to flatten out a bit into a simple tropical fruit/coconut number, which isn't unpleasant but not what I was going for.