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  1. supreme_c0rt


    This one is really hard to tease out, it's so masterfully blended. I get the red musk part of it, but it's like no other red musk I've met before. It's very toned down. Dark pink musk, maybe. I get that wonderful "tanning lotion" favor that I like in standard red musk, but it's so smooth here, like it's been distilled. The most prominent note on me is a mystery citrus melange that makes the whole thing electric and bright. If this were a drink it'd be an ice-cold bubbly grapefruit spritzer with a twist of clementine rind, sitting on top of a dark pink musk syrup base. A big pinch of salt on top, garnished with a heady pink flower. Sweet but not too sweet. Refreshing and sophisticated. Smells expensive and lush but airy and floaty at the same time like a silk robe. It's not quite "me" because I tend to go darker and growlier than this, but I understand why folx like this so much. It's a stunner. Perfect summer scent, bright and pretty and complex. Sexy but not overtly so. I'm delighted I got to try it. edit: even after a few hours, this still smells like a cold grapefruit mimosa. I don't think I have ever had citrus last this long on me. It's quite nice.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    The Mark

    Wow this is stunning. Two Sheep and Two Goats but with the perfect amount of sueded, shaggy leather to give this a sexy, rugged kick. It's cozy and nibbly and suits me to a tee. I would love to find a bottle of this someday. 😍
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Doc Constantine (2015)

    Well... Not quite what I expected from the notes. I also get no leather from this and I can smell leather by the ppm. I get some vague smoke at first and a touch of the fir. Both vanish quickly though, leaving a muddled base of black musk (which usually goes to powder on me) and citrus. The combination is like a sweet musky/powdery lemon Pledge (furniture polish). Huh. Glad I got to finally try this one, but it's not for me.
  4. supreme_c0rt


    I amp cedar quite a lot so the first blast is a wonderful sharp cedar vanilla. It reminds me of the way Goblin marries that sharp gnarly woodiness with a creamy, almost gourmand background. The sassafras is a nice touch here, making the combination foodie notes really hold their own with the sharp cedar. I could swear there was a touch of leather in here. This is definitely the sauna/woodchip type cedar (a note I enjoy, but if you don't -- beware). The only note not playing as well here is the balsam. It floats in and out of prominence. When it's receded, Tombstone is nearly perfect, but when it edges back into play it has this kind of vinegary tang that I don't love as much. It isn't terribly prominent and I think it might age out anyway. Even with it, Tombstone has started to edge out as a GC heavy hitter for me. If you like Goblin, or are a capital-c Cedar lover, definitely give this a whirl.
  5. supreme_c0rt

    Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's Tea Leaves

    Grassy tea, quite peppery (dandelion-like), with a bright bergamot and light floral note. Then on the tail there's star anise and just an almost imperceptible buttery note, like maybe the ghost of an anisette cookie. It's mostly a nice peppery tea. I like this! Less spa, more English garden. After it completely dries, a lot of the herbal notes disappear and we're left with a faint anise cookie note. Reminds me a lot of grandma's pizzelles. Doesn't last very long but it's nice.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    Sprouting Grass Moon

    This started off promising, bright green grasses and a cold icy hit of mint, but as it dries there emerges a sickly sweet smell that's clashing awful. I'm not sure what's turning on me here but it smells like rot... like sugary pond scum. A sugared spearmint gumdrop that came back up. It's making my stomach turn, sadly. The waft is okay but once I go in closer its a big nope.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    Gaia's Blessing

    This is a beautiful, grounding, verdant scent, profound and ancient and meditative. It's not just an herbal scent, though it is that upfront. It settles into a rich, fertile, dense and mysterious incense. The stages of the scent are almost like the life cycle of a tree, from a wet and fecund green sapling in black dirt (strong patch, bright conifer, and sage), to grassy and rich and growing, to deep-rooted and stoic. I absolutely adore how it smells when it's completely dry, like a rich, dark green, mossy ceremonial incense, with an exquisite dry sage blend that has completely changed my mind about how I feel about sage. It smells like old earth magic. I'm not sure it's appropriate to wear this, but I am enjoying it far too much to hold back from that use. I am looking forward to having this blessing in my life. 🍃
  8. supreme_c0rt

    Bright Red Dildo

    red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather Ok now that's out of the system. I am on a mission to try every leather the lab makes. This is a tippy-top favorite in the leather collection and I'm struggling to wear anything else right now. For only 2 notes this blend is very complex and mysterious. For me this has the same leather vibe as Red Rider or Dragon's Hide but toned waaaay the heck down and given a skin-milk creaminess from the honey. There's a low key red musk/dragon's blood thing going on here, and it reads as the best version of both: a hot, salty-skin scent. Like an evening after a day at the beach. The honey isn't chewy at all, or overly sugary, just clear and rich. My favorite type of honey for sure. I'm impressed with the 2019/2020 honey note, it's been a winner everywhere I've found it so far. I agree this is in the Eldritch family, so if you liked that you'll like this too. I love this blend; full bottle, hair gloss, backups, yes gimme all of that.
  9. supreme_c0rt

    The Rose

    Wet: very very green! It's more green than it is rose at this point. Like bright fresh grass, bitter sap, cold dew. It's bracing -- like the smell and sound of biting into a cold, unripe granny smith apple. Rose is right behind it, but it's a rosebud and not quite the full bloom. Dry: Fresh, dewy rose, but the scent of a rosebud that is still mostly closed. There's no hint of powder in this rose at all. As new a rose as you can find. Lifelike and vibrant, verdant. Fully dry: The sweetness really comes out now. It's like a dream of sour candy; a bit of sour apple, a bit of strawberry, a kiss of rose. This is so innocent and sweet and cheerful. It skews a bit young, but for a spring rose you can't beat it. I think this and Lucy's Kiss are my favorites of the lab's rose notes. 🌹
  10. supreme_c0rt


    I was not expecting this much honeysuckle! It's a *lot* of honeysuckle. I'm quite ok with that, as honeysuckle is on my shortlist of favorite florals, but if you are not a fan you should steer clear. Combined with the opium this is a very heady, humid hothouse-variety floral. Indolic in the sense that jasmine is indolic (the hint of decay). Soapy, but a luxe soap. I get almost no vetiver from this at all, would not even guess it's in here. I don't typically like soap or heavy florals but I do like this one, probably since it's just the honeysuckle and not like 30 other florals. Right up close it's *almost* too much, but the waft is dreamy and lush, like late springtime with the heat of summer approaching. Really enjoyable. I will hold on to it for sure. Fans of Qandisa might want to try this. It's not the same at all -- this is a lighter, springtime version, Qandisa is thicker and richer with more va-va-voom -- but I feel like this is in that same opium family. Event Horizon is like this too. Big throw, lasts a while. Edit: Okay, hold the phone. This is settling into something truly exquisite. Where did that beautiful rich incense note come from? Is that the vetiver finally showing up? It's almost like myrrh. The waft is throwing all kinds of sultry surprises at me. It suddenly got very sexy in here, and I am now smitten. Pretty sneaky, sis.
  11. supreme_c0rt


    The opening is super weird, as other reviewers have mentioned. A chemical metallic waft like glue, mixed with paper pulp, or dirty wet clay. Once on and beginning to dry, those weirder chemical elements burn off and fold into a raw incense scent. I have a box of Tibetan incense and it smells just like it. It's like a smoky, leathery Mysore sandalwood. "Toasted sandalwood" is maybe a euphemism for Mysore? Or the notes are combining into a Mysore dupe. Definitely give it a whirl if you are a incense fan or like that type of sandalwood. It's putting me a bit in mind of Aerodynamic Junk but without clove.
  12. supreme_c0rt


    This smells like an earthy, musky coca-cola vanilla ice cream float. The pine and mint gives the vanilla a distinct chill, then patch mixing with the musk, chocolate, and resin to stand in for the fizzy cola. This vanilla is definitely a foodie one on me. As it dries, all the other notes seem to pop up here and there of their own free will. I get a tart smell like cranberries, then I'll get much more of the pine for several minutes. A coke float in the woods in the middle of a sweaty summer. It’s complex. Sometimes I got all the notes in a row in a single breath. Sometimes just the musk and vanilla. It lasts for hours, easily a full workday, though the throw is quite light. The final dry down is mostly sweet vanilla with a red musk afterglow (like a creamier Fenris Wolf). I like it, it’s very wearable and one of the very few foodie-leaning smells I can carry with my chemistry. Thank you to my special forumite for the sniffie, I will enjoy it.
  13. supreme_c0rt

    Pleasure Boat

    The amber and sandalwood rose remind me of The Little Wooden Doll, while the carnation and vanilla give it a gentle, creamy peppery-ness. It's warm and soft, but the mosses are bringing a simultaneous coolness to the scent, very much like riding in a boat on a warm sunny day and picking up a crisp breeze on the water. The drydown is slightly powdery from the orris (mostly cream, not dust) and it's nearly identical to the drydown in The Little Wooden Doll. There's not a ton of myrrh in this. Pleasure Boat has the same understated elegance that is representative of the Shungas line, and it's charming and universal, perfect for spring. Fans of the Little Wooden Doll should try this. The carnation adds a spicy complexity and I really enjoy the cool breeziness that the mosses are adding.
  14. supreme_c0rt

    Two Westeners

    This is the one I was most excited about. It's a who's-who of win notes (honey being the wildcard). It did not disappoint. Take Books, add dark honeyed wood, a touch more worn leather and wax, and a big heap of sea salt. That's Westerners. This is a chest of old maps tucked away in the cargo hold of a ship, dotted with the oils of raw beeswax candles. The scent of ocean air, the cozy simplicity of old paper, and a spreading warmth of sunlight and gentle sweetness. Westerners is unlike any aquatic I've had from the lab, as it's a warm honey-gold color and not soapy cold-blue, with a big hit of salt that is divine. If you're put off by red musk, no worries, it's barely there. Like a lot of Shungas the throw is very delicate on me and takes some slathering to get it to open up, but once it does it's absolutely gorgeous. It keeps on giving, each gentle waft revealing more of itself. It lasts, too. If you are a fan of Ancient Junk (this is very similar), Books, Wax Cylinders but not as aquatic, Storyteller but not smoky, Bright Red Dildo but less red --- try this one. And if you want to love aquatics but can't do the Blue Water type of aquatic, definitely try this one.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    Daddy by EFFY

    Well this is interesting. It starts out mostly bay rum (not boozy, more like an old fashioned cologne), with a warm base sort of like sandalwood and a lot of spicy resin. Definitely a Dad cologne. Then poof, it changes into an old lady perfume, specifically the Avon perfumes that would come in the novelty bottles. Then back again. And back again. This totally bounces all over the gender spectrum, which I am digging, but the places it goes are all more old-fashioned than I was expecting. This isn't quite my cup of tea, but I'm glad to try it.