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  1. supreme_c0rt

    Skate Punks

    Oooh I like this a lot. Bright green, grassy, and alive. Dandelion and clover are forefront, and if you liked Tennis Match these are the same. Peppery, vibrant green, and indeed almost green apple-y. The soil note is barely there and reads a bit more like earthy, soft patchouli than the suffocating type of dirt (zombi, et al). There's a top note that is clear, bright, almost-kinda-floral, like tulips maybe? Below it all there's a cold note, like melted runoff snow that makes it smell like the first day of spring when everything comes back to life after a long winter. NOT the lab's snow note, but something like a chill on the wind. This is what I was hoping Sprouting Grass Moon would have been, but with zero of the strange swampy, melted-gumdrop gloopiness I got from that one. Fans of Tennis Match, Imayo, and Gaia's Blessing will probably love this.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    The Woman at the Edge of the Woods

    A lovely forumite gifted me a sniffie of this, I've been waiting to try it for a long while. I suspected it would remind me a lot of Gaia's Blessing since they share a lot of notes, and it does. The same purple sage and mossy patchouli (I think I'm reading the ivy as moss) are most prominent, while the chamomile and rose follow close behind to soften the edges and give it a comforting warmth. Myrrh appears at the tail end to round it out into an incense-adjacent blend, also in the same way that Gaia's Blessing did. Gaia's Blessing felt more like fresh-dipped black forest incense and Woman feels more like a softly faded rose-pine-vanilla incense. They're in the same rack. At first there is an alcohol burn that VetchVesper describes, but I find this floats away quickly (it came back and it seems to want to stay). It's a bit like the sharpness of pine resin or pine tar, but not as immediately identifiable as either. It's not overwhelming but it's there when you get close. Not getting much elderberries; if I reach in there I can pull out a vague purple juiciness, but only if I reach. The smoky vanilla is hiding back there but I sense it is growing its courage to bloom more over time. Fully dry, it lands on a myrrh/rose/vanilla combo with a distinct sharp darkness that I am really loving. It's not leather, but something black and thorny enough to read a little bit like it. Quite nice. I really like this. Gaia's Blessing is one of my favorite BPALs and I think this is same-enough and yet different-enough to warrant a bottle. In fact I think this is how I wanted The Witch/Strega to perform on my skin. I really enjoy these atmospheric/narrative forest blends that aren't a punch in the face of pine and dirt. You get the whole experience of what this is describing without anything being too literal. It's powerful and and yet still very wearable. Beautiful, I'm thrilled I got a chance to try it out.
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Rice Milk & Mango

    Gah this one is so good. Big juicy mango out of the bottle. A little delicate creaminess, barely there and nothing I would associate with rice milk. This smells like mango shampoo (nearly exactly like the conditioner bar I use) and it is so fruity fresh. Fun, bright, uncomplicated, happy. It reminds me of the 90s in a way I can't place right now. Like there was a hair product that everybody used that smells like this and it's giving me nostalgia (in a happy way). LA Looks, I think. Yeah lets go with that. Fully dry, the rice milk comes out more and is similar to other reviews of mango rice and starch. So pretty. I layered this with Orange Blossom and Driftwood, brb, teleporting directly to the beach in 1993. 😎🌴🏖️
  4. supreme_c0rt

    The Man in Black

    As suspected, The Man in Black is a lot like Iago but with a black soil note (recently discovered this reads as chlorine on me). The waft is gorgeous and sexy and leather-daddy-mechanic; up close it's super strong black leather and vetiver, a bit bitter. The dry down is much nicer than I remember Iago being; the dirt note recedes, and the tobacco and resins start to soften it up. Notes of grassy hay start to peek out under the sharp leather. Fully dry, this cruises along as a growly, leathery, dark mix of black leather and resins. It reminds me of the best of both Iago and Rivet Goth, and I had been holding out for something like that. So .... success!
  5. supreme_c0rt

    Like the Very Gods

    I smell very little else but a delicate, sheer skin musk combined with a pale creamy floral. It feels very washed out on the wet stage and I am struggling to get a read on any notes at all. There's a twangy note that flits here and there that is reading a bit funky like celery seed. Occasionally I'll get wafts of pretty, slightly fruity, flushed skin musk but this comes and goes. There's a fleshiness to it that Snake Oil has, but toned way way down. Fully dry, the orris butter comes to the front with a rich creaminess and we get a bit more volume. Still a subdued blend. Fully dry, I get the impression of a much lighter Morocco with less spice. It's an interesting blend and I do like it, just wish there was a little more oomph. If you like Morocco and want something more subtle you'd probably like this.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    FIRST: Very milky. Spiced cakes. Very foodie. Is this a secret Yule? Heavy cardamom. THEN: Curry and holiday candle DRY: Not much change. It starts to calm down and the tobacco is coming through more. Still can't shake the curry candle. This was a fail on me. Quite all right, plenty of other Shungas in the sea.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    Ecstatic Dancing Penises

    Agreed with all of the above. This is a vegetable garden aquatic. Very clean, very fresh and vibrant and green. If Irish Spring made a tomato leaf/grass cologne. That's not a slight at all, it's quite nice and the soapiness is manageable. This just smells good, and clean, and alive. "Green Man on a date" is spot-on. Tomato leaf lovers should try this!
  8. supreme_c0rt

    Levitating Phallic God

    FIRST: Veeerrry vetiver and black licorice dominant, but the tea, lemon, and wood are making this way more manageable than I expected. I like vetiver but do not like black licorice. First impressions are that I still do not like black licorice... but it is admittedly working pretty well in this blend and I am not immediately recoiling. But yes, the first cut is the deepest. THEN: Tom and Galen talked about this in the review vid, but the longer it sits the better and more wearable it gets. There's a leathery vibe without actual leather. It's a gritty, smoky, slightly bitter but bright, woodsy business that feels like a cross between a tailored black Armani suit and a mechanic. Codes very masculine, which I am here for. I am really enjoying the process of this settling into my skin, and I keep picking out more nuance as it cruises on. Not a ton of throw, but it seems to want to stick around. There's an airy brightness underneath the grittiness that is complex and captivating. If you recall Tsubi Bozu from a few lupers ago, this is in the cohort. I like this one a lot better. Zankoku mentioned a wool note, which I didn't notice before but definitely do now. That is some wool. Two Sheep and Two Goats wool, which like, where did you come from? I think this would age spectacularly, which is making me consider a bottle. If you like vetiver at all, consider trying this one.
  9. supreme_c0rt

    Under the Foot Warmer

    Holy hell this is SO much better than I was ever expecting, and I was expecting a lot. The notes are full of win for me, but this exceeded all preconception. FIRST: Smoldering is a good word for what's happening here, but I think "toasted" might be better. It's a delicious, warm, toasted-cedar woodiness. A steamy, baked, luxurious warm wood smell EXACTLY like the smell of being in a sauna, minus the stranger sweat. It's just you in the sauna. The sauna is fresh and ready. I don't get any pine, this to me is very cedar. I guess that's the ho wood? It's like cedar but a buttery creamy version. I want to bathe in it. Ho wood, where you been all my life? THEN: a creamy, silky-smooth middle base like a glowing vanilla amber. An immediate hit of peppercorn, warm and spicy, just the right amount. The leather is so warm, smooth, lived-in, not harsh at all. Brown leather, like butter-soft riding gloves. The green tea is doing this thing where it’s herbal but not; it’s adding this AHMAZING green note that combines with the smoothest red musk I’ve ever smelled. Like green tea gently toasted. The red musk feels distilled and clear like it did in Awake, not shouty or aggressive. The combination is like… Extraordinarily expensive leather-cedar body butter applied by an attractive masseuse inside a steaming high-end luxury sauna with a hot mug of genmaicha waiting on the floor mat. You're doing Serious Self Care. You deserve this. It’s SO LUXE y’all. Heart eyes, for real. Upgrade is without question. If you have any love at all for woody blends, treat yo'self.
  10. supreme_c0rt

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    Did you miss Tennis Match from the 2018 Lupers? This is your second chance. I'm testing them side by side and they could be twins. There are a few subtle differences: Tennis Match has more of a bite from the dandelion sap. The green tea in Imayo is the same to my nose as the one used in Shanghai and is notably absent from Tennis. As they settle in, they are similar to the point that I couldn't tell you which one I applied where if I didn't already know. Fully dry, Imayo settles firmly into the green tea note and Tennis lands on a soft oakmoss, but really these are twinning hard otherwise. Needless to say, I absolutely love it and I'm glad there's a chance to essentially have a backup of Tennis Match if I want it. If you love green grassy scents, this is your jam.
  11. supreme_c0rt


    Mint chypre with a powdery base; I want to say it's probably black musk but it might also be black pepper, it has kind of a sneezy quality to it. I think there's vetiver in here too. The mint stays true through all its stages (I'm even picking up lime here and there), while all the stuff under it kind of swirls around, alternating between powdery, dusty musks and sharp pointy woods and balsam. It's kind of chaotic at first and I'm struggling to decide if I like that chaos, but eventually settles down. I get the impression of leather more than a specific note. It's probably in there. Black leather if so. The waft reminds me of a kind of long-forgotten men's cologne from the past. It has a bit of a powerhouse Brut aftershave vibe, or something you'd run across in an old-school barbershop. It's neat.
  12. supreme_c0rt

    Leather, Black Tea & Clove

    Oooh wee this is goth af 🦇 Fresh from the bottle it's a clean clove cigarette fresh out the box. BIG push of clove out front, but softened a bit by the tea. As it dries the leather pokes out a bit more but this is still very clove-and-tea forward as others have said. I will echo that I want more leather from this. I'm reminded a lot of the leather note in Leather, Indigo Incense, and Red Amber. I compared it to Dragon's Hide there and it's the same here. It's subtle. I keep reaching for more of that note but it's a bit shy. The sillage is straight lit Djarum, but up close and huffing I'm getting more of the other notes and I'm here for that. Up close it's very sexy and smoky and skin-hot, but when I pull away my nose holds the memory of clove to the amnesia of the others. I do like this and will probably hold onto the decant because this is a MOOD, but not sure I need to hunt a bottle. It's a lot of clove and my brain still wrestles with the association of Nu Skin.
  13. supreme_c0rt

    Theoi Nomioi

    Main notes I'm getting are eucalyptus, pine needles, juniper, sweetgrass. Then the lab's snow note, with a faint hint of cool water (not aquatic per se, more mineralic like river stones) and maybe a touch of moss and soil. The pine/juniper has a big menthol pop that skews a bit more medicinal than I like (I'll never not think of vaporub, even if it's prettier and more complex than that). The grass note with the snow threatens to turn gloopy and boggy like it does in Sprouting Grass Moon, but it straightens out after a while. The softness of the moss/soil is nice. It def puts me in mind if Ranger and the like, and I'm glad I got to try it.
  14. supreme_c0rt


    This is another mellow, your-own-skin-but-better scents. Mostly getting a sort of brownish skin musk, just a touch leathery (very very faint leather, like a worn watch band). The mint is doing really interesting things here -- I wasn't sure how it would fit, but it's giving everything an airy, breezy lift that's working nicely. The caramel note comes out more on the dry-down; it's not really sweet or chewy like honey, much more of a homemade caramel. Like you left it on the stove just a touch too long and it's a little bit burnt. Not too sweet. The sage and tobacco leaf round out the edges. Tobacco is very much JUST the raw leaf, not the shisha or sticky French tobacco. This vibe is VERY Southwest Cowboy. Aird winds, warm dusty desert, sagebrush, and delicious warm skin. This would be a fantastic gateway BPAL for someone who doesn't want to smell like perfume. It's very gentle, but you will smell good. *edit: I am also getting a very faint whiff of celery seed from this. Hm. I think it's the sage messin around.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    The Apothecary

    The mosses and green grass are most prominent out front, and the herbal notes are fresh, and somewhere along the lines of mint, basil, sage, etc. So, very green, very alive, and despite the name, not medicinal at all. I like it most at this stage. As it dries, however, the "drop" of ginger and fig push their way aggressively to the front. This makes everything shift much fruitier than I would like.* The combination reads as grape juice or perhaps plum juice. Some kind of red-purple juice... Very juicy. I would really like to smell a version without these two notes, as I think they're kind of crashing the party here and don't make sense to my nose. I will agree with a previous reviewer that this has big Herbal Essences energy, so if you like that you'll probably really like this. *Thinking about this a bit more, I think the grass note the Lab uses is also what's making this shift fruity. I've noticed this in other blends with grass, that it starts to take on a very sweet juicy quality over time. The fig isn't helping though!