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    Loviatar, Cathedral, Coiled Serpent, Fenris Wolf, Coyote, the Pillars, Saytr, Streets of Detroit, Schezerade, Scholars Tower, Obatala. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, tomato leaf, myrrh, black coconut, musk (any), motor oil, incense, mint, grass, most patchouli. Shortlist florals: neroli, honeysuckle, certain rose. I like cold, bright, fresh, realistic florals, not powdery bouquet blends. Vanilla smells good on me again, but only the real, dark variety (as in smoked/bean). One hint of extract and I'm gone. Yuk = Pine, black pepper (usually), lemongrass, lemon verbena, honey (usually), licorice, anything overly sweet, sugary, foody, cloying, boozy. Too much flowery is not wow-ery (more OW-ery).

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    speculative fiction, Star Trek, sci-fi, indie comics, cats, lucid dreaming, dismantling the patriarchy
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  1. supreme_c0rt

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    Immediate Win. This one had the best name out of the Singularities, but the fact it's actually a knockout scent too? Hell yeah. I've never smelled cashmere before but it's reminding me a bit of a cozy, expensive sort-of-skin musk. The tobacco is the leaf kind, not the sticky shisha kind, which is a blessing; shisha turns sickly on me. It's perfectly balanced with the leather, which plays a gorgeous supporting role here. As it dries, the tangy brightness of the bay leaf comes out and dances with the smoky undercurrent of sandalwood and leather. There's almost a dark berry tone to this -- a swirl of dark grey and purple. This is exquisitely blended, no divas here. Not too much of a morpher, either. Right out of the gate it's an absolute stunner. It doesn't tack as any one season (I would wear this year-round), and I can already tell this is going to be a "my skin but better" blend. I would put this on the masculine side of center, but not overly so. It's inviting, sophisticated, and mysterious. If you enjoyed A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder and Nimue the Blood Queen but wished they were a bit more masculine, try this. Really looking forward to telling people what it's called when they ask me what I'm wearing.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    Kamau Kogo

    If you're curious how this compares to Obatala, as I was, know that it is similar. To me, it's the same coconut. Kamau is saltier and more restrained. The smell of warm skin after a beach trip. Tanning lotion, sun, salt. Obatala is much creamier and maybe a touch sweeter. Testing side by side, I can really smell the difference and how much creamier Obatala is. I think I prefer that kind of creaminess. Kamau, while lovely, is a bit simpler and a bit more commercial (I've had this scent in various commercially available lotions/oils). So I don't think I'll need an upgrade. This would be a great "my skin but better" smell. It rewards closeness.
  3. supreme_c0rt


    Whoa, the first? This is a weird one for sure. Freshly applied, there's the bitter tang of the blood, like a handful of pennies, salty and sharp and metallic. At the same time, the heavy-handed sugar/honey note coats it in boozy, syrupy-sweet. Behind it there's a salty, granulated sugar base. Like Swedish black licorice candy. The combo of the bitter and the sweet fighting each other actually has a nauseous effect to it. That's the bile I guess, and the effect is pretty accurate. Definitely bile. It's weird that it's not terrible, despite being a little woozy and sure, pukey. A little. Cheers to the lab for nailing the idea. Once it dries down, the leather and lime peek out at the edges, but it's still prominently a peppery-sweet patchouli with a shot of spiced booze (maybe rum). There's a nice smoky black incense waving at the back, and something that is delightfully reminding me of a lit match. This one's a morpher. Each note stands and is accounted for. The leather was great here, not pushing or bullying too much, but still there, underneath the klaxon of other stuff going on. The lasting note is gorgeous. A lovely, smooth, smoky, spicy-sweet patchouli that leans into masculine. And it chills there, largely inoffensively, as if it wasn't just bile 20 minutes ago. I am really a huge fan of where this lands and stays. This kind of sweet spiced patchouli is absolutely stunning. Is this the kind of sweet patchouli I keep imagining Banshee Beat is like (I never got to try it)? Because it smells the way people describe it... and If so, wow. This was a wild ride and I liked the trip, but I'm not sure I want to slog through the weird bile part for the ending. But hey, maybe that's the point -- it don't care what you want. NC!
  4. supreme_c0rt

    Erotic Vegetables Hair Gloss

    It's so weird how differently blends work on different people! I swapped for clockwork's sample and when I put it on, immediately it shot up to the top of my all time favorites. The leather and woody/mossy/herbal notes blend together beautifully and perfectly with just the right amount of clove to give it a little bite. It's spicy, leathery, and smoky in all the right ways. Mysterious, sexy, and very red (redheads, you will crush it). If any of the notes listed work on you (especially if you love leather) you should hunt down a bottle. It's perfect. I would put this in the same category as Emperor's Rams, and other types of red musk and dark incense dominant blends, but with clove. It's sorta like red-musk-plus; red musk recreated with other ingredients, and in the process amplifying the good spicy parts and toning down the sweetness. Basically exactly how I wished red musk actually behaved on me. It's a glorious blend. I wish this was a perfume but I fully intend to use the gloss as a body oil. And I'll be sad when the full bottle is gone.
  5. supreme_c0rt


    This is a powerhouse smoky rose incense scent, and it's a morpher. Top, middle, and base notes all have something to say, and will pop out and recede over the course of the wear. Nothing I can say will be a better review than what's been said before, and yes this is a special blend if it works on you. I'd suggest not touching it and letting it age for a few months, then testing it without any other scent distractions so it can take you for the ride. It made a world of difference in my experience. I smell the comparisons to Morocco, so for fun I tried to recreate Eve with Morocco and Harlot. It's sort of like the Cliffs Notes version of classic literature. It gets at the general idea, and it'll help you pass the test. But it's not the whole story. Eve is much... more. Smokier, definitely. Incense for days. I will definitely hold onto this imp and break it out for special occasions. This is a very sacred scent and would work quite well in the cold winter months when things turn introspective and still. Fingers crossed Eve returns from the dead! She loved life so much.
  6. I tried to send you a message about my missing order and it's saying you can't receive messages. What's up? Are you ok?

  7. supreme_c0rt


    2019 version : I also smell like barbeque. The smoke/leather in this is the same kind I got from First Lash. It's not a swirl, it's a cloud. It's the kind of sweet-meat, bacon-y scent that you get in your hair and clothes after a camping weekend. This is a bit sweeter though, probably from the vanilla. I get pretty much nothing else until about 6 hours later when it's mostly gone and the "perfume" notes peek out from behind the smoke. These aren't vanilla notes, though. It actually reminds me a lot of Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne. Not quite the leather/vanilla/smoke I was hoping for.
  8. supreme_c0rt


    This was much softer and a bit soapier than expected. I would call this a clean, woodsy aquatic. It's pretty traditionally masculine in the sense of a nice cologne or one of the more pleasant commercial deodorants, something between "sport" and "woods" with a touch of spice around the edges. The myrrh and labdanum sweeten and soften the edges of the leather. It's not harsh at all and there's nothing particularly weird or unpleasant about this, in fact I'd call it one of the more generic leather blends. It's nice, but I think I was expecting something harsher and grittier with more of an edge to it.
  9. supreme_c0rt

    A Tattooed Woman Embraces the God of Thunder

    Damn. This is a gorgeous leather blend. I would not have guessed this is the Lab's black leather -- sometimes that can get harsh. Not here. It's like the leather is somewhere between black and red, and while it's the star of the show it doesn't scream -- it plays so well with the other notes. There's a fruity edge to this, almost like a faint tart cranberry (I suppose that's the cardamom, but more of a fresh bud than a seed), embraced by waves of smoke and skin musk and that rich leather. Perfectly blended. The oudh does none of the typical barnyard antics here, it's just a smooth smoky backbone. Not a lot of throw. On the drydown the smoky leather reminds me a lot of Dragon's Hide but without the cherry edge of the dragon's blood. I would put this as a relative of Dragon's Hide and my beloved Loviatar. Confident, intelligent, edgy, smoky leather Madames. Very refined, beautiful, poweful. A must-have for leather fans (*raises hand*).
  10. supreme_c0rt

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    Loviatar is in my top 5 forever-favorites, and has been since I first got into BPAL over a decade ago. This is a perfect leather blend. Smoky, slick, sexy, powerful, composed and darkly radiant. It's a simple blend but each note is accounted for and perfectly balanced, and damn if it only gets better with age. One of the prized gems in my collection that changes my mood instantly into an armored warrior. Just. Gah. A great example of the Lab's singular niche, because I haven't encountered anything else like this one. *chef kiss*
  11. supreme_c0rt


    Today was a good day, because I found Fighter. Maybe Fighter found me. I had a completely unrequited love affair with Rivet Goth earlier this year, one that ended in sadness because Rivet Goth was just too extra. The leather was wrong. Too strong, too sharp, too artificial. The other notes tried but couldn't hold their own in the fight against it. The leather screamed bloody murder on my skin and gave me headaches and wouldn't wash off. I sent it away with haste. But the bit that dried on my jacket, over the course of time, slowly unveiled a hidden wealth of beautiful industrial stank that taunted me. Underneath the screaming was a growling, gritty, rusty-bridge-goblin welder, and I loved it. The swapper ended up sending me an imp of it back, because they are all that's good and right in the world (you know who you are). But I still had a thorn in my butt over the puzzle it threw in my lap. For about a month I tried to find other motor oil/leather scents elsewhere to recreate it, but couldn't quite get it right. It became my white whale. Figured I'd never find it, and would just Frankenstein a suitable facsimile. But here I am sitting here with Fighter, and I'll be damned. It's Rivet Goth, but with everything just ... turned down a bit. The leather, while sharp and black, is worn-in with sweat, like a good saddle on a good horse.The rust in Rivet Goth is the metal note here, and it reads true. The "gritty" musk is also here -- a sweat-like musk, animalistic and raw and drop dead sexy. Riding all of it is the sharp acidic black Rivet leather, but more restrained. Screaming into a pillow. This same leather also shows up in Iago, and it blasts there too. The only notes missing are the tobacco and engine oil, but even without them this still reads like the months-old Rivet patch on the jacket. And it's GC, as icing on the rusty cake. After it's long dried, what's left is sweaty black leather. It teases headaches again but I don't care. It's manageable, a bridled horse that still bucks but at least I can finally get on the damn thing. I can't wait to play around with this! Moral: never give up, kids!
  12. supreme_c0rt

    The Contrast

    Simple and shining and warm. Fresh out of the bottle, the frank definitely leads the song, but once dry, the notes blend perfectly into a single chorus. Other reviewers mention fall, but this is a summer scent for me. I get an almost beachy, sun-warmed tanning oil vibe that I really like. Like, just back from the beach with a radiant glow, salt and sun and just the gentlest touch of vanilla to make the whole thing buttery and smooth. Completely gorgeous. My skin loves this and just melts right into it. It does fade rather quickly though. :\
  13. supreme_c0rt


    Juicy fig, cocoa that reads as dry, earthy cocoa butter rather than candy, and a beautiful blend of woods holding the whole thing together. As it dries, the fig steps back a bit without disappearing, and we're left with something like a wood-forward blend that's dry and juicy at the same time. Gorgeous, and a testament to the lab's power of conversion through well-chosen notes. I don't like fruity or foody, but this I like. Intrigue reminds me of the effect of Velvet -- a cocoa/sandalwood blend that loses the chocolate quickly and becomes an idea of wood chocolate. That, but with fig. It's comforting and calm, mysterious and luxurious. Sorta sweet, but not too sweet. Throw is about the same as other blends, longevity is on the shorter side. Wood lovers that want to gently venture into fruit and cocoa, try this one.
  14. supreme_c0rt

    Finding a BPAL fragrance for myself

    Hi! I am also a masculine/neutral* scent lover. Check out my Top Ten for my favorite blends. For reference, I don't tend to like overt florals, fruits, or food scents. I amp sweet smells like a mofo (even though I don't like them). So finding truly non-sweet (or barely sweet) scents has been a journey. If you like wood/cinnamon/citrus I would recommend Djinn and Azathoth to start with. Pop those into the site then see what else the algorithm recommends. If the description grabs you, try an imp. Worked for me. Trying a handful of imps, then taking my time testing each one --- really sitting with it, and writing notes --- helped me figure out what I was smelling and what was working. Then I could use that to figure out what other blends would be fun to try. You're only out about $25 bucks. Then you have somewhere to start plus some imps to swap that didn't work for you (the people on this forum have been amaaaaazing at guessing stuff I'd like and including imps that were great for me). Welcome to the smelly cult. O_O *smash the gender binary
  15. supreme_c0rt

    Snake's Shadow

    Much like Tricuspid Valve, the oudh in this screams from the bottle, and it says one word -- 💩. Scrubbed off with haste. Two months later, right as I was about to put it up on the swaps list, I decided to give it one more try. The oudh this time, while still strong wet, dissipated much faster than it did the first time, and the other notes started coming out. The result is something rich, dark, heady, buttery. Like the darkest Snake Oil imaginable. There's still the stank underneath, but this is much better and I like where it's headed. So if you're freaked out by the barnyard/septic tank smell, give it a few more months. Store it somewhere, forget about it, then come back.