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    Loviatar, Cathedral, Coiled Serpent, Fenris Wolf, Coyote, the Pillars, Saytr, Streets of Detroit, Schezerade, Scholars Tower, Obatala. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, tomato leaf, myrrh, black coconut, musk (any), motor oil, incense, mint, grass, most patchouli. Shortlist florals: neroli, honeysuckle, certain rose. I like cold, bright, fresh, realistic florals, not powdery bouquet blends. Vanilla smells good on me again, but only the real, dark variety (as in smoked/bean). One hint of extract and I'm gone. Yuk = Pine, black pepper (usually), lemongrass, lemon verbena, honey (usually), licorice, anything overly sweet, sugary, foody, cloying, boozy. Too much flowery is not wow-ery (more OW-ery).

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  1. supreme_c0rt

    Black Coffee & Old Books

    I seem to get more of the coffee note than others have here. Coffee notes usually disappoint since they tend to smell like coffee candy, as this one does. Sweet coffee candy mixed with black leather. It feels closer to black coffee because of the leather, but still has that artificial twang. This isn't a slight, as I'm not sure it's possible to really get an authentic coffee smell from not-coffee. At any rate, I don't feel like I'm sticking my face into a bag of beans (if only). The book note is quite lovely; a pulpy, musty paper with some binding glue (is that a ghost of vetiver?). The big surprise is how delicate it is on me, which is a first for black leather. This is the best version of the Lab's black leather I've encountered so far, after trying several blends where it outright strangles. It's just the right amount. I do like this quite a bit because it has a great lived-in, scholarly feel to it, and it does work beautifully with my chemistry. But it is delicate, and I find myself wanting a touch more throw. It's a really nice blend though, and a great find for leather lovers.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    In Necessarias Unitas

    Intense honeyed wood and an oaky sharpness right out of the imp that reads a pitchy wood cologne or an expensive spray patchouli perfume. It is quite strong out of the gate, but mellows out nicely after about an hour. I adore oakmoss and it's a standout player here, with the patchouli and mahogany giving it an earthy roughness that is cradled by the smooth honey (this is my favorite expression of the lab's honey note; it's not chewy or thick but clear and refined). It's putting me in mind of a earthier, woodsier version of The Pillars. Mahogany is a fickle note on me; it often goes sharp and sour, but it works beautifully here. This is how I wish it smelled on me all the time. I would absolutely spring for a full bottle of this if it is released. It's glorious.
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Gingerbread, Patchouli, Leather, & Dark Musk

    Ohhhh yes mama. Sexy gingerbread man on a Harley! This is an dark dream of woods, smoke, and spices. The gingerbread note isn't too sweet, but it is gourmand enough to communicate the Yule theme. The drydown takes some of the gingerbread edge off, and it is indeed exquisite. If you like your holiday smellies gritty, growly, smoky, and sexy, this is your huckleberry.
  4. supreme_c0rt

    Black Ice

    Wet Black Ice: A blast of cold white florals. Heavily aquatic and aggressive. It does smell commercial. Dry Black Ice: There's the vetiver and smoke. Kind of a cool dirty aquatic with an edge of berries, like the type described as "poison" in other blends. I'm not sure why there's florals and berries in here, but that's what I'm getting.
  5. supreme_c0rt

    Coffee Bean, Indonesian Vetiver, Black Oud, & Patchouli

    Oh yes, pooudh! But, miracle of miracles, it doesn't stick around much past the first few minutes. What's left once the stank wears off is a very heavy, dark, black, sophisticated coffee/vetiver/patch blend. Pooudh is still there lurking but not shouty and awful like it is in Snake's Shadow, et al. Unfortunately this kind of oudh is way too strong on me, and after the drydown my body chemistry hijacks the whole blend into old-fashioned cologne/aftershave. It's too overwhelming and perfumey for me to want to keep wearing, however promising the middle stage was.
  6. supreme_c0rt


    This is a strange one. Wet, it's very sharp and medicinal (I get tea tree oil) with a hit of black leather and metal. As it dries the poison smell really opens up -- I read it as the same berry/poison note in Nimue the Blood Queen. But there's another smell underneath all of this that weirdly reads like exhaust; it's sort of brown and greasy. Fully dry, it's mostly dark dried berries but also a sort of mechanic smell like motor oil or engine grease mixed with tangy sweat. It's not something I'll reach for a lot (I'm not a fan of berries) but it is interesting.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    On its own, this is mostly a dry vanilla, with a little bit of smoke, and I mean very little. Not a foody vanilla, more of the husk. Not a ton of cedar in the background; if you're a strong cedar lover like me you'll miss it. I found this one to be pleasant enough on its own -- kind of a warm, dry vanilla -- but wanted more oomph. Like maybe it's *too* well blended? Like when you blend two paint colors together until you completely lose the individual colors and it becomes a pleasant but nondescript mid-tone? It liked it much more once I started mixing it with other scents. I've got this on with Coiled Serpent (a strong cedar-forward blend) and it is heavenly, reminding me of a smokier, woodsier B.ans.hee B.e.at. I'll probably try this with other blends that I've long since abandoned because they were too dry or sharp (A B.oy and H.is Bro.ther Se.ated on a Go.at) and see how it fares there. But if you're kinda meh about this on its own, try blending and see where that takes you.
  8. supreme_c0rt

    Devils of the Pit Hair Gloss

    Devils reminds me of Eldritch Dark but black instead of red. It's smoky, sexy, creamy. All my favorite things. The honey does veer sweet and slightly floral, but the gritty leather and patchouli balance it beautifully. I'm not a honey lover at all and I like this one quite a bit.
  9. supreme_c0rt


    There was a ton of difference between trying this fresh and letting it sit for a few weeks. Fresh on, it's a little zap of pine, with that vegetal, sharp, dead leaf note (same one from the Dead Leaves line) with a pulsing heart of dry patch and vetiver. Mostly dead leaves though. Not too forest-y, which I appreciate. After it dries, it's creamy wood, heavy on the oak (love!), with smoky patch and vetiver rounding it out. I would not call this sinister or menacing -- in fact this is smooth as black silk on me. I vastly prefer it over Samhain (that one turned into a sweet/boozy pumpkin spice candle bomb on me). This though --- a big yes! Dark, smoky, masculine, woodsy and mysterious. Perfect for fall.
  10. supreme_c0rt

    Ask The Nearest Hippie

    Having now tried both, I'd agree with the reviewers who say this is in the Banshee Beat family, albeit quite distantly related. BB is way sweeter and heavier on the vanilla -- it smells thick and viscous like honey, whereas Hippie is a more dry vanilla, with herbal, grassy, mossy, and sweet-dirty notes balancing (not rough-dirty like the raw patch in Goblin). If you tack gender to smells BB is very feminine on me where Hippie is more masculine/unisex. I love both for different reasons. The weed note isn't scary to me. I'd be mindful of where I wear it but I don't think it's a dangerous public scent, in fact I share the same thoughts as other reviewers that this wouldn't really tack "fresh kush" as much as simply "dried herbs." You wouldn't know unless you knew. As it wears down the weed/green smell downshifts for the vanilla, until we're left with a kind of lovely grassy dirty-vanilla. Definitely mossy, like fresh wood moss. In fact... this is actually the smell of cash. Fresh cash. A crisp bill, plus a husky vanilla. And it just gets better and better as it settles. This puts me in mind of the Body Shop's Hemp line, or perhaps in the mind of vintage books. It's just beautiful, and I will be hoarding it.
  11. supreme_c0rt

    Justice for Mary

    TRIX CEREAAAAL! LOTS of lemon verbena in this. The rose and neroli waft really nicely, up close it's all sharp citrus, orangey-lime, and it does remind me of Trix (a delightful natural version). As it dries, the neroli and rose come through more. It's bright and cheery. I don't think I'd wear this much but would like this as a room scent, to banish stale air and mustiness.
  12. supreme_c0rt

    Virgos Love Power Tools

    Mostly lavender. There's enough motor oil and metal to give this one just a bit of a hardworking edge, and enough resins to warm and soften it ... but still mostly a clean/soapy lavender. It reminds me a lot of English Lavender aftershave. Kind of gentlemanly, worn-in, clean. I don't get much sawdust from this one. Fans of lavender who are wanting something more rugged than floral would like this, I think.
  13. supreme_c0rt

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    Wow that's a lot of harsh black leather. The chapparal and sage follow, reading somehow dry and dank at the same time, with a whiff of gasoline that I think I'm mistaking for the gunpowder. The flowers add something kinda interesting and pretty, but the leather is far too aggressive and it kinda stomps all over everything else. A bit too much for me.
  14. supreme_c0rt

    Social Justice Paladin

    Whoah. This is Very Pretty. This is a blast of white light. I have never tried any of the TAL blends but this feels like it would be a TAL blend. Break down the doors of darkness. I'm not familiar with champaca but since I am on easy terms with frank and amber I can subtract those and get a read on the flower note. It reads as a crisp bright white flower, like daffodil or perhaps gardenia but not quite as heady. It's a stunningly bright, modern, very fresh floral, with the lemon providing just the right amount of bite. This is springtime in a bottle. I typically can't do florals -- like, at all -- but I can do this one since it reads as one clean flower and not a million confusing flowers. As a floral hater, color me impressed. Granted, it's a little pious for everyday wear, but I can easily see myself reaching for this on dreary winter days when I need sunlight, or when it's time for righteous justice. The throw will announce your intent.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    Utter Sophistication

    Whew that's a lot of popcorn. The sweet butter smell reminds me a lot of the buttered popcorn jellybeans that I ate too much of as a kid and it almost turned my tummy. After a few minutes, the rest of the notes, almost as if on cue, show up one by one to pull the butter note back into something manageable. It doesn't seem like these smells would work together, but they really do. The popcorn/butter note keeps pushing and receding, which is meh (since I'm not a big fan of foody notes) but that vanilla/oak is drooly-gorgeous and is working some magic here on the foody note. And the delicate wisps of Dorian and lavender are lovely. This is kind of like a foody, buttery/salty Ancient Junk! It's gorgeous and I can see this being a huge hit.