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    Loviatar, Cathedral, Coiled Serpent, Fenris Wolf, Coyote, the Pillars, Saytr, Streets of Detroit, Schezerade, Scholars Tower, Obatala. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, tomato leaf, myrrh, black coconut, musk (any), motor oil, incense, mint, grass, most patchouli. Shortlist florals: neroli, honeysuckle, certain rose. I like cold, bright, fresh, realistic florals, not powdery bouquet blends. Vanilla smells good on me again, but only the real, dark variety (as in smoked/bean). One hint of extract and I'm gone. Yuk = Pine, black pepper (usually), lemongrass, lemon verbena, honey (usually), licorice, anything overly sweet, sugary, foody, cloying, boozy. Too much flowery is not wow-ery (more OW-ery).

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  1. supreme_c0rt

    Revenant Rhythm

    Ok. Now I understand the fuss. This is a damn near perfect dark vanilla and black patchouli blend. It's simple, straightforward, and steady. The patch is of the gnarly type found in Goblin (the similarly between the two is striking and will come as a relief when this limited edition vanishes again). It's admittedly my least favorite patch type, but the way it's presented here is mind-changing and masterful. The grittiness of the patchouli becomes the entire reason this works, and makes what might be an overly simple vanilla an evocative, sexy, intoxicating work of art. The hemp is similar to the one in Rogue (if you can tease it out), giving it an earthy, glowy backbone. The mood is undeniably urban-bohemian, effortlessly magnetic. Touseled is a great way to put it. Penny Lane. Lisa Bonet. Beachy waves and rooftop jams. Yeah... It's clear why Urban Outfitters sold this back in the day. A little goes a long way (thankfully). The throw is perfect and consistent and lasts all day with no fuss or wild moods. So glad the lab re-released this grail and I was able to snag some.
  2. supreme_c0rt


    Vanilla sandalwood incense. Warm radiant amber. Soft sueded leather. Sun-bleached dry grasses of the plains. This is stunning and sacred, and deeply familiar in a way that, a year later, I still can't quite pin down. It's like an olfatory photo album of intense nostalgia and bittersweet memories of late summer. It also lasts for ages so its place in my top 10 is well earned.
  3. supreme_c0rt


    Wet: the black leather is quite nice here. Not too strong or shouty. A polite background player to the warm rosin and fuzzy hemp. Comfy cozy, kinda sexy and tousled and worn-in. Fits the name. Mid: Stays pretty much the same, but the leather starts to recede just a bit as everything blends together. The rosin and hemp become golden and glowy like a buttery rich amber skin musk. Settled in: I sat here for a while tryna figure out why the hell this is so familiar. It's Pert Plus. Pert Plus and cocoa butter, maybe. It's ridiculously comfy and casual like a favorite pair of worn-in jeans on a long weekend. Your best friend from school grew up and got really sexy over the summer break. But yeah, Pert Plus mostly. This is the kinda scent where someone coming in for a nice snuzzle would think you just smell really good naturally. You Plus.
  4. supreme_c0rt


    When I first got into bpal a year ago I gave Goblin a hard pass. This is the "scary" form of patchouli -- the pungent, raw, dirty-herbal sort that most people think of as hippie stench. Since then I've gotten a chance to encounter different types of patchouli through all the masterful ways it is handled by the lab, and I have come full circle back to Goblin. And I like it now, much more than I did when we first met. Make no mistake, this is gnarly patch. But the addition of the benzoin and coconut really help take the edge off it and sweeten the bitterness just enough so it becomes something different. To me, anyway. Having finally gotten a chance to try (and own) Banshee Beat, the comparisons to Goblin are accurate. In fact, layering Goblin with vanilla-heavy blends (Snake Oil, O) even further play up the similarities and the juxtaposition of the dirty and the creamy. I find that I like it even more layered this way. This is a hippie smell, yes. But maybe more of an urban-bohemian hippie than muddy hippie. It's ugly, but pretty. I need to be in the right mood to wear it, surely, but that mood does strike now and then.
  5. supreme_c0rt

    The Red Robes

    Wet: Single Note Red Musk. I amp red musk like it's the only thing in the world. Dry: Still mostly red musk, but it's a little warmer, smokier and slightly sharper. It smells like so many other "red" blends with my chemistry. Like, this could easily stand in for Emperor's Rams, Melancholy Inferno, Satyr, etc etc. I love this type, because it really works on me. And it always reminds me of like... a hot, sexy beach ... But yeah. Can recreate this with a lot of other blends. I do wish tomato leaf showed up to this party in a substantial way. Erotic Vegetables is still the best representation of that holy-grail note I've come across.
  6. supreme_c0rt


    This is ... gorgeous. The glowy amber is similar to the one in Bast. And it does glow, warm and creamy and golden. The leather with the metal and asphodel give it a beautifully balanced, slightly musky mineral edge, like clean sweat. Like, natural person-smell. If that makes sense. Definitely a warrior goddess giving off an aura of strength and purpose. There is something like coconut here, but the rough husk if anything. This is like Bast's well-traveled warrior sister. It's comforting but strong and protective. Has a beautiful next-to-skin, almost pheremonal appeal. This settles gracefully. The leather and the creamy amber are in perfect balance and that hit of metal is divine. There is something beachy about this leather and I love it. I would wear this pretty much anywhere, anytime. The throw is about average. My mom (passed) is a Dianne, and she was a fierce mama. I tried this to see how it would match up to my memory of her. It's right on.
  7. supreme_c0rt

    'Tis Not Madness

    I tend to be wary of anything that says "orange blossom" and not "neroli" because that often means "sike, it's just sweet orange." This is definitely neroli! Or orange blossom, I guess. They're different extraction methods, apparently? Anyway. Neroli/orange blossom is one of my all time favorite scents in the world, and Tis Madness is a stunning showcase for it. In the bottle, I got really excited because of its similarity to Happy Happy Joy Joy (my Lush fave). I have been looking for a BPAL dupe for that and this is a great start. Once on, the complexity of the other notes come forward. Sweet patchouli and sandalwood give it a nice warm base, and the vetiver makes it just a touch earthy. But no doubt about it, neroli is front and center and stays that way throughout the drydown. The supporting notes do a great job of grounding this stunning floral top note. After about 30 minutes or so the base notes fade out a little more and sweet floral neroli just glows, almost as a single note. The other stuff is there, but just barely. Add a little rose to this and you'd easily have a HHJJ dupe. Just on its own, it's a sweet, happy, lilting ode to the end of summer. I will cherish this in the dark throes of mid-winter when I need a double hit of happy and joy.
  8. supreme_c0rt

    La Ronde du Sabbat

    Wet, it's New Skin (liquid bandage). Dry, it's New Skin plus a dark black smoke, with a chewy frankincense softening and rounding it out. Despite the heaviness of the listed notes this is quite delicate on me and all but disappears after an hour or so. It's medicinal but not terribly so. I like it. Fans of Aerodynamic Junk might like it too.
  9. supreme_c0rt


    Goddamn, this one was made for me. Every single note is the best representation of itself, and it all sings. The perfect blend of sweet, musky, leathery, and that stunning patchouli-vanilla. This shot almost immediately right up to the top of my all-time favorites. It's sexy and confident and gorgeous, and I love that it's Crowley, the flash bastard. I just wanna roll around in it.
  10. supreme_c0rt

    Sic Erit

    First impressions wet -- this is reminding me a lot of Spellbound. There's no rose listed in this, but ya coulda fooled me. The spicy geranium with the red musk create a rose-like profile. The up-close scent and the wafted scent are actually quite different, which is a nice surprise. The distant-wafting-smell is a sweeter musk, with the same gorgeous vanilla-patchouli that's in Crowley. Up close it's much sharper, spicier, and almost single-note red musk but less sweet. I don't know geranium very well but this is a beautiful introduction. Dries down to a sexy, gorgeous hybrid of my all-time favorite lab notes. The sweet patchouli-vanilla of Crowley, and yay! the woods finally show up (hello oak, my precious, and there in the back is the dry cedar). A bit like Fenris Wolf, kinda sorta, but drier. It really is all my favorite stuff in one blend. I totally love it! If it ever returns I'll snatch up a bottle without hesitation, but in the meantime I think I could probably scratch this itch with Crowley. Love.
  11. supreme_c0rt


    Weird, this is the total opposite of suffocating on me! The ambergris and frank create a gentle, mellow, resinous/powdery base while the cade floats delicately on top, almost like a watery tea tree or delicate juniper. It's very spa-like, medicinal, a bit like sauna steam. It's helping gently open my sinuses. It's so delicate that it actually works nicely on the balance and doesn't become too medicinal. Just... darn pleasant. Normally this much powder would send me running for the hills but the herbal edge of the cade balances it well. I find it soothing and meditative, maybe because I often use tea tree for healing. I like it! Great for bedtime or relaxing.
  12. supreme_c0rt

    Il Matto

    Drat. I had high hopes for this one. For a few pleasant moments after application I get a bit of nice warm smokiness and palo santo, but it only takes a few seconds for the sticky tobacco to bust through the wall like the Kool Aid man and stomp all over it. And now it's the Swisher Sweet show...the same sticky tobacco that's in Gaueko. If you like that type of tobacco this will be your jam, but for me it was too heady and cancelled out the other stuff I was hoping would come through. We'll see how it fares with later testing; I can tell there's stuff under there that wants to come out.
  13. supreme_c0rt

    Nimue the Blood Queen

    Leads with tart dried fruits (similar to Voluminous Red Blanket) but with a smoky incense backbone. Plummy tendrils of smoke, with something riiiight on the edge of the scent that tastes like the idea of a caramel cream. I don't know how or where this is coming from, and I keep thinking it's a trick of the mind, but it's definitely there. This is fruitier than I normally go for, but the smoky musk and incense are really taking this into a different place, and I'm here for it. It's beautifully balanced. Sharp and tart, yet dark and smooth at the same time. A very light hand with the oud, praise be. It's not a major player and seems there only to give the blend some body and cohesion. Sophisticated, unusual. Don't have anything else like this.
  14. supreme_c0rt


    At first this really smelled a lot like the Mary Kay perfume samples that I remember from my teenage years (the kind that came in the mailers). Floral, powdery, commercial, a little old-fashioned. I mean, better than that, because it's BPAL, but it had the same mood. As it dries down, the spiciness and the musk come through more. It's reminding me of carnation or geranium, with the musk of a lighter red variety (pink musk? Is that real?). It adds more complexity and improves it, but I admit this is still skewing too commercial and old-fashioned for my taste. The scent memory isn't helping matters.
  15. supreme_c0rt

    2014: Silk Phoenix

    I think at this point I'm a leather daddy ("I'm looking for something that says 'Dad likes leather'") because dang, I must have tried nearly every variation at this point. This smells *precisely* like brown rawhide. Oiled saddles. The leather stall at Renne Faire. New Car? Meh, kinda sorta but I like that smell. I get a metal twang that does fade rather quickly, and right at the tail end, softly spiced incense smoke. As it dries the sweet smoke comes through more, but this is mostly a sharp fresh leather blend. This definitely has Firefly vibes, but -- and this was a surprise -- it also kinda reminds me of a sweeter, gentler Rivet Goth.