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    Fenris Wolf, Coyote, Streets of Detroit, Scholars Tower, A Young Boy and His Brother Seated Upon a Goat, The Pillars. Yum = Leather, tobacco, wood (any), vetiver, amber, smoke, myrrh, musk, incense. Few florals grab me except neroli and certain rose. Yuk = Pine, black pepper, lemongrass, lemon, honey, anything overly sweet or foody or cloying.

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  1. supreme_c0rt


    This was an oppressive scent on me. Even from a fair distance the scent gave me this sense that I was being suffocated, like being buried under a pile of hot wet towels. The prominent notes were a blast of hot dirt, animal fur, dirty patchouli/vetiver, and burnt molasses. There is an asphalt note here too. There are bits about the scent that I enjoy (but which I can't identify) but the feeling of being smothered or buried alive is rather unpleasant. It takes a while for it to subdue, then it turns into something hard to pin down, simultaneously alive and dead. Like old book paper and black potting soil. It takes a very long time to wear down to a comfortable volume, but once it's there I like it much more. The vetiver is easiest to ID, in fact it's quite similar to An Excerpt from Speculum...etc etc from the Liber collection. Not sure what I'll end up doing with it, but it is certainly evocative.
  2. supreme_c0rt

    First Lash

    This is the smokiest blend I've tried to date*. On me, it's a warmer flavor of pure wood smoke -- the kind of meaty, bacon-y wood smoke that you can smell in your clothes after sitting by the fire on a winter's night. The other notes play on the edges of the scent but the smoke is definitely the forerunner. Not acrid at all though, like how Midnight Bonfire was on me, and it sits very close to the skin. The amber really warms it up beautifully and gently guides it away charcoal or carbon territory. Not getting any of the frank or the terebinth, but I don't mind that (I amp frankincense, with mixed results). It's lovely and grounding and comforting, but probably not for everyday wear. Maybe more for a specific mood or possibly even ceremonial -- it's completely perfect for Yule season. Layering with this is great -- I blended it with Fenris Wolf and it's sexy ancient forest magic on my skin right now. I'm excited to try it with other woodsy/musky blends; looking at A Young Boy and His Brother Seated Upon a Goat, Czernobog, and maybe even Iago if Iago doesn't eat it up. *The Storyteller was the other smoky one -- First Lash feels like a less-sweet version of Storyteller. Which is nice since I wanted to love Storyteller but that beeswax note always turns into cloying honey on me.
  3. supreme_c0rt

    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

    I wouldn't have guessed it immediately, but the suggestions of cucumber-melon identified why this smelled so familiar. Wet, it is a bright and fresh, sophisticated, high-end cucumber-melon with a very subtle amber and wood base. The mahogany is so subtle that if you were looking for a wood-forward note you might be disappointed. Not much throw after it dries and fades very fast. Once it does, the complexity flattens out and I'm left with a simple creamy cucumber-melon not unlike many commercial blends. I prefer the wet stage, but it's transient. Very pretty, but I don't think I'll need more than the imp.
  4. supreme_c0rt

    The Moon Goddess

    A golden shower. By that I mean.... yeah. Wet, it's... pee. Oh no. Animal pee cleaned with Pine Sol. How did this happen. Dry... still Pine Sol but it's mellowed somewhat. Astringent and green. Big green clean. Softening into a flowery air freshener type of smell. The dollar-store plastic-tub type of air freshener that I got from Ranger as well. I wanted to test the waters on Pine again after Ranger rolled a critical fail on me, and this is finally proving once and for all that pine just won't work. Eventually the pine recedes entirely and is replaced by a sweet soft hay, a nice veer from something that started out fairly awful on me. The agarwood reads as Oud but a much mellower version than, say, Urd. It quickly dries down into something much more flowery (a white flower note like gardenia), with the soft leather beneath it. The lemon might be what's continuing to pee on my leg here. I can read each note once I know what I'm looking for -- but combined into a single blend it reads as fairly standard-catalog women's perfume. The end result just isn't working for me at all. To the swaps with ye.
  5. supreme_c0rt


    So this is Christmas... and what have you done. Wet, my Immediate impression was Overpowering Holiday Candle. Probably my least favorite scent, and here it is punchin' me in the face. It's all the scents on the label turned up to 11 but hardest on the spiced rum. Like the olfactory version of swigging a large glug of Captain Morgan and having some of it get stuck in your sinuses. Dry: Thankfully the chaos seems to calm down rather quickly. Still getting those powerful candle notes but they're receding from the blast they once were. Smoke and tobacco are coming to the fore, some of the leather. These notes always amp nicely on me and they're why I wanted to try this blend. There's a lil bit of the tangy sharpness (guessing that's chardonnay) but barely detectable on me. I'm liking it better now but there's still a burnt, cloying cinnamon-bun type sweetness floating everything else (guessing that's still the rum) that's throwing it into the Foodie category and it's going to keep me from really enjoying it. Fans of gourmands would probably love this though. Ground-in: This is a holiday party right before the hangover kicks in. Sweet cakes, too much booze, etc. I attend one each year that is this scent personified -- drunken debauchery followed by days of recovery. It's so much like it that I get some woozy nausea just from the association. I mean, kudos to Beth once again for nailing the concept. Once it's almost gone, I'm getting strong Renn Faire vibes, it's all glazed cinnamon bun and roasted chestnuts. Not bad, but not me. I would really like to nuzzle someone wearing this. But when it's on me I can't quite carry it. Confirmed when I tried to wash this off. The rum has claimed me and will not release. I am one with the rum. RIP.
  6. supreme_c0rt

    The Lemniscate

    Wet, this is strongly medicinal; bitter and astringent (almost lemony) sharp wood. I too get pencil shavings. The cognac and tobacco are there but, unlike other blends where they shine (ie Black Rider) it's not quite curbing the blast of cedar, pepper, and frank. It is a well blended oil, since these notes are hard to pick apart, but it's very intense interplay since they're such different flavors. On the dry down it's almost all a slightly sweet black pepper. The effect on me is something akin to strong black licorice or anise. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of those notes (for me they elicit a foggy, nauseating, like not-quite-BO-but close, claustrophobic sweat smell) so this will have to go right to the swaps. I was mostly curious if BPAL's black pepper would convert me (thinking if anyone could do it..), but no. I think pepper just isn't a note that will work for me, and I suppose I may always associate it with Drakkar Noir. I will say this is the most interesting BPAL sample I've tried so far, unique in its own way. On the right person it would be memorable.
  7. supreme_c0rt


    This was my first blind-bottle. The notes sounded right -- I am a fan of wood scents -- except I wasn't sure what labdanum was. Google said it's resin, so I figured this would probably still work for me. This went on super sweet, just like cola candy. Dry, the cola receded a bit, and got a bit creamier and drier, like desert-dry. A cola cotton candy tumbleweed. Later, the incense peeked in, but I was still throwing a lot of Vanilla Coke. Cedar was a no-show. It ended as powder, which is common for me. Swapped this one. It's pretty but too sweet for my liking.