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  1. Mountaingrrl00

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Thanks! Those both sound promising. :-)
  2. Mountaingrrl00

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    I'm on the lookout for honey-patchouli combos.
  3. Mountaingrrl00

    The Sheepfold, Moonlight

    This starts out with a sharp, pungent blast of green, ozone-like cologne -- if it's hay, it's new-mown and mixed with the fuel from the lawnmower. I was worried I would get a headache and have to wash it off, but it settled down pretty quickly. Dried down, it's Cafe Au Lait and a Wool Blanket but with a soft, saffron-like hay in place of the coffee. It turns out to be a lovely, subtle skin scent, warm without being heavy. I think this will be nice for summer and for layering.
  4. Mountaingrrl00

    Cypress, Patchouli, and Mud

    I was really excited about this one, and it lives up to my dreams! It encapsulates the richness and liveliness of river mud and shady evergreens. I get the impression of a cool morning, dew beading on the grass. The cypress is a little sharp at first, and becomes sweetly aromatic as it warms up on my wrists. The drydown combo is to die for - rich and earthy, clean and uplifting, almost edible to this dirt-loving nose. It reminds me of my old BPAL favorite Ace of Pentacles and might even surpass it in my affections. Fans of Luperci, Graveyard Dirt and Zombi will probably love this.
  5. Mountaingrrl00

    Rose Absolute, White Sandalwood, and Orris Butter

    This starts out quite sharp, like a dry, old-fashioned rose soap. White rose at that. As it warms on my skin, it takes on a softer, woody incense tone, while remaining powdery and rosy. This is a very pretty, uncomplicated scent I could see wearing to feel clean and polished on a hot day. I think this could layer well with deeper or sweeter scents as well.
  6. Mountaingrrl00

    Noisy Goose Moon 2022

    Is anyone else getting pink bubblegum from this? It's definitely there for me! It also reminds me quite a bit of Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo. And layers upon layers of sugar - whipped sugar, caramelized sugar, fermented sugar, fruit sugar. The banana is a great twist, especially before this scent dries down. As someone who amps cinnamon, I was worried about the spice, but it's pretty subtle this time -- I think the frankincense tames it quite a bit. This is a very fun gourmand; a kid could wear this.
  7. Mountaingrrl00

    Here I Sette My Thynge to Springe

    The description is totally accurate. In the bottle and wet on skin, this is strong, rich soil. There's a suggestion of wetness, rain and stone, and a bit of the electric charge in the air after a storm. But mostly it's muddy, fertile spring soil. The mineral element gets strong on dry-down, and the whole thing fades fairly quickly.
  8. Mountaingrrl00

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    On me, this is almost entirely sweet sweet amber, with a bit of sweet sweet lemon and a hint of musk. I like a lot of gourmand scents and a lot of BPAL ambers, but I think this one is just tooooo sweet for me!
  9. Mountaingrrl00


    I really like this one! I thought it would be a pretty spring floral, and it is, but it has much more personality than that description would suggest. There's a raunchy note in the beginning that reminds me of goat's milk, bringing creaminess (think rose milk) and a surprising bit of animal sexuality. There's some sourness, but not in a lemony way. The soft floral prettiness is right there too, along with a deeper warm sweetness that develops to a subtle caramel nuance. It stays close to the skin, and lasts about ten hours on me.
  10. Cinnamon dominates, with the strong coffee giving it a lovely depth. I love how there's an oily, sparkly impression of fried sugar. I'm not getting any dairy notes (which tend to go sour and salty on me, so I don't mind) and get just the faintest impression of coconut cream. This is very cozy for winter - so glad to have been PIF'd an imp of this!
  11. Mountaingrrl00

    Scorched Oak & Blonde Tobacco

    A little bit cologne-like, fresher than I expected. I'm reminded of birch beer at first, and I'm afraid it's going to go kinda Pine-Sol on me. This is a young, green wood, and the tobacco is sweetening it without grounding it much. I like it better when that strong top-note finally burns off. The tobacco gets that warm, chewy, hay-like aspect. I get a vanilla warmth later and a clean wood smoke vibe that's really cozy. The longer I wear it, the more I like it. Fortunately the mellow phase lasts a long time. I might try layering this with something patchouli-based to see if I can bypass the initial sharpness.
  12. Mountaingrrl00

    Tonka Bean and Saffron

    This smells very familiar. I suspect the combination is a commonality among many of the classic amber fragrances I like. In any case, it's beautiful. It gives me an impression of the color gold. It's warm and sparkly. Stays pretty consistent on my skin. This is going to be wonderful for layering. Low throw, long-lasting.
  13. Mountaingrrl00

    Ambrette Seed and Prune

    I've been curious about ambrette seed, which features in some of my favorite fragrances. I've read that it's musky, but at first sniff, the part that isn't prune seems to be a cross between French vanilla and coconut, very odd. That changes fairly quickly, though, and what remains is a deep, rich prune scent. It smells kind of fermented without being fizzy or sour. It is so pretty up close, warm and inviting. The coconut aspect now reminds me more of heliotrope, and that jammy, perfumed/fermented plum-prune dimension is glorious.
  14. Mountaingrrl00

    Elderberry Flower & Sandhill Plum

    Juicy, round plum with a sort of dry, green, aromatic floral backing. It's clean but not soapy. Good throw, medium staying power.
  15. Mountaingrrl00

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    I've let this settle for a few days before trying it again, and I'm glad I did. Previously there was a strong impression of Irish Spring soap - that has now mellowed out of existence. Now I get a creamy matcha and sandalwood combo, an almost saffron-like hay, and that floral-shop green smell others have mentioned. The ferns are distinct, too, and the deeper scent of moss. Lovely memories of the Pacific Northwest from this. Clean, but with depth. I think this will be a regular in the warm-weather rotation.