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    Pognophobia Insupportable Misery Queen of Clubs Ace of Pentacles Dolly Kei Temple of the Loas (TAL) Smut Luperci Zombi Summer Lace Love: Earth, patchouli, honey, oudh, tea, coffee, blood orange, passion fruit, mango, amber, copal, red musk, skin musk, cardamom, violet, orris, rose, beeswax, plum, apricot, vanilla, lilac, saffron, oakmoss. Dislike: wine, grape, civet, butter, baked-goods scents, most white florals, ozones, aquatic cologne scents, burnt notes.

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  1. Mountaingrrl00

    Amber & Lace

    Smoky-sweet-savory gourmand goodness, with mellow cognac, subtle hay-like nuances, a caramel creaminess and that super-sexy saffron-oud combo. Low to medium throw, long lasting.
  2. Seconding the love for Sea of Glass. My other pick would be Zombi, which is such a lovely dark-roses-and-rich-earth scent.
  3. Mountaingrrl00

    The Queen of Love

    I could swear there's sandalwood in here, the most beautiful soft musky kind. Must be the combination of other notes that creates this illusion. The rose is so pretty, like the waft from a rose bush, not at all sharp. The honey is also soft. I love this scent; it's like a warm hug from the loveliest woman.
  4. Mountaingrrl00

    The Eternal Queen

    I'm surprised by how much I like this. It smells like gardenia that's still on the tree, wafting on the air when it's warm but not hot out. Fresh, new, just sweet enough, beautifully rounded.
  5. Mountaingrrl00

    Peace v45

    Soothes your nerves, brings calm to the household, infuses your space with a grounded tranquility. French lavender, jasmine grandiflorum, myrrh essential oil and oleoresin, rose petals and rose otto essential oil, jasmine blossoms, and frankincense tears. This smells so beautiful! It's a rich, heady floral-resin smell, so relaxing it's almost sleep-inducing, and I notice some notes in common with TAL Nocturne, but this is softer and more grounded .... a reminder to stop, smell the super-gorgeous roses, and share that softness and compassion.
  6. Mountaingrrl00

    Perfumey scents

    Globe fits this for me: A russet chypre slathered in vintage patchouli and black tea with golden amber, hiba wood, and iris root.
  7. Mountaingrrl00

    Passion fruit scents

    I'm looking for a passion fruit scent that doesn't go too sweet and syrupy. I love the tart, fresh, almost lemony facet of this fruit. Anything you'd recommend?
  8. Mountaingrrl00

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Surena Marie, if you can find some Paper Phoenix, I think you'd love it! A memory of Antique Lace, Formula 54’s pink pepper, and a splash of Dorian’s white tea and lavender fougere.
  9. Mountaingrrl00

    Alabaster Vulva

    This does smell "alabaster" to me! It's a clear vanilla with soft floral and citrus nuances - very likable and accessible, sweet without being cloying. It seems especially well suited to springtime.
  10. Mountaingrrl00


    A russet chypre slathered in vintage patchouli and black tea with golden amber, hiba wood, and iris root. This one feels like an instant classic, sophisticated and gorgeous. I first smell the tannin-heavy black tea, the mossy chypre and the strong wood - an earthy but somehow sparkling combination. The patchouli then comes into play, and it reminds me of rich fragrances my grandmother's generation wore before hippie patchouli existed. The amber is sweet and has almost a citrus quality, which plays back and forth with the soft dryness of the iris root. The resulting combination is an assertive, long-lasting dress-up kind of perfume. It's definitely a nose-glued-to-the-wrist one for me.
  11. Mountaingrrl00


    On me this is very Rose and surprisingly green. It's closest to the rose in Rose Red, with a hint of Zombi. There are resemblances to rosewater and carnation too. It takes a good long while for the apricot phase to develop, and that too has more of a romantic perfume feel than a gourmand one. I smell spicy fig leaves but not the fruit. Not at all what I was expecting, but a clean, feminine scent in its own right -- one I think will be beautiful for summer. Edited to add: Previous review was straight out of the mailbox on a cold day. Given ten days to settle, and worn on a warm day, the apricot and fig are much more recognizable and the whole scent much more to my expectation and liking. It really has a wow factor now.
  12. Mountaingrrl00

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    Smells like a yellow-brown beeswax candle, sweet as autumn honey as first, then more of a beeswax smell coming in as it dries. I swear I get a whiff of a candle being extinguished -- I don't know how Beth does it -- and then the smokiness disappears and I'm left with a sweet, slightly incense-like beeswax. I'm not familiar with white patchouli but whatever it's doing here really works. This is a wonderfully evocative, sexy, almost single-note skin scent. Love it!
  13. Mountaingrrl00

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thanks, Merun. I haven't tried Hellhound. Is the brimstone note noticeable? I've never liked the burnt smells. Siren sounds like a great suggestion - thanks!
  14. Mountaingrrl00

    Wezwanie / Hold

    This is rich, dark honey on me, mostly. The hazelnut gives it a foody dimension I like, but it's not overpowering. The wood and resins give it depth and make it last. It's all very yummy and sexy.
  15. Mountaingrrl00

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'm going to try this again: 1. Pognophobia (mellow patchouli/honey/leather) 2. Queen of Clubs (dirt, vanilla, amber, currant, pomegranate, rose) 3. Insupportable Misery (tea, saffron, lilac, lavender) 4. Summer Lace (wisps of vanilla cream, caramelized tobacco absolute, white opium poppy, summer honeysuckle nectar, effervescent white mandarin, apple blossom, and green cognac) 5. Smut (musks, sweet boozy notes) Anyone have suggestions?