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  1. torikitty

    Venus Obsequens

    I don't reach for this much, so I keep forgetting it's apple. I'd say it's more green apple on me, but the blackcurrant bringing a bit of "red" to it. I really just smell apple, honestly. If you didn't tell any of the notes, I would just assume straight apple. I don't seem to be amping the honey, so I'm happy about that.
  2. Any recommendations for things that smell like wicker? I'm sure it's got another name? Seagrass? Searching for "rattan" and "wicker" don't give me much information. If anyone knows what that clean wood smell is that you get in the basket section of Pier 1, I'd appreciate it.
  3. torikitty

    Krampus Lace

    I was gifted a partial decant by the lovely VetchVesper. This seems to be the only Lace that works on me. I feel like it's a sweeter version of a tobacco blend that I already have, but I can't think of it. The leather and pepper was more apparent when I first applied it. As the day has worn on, the vanilla and honey have stuck around the longest, which translates to Antique Lace to my nose, with a hint of tobacco hanging around in the back.
  4. torikitty


    I initially get sweet carnations, that is backed up by generic ginger. I think I have a carpet powder that is "tropical" that smells similar. This is a light smell that reminds of spring. It's not overpowering or very complex. The orange isn't too strong to my nose, but it's still got an overall tropical vibe to it.
  5. torikitty

    All Hallows Chaos: Dead Leaves

    I have bottle #26. In the bottle, I immediately smell green and herbaceous, something bitter. During drydown, it starts to mellow, but a floral note starts to make an appearance. I think there might be some lillies in here. Maybe a hint of rose, but still something bitter and green. The sweetness of the dead leaves hangs out in the background, but it's not enough to play off the floral bitterness.
  6. torikitty

    Western Bonneted Bat

    Butterscotch and French Tobacco. Absolutely divine. 2 things you wouldn't expect to work well together, but are absolutely perfect.
  7. torikitty

    Snake Oil Lemon Bomb White Tea Fuck Up

    I forgot that this was a LSSB variant. I think the white tea covers up enough of the lemon sugar that it's easy to see these 2 as entirely different. Citrusy Snake Oil is an accurate description, but the tea on my skin amps more than the citrus, so it's not as sweet as I'd expect. It's pretty and light, but interesting enough for me to hang onto.
  8. torikitty

    Dead Leaves, Black Tea, and Tobacco Leaf

    This immediately smells perfumey to me. So much so that I've been hesitant to try it out. During drydown, the perfumey-ness starts to calm down, but acrid sweetness makes me expect to not like this. It takes about 10 mins for it to completely go away, then I can smell the dry, crackley leaves. The sweet tobacco starts to make an appearance, or maybe that's the tea? Yeah, it's more tea. Like a mix between Earl Grey and black tea. So a mix of dry leaves and dry tea leaves with a hint of sweetness at this point. Eventually the tobacco warms up, and brings an earthiness to the pile of leaves we've got swirling around here. However, the sweetness ends up feeling like a masculine version of a cologne. It could be unisex, but my chemistry doesn't make this enjoyable for me.
  9. torikitty


    I've had this for a while. I'm surprised I forgot to review this. I think I read other reviews, and kept hoping I would try it and like it. Yes, definitely orange. I'm a huge orange lover. I grew up in Southern California, eating oranges straight from the orange groves. I have high expectations. On my skin, this ends up smelling like oranges soaking in water and an older man's cologne that's sweet. Overall, it's kinda gross to me. I would attribute this on the masculine side, but I know most people would disagree with me. It might just be a note that my chemistry is turning it into something masculine.
  10. I'm not very familiar with all of the different woods/trees, but I figured I'd give it a shot. If anyone would know, it would be you guys. Has anyone smelled/tried the seasonal Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine scent? I love it! I snagged more bottles since they are on sale. It's the perfect pine scent to me. I'm wondering if there's anything similar. I'll take a look at the previous suggestions, too. ETA: looking closer at their verbiage, it's also got a hint of clove and cedar.
  11. torikitty

    Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss

    I love bourbon and apples, so I knew I would have to try this. It doesn't seem to last very long on me, though. My scalp must suck it up, I couldn't smell anything after an hour. It's not nearly as sweet as I was expecting, nor as appley. However, I did grab another bottle, it's a must-have for apple lovers. I feel like it's got more of a dry bourbon-soaked wood note, so, like oak mixed up with some apple bread or oatmeal. I'll have to keep working on the description for this. It's awesome, but hard to describe. ETA: Trying this again, I figured out that it reminds me of generic autumn/apple candle smell. It's something I would expect to smell walking into Hallmark in October or November. Not to say it's bad, but it smells more generic than boozy to me.
  12. torikitty

    Ginger Cardamom Hair Gloss

    I was expecting more of gingerbread, but the above poster is right. It's closer to ginger beer with a hint of cardamom, but no fizzy or fermented notes. It's nice in it's simplicity, but doesn't seem to stick around for very long. I can see this being worn year round.
  13. torikitty

    The Red Snowman

    Mrs. Z_Z provides insight I'm sometimes need. I'm so glad I read her review before swapping this off. It deserves a proper review. I WISH it was strawberry and tobacco, I feel like that blend would be amazing! I couldn't remember the notes when I first received this in the mail, so my husband tried it, and it smelled horribly feminine on him. Now I know why. Trying it on myself, there is a greenish note that I can't pin down. It could be coming from the steel or blood snow note. Like, kinda acrid and resiny. I would guess there could be a hint of Dragon's Blood, or maybe it's a really different note that I'm unfamiliar with would be red tobacco. To me, this is overly sweet, like super artificial candy with a plastic background and red musk. I really wanted to like this, but it's not working on me.
  14. torikitty

    Carnaval Diabolique

    I've been sitting on my 2015 bottle for a while, hoping that it would age into something I could enjoy. Trying it last night, it was surprisingly mild-smelling on my skin. There was a note that ended up smelling like sweet spit on me. If I had to guess, I'd say it was the heliotrope. There's not enough of the other scents to overpower it. It ends up being a light, smoky lemon spit flavor on it. I'm sure someone else will enjoy this with different chemistry.
  15. torikitty

    Gingerbread Snake

    This smells amazing, unfortunately, for some weird reason, I morph the all the gingerbreads into incense. This smells like the perfect blend of Snake Oil and gingerbread, very alluring. After 20 minutes, I turn this into sweet, spicy incense with the faintest hint of Snake Oil. Hopefully this will work for someone else.