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  1. torikitty


    I can't believe i haven't written a review yet. I've been using this as my sleepytime scent lately, so I assumed I'd written one. Wet, it's like cheap milk chocolate with a bit of "wet something", I suppose paper, and possibly surrounded by some cheap candle wax. Admittedly, it's not great when it first goes on. It's also somehow easy for my nose to transmute the "wet something" to hazelnuts. I usually put it on my chest for something comforting to wear before bed. Right now, I'm testing it on my hand, and purposefully smelling it closely. Like, it's weird, up close, it's not very pleasant to my nose. A foot from my nose, where it can waft up, it smells divine. It's like a comfortable chocolate backed up by musky hazelnuts. For the record, the "sweater" note in this doesn't show up the same way that the more recent "cosy sweater" notes do. To me, those smell like artificial yarn with a hint of perfumey laundry detergent. I wouldn't say that I get any "sweater" note from this, but there is something musky, so I think I'm perceiving it differently. The leather shows up later, but it's such a whisper, I don't notice. The funny thing about the book...I got it in my order. I think it was something like "Mr. Murder" or something equally frightening. I was soooo puzzled why they would throw in a well-worn copy of a book with such a ominous title. I was like "Are they trying to tell me something? Is Puddin' saying that I'm killing him with too many orders that year or something?" Then I forgot about it. It wasn't until I brought it up with another BPALer, who asked which book I got, then helped me piece it together. I never read the entire description of this scent. I just saw chocolate, and added it to my cart.
  2. torikitty

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    @twilighteyes You are amazing, thank you for doing this! Do you have a favorite?
  3. torikitty

    Can't access cart

    Are you on the computer or on a mobile device? Have you tried refreshing your window? Have you tried with a different browser? (i.e, Firefox, Chrome)
  4. torikitty

    Suck It 2020

    This is different from the regular Suck It. It does smell a bit darker, but I wouldn't have guessed "boozy". The cherry does manage to stick around on my skin, instead of it getting sucked up immediately. However, it ends up smelling a bit more artificial than regular Suck It. I think the apricot ends up changing how the cherry is perceived by my nose, rather than being another element that I can smell. As for cherry lovers, it still smells wonderful when it's wet. I think it would make an amazing atmo. It just doesn't work on my skin, and I feel like it's different enough from the regular Suck It to justify having this bottle in your cherry collection.
  5. torikitty

    Candy Apple Smut

    This did not smell like what I was expecting. I think the musk ended up making it more perfumey than gourmand, and it just didn't sit right on my skin. It ended up feeling like I was trying to smell the candy apple while it was still wrapped up in plastic, holding it with a hand covered in smut.
  6. torikitty

    Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom & Lemon Peel

    The pink pepper is why I decided to blind bottle this. I really need to remember that I don't enjoy orange blossom; to my nose, it reads as "too green". In the bottle, I can smell a bit of the pepper, mostly the orange blossom, and the tiniest hint of lemon peel. On my skin, wow, that orange blossom takes over. The "greeness" slowly calms down, and somehow opens this watery pathway for the pepper to slowly come forward. This is also evoking a weird scent memory that is ultra specific, I doubt many will be able to relate. This reminds me of swimming lessons at the Olympic-style pool at the local community college when I was little. Even more specifically, the smell when facing the drain, and there was a slight breeze; so it's blowing the chlorine, wet children, remnants of sunscreen, and the SoCal (Orange County) orange blossom smell that would get carried on the wind. It eventually winds down to reveal the pepper, but it's still got that hint of green that doesn't sit well with me. And the lemon peel adds a "cleanness" to this, but isn't lemon to my nose.
  7. torikitty

    A Demon and Her Unholy Basketball

    The reviews really sold me on blind bottling this. Surprisingly, in the bottle, it didn't impress me much. It read as just "overly sweet". On my skin, the musk came forward, and the pumpkin sugar started showing off it's spices. It remains surprisingly "light" for something with brimstone. I guess that gives it an edge that keeps it from smelling too immature. Overall, it's good. I would wear it when I'm feeling Halloweenie, but I don't want anything to scream loudly. Just a nice pumpkin sugar in the background.
  8. torikitty

    Cold Moon 2020

    This initially goes on like the chocolate from Jólabókaflóðið, with a hint of a coldness under it. Sadly, there's an ozoney slush note that has a hint of aquatic that comes forward, and overpowers the chocolate. This doesn't work for me.
  9. torikitty

    Pecan Pie Oud

    This is one of the few ouds that doesn't go stanky on me. I agree with the first reviewer. It's more of the savory element of the pecan with a hint of spices. I wouldn't attribute any pie notes to it.
  10. torikitty


    This is amazing! I initially get the bread with the caraway, rosemary, and salt. It smells like a delicious, fresh focaccia just pulled out of the oven. On my skin, after it dries down, the herbs really sweeten up, and it's the most comforting scent. It has definitely moved away from smelling like bread, and it's just sweet herbs. Totally a win!
  11. torikitty

    Thirteen (13): June 2014

    It starts out as watery chocolate. I think I pick up the caraway the most. Luckily, it's not too mossy on me. It's leaning on the herbal side more. Fennel and basil make their way out more as the chocolate recedes. There's still a slight sweetness to it, which makes me think more of the masculine side of a men's cologne that is super herbal. I think this would smell terrific on the right guy. Label art.
  12. torikitty

    Thirteen (13): August 2010

    Ah, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this before. Although I love the 13s, they don't get normal wear from me. Strangely enough, this smells so very similar to Jiggery Pokery to me. And it took me a while to place it, but it must be the pink pepper that is doing the same sweet, spicy, airy thing on my skin. I love it! No chocolate, none of the other notes. Exact replica of Jiggery Pokery on me. And for reference, this is the label.
  13. torikitty

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Yeah, we need to update the list. This helped me narrow down a bottle from 2014, though, so kudos for that. I have another bottle that has a topless woman dancing with a skeleton behind her. The number 13 is black and in the bottom right corner. ETA: Nevermind, it's the August 2010 bottle that I have. In my brief research to figure out the bottle that I have, here's a few more to add to the list. 13 February 2015 - shattered mirror 13 March 2015 - blue background, large black number 13 in script font? 13 November 2015 - violets 13 May 2016 - beige background, people on fire with one person on left forking the flames, number 13 in white? or maybe it's this image? 13 January 2017 - 13 October 2017 - orange background, large black number 13 (which is what I have) or black background with large number 13 in typewriter font? 13 April 2018 - song birds 13 July 2018 - gold horseshoe with red ribbon on top, jockey on horse jumping through horseshoe, red number 13 near bottom of horseshoe, gold text with "good luck" 13 September 2019 - dark blue background with white number 13 13 December 2019 - brown 13, dancing kitties with top-hats 13 March 2020 - static gray background with large white number 13
  14. torikitty

    White Pumpkin Extrait

    I received a goblin squirt from some nice forumite. This makes me sad I missed it from the TP's Etsy page when it was there. It's a nice, light pumpkin, heavy on spices. I can see the comparison to Antique Lace with pumpkins. Hopefully we'll see this again in another few years.
  15. torikitty

    Black Cherry Apricot Gløgg and Sweet Incense

    Celebratory and cozy is so apt for this. It's such a happy holiday scent. Mulled wine in a warm room full of party people. This is closer what I was expecting Gluhwein to smell like. The spices are what standout the most to me. I must amp those over the booze. I agree about the short wear time. I think I got about 4 hours from this. It's still a very happy 4 hours, so I think it's worth hanging onto this decants for the holidays. I would love a candle that smelled like this.