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  1. torikitty

    I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain

    In the bottle: strawberry sponge cake. I've had this on my ISO for a while, and neglected to look up notes. But, still, at this point, totally seems wearable. When I originally smelled someone else's bottle, it smelled more of apple. Wet: Oh no, someone dropped their carnations into my strawberry cake. It also reminds me a bit of Blossom Jam Tea Cakes from Solstice Scents. Now I know what that floral note is. Drydown: sweet, floral cake with maybe a hint of a spiciness from the grapefuit, mixed with pepperiness from the carnation. Overall, the carnation ended up being too much for me since i amp it.
  2. torikitty

    Brainstem Lollipop

    If I think really hard about this being a caramel apple, then it works. But it is pale in comparison to some other caramel apple blends I have. It's really pretty, maybe a hint of apple blossom, and something sweet. It's a nice fall, gourmand smell, though.
  3. torikitty

    Bat of Virtue

    Got this from their Etsy page. To me, it smells like sweet-grandma's house (she had violets). Like, sitting in her dining room, next to the China cabinet, and putting away laundry. There's an "oldness" to it, not exactly like dust, but it evokes the feeling, similar to Antique Lace. I'm going to guess the frankincense. And the berries have melded together to be a generic, sweet, smell. The greeness of the violet starts coming out, probably after my skin has sucked up most of the berries. This has low throw.
  4. torikitty

    Candy Corn-Colored Pumpkin Floss

    This starts out smelling very similar to Yellow Pumpkin Floss. It's bright and sweet, but surprisingly not overwhelmingly so. It's got the same thing going on as Yellow Pumpkin Floss, which is why it's such a win for me. As it dries down, a bit of vanilla candy comes out.
  5. torikitty

    Badgered by Dragons

    Mostly chocolate. I got it since others mentioned French Tobacco, but chocolate remained the overwhelming note here. It's really nice, but I already have a few chocolate scents i love.
  6. torikitty

    Our Lady of Pain

    Everybody's been talking about this, so I decided to jump on the bottle on Etsy. Opium tar and black orchid are the only things I'm unsure about. This is dark and herbaceous. No notes in particular really standing out to me. I can see this smelling amazing on the right person. Very mysterious and gothy. ETA: Later in the evening, I think the black orchid finally did nice things with my chemistry. It smelled like the nice part of an expensive perfume. A slightly powdery floral that was very pleasing.
  7. torikitty


    I've admired this for a while, but I don't wear it often since it leans masculine because I amp the leather. Interestingly enough, far away my wrist smelly leathery, yet sweet and fruity. It's kinda like the patch and rum waft more easily than the leather. It's really enjoyable, even though it's leather-heavy on me.
  8. torikitty

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v1

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v4 - Snake Oil series - CCLIX (hard to tell, it's smudged) It's Snake Oil, but maybe a tiny bit cleaner. Or there's a woodiness that is cutting through the sweetness to tamper it? Very, very nice!
  9. torikitty


    Wet and in the imp: it smelled really green and floral to me, which is why I avoided it. Drydown: i began to smell the syrupy quality someone mentioned, but then it kept morphing. It's like it cycled through all the different scents, some overlapping with others. Nothing really standing out over the others. The vetiver is making this smell a bit darker and dirtier than I would have liked. Everything smells great together, but there's one note that makes a hard right-turn for me, and I'm pretty sure it's the vetiver. Could be the pine, but i doubt it. Dry: The vetiver eventually calms down, but I'm impatient. It does end up smelling sweet and headshop-y. And yeah, Dr. Pepper actually feels kinda close, except without the bubbles. It still doesn't do much for me, though.
  10. torikitty

    Revenant Rhythm Hair Gloss

    I feel like this differs slightly from the perfume. I feel like there's a bit of cedar or something, since I get the slightest hint of pencil shavings. Overall, it's got a strong throw, and it's a lovely patchouli sweetened by vanilla. What a winner!
  11. torikitty

    Revenant Rhythm

    This is so good! It's the got sweet patchouli that I was wanting, similar to Lush's Lord of Misrule. It's strong, and hangs around all day. LOVE!
  12. torikitty


    Sweet, honeyed peach. The rose is in the background, and feels very minimal during drydown. It seems like the oud gives this a bit of woodiness. There's a slight powerderiness with my chemistry, which I'm sure is the amber. For someone who is wanting something super fruit-forward, I'd suggest testing it first. It is evocative of peach, but with all the other notes, I can see this disappointing some people. Overall, I'm sure the majority of people will love it, though. I did try it layered over Daddy, but I don't have phenomenal feedback to report.
  13. torikitty

    Peach I

    I was hoping for something similar to Peach V, but this is not it. However, it's a lovely peach that lasts all day. With the musk, it's more adult than a super sweet peach that would feel adolescent. And luckily, the honey doesn't amp or overpower anything.
  14. torikitty

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    I don't really get beeswax, dust, or smoke. It actually reminds me a lot of the creaminess from Atsui-mono. I guess the honeyed vanilla is a powerful note that I bring out in both.
  15. torikitty

    Spirit Fingers

    Sweet clove candy. It goes away from overpowering candy, to a musky, pepper with clove. I'm pretty sure that's what pepper ends up doing on me. I can see warm, woody spices being a good descriptor for this.