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  1. Madame Mew

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    I agree with the aforementioned: snake oil apple pie! I am getting buttery dough, spice, sugar, apples all up in the most recent snek oil. My oil has a lot of particles floating around that I will just imagine is apple pie sediment 🤣
  2. Madame Mew

    Unarmed and Laughing

    This is beautiful! I was shocked that I liked this. In the imp, fizzy grape juice and some sweetened amber. On the skin, it’s a bright and dry champagne that’s adding no sweetness to the sugared amber. Unique and femme, it’s giving a classic amber perfume from yesteryear. Upgrading this one to a full size. 🖤
  3. Madame Mew

    Precious Beauty

    As laughing seagull states above… almond cake. There is a lot of honey and paired with the almond and sugar, it’s very sweet. On the skin after about 30 minutes, there is a smidge of oats but I had to really seek it out.
  4. Madame Mew

    Every Sweet Thing

    Very sweet and foodie in the vial. Wet on the skin, baklava. I don't get any rose. If you like foodie scents, this will be a winner for you. Also, those who love the honey dust note may like this as well. As it warms on the skin, I'm getting a smidge of floral and nuts, definitely caramelized sugar. Too sweet for me, but foodies, take note.
  5. Madame Mew

    Boticelli’s Unicorn

    Georgeoussssss! Soft, creamy, almost dusty vintage white leather gloves with rose. The amber and white musk are blending everything together and making me feel like I should be wearing a long strand of pearls.
  6. Madame Mew

    The Air and the Ether

    Testing the 2021 version! I agree wholeheartedly with starbrow, very much a perfect sleep scent. The version I have is pretty fresh, tested after resting a few days from the mail. In the bottle, a burst of herbal lavender. Woo! On the skin, it becomes a bit sweeter, vanilla far in the background. As it warms on the skin, the vanilla and amber swirl together with the lavender and they all become one. Omg. Some core memory is being triggered for me here. I feel like this is a tranquilizer, in the best way.
  7. Madame Mew

    Soft May the Worms About Her Creep

    This is a gorgeous summer perfume! The star jasmine is the main player upon first sniff but is beautifully blended into a creamy floral. The dry coconut husk and cream are just pillowy soft and smooth together, and the oudh comes out on the skin, steering this into a truly cohesive perfume. For those of you that have aversion to heady jasmine, fear not! Star jasmine is in its own genus and species, and does not stray into indole territory. Very happy with my blind bottle purchase!
  8. Madame Mew


    In the bottle, I get clove and oudh. On the skin, it becomes a sweet clove and musky amber. I tend to amp clove on th skin, so I don’t get a cologne feel here as I think the clove is dominating the rest. It’s really gorgeous and I think it leans masculine but is easily gender neutral, bouncing between a muted brown-based grey feel in my minds eye.
  9. Madame Mew

    Le Pater

    I received this in the mail yesterday and used as much self control as I have (which is very little) with intent to rest and tested a dab this morning. As of now, it’s reading as a single note oakmoss. Fine with me, as it’s one of my favorite notes. I’m getting a tiny smidge of leather 30 mins in as it dries down. These listed notes will all have to battle it out over the next 6 months or so in a dark box. I feel this has promise but needs time to meld. The bottle artwork by Mucha is beautiful, and I’m very pleased with my new Century Guild package!
  10. Tobacco, myrrh, then pink pepper show up on my skin. Then the tart sweetness and a lil buzz of ginger. Overall, I’m liking this and it’s not like anything I’ve tried. This is a chewy tobacco blend I can see myself wearing a lot.
  11. Madame Mew

    You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls

    I’m going there and am saying this is the patch from RR. Is it RR? No. But, it’s a less sweet, more commercial leaning (not that it is) patchouli blend. The amber and musk make this a different thing altogether. Still, fans of RR Ask the Nearest Hippie, and non gourmand patchouli lovers will love this. I LOVE THIS. Beautifully blended, beautiful cause. 🖤
  12. Madame Mew

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    This is lovely! Totally agree with the above reviews on the lemon. One of my favorites of the trios I’ve tried in recent years. If you loved or missed out on Hay Moon 2020, jump on this!
  13. Madame Mew

    Sugar Cookie Peacock Queen

    Im very sad about this one. It’s burnt brown sugar over a perfect red rose. It’s like sugar skull came in and ruined this. I was thinking this cookie would be more of a snickerdoodle or plain white sugar cookie. If you like the caramelized sugar vibe, or sugar skull with rose instead of fruits, this may work for you. My skin takes this to burnt caramel, not a flourmand.
  14. Madame Mew

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    I was today years old when I learned: “The term "Bourbon vanilla" refers to the vanilla beans' provenance as being from the Bourbon Islands, most commonly Madagascar but also Mauritius and Réunion. The name comes from the period when the island of Réunion was ruled by the Bourbon kings of France and has no relation to Bourbon whiskey.” I was a bit stumped because I don’t have a lot of vanilla forward scents, and this was so sweet and not a trace of bourbon to my nose and now I realize after a smidge of googling that the scents I’ve avoided because of this type of vanilla were not ones to shy away from at all. Anyway … I very much like this. It does start out almost sickeningly sweet, but give it half an hour and you’ll be in sweet patchouli land. I totally agree with @Amazonia ‘s review above.
  15. Madame Mew

    Traditional Sheet Ghost

    Hooray! It’s not the dreaded laundry soap of last year’s cozy sweater. I was hoping this would have a similar one to Boo, but it is definitely its own thing. Low throw, sweet but not foodie and I keep going back to my wrist to sniff. It’s clean and comforting.