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  1. Madame Mew

    Hallway of a Train Station

    In the imp, this is lovely plum and a promise of something special, but sadly on the skin I had a very similar experience as laughing seagull…. Olfactory horror it is. I’m sad that it started off so promising but turned into a disaster, but you can’t win them all, right?
  2. Madame Mew

    Lavender Earl Grey Cookies

    I don’t have more to add than what has already been said, but I will say this is delicious and my favorite of the lavender kitchen release.
  3. Madame Mew

    Blackberry Apple Sufganiyot

    Delicious! Not much apple, which is a plus for me. Also, not as fried dough as some other iterations which is fine with me too. I would get a full bottle if it wasn’t gone on my skin in 40 mins. I thinnnnk it’s a me problem. I’ve tested a few times, but won’t give up yet!
  4. Madame Mew


    Big love for this. I love Cat at the Table, and this definitely started out very similar but the drydown is definitely leaning a bit more “clean” and wintry than the former. It’s very peaceful and again as stated above, less bright and gender neutral, even though I didn’t think of CatT as fem. Definitely bottle worthy. Quite zen.
  5. Madame Mew

    Halfway to Halloween

    There may be something wrong with my sniffer. All I smell are Gushers, as in the 90’s gummies. Not mad about it, but even with weeks of rest for this blind bottle, that’s what I’m getting!
  6. Madame Mew

    Morello Cherry, Ginger Root, and Black Musk

    I love this! It does start out with a cough syrup note as a top note, be warned. Once it’s dried down though, it’s a gorgeous sweet black musk balanced by the ginger which by the way, I don’t really detect. Almost like a brighter and cleaner Moon When the Cherries …! It’s not got the same base, of course, but it’s kind of scratching that itch.
  7. Madame Mew

    A Girl Knitting

    In the decant- fruity! Not sure what kind but that fruity zebra gum that you’ve chewed the life out of comes to mind. I am sad to report I’m getting that fresh laundry vibe that tickles my nose, once applied. Sadly not a winner for my skin chemistry but it’s got promise to be pretty on others.
  8. Madame Mew

    Sleeping Cat

    This smells like an echo of Christmas. Very cozy and calm.
  9. Madame Mew

    By Day She Made Herself into a Cat

    Definitely a whole vibe! I thought it smelled like SoD too, but I like this better. Hits the same chord though. All of the sentiments above I can confidently echo and all I can add is that at first sniff in the bottle I thought I detected a bit of red musk. As soon as I put it on, I realized it was not. I like this a whole lot, and half of a bottle may not suffice.
  10. Madame Mew

    Death Moon

    This is not a blend I would typically go for, but I decided to branch out. I predominantly get lemony frankincense but every huff takes a different turn. The rose absolute comes out as soon as it warms on the skin. Very meditative at first, then it’s takes a turn into a feminine leaning church incense with a barely cheerful disposition . Reminds me of Lorraine Cross… it’s her little sis.
  11. Madame Mew

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    In the decant, sickeningly sweet. It’s slightly better on the skin, but I had to muster up some courage to apply it, it’s that sweet. It has some kind of underlying warm sweet cloying grounding note and I agree with the condensed milk comparison, above. Once it’s on the skin for 15-20 minutes, it’s tolerable fluffy fake cherry but the journey there makes me nauseous. It’s not one I’ll be upgrading.
  12. Madame Mew

    And at Christemasse I Drynke Redde Wyne

    It took me a bit to figure out what this one reminds me of… The Elephant is Slow to Mate. This may be a little bit sweeter. I’ll have to do a side by side and report back.
  13. Madame Mew

    Gloom Meeting

    I love this but did not expect to. It’s a perfect blend of oakmoss and vetiver. Reminds me of a classic chypre type fragrance without anything sweet or floral to take it to a basic perfume. In my mind, it’s like a blank slate to complement most of my other scents.
  14. Madame Mew

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt

    Hot. Damn. I didn’t have this on my radar at all, and picked it up solely because the fig leaf and honey. Red musk works on me, three winning notes was enough to pique my curiosity to blind bottle this secondhand. I am so pumped on this. It’s sexy, dirty, I definitely see the parallel to SC and this orchid and incense musk is to die for. This is not a scent for the faint of heart, as it has some very strong players vying for the top note but it sure is a beautiful blend.
  15. Madame Mew

    To Lallie

    Wow. This is amazing and better than I had imagined it would be. All of these notes are a total yes for me and I didn’t think twice about a blind bottle. I sniffed straight from the mail and just had to apply immediately. It’s a perfectly sweet honeyed rose with a lightly resinous base. Instant love for this one and I will not be able to restrain myself from purchasing another bottle or two.