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  1. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    I hope you all are having a lovely weekend! WOSOTD: Snow at Dusk. I love the snow note in this. Pretty sure it's the same snow from Snow White. This is like goth AF snow white. Notes: Swirled grey and purple in the gloaming: snowdrifts shadowed with opium tar, wild plum, Siamese benzoin, champaca resinoid, muguet, and carnation. Today's workout was another hour long class, focusing on lower body. So. Many. Lunges. It was a really fun class that I have actually done 3x now, just because I know it really hits the spot for leg/glute day.
  2. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi all! @Lucchesa I actually am not at all sure about those coming down! HRv45 is my first TAL, got it off of the Etsy TAL page and it's still up! Adrien's day one did have a somewhat extended downward dog moment, but it was very mellow. Slow burn, she called it. @Amazonia you're kicking ass! Goblin is the freaking best. New love of mine for sure, agree with the sentiment re: patch in SO... same one for me as RR/BB and Grave-Pig? I just love PATCHOULI. I never thought I would , thank the sweet lab. WOSOTD: nothing. For shame. I totally forgot! Yoga sculpt with some intense HIIT thrown in, super fun! Then tore apart and cleaned both bathrooms and I don't think it was even this clean when we moved in 2 years back. I am unsure how many hours I was cleaning, but it was a while. I'm chuffed with myself, if you can't tell. LOL. Cleaned my makeup brushes, catered to my many indoor plants and took the dogs on a walk I am whooped. Took a bath, put on Dead Leaves, Pistachio and Marshmallow Cream, which I cannot get enough of. ❤️
  3. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa sorry to hear your shoulder is still pissed! Just ordered a bottle of GV and my long sought after Lithograph of a Mountain Goat from a forumite yesterday. I’m looking forward to trying GV, especially. Good job with the steps! WOSOTD: TAL Honey Rose v45. I love this one! It lasted for so long. It’s comforting, slightly sweet, perfect rose. I did some yoga with Adrien on YouTube. I needed to take a step back and really stretch and do some good old fashion yoga. The slow burn is real. It was day one of her 30 day thing. A few days late but I’m here for it.
  4. Madame Mew

    Single Note: Fog Machine Juice

    I got a bottle of this for my friend who was swept up into the BPAL world recently, and I gifted it to him. Lover of spooky things, cologne forward scents, and of course, fog machines! Orris, is that you? Lilacs? I like it! Very clean and dirty at the same time. That's a strange thing to say. Anyway, clean, floral, dusty and very nice for a scent that I had no expectations for in the least. I agree with the above reviewer, would be a great one to layer with!
  5. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi Witchy friends! I have been absent AF! Been working out, been wearing all the new Weenies and older Yules, but just had to unplug from the computer upstairs. It's too "work vibes" and I wanted to cherish my not having to commute up my stairs. I am not good at texting on my phone, so I just have been a lazy person about this portion. Much love, happy holidays and happy fricken' new year to you all! ❤️ Most of my workouts have been yoga or snow hikes somewhere around Mt. Hood with my husband. It's been nice, but I feel like I need something to switch it up here soon. Maybe I'll try some barre classes or something. Been living in Endless Corridors (cannot wait to try V'al Hanissim) and blending Flickering Lights with allll the things. Got that idea from Natalie Green on FB who I love and her recommendations for layering are usually fun and nothing I would think of. Also, Yule-wise, wearing Frostbitten Snake Oil, Dorian, and blending all those with Flickering lights. Fun stuff! @Amazonia you are a badass, and you have the biggest heart. Sending you and your fam all the love. PS. put Kabe in my mask yesterday, and did a PO run and forgot and it was just glorious. Hope all you other witches are doing well, and @Lucchesa that your shoulder is feeling better!
  6. Madame Mew

    Midnight Bonfire

    I knew I was taking a risk on this, because dead leaves or smoldering maple leaves ran the risk of being similar. The only time DL works on me is with a sweet note to offset it. I generally like some smoke, but the acrid maple leaves portion and the smoke with all of the other "blackened" notes are just too much for me. I don't think I smell much jasmine in this, but if you love the dead leaves series, you'll probably love this. I was actually thinking that I may have accidentally gotten dead leaves on fire, because that's what it smells like.
  7. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa stillll rainin'! The cinnamon rolls were a success! I made a few yesterday as a trial run, and refrigerated the bulk of the rolls to do a second and longer proof prior to baking. They rose even more so I think extra successful? LOL. Very excited to pass these out to friend's porches. Best way to ding dong ditch! @Kelthara I had fomo and also ordered V'al Hanissim in a blind bottle frenzy late night lab purchase for the Yule release... Thanks to you and Lucchesa's enthusiasm! WOSOTD: Cotton Phoenix with the Brown Sugar, Fig and Oakbark trio. YUM! I did 30 minutes of yoga sculpt and today's workout was much better than the last few.
  8. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hello and happy almost Yule to all of my Witchy Workout fam! WOSOTD: Dragon’s Milk HG and Blood Pearl. I ended up going on a walk/hike with my husband and pups at Mt. Tabor. It was raining the whole 3 ish miles, right until we reached the car. We are awaiting our new dog coats so I made an impromptu set of doggy rain panchos out of plastic produce bags that I KNEW I kept for something! Lol. Today was a very full day. Along with stalking the Yule update and cleaning, I am making cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time. Waiting for dough to rise is a bitch. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
  9. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Seajewel Hi again! Glad to see you're back in action! Hello to everyone else! It's been a week since I've checked in, and that sure flew by. I know I wore Poinsettia Gown, Cotton Phoenix, Bow and Crown of Conquest, and Black Baccara's Silent night over the last few days. Yesterday, I went on a snowy hike to Trillium Lake (Mt. Hood area) and have done a 60 minute yoga sculpt every other day. Today was a 30 minute class. The food I ate yesterday and the gloomy weather definitely slowed me down today!
  10. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    WOSOTD: You Are not Alone. Beautiful scent I planned to wear while lounging or winding down for bed. I suppose I got overwhelmed this morning and couldn’t decide so I grabbed the first imp I saw on my desk. This is not a scent to work it in but I wasn’t sure that I’d make it to a workout so whatever. Ended up doing an hour of yoga sculpt during my lunch break, so I feel good about carving out that time for myself!
  11. Madame Mew

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    I will second bot of cinnabar's recommendations! Hanerot Halalu is lovely and not overly sweet. The olive oil balances out the smoke nicely. This Wan White Humming Hive is also not at all sweet. Endless Corridors from this year's weenies is wonderful, and exactly what I wanted from Light of Men's Lives but it's a bit smokier with the vetiver. Both are lovely. I cannot wait for that new Menage... it's in my cart now!
  12. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa when this is over, I am so in for a long walk and chat about BPAL with you!!! Seattle is on my list to visit again. I have been once, and I loved Capitol Hill. Such great shops and eats. @Amazonia the rain has set in... but luckily we have very little snow throughout the year. Stay warm! ❤️ And yeahhhh that VBPB is so damn strong! I love it. Maybe your fat AF cats should get on that treadmill with ya! LOL! I finally worked out again today. Yesterday (Saturday) I was a worthless bum, Friday I spent countless hours cleaning my house because it was sunny and I could see SO much gross shit and dust. BLECHH. I would say I had a workout that day. Anywho, WOSOTD - Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru. Longest name ever. I love this one! Copal is only in two scents I have, and I love them both so I must love copal. Dry, sweet and fizzy? It reminds me of cola or something. Definitely a good one to work out with. Stayed on and amped nicely for my 60 minute yoga sculpt class. The instructor was Leslie again, and she is such a badass. Does all the moved with you the whole time and she is so engaging. It seemed to fly by. Hope you all are having a nice weekend!
  13. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Great job out there! It's a nice week here, rain on and off but was able to take the dogs on a walk after my 60 mins of yoga flow. It was nice to take it back a notch and focus on stretching and holding poses. WOSOTD: Waiting. OMFG this! So, the Liliths were awesome, but somehow I have turned into a foodie and love Waiting. I got this for my friend, tried it on a few hours before lunch and it is so damn delicious. I am buying a full size and no one can stop me! Not even myself. LOL.
  14. Madame Mew


    HOW!? I am so amazed at how delicious this smells. I bought this decant for my foodie best friend, but I decided to try it because, what the hell!? None of these notes are something that I would go for, besides maybe pumpkin as long as there were no spice notes listed. This will officially be my first foray into a gourmand full size BPAL. This is making me so happy. The staying power and throw have gone strong for hours!
  15. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Good afternoon, witchy workout friends! Hope you all had a good holiday with those in your bubble! ❤️ @Lucchesa Love Fake News, the scent only. LOL. You have a good point, and you're not boring. Even though that was not exactly directed to me, you are wise and I am taking heed. GOOD JOB on the steps and pong! @Amazonia I'm sure your cooking was amazing! @VetchVesper great job getting in a workout on Thanksgiving! Hope it was a lovely day! Cannot believe it, I haven't worked out since Monday... almost a whole week! I was busy with work, actually the most busy I have ever been. My whole team was off for the holiday using up the PTO that isn't rolling over, and I was holding down the fort. Lo and behold, we got more order volume than we ever have in my 3 years of this job. I busted out 12 hour days for 3 days, and never took my PTO for Wednesday that was scheduled, because I just could not. I get to take another day off, plus was given a free day of PTO off by my boss for stepping up and handling alllll the shit. Otherwise, I was busy stuffing my face and lazing about on the couch binging on Netflix. I have to say, I am pretty sure it was much needed. WOSOTD: Love's Philosophy '16. I love this one. I put it on at 9 ish, started the 60 min workout at 10 and it was going strong the whole time. It's so pretty. It's much sweeter than my general daily wears, but since the pandemic started I think my scent preferences have generally widened. So much beautiful, creamy vanilla. YUMMM. Happy to get back into my routine! ETA: went for a walk with my husband and dogs on the waterfront. It’s a sunny, crisp day. We did about 2.5 miles over a few of the Portland bridges. I love where I live!