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  1. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Seajewel welcome back and great job! I am awaiting my imp of Demon basketball so I'll look out for the bread note! I like Brimstone, but I'll post a review once I get my hands on it! WOSOTD: Walking My Daughter to class. So lovely! It was such an uplifting scent. It even stayed through my shower! Damn, it's a good one. Feminine Dorian is what I am calling this. Today I did 30 mins of vinyasa. Yesterday I didn't do any focused workout but cleaned my house, moved furniture and got a new coffee table (solid wood) so I did drum up a sweat yesterday doing all of that.
  2. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Happy Friday, Witchy friends! What a week! Great job to all. The seasons changing is throwing a wrench in my gears but Today was a good yoga day. I didn't work out yesterday, but did 30 mins on Wednesday and cannot for the life of me remember what I wore. Oh Well. Today- Did an hour and I was going to do nothing so, yay! WOSOTD was a Witch House by Black Baccara and it's so glorious! Can't get enough of it right now. My review on this was : juicy berries and aged wine spilled on a wooden apothecary floor. Just beautiful. Notes are: dark and earthy with a touch of fruit. Highlights include black patchouli, plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage. Fully deserve my date night with myself- incense, crappy tv, leftover pizza and a Snake Oil soak. I'm retesting Woman at the Edge of the Woods tonight. It starts out so green and intense and goes from shadowy to almost berry and then back to a brambly something you can't pin down. It's so good! I really cannot describe it. Probably getting a bottle, but I need to give it one more go.
  3. Madame Mew

    Black Fig, Oak Bark, & Brown Sugar

    I'm crazy for fig and I'm getting a full size. It's mostly fig, then the brown sugar to amp it up while it's backed by a smidge of oak. Not a woodsy scent, more fruity.
  4. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hello! It feels good to be back after spotty check ins on my part. You all are inspiring! Monday I can’t remember what I wore but did 30 minutes of yoga sculpt with body weight only. I felt stronger after taking a few days off which was nice. Yesterday I lazed about and drank wine instead. Today I did an hour of high intensity interval/ yoga and it was an ass kicker! Lots of isometric holds and I loved it. I also did some gardening and moved my office from my living room to another room upstairs now that the weather has cooled. I feel good about the fact that I basically did physical tasks for about three hours today. I wore Haunted Housewife from the new release on one wrist and Blood Kiss on the other wrist. I was so into my workout I honestly don’t remember smelling anything at the time. Strange, that!
  5. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hello my Witchy friends! I SO love all of these titles! I hope all of the rough situations work out for you @VetchVesper and @Amazonia 🖤 Good news over here... the husband and I foraged about 6 lbs. of mushrooms. On top of the chanterelles and few lobster mushrooms, we found 3 giant porcinis! We made some steak with mushroom sauce and it was glorious. I found some chanterelles as large as my hand. It was about 4 hours of hiking, so I felt a great sense of achievement on Friday. I don't think I had any perfume on!? I haven't worked out since Friday, so I'll be doing at least 30 mins of yoga today and will report back tomorrow with today and tomorrow's updates!
  6. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    I freaking love Death Adder, so does the husband soooo you're onto something @Amazonia I would love to dole out a black eye to a creeper. I love that your husband likes your new friends! My husband calls ya'll (BPALers) my witchy friends. So cute IMO. 😹 Also, boxing sounds super fun. I will have to look into a bag for the garage. The garage now has a pullup bar, mat for jump rope, a weight bench and select tech weights, courtesy of the other half. I bet he'd be into it! @Lucchesa I've never had a fitbit, but do you recommend them (even with yours being on the fritz)? @Kelthara Don't stress yourself out... we know how life goes and support you!!! ❤️ Good job being a non-potato! Today was a potato day for me. It seems that my rest day is trending on Thursday, not by choice but by my body's choice. The hamstring needs love and I just had no motivation and a super busy day at work. Tomorrow, we head to the OR coast for some mushroom foraging. Looking for chanterelles and lobster mushrooms. This will involve much hiking, but at a slow pace. Hoping for a good haul! Non WOSOTD was a layer of Banshee Beat with Strawberries, Red Musk and Bourbon Vanilla which was inspired by one of my faves on the FB BPAL pages. It was lovely. How could it not be, though? In other exciting news, I have just received my Lilith shipping notification from the lab which will arrive on Tuesday. Huzzah!
  7. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Amazonia be sure to check behind you for creepy doctor.... LOL Seriously though, glad the husband is ok. Good job getting outside in that heat! I would wilt. WOSOTD: Fake News. I have never hated another human being in my life as much as the orange clown. I am actually having trouble grabbing it because I get so angry BUT I am using that as workout fuel. Beautiful blend, starring patchouli! I really love patchouli, especially while working out. I've noticed the trend already. I used to wear Revenant Rhythm for yoga and I miss it, but now I can add this to the mix and preserve the precious that is RR. 30 minutes of yoga - C2 (intermediate vinyasa flow in CorePower Yoga code) and I was kinda struggling with the damn hamstring again. I think I'll do some jump rope after work today. Maybe tomorrow I will do something with Pumpkin!?
  8. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    hey hey! I’m sore. WOSOTD: Limitations. So somber and beautiful! Today was almost an hour of intermediate yoga. my favorite part was practicing for a forearm stand. I didn’t get there but I loved the journey. Can’t wait to hear from y’all!
  9. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Kelthara Happy to share! ❤️ I found the post in the BPAL Parlour on FB: 1. Pull three cards 2. The center card describes the main theme/notes/elements to your scent 3. The cards on either side of the center give additional details, nuances and descriptors to the scent the cards are guiding you to Today I opted to wear The Coiled Serpent: A potent yogic oil that stimulates the kundalini, provokes spiritual awakening, and releases the energy seated in your root chakra. It's not my style in general, but the mention of yogic oil drew me to it. Today I did... you guessed it... yoga! 30 minutes with a core focus. I was a bit disappointed with today's video. It was not the most cohesive flow, because the transitions were just awkward and I think they forgot a whole flow on the left side. I think I am just cranky today. My brain just kept going back to a call I had just gotten off of and I could not shake it! The tone of the person and the news they delivered did not match, and I was just replaying what I should have said and didn't. Shake it off!!! I look forward to hearing what all of my BPAL peeps wore/did today! 😁
  10. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Kelthara <3! The tarot card scent thing was to just shuffle and pull three. The first card I n the middle and then one to the right , one to the left that add to the first card. Subtleties I guess! I’ll circle back with the post I found when I find it! @Amazonia You’re not alone! I too have a somewhat attention hogging husband. What time am I off, how long is my workout, what time am I done? lol! I just keep standing my ground and point out that he gets his time to workout when I am actually working. He seems to need many reminders... WOSOTD: Death Cap. I was inspired by destroying angel a few days back. I did 30 minutes of yoga and walked my dogs, I think about three miles. I can’t say I noticed it at all while I worked out, but that’s fine with me. One thing I realized just now is that I’ve always layered it and never really wear it solo. After a shower, I wore Boo and went on my walk. I’ve probably worn four scents today.
  11. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    I am ashamed, I have not been on my reports! Wednesday, I did jump rope and squats as active recovery, but I ended up hurting myself. I was wearing some crappy old sneakers that I put on to jump rope (my husband says you're supposed to wear shoes) and when I was doing squats, I tweaked my knee. It started to hurt more and more as the evening went on and got kinda swollen. Thursday morning, my knee was still pissed. I have been nursing a hamstring pull on my other leg, so I took the advice of my bestie and took a rest day. I wore the Menage A Trois - Dried Strawberries, Red Musk and Bourbon Vanilla. So stunning. It's one of my absolute favorites. Got one for my mom and I immediately ordered a backup as soon as I smelled it! Friday, I pulled tarot cards to choose my scent, on the advice of someone in the BPAL Parlour on FB. LOVED the idea. I ended up wearing Eostre of the Dawn. It was a really beautiful day yesterday, perfect for a "sunny" scent. This one always makes me feel feminine and sexy. My workout was a Yoga Sculpt - 1 hour with weights. The husband got select tech weights from Bowflex, and he came it to me using them (set at the minimum option of 5 lbs) while doing some donkey kick thing where you are in table top position and put a weight behind your leg and make a motion like you're stamping the ceiling. Great glute exercise! He was like "oooohhh nice" lol. I was feeling myself. My husband and I ate clam pizza and had some chenin blanc at the pizza places' patio. Extra fun evening, but I ended up drinking a little too much later... Saturday morning (today) I awoke with a hangover. It was a doozy. I did a yoga body weight sculpt class which was an hour. I figured sweating it out was my only option. Glad I did it, because I was pretty much right as rain by noon. Usually, I would be in bed until 5 pm with the hangovers I get, so now I KNOW that sweating it out WORKS! I did not put on any BPAL, cause if I don't feel well, I don't want to end up associating the precious with nausea. After I was feeling better, I put on Rapture Pig. I'll be doing another hour tomorrow, since my rest day was on Friday this week. Great job to all of you and welcome to the newcomers!
  12. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Great job, @Lucchesa ... you sly one! @VetchVesper hell yeah, you can do 5 days! Great job. I gotta try Machu Pichu! Re: the debate... YES. I think it counted. I also broke my no weekday drinking for a martini to deal. LOL. Good thing I did an hour yesterday! Re: roses... I'll keep you posted and look up yours! Also, joints wise, I had a physical therapist and building core strength along with doing your very best to not hyper or overextend is mucho important now and forever. ❤️ @Supertrooper Omni woo! Welcome! I've always wanted to try a pilates class. Tomorrow is my 1 hour day, so maybe tomorrow!? Lust is not my jam either. For anyone I left out... keep kicking ass and thanks for keeping me accountable! WOSOTD: Paper Phoenix. One of my faves. I only have one bottle, and last summer I wore it almost daily. It's great in the heat, kinda just a perfect perfume IMO. I need more. I think by the time I finally worked out, it was mostly gone. I put it on about 8 am and didn't work out til 1pm. No matter, it's still a fave. I'll have to retest at the end of this! Today I did about 25 mins of jump rope, to the best of my ability. Added in active recovery squats and high knee marches. WOOWEEEE it's hard to jump as an adult. I was sweatier than a whore in church! LOL. No offense to whores, they cool. Anyway, it's quite the workout and it was really fun to set some music with a good cadence and bounce around. I tried some tricks I did back in grade school and ended up whacking my shins. I then took a bath with some Boo oil and then gave myself a chemical peel. My face stayed flushed for hours after the jump rope. I will be adding this exercise every day. It's fun! ETA: I love hay moon 2020!
  13. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Seajewelwelcome! I have stumbled upon some of your reviews and they’re great! Great job today, all! I don’t have much left in me today (brain-wise) after watching the debate..ugh. I almost forgot to check in! Today I wore Snake’s Kiss for my workout. This one’s in my top 10, and I honestly almost didn’t put anything on because I was supposed to be working. It was a quiet afternoon, so I just went for it while keeping an eye on my computer which has multiple screens. I rushed into it but paused the class and put it on. Glorious as always! Today’s class was an hour of body weight yoga sculpt. Hella hard, lots of planks and my abs are feeling it. ‘‘Twas a good one! Forgot to use my jump rope today, so I’ll add it to tomorrow’s efforts. 🤘
  14. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Welcome @a_bear!!! Great to have more inspiration and accountability. @VetchVesper my Cecilia Brunner climbing rose bush has blackspot, and I only got a few blooms from her after the spring which was so sad! I will just have to wait until spring to work on that bush though. We planted some sage, thyme and oregano. The sage is hearty and in a nice big pot solo, as we use a lot of sage for brines and other things. The oregano and thyme are together, and we'll be able to bring that longer rectangular bed inside if necessary. We already had some rosemary in it's own pot, since it tends to take over. Gardening was fun yesterday, but I remembered the workout was sweeping the front and back yards due to squirrels taking all of our walnuts off of the tree and chewing off the fruit. They made a huge mess! Re: Yoga workout suggestions- I do Corepower Yoga On Demand. I think it's $20 per month, but my friend has the membership and she lets me use her login. Maybe you could split yours with someone? There are several options of types of yoga, but all based on vinyasa (breath to movement). They offer levels 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 so you'll definitely get your ass kicked with anything 2 and higher. There's also body weight sculpt yoga and sculpt which is the one with weights. They may offer some restorative stuff, but I just do some on youtube if I want something gentle. I am also naturally flexible, bordering on overextension which as I age is causing me some issues along with scoliosis. The teachers are great and walk you through the micro adjustments so you can really stay true to being in the muscle instead of the joint. I used to do their live classes, which were in 90 degree heat rooms. I have to say, I like doing it at home without heat so much more. You can also choose your class length! 30 or 60 mins and I love that option. @Amazonia OMG with that COVID crap at your husband's work!!! GRRRRR. Hope he is ok! ❤️ @Lucchesaso relieved for you guys! Glad he is clear of the vid! Today I wore some 10 year old Snake Oil. WOWEEE it was strong. It almost made me sneeze a few times after I built up some heat during my yoga body weight sculpt class. That was 30 mins. This class had a lot of squats and lunges, and it was really good! I was super restless so I took my lunch break a bit early to workout. My husband bought me a speed jump rope which arrives today, so I'll be trying that too! I'm extra grateful for this community, and to now have workout buddies is AWESOME! 😍
  15. Madame Mew

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Yoga sculpt is a blast! You hold free weights and modify the moves a bit. Once you're in chair pose or crescent moon, horse, warrior 2, or any other pose you add some flys or bicep curls for example. Yesterday, the husband and I worked on the yard. We planted a few herbs that we can eventually move inside, and in general just soaked up some sun (not me) and drank wine. I DID break a sweat, so that's good for a rest day. Will be back after my minimum 30 minute lunchtime workout!