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  1. Madame Mew

    Death Moon

    This is not a blend I would typically go for, but I decided to branch out. I predominantly get lemony frankincense but every huff takes a different turn. The rose absolute comes out as soon as it warms on the skin. Very meditative at first, then it’s takes a turn into a feminine leaning church incense with a barely cheerful disposition . Reminds me of Lorraine Cross… it’s her little sis.
  2. Madame Mew

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    In the decant, sickeningly sweet. It’s slightly better on the skin, but I had to muster up some courage to apply it, it’s that sweet. It has some kind of underlying warm sweet cloying grounding note and I agree with the condensed milk comparison, above. Once it’s on the skin for 15-20 minutes, it’s tolerable fluffy fake cherry but the journey there makes me nauseous. It’s not one I’ll be upgrading.
  3. Madame Mew

    And at Christemasse I Drynke Redde Wyne

    It took me a bit to figure out what this one reminds me of… The Elephant is Slow to Mate. This may be a little bit sweeter. I’ll have to do a side by side and report back.
  4. Madame Mew

    Gloom Meeting

    I love this but did not expect to. It’s a perfect blend of oakmoss and vetiver. Reminds me of a classic chypre type fragrance without anything sweet or floral to take it to a basic perfume. In my mind, it’s like a blank slate to complement most of my other scents.
  5. Madame Mew

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt

    Hot. Damn. I didn’t have this on my radar at all, and picked it up solely because the fig leaf and honey. Red musk works on me, three winning notes was enough to pique my curiosity to blind bottle this secondhand. I am so pumped on this. It’s sexy, dirty, I definitely see the parallel to SC and this orchid and incense musk is to die for. This is not a scent for the faint of heart, as it has some very strong players vying for the top note but it sure is a beautiful blend.
  6. Madame Mew

    To Lallie

    Wow. This is amazing and better than I had imagined it would be. All of these notes are a total yes for me and I didn’t think twice about a blind bottle. I sniffed straight from the mail and just had to apply immediately. It’s a perfectly sweet honeyed rose with a lightly resinous base. Instant love for this one and I will not be able to restrain myself from purchasing another bottle or two.
  7. Madame Mew

    Wanton Airs, Bodiless Airs

    This is one of my favorite scents of last year. It’s a hard one to describe, but I can say there’s good throw, nothing about it screams oudh and it’s a gorgeous cognac note. Just a beautiful blend that really sings on my skin. I wish I bought more than one bottle.
  8. Madame Mew

    This is the Day When Old Friends Meet

    I admit I have never had figgy pudding, so I was not sure what to expect. I do love figs, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver and myrrh, so I took a chance on a decant. Sadly, this smells like potpourri with extra cinnamon and I smell nothing else.
  9. Madame Mew

    Moon Blep

    Citrusy white musk with a tart, plummy twist. Festive and fun! I’m happy with my decant but won’t be upgrading to a bottle. Glad I found a citrus blend that works on my skin.
  10. Madame Mew

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    I’d accidentally stashed this out of sight and haven’t worn it since I tested it out of the mail, last year. It’s almost a dead ringer for Stekkjarstaur, as previously mentioned by many reviewers. So much so, I did a death match this evening and I can say it will hit the spot if you can’t get your hands on Stekk. This is a beautiful foodie vanilla, and I’m happy I got a backup. ☺️
  11. Madame Mew

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    I agree with the aforementioned: snake oil apple pie! I am getting buttery dough, spice, sugar, apples all up in the most recent snek oil. My oil has a lot of particles floating around that I will just imagine is apple pie sediment 🤣
  12. Madame Mew

    Unarmed and Laughing

    This is beautiful! I was shocked that I liked this. In the imp, fizzy grape juice and some sweetened amber. On the skin, it’s a bright and dry champagne that’s adding no sweetness to the sugared amber. Unique and femme, it’s giving a classic amber perfume from yesteryear. Upgrading this one to a full size. 🖤
  13. Madame Mew

    Precious Beauty

    As laughing seagull states above… almond cake. There is a lot of honey and paired with the almond and sugar, it’s very sweet. On the skin after about 30 minutes, there is a smidge of oats but I had to really seek it out.
  14. Madame Mew

    Every Sweet Thing

    Very sweet and foodie in the vial. Wet on the skin, baklava. I don't get any rose. If you like foodie scents, this will be a winner for you. Also, those who love the honey dust note may like this as well. As it warms on the skin, I'm getting a smidge of floral and nuts, definitely caramelized sugar. Too sweet for me, but foodies, take note.
  15. Madame Mew

    Boticelli’s Unicorn

    Georgeoussssss! Soft, creamy, almost dusty vintage white leather gloves with rose. The amber and white musk are blending everything together and making me feel like I should be wearing a long strand of pearls.