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  1. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Single Note: Stage Blood

    In the bottle: Those red and orange gummy worms!!! cherry/lemon Wet on skin: Sexy cherry and dragon's blood inscence (I hope it stays just like this) Dry on skin (after about five minutes; it did not stay like the above, unfortunately.) Dragon's blood resin, almost a dusty/powdery smell and a slight cherry behind it. It's really quite evocative of stage blood, reminds me of my theatre dresser days cleaning it off of actors costumes. I'm not crazy about it right now but we'll see how it wears during the day.
  2. lipstickonmyteeth92


    Managed to acquire a BNNU in the original box (1st release) from a seller on the Madness page, which was so thrilling as I'd snagged the HG from someone earlier in the year but it got lost in the mail 😭 So I figured it would be stupid of me not to pass up on the oil. This scent has skyrocketed to the favourite slot in my BPAL collection. In the bottle: Patchouli and slightly boozy Wet on skin: Patchouli and lemon, the lemon disappears immediately and is replaced by the most amazing cotton candy/burnt caramel sugar/booze scent I have ever encountered. I do no have words for how amazing it is; but my partner did! As he comes in from a smoke he remarks "It smells really good in here...like a sex cave!" And I will take that as a win lol Dried down after forty five minutes: Patchouli and burnt caramel booze I can't wait to see how this wears throughout the day, this is the crown jewel in my BPAL collection
  3. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Snake's Kiss

    As always I'm super late to the BPAL party! Snagged the HG of this in this year's Lupers (so glad they brought it back!) and knew that I had to track down a bottle but wanted the 2018 version rather than the 2020. Luckily, I managed to grab one from a destash. In the bottle: Snake Oil and Lemon with a hint of sweetness. Musk. Wet on skin: Snake oil is quite prominent and the sugary vanilla comes right to the front for me and the lemon has disappeared entirely. Dried down (for about twenty minutes): A whisper of scent, snake oil and vanilla cream with a slight beeswax undertone that isn't at all unpleasant even if it's not quite the sugary honeycomb I get with the HG. I adore this scent and can't wait to see how it goes one throughout the day. So glad that I've got a full bottle of this one! (The honeycomb is coming through a little more now)
  4. lipstickonmyteeth92

    In Time of Plague

    In the bottle: I get a super heavy blast of rose over top of the bitterness of clove, it smells dirty but not in a bad way. Wet on skin: Rose is very heavy along with the tobacco, it's very sharp and the clove peeks out but I'm not getting the velvet opoponax. It has a whisper of a sweetness which I hope will soften it a bit more. Dry: ASTOUNDING. So sweet, heady, and intense. The rose softens and the tobacco and opoponax mingle and turn into this velvet dark sweetness. This is amazing. It's dark and just so dreamy. Such a rich scent and I can't wait to see how it ages. I love that with BPAL I can find complex florals that I adore, as I find lots of other brands just focus on the "baby powder" part of florals.
  5. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Blood Kiss

    I bought an imp of this over the summer and was in love! (it's this lovely cherry/clove/red wine on me as it dries throughout the day; super sexy!) I purchased a full bottle when it came up for sale in a destash group because I knew it would be amazing. The scent is however, different from the imp which I thought was rather interesting. In bottle: CLOVES and vetiver (the vanilla and cherry are hiding behind everything; they're there but it's very subtle). I also adore cloves so this overpowering aroma really isn't an issue for me Wet on skin: CLOVES but now the wine/cherry/vanilla and touch of honey are coming through a bit more prominently. It's rather powdery at present but I hope it deepens as it did when I wore it last in September Dry on skin: This is after 30mins: Clove/honey and cherry red wine. Juicy, dark and sexy! Just like I was hoping it would be.
  6. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Lady Lucille Sharpe

    I was so thrilled to get a decant of this because I adore Crimson Peak and Lucille's character; she's such an interesting tragic figure. I was incredibly wary of this scnet though because I normally hate floral scents; they're always too powdery. In bottle: Smokey plum cushioned by red roses. The amber comes through rather prominently making it a very, (as multiple people have stated above) sinister. It's divine in the bottle. Wet: The garnet/lily come through to cut the scent very sharply. I'm not great at identifying ylang ylang but I suspect it's there too contributing to the sharp(e)ness. I find the amber and musk very prominent right now. It's a like a stabbing dark scent (Ah, Lucille!) Dry: This dries down to the most AMAZING rose/plum musk/amber on me. It smells wet and rich, and so dark. I'm in love and hope I can find a backup bottle of this *I have to use this scent VERY sparingly, if I use too much it's incredibly cloying and almost suffocating (which I think is rather appropriate, given how Lucille's presence is so smothering as she is an extension of the House and it's madness/rage) This is such a beautiful and sinister floral scent
  7. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight

    In the bottle: This smells exactly like the witch store I frequented when I was in university. It's rather astounding, because of this, it took me a second to get the individual notes. The incense and patchouli hit hardest and the sandalwood peeks around the edges. Really looking forward to this on! Wet on skin: Black liquorice (which I love) and incense. It's dark and the smokiness is sublime. Not getting the vanilla or tea as much but I'm sure as it dries down they'll come through more. Dry on skin: It's only been dried down for about ten minutes and it is an absolutely stunning combination of rich vanilla and black tea/incense with the faintest hint of black liquorice around the end. I'm so excited to see what this does throughout the day. The scent IS Ligeia. It's romantic, ghostly, and dark. It's this lingering presence mixed with intense longing. I'm in love and so thrilled that I have a full bottle of this (some of the notes are similar to Black Silk)
  8. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Kisses for Us All

    In bottle: Very syrupy with the honey and red rose with a bitterness underneath that I assume is the clove. It smells like something I remember but I can't pull that memory forward. It's rather intense in this form and wet. Hopefully it fades a bit as it dries down. Wet: Rose and honey are coming through more intensely, it's like sticking your face in a rose in full bloom after it rains, it's a very wet floral. Dry: The rose has dried down nicely and takes a bit of a backstage to the clove and the vanilla sandalwood and honey really come through. It's still floral but not overpoweringly so. I really love it now that it's a bit more delicate but still complex. It's pretty phenomenal how accurately it reflects my depictions of Dracula's Brides.
  9. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    A gory ejaculation IS CORRECT. I want to bathe in this scent; the cherries and simple syrup are a fantastic compliment to the snake oil. They, incidentally hit you right out of the bottle and the snake oil IS there but it's very subtly hiding. As it dries, the snake oil, musk, and vanilla get much more prevalent but the cherry is super present. I adore it. It's very cherry heavy, which is great because I'm a sucker for cherries.
  10. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Pomegranate Smoke Hair Gloss

    This one is amazing! The pomegranate and patchouli really come through for me and the black oud hangs back a bit. The cypress is a really lovely, I'm not sure hot to describe it? A shinning note? Regardless, it brings a lovely earthiness to this blend. The description is very accurate for "in between times"
  11. lipstickonmyteeth92

    The Shadowed Veil

    Bottle: The pumpkin and bourbon really comes through first and foremost for me, it's soo foodie, I wanted to eat it. Wet: The scent is much more subtle. Clove and leather are prominent and pumpkin and pomegranate peek around the edges. Sweet and smoky. Dry: Subtle, very earthy and smoky. The sweetness of the pomegranate is just hiding behind everything. Overall it's very sultry and witchy. Reminds me greatly of Caleb's seduction in the VVitch.