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  1. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Tiresias, the Androgyne

    I amp black currant/blackberry like crazy so I had to let this one sit for a bit as it was all black currant cough syrup the first few weeks (barf.) In bottle: Black currant with spices Wet on skin: Black currant and a dark burnt sugar note (the caramel kind of comes through at this stage but it's really drowning in the currant) Dry on skin: Thankfully, the above stage doesn't last very long and it transforms into a beautiful burnt caramel/patchouli woods/cinnamon scent
  2. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Lady Una

    Oh this is as beautiful as I'd hoped it would be! A very fae scent. In Bottle: Tea/honey/vanilla with a touch of blackberry Wet on skin: Bursting blackberries with a hint of leaves (I tend to amp blackberries/blackcurrant for some reason so I expect this will stay fairly prominent) a touch of the spices and musk beneath that Dry on skin: Honey musk (oh this is an amazing note), vanilla, tea. It's very faint but absolutely lovely! This will be a great summer scent but will be wearing it it year round when I want something lighter.
  3. lipstickonmyteeth92


    Lydia, oohhh Lydia! She's sweet and DARK. "My whole life is one big dark room" dark. But the dark room is the Countesses' bedchamber in "The Lady of the House of Love" heady with incense and glittering with the pearl tears stitched to the black velvet draped on the walls.
  4. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    I bought this from a seller over four months ago and we assumed it was lost! So happy it showed up unexpectedly. In bottle: The musk and patchouli are strongest, it smells very dark. I hope the fruit note comes out a bit later. Wet on skin: Musk and a general fruitiness, I got a slight whiff of pomegranate and the currant (I tend to amp currant for some reason) and suggestion of plum are hanging out in the background. Dry on skin: Musk/patchouli which is rounded out by a vanilla and dark, juicy, red fruit scent (I'm getting a lot of pomegranate which is a note I adore). It's really beautiful and much less intense than I would have expected, I was thinking it would be more like blood kiss but it's not as heady. This one feels more subtle but it still has a ton of presence. I can't wait to see how this one ages!
  5. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Visions of Autumn III

    In bottle: It's so faint! I get a hint of a very dirty patchouli and nothing else. Wet on skin: It's barely there! Still a very dirty, herb patch. Dry (about four hours): It took forever for the patch to calm down but it settled into a dry patch/honey scent that I'm not entirely sure works on me. Maybe I have to let this one sit for a few months....
  6. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Gingerbread Vampire

    In bottle: Gingerbread. Really spicy gingerbread (YUMMM) Wet on skin: Warm gingerbread fresh out of the oven, the chocolate comes through ever so slightly (Loving this stage). After a few minutes the star anise really comes through and takes over, but then it mellows out. Dry (after about twenty minutes): It's mellowed out into a super sexy, dark gingerbread. I'm hoping the chocolate comes through more during the day, I can tell it's there, like a subtle cocoa sweetness. Dry (throughout the day): oH my gods, the chocolate came through. I keep getting a whiff of these amazing dark chocolate covered gingerbread cookies and I keep forgetting that it's me.
  7. lipstickonmyteeth92

    The Witch/Strega

    I adore this one, it smells exactly like the local witch store I used to frequent in university. Definitely one of my new favourite scents. In bottle: Leather, incense, books with a hint of beeswax and rose (I'm IMMEDIATELY transported back to the witch store, it's honestly uncanny. I'm there, in the shop, on the Persian carpeted stairwell with the swirly iron railing, looking at all the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.) Wet on skin: Sweet patchouli, beeswax, and a smokey rose. LEATHER, and someone's lit candles in the background. Dry: It turns into this beautiful patch/leather/books sort of cinnamon rose/sweet beeswax candles scent that is just AMAZING. My only complaint is that it doesn't tend to last more than 6/7ish hours on me, it gets very faint.
  8. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Revenant Rhythm

    Finally got my hands on a small tester of this (and oh dear gods I wish I had more.) In imp: Dirty patchouli mixed with a head shop. Reminds me so much of hanging out in Themptations when I was a teenager! Wet on skin: Sugar and patchouli (I sort of get a silkybat/hemp vibe from it and I'm absolutely loving it) Dry: Super warm, sugary vanilla, sexy patchouli, and smokey hemp just envelops it beautifully. Absolutely amazing.
  9. lipstickonmyteeth92


    In bottle: Blackberries crushed into the sidewalk, covered with dirt and starting to rot. (I think that's the leather) Wet on skin: Black berry/black currant, it sort of smells like a grape popsicle? The leather is very prominently in the background. Dry: Blackberry and leather/cade. I'm not a huge fan of the undertones, it just reminds me of fruit rotting in the summertime. Onto the swap pile with you!
  10. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Black Silk

    I've had this bottle for almost a year, and I'm still not too sure how I feel about it. Admittedly I snapped it up when I realized that Abigail Larson did the artwork and it has a lot of notes I love. In bottle: Sandalwood, what I assume is ambergris and tobacco. I never like it when I take a whiff of it in the bottle as the sandalwood is really overpowering. Wet: Blast of sandalwood and a sort of salty/cologne that honestly, kind of reminds me of the smell of taffeta. Thankfully it changes fairly quickly as the sandalwood fades, the tobacco becomes more prominent, and the vanilla/bourbon just peeks around the edges. I'm still not sure if I like it. Dry: Sandalwood/ambergris. I just want the other notes to come through!!! Edit: Dry after a few hours : Tobacco, vanilla, ambergris, and the patchouli is in the background. I think the reason I struggle with this scent is that it's "perfumey" in a way that most of my oils are not, It's definitely an understated and delicate scent despite the heavy notes. And I *do* like it but I want to be in love with it.
  11. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Eldritch Dark

    Finally got my hands on a full bottle of this and it's exactly what I'd hoped it would be! In Bottle: Black leather, like high quality leather goods in a sex shop. Sharp and black (it sounds weird to phrase it like this) and a blast of red rose. Wet on skin: My skin tends to amp rose notes so that's very prominent and the leather takes a back seat and there's just some sweetness around the edges. Dry: Beautiful. Honeyed red musk, black leather, and sugary roses, the whole effect is dark and sexy. So damn sexy.Good through and long wear length on me. Will be trying very hard not to burn through my bottle of this since it took so long to track down.
  12. lipstickonmyteeth92

    The Perilous Parlor

    Had an imp of this and I finally have a bottle! So yummy. This is probably one of the lightest scents I have and it's a favourite. In bottle: Pear, super juicy pears in syrup. Wet on skin: Pear is still very prominent and the creamy vanilla immediately comes through, very sweet but not in an overly sugary way. Dry: It's a very lovely scent, It rounds out as this vanilla/cinnamon caramelized pear scent on me, which I really love
  13. lipstickonmyteeth92

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    I was so excited for this after seeing the fifteen minutes of fume on it and oh my goodness. It does not disappoint. There is SO MUCH going on in this scent that it's hard to pick out the individual notes. It's very complex and dark in the bottle and it makes me think of a dark purple/burgundy/ colour. Right off, I get the musk and something deep red and juicy, as it mellows out the smoked rose petals come out beautifully. Later, (As this is the second time I've worn it since getting it two days ago) it will become this dark, red fruit juice running down your chin- smoke laden-vanilla scent. It's absolutely gorgeous. Very heady and I need like, forty backup bottles of it.
  14. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Dead Leaves and Black Licorice

    *Straight out of the mailbox In the bottle: Wet leaves and a slight licorice scent Wet on skin: Very vegetal, wet leaves are very strong and the licorice comes out right at the end. It's a subtle scent which I was not expecting. I had assumed it would really take over Dry: So lovely!!! A perfect blend of the namesake. The licorice has mellowed considerably into a slight spicy note, really thrilled with this scent! Very evocative of Samantha's of Haute Macabre's review
  15. lipstickonmyteeth92

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    Straight from the mailbox! In bottle: Very creamy, pumpkin spices note is most prominent Wet on skin: The chocolate crust really comes through and blends super nicely with the pumpkin. It definitely has a graham cracker/cheesecake scent to it! Very tasty, I can tell I'm going to love this I really like how subtle the scent is on the whole.