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  1. AbbyNormal

    Miskatonic is AMAZING - but also CHEEEEESY. Recs?

    I’m so happy to have found this thread. I tried on my imp of MU last night and picked up some serious cheese and thought I was losing it, because I didn’t get cheese at all from smelling the imp. At least now I know I probably got one from the weird batch. Yay, it’s not me!
  2. AbbyNormal

    Miskatonic University

    I bought this imp a couple years ago if memory serves me and tried it once back then but preferred something else in my order more so it’s been sitting in the random imp pile ever since. Tonight I tried it again and the jury is still out In the imp it smelled like a very strong boozy coffee and it took everything in me to not taste it. I went and hopped in the shower to remove the last traces of today’s oil so I could properly give it a test. Wet: Irish coffee, dust, and…cheese??? A rather stinky cheese, like grated Parmesan when it’s sprinkled on a pizza, only without the pizza. Luckily the cheese mostly disappeared after a couple of minutes, but the scent wasn’t very strong so I hesitantly added another swipe. Cheese again, but nowhere near as strong. This time the coffee took the stage, but with an undercurrent of old cooking oil. I’m hoping that it’s just reacting to my body wash or something because it’s nothing like the delicious smell from the imp. I’m going to reapply again in the morning and see if things have calmed down. I’m hoping it’s not a funky skin chemistry thing because it smelled so wonderful until I put it on 😭
  3. I’m picking up something akin to a virgin key lime martini rimmed with crushed graham crackers, but with just a touch of cumin mixed in. There’s the faintest whisper of coconut and zero coffee. More like I had been eating curry and took a drink of my martini but could still smell traces of the food on my hand as I sipped. I’m going to wait and see if it develops into something more to my liking before making any snap judgements and adding it to the swap pile.
  4. AbbyNormal

    Calico Jack

    I’m suddenly feeling the need for dalliances with Blackbeard and to play turtle vs. crab. This is an absolutely lovely, somewhat masculine scent. I don’t know if I need a full bottle or if I’m ok with keeping Port Royal as my main pirate scent, but either way I’m super happy I ordered an imp. In the imp: very aquatic with musk and wood. No real signs of spice, but I’m picking up a bit of salt and a little soapiness. Wet: mostly the same as in the imp, with a tiny bit of leather and a spot of greenish something. It’s not what I’d expect from kelp, but im not sure what else it could be. Dry: The salt. OMG the salt. My mouth is literally watering and I can taste the sea spray. I can sense the spices now, but in a spilled on the floorboards and washed away by salt water splashes. The musk and leather are there, but like a shipmate almost out of scent reach. This is pure freedom on the water, sun in my face, a good breeze, lips covered in sea spray, and absolute happiness.
  5. AbbyNormal


    Today’s imp drawing was Bloodlust and I have to admit I was really excited for this one! So far my random imps have been kind of subdued and I was ready for one with some bite. In the imp: since I’m really not familiar with either dragon’s blood or vetiver I’m not sure what it is that I’m smelling, but it’s dark and green and powerful. Slightly sweet, but just dark and powerful and evergreeny. Wet: looking up the vetiver scent description and I think that’s what I’m picking up on. Along with something patchouli-adjacent, but it might just be a different patch than the single not I know and try to steer clear of. A little bit of dark florals, and something kinda root beery, but like real root beer, not the basic A&W stuff. Like if I found some little general store butted right up against the woods somewhere that sells an unauthorized, family recipe root beer. So far no primal rage or lust, but I really want to try that root beer. Dry down: a little powdery, still a bit musky, way less root beer, and now mainly smells like the delicious bark of some unidentifiable tree that I want to nibble on. I won’t, because I don’t know if it will kill me, but I keep asking myself “Surely one little taste won’t hurt, will it?” Well, hello there vanilla! I know it’s not a listed note but suddenly this is a strong, rich, grown up vanilla. No frosting or anything candyish, just sexy vanilla (a phrase I never thought I’d use) mixed with some lightly spiced musk/incense. I ADORE this. Dammit, I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved that it’s out of stock.
  6. AbbyNormal

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My wallet is begging me not to post here, but it’s not the boss of me. So, in no particular order: Snekhellden Port Royal Dee PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte Alice’s Evidence Also Snake Oil, Snow Snake, and Western Diamondback but I didn’t want to make a virtually all Snake list
  7. AbbyNormal


    I was a little worried when I drew this imp for today and read the description. I tend to lean away from florals and go more of spicy, musky scents and this one didn’t sound too appealing, but I’m committed to trying everything I have so I didn’t have a choice other than open the imp. And bam! Orange! Not the fruit, it’s sharper like zest, but that’s still it quite it. I could get a sense of the vanilla in the background, but overall it was just very orangey. Then I put some on and the orange was nowhere to be found. It was the weirdest thing. I was mostly getting a smokiness with the tiniest undercurrent of plastic and just a touch of leather. Then the vanilla peeked it’s head out and brought it’s orangey friend along with it. It’s mellowed down (and I use mellow lightly) into something spicy and intoxicating. There is the tiniest hint of orange and a little vanilla, but other than that I can’t put my finger on what it’s doing, other than spicy deliciousness. It doesn’t remind me of Snake Oil at all, but my first SO was the most recent one so it could be similar to older versions. I don’t know if I need a full bottle but I’m definitely going to enjoy the hell out of the imp while I have it. *edit* 10 hours later and i suddenly got a whiff of Snake Oil! I don’t know how, considering the notes in this, but at least now I know why people were making that comparison.
  8. AbbyNormal


    I’m finally getting around to trying all of the imps I’ve collected over the years, and today’s random pick from the bowl was Night-Gaunt. It’s definitely not one I would have purchased on my own, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it, it’ll probably be an imp only that won’t be replaced when it’s gone unless it really starts to grow on me. In the imp: grapefruit but not as strong as I was expecting based on others’ reviews. Some florals and a touch of soapiness. Wet: FLORALS, mixed with some sort of fruit candy. Maybe Sweet Tarts, but not quite. The florals are dominating everything and are almost overpowering, and the citrus is hiding in the candy. Dry: the florals are quickly disappearing and it’s definitely candy-adjacent. Decent throw, and it somehow manages to throw the florals that disappeared. When I put my nose right up to my arm it’s already smelling very faint after about half an hour, yet it’s somehow still throwing which my brain can’t grok. Occasionally I get strong whiffs of a specific flower, maybe jasmine (I don’t know my flowers very well) but overall I feel like I’m surrounded by a cloud of sweet tartiness. It totally smells like something I remember but I can’t remember what. But I know this smell. I just hope it comes to me because it’s a bit maddening at this point. Ok, it’s been about 5-6 hours and it’s dried down to something faint but absolutely fantastic smelling. Although I’m not sure if my arm might have also picked up a trace of the Ranger I was wearing yesterday from my hoodie sleeve. I’ll have to try it again at some point but make sure to keep it isolated and see what it does.
  9. AbbyNormal

    Snow Snake

    I’m not familiar with Smut and I’m not getting anything chilly with Snow Snake, but I am picking up a candied fruitiness that really reminds me of Shango, which I absolutely love. It’s not at all what I was expecting but I’m all for an accidental Shango Snake.
  10. AbbyNormal

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    I’ve never tried the original Pinched, but the description of this one sounded intriguing so I added it to a last minute order when I heard the Weenies were disappearing and I’m so glad I did. When I first opened the bottle I all but yelled “This smells like straight up Halloween!” I then shoved it under my partner’s nose saying “omg you have to smell how Halloween this is!” It’s like walking into a kitschy Halloween shop in early fall, not like a Spirit store or anything of that sort, but like a cute little one you’d find up in the mountains when you go apple picking. Not in an over scented candle kind of way, just Halloween in general. I definitely get the pumpkin, then the coffee and tobacco, followed by just a wisp of the cinnamon and woods. My only problem is that now I’m kicking myself for only getting one bottle.
  11. AbbyNormal


    After falling head over heels for Snekhellden I ordered an imp of Hellfire to see what one of the base scents smelled like on its own. When I first put it on I wasn’t too sure. It smelled very sweet and powdery, with an almost soapy incense note. But now that it’s dried I’m really enjoying it. I’m awful at identifying specific notes, but this just reminds me of running into an old friend at ren faire, near an incense booth and getting a really good hug. It’s warm and cozy, and not at all what I’d expect with a name like Hellfire.
  12. AbbyNormal


    I absolutely suck at picking out specific scents, so I’m not sure what it is in this that just punches me in the nose in the best possible way. This is hands down my favorite scent I’ve picked up so far. I’ve already ordered a second bottle, and more than likely will grab a third. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on any pure Snake Oil, but I do have a couple derivatives, and I can definitely tell that this is in the same family, but there’s something about it that’s just pure joy and it’s the smell I’ve been looking for my entire life but didn’t realize it. I’ve since picked up an imp of Hellfire, sure that it was something in there, and while it’s pleasant I’m not getting that same smack across the nose that I get from Snekhellden. Maybe it’s something in Maiden? I don’t get it from Western Diamondback or Pumpkin Snake Latte, but looking at the Maiden’s ingredients I honestly didn’t think it would be one of those that does this. I guess I’ll need to get an imp of that as well. Whatever it is, when I figure it out I’m probably going to go way overboard ordering anything with that component. I thought I had found my holy grail with PSL, but then Snekhellden showed up and proved that, for me at least, it is The One True Scent™️